America Health Index – Last Place

This information is based on “The U.S. Health Disadvantage” - a study commissioned by the U.S. National Institute of Health (NIH) and reported by the U.S. Institute of Medicine (IOM) and the U.S. National Research Council (NRC). January 2013
Of the seventeen most prosperous nations in the world (including Western European countries, Australia, Canada and Japan), America far outdistances any other country in healthcare spending. In stark contrast, on average, Americans experience higher rates of disease and injury and die sooner than people in other high-income countries. That is true for all ages between birth and 75, for even well-off Americans who presume their inflated healthcare insurance guarantees that they will remain in good health. The study found that upper-income Americans with health insurance and college educations suffered more from illnesses than their peers in other rich nations. How much more?
What developed country has the lowest probability of survival to the age of 50?
What developed country has the highest incidence of heart and lung disease?
What developed country has the highest incidence of diabetes?
What developed country has the highest incidence of infant mortality?
What developed country has the highest rate of alcohol and drug addiction?
What developed country has the highest statistics for sexually transmitted diseases (STD)?
Yes, on average, infants, children, and adolescents in the U.S. die younger and have greater rates of illness and injury than youth in other countries. Is the gap between Americans and other affluent countries getting better? No. according to USA Today, Americans live sicker and die younger than people in other wealthy countries — and the gap is getting worse over time.
Hospital Infections
For example, nosocomial infections (hospital infections – that is infections that occurred after someone walked through the polished chrome doors of a hospital) in 2000 were two million annually (3 per minute) and represented 10% of patients in American hospitals. Of those cases, 80,000 resulted in death. By 2002, a CDC study raised the number to 98,987 deaths. In 2007 the death toll was hovering at 90,000.
In place of the hidden meaning in “Nosocomial”, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) uses the more revealing term “Healthcare-Associated Infection” (HAI). For 2013, deaths in the U.S. from HAI’s reportedly dropped to 75,000, which is a positive reversal, but still higher than other countries.
Overall, among the rich and poor of the nations (according to the World Health Organization - WHO), America comes in at 34th in life expectancy, on par with Costa Rica and Cuba, and well behind Lebanon and Greece. How could this be? Are Americans not spending enough for their health?
U.S. Healthcare Spending
The average U.S. healthcare spending is 17.1% of the GDP. Japan, which enjoys the longest life span, only spends 10.2%. And Cuba? It too spends only 10%. Obviously diverting more tax dollars into the U.S. “Healthcare System” is not the answer.
Where is the money going to, and what are the results? The largest expenditure is drugs. The results? In 2001, properly prescribed drugs by doctors in hospitals accounted for 125,000 deaths (Iatrogenic Deaths) – at the time the 4th leading cause of death in America. Are things getting better?
The leading prescription drugs in America are for depression. From movie celebrities to pilots to little toddlers over $100 billion are spent annually for psychoactive drugs, $1 billion alone for Prozac and an estimated suicide death toll of 63,000 souls. How do you put a price tag on lives. Every single school, workplace, marketplace mass shooting has involved the use of prescription psychotropic drugs by the shooter. What is the solution? Obviously not more money, more drugs and certainly not more prescription anti-depressants. What is one simple natural remedy?
While Activated Charcoal is the antidote of choice for all prescription psychotropic drugs (except lithium) and 3,000 other natural and man-made drugs in cases of poisoning and drug overdose, activated charcoal is not the cure. For example, depression, did you know that walking is the treatment of choice for depression? It is true. When completed, this link will take you to My 8 Doctors. where you can learn to implement the laws of health that the Creator has digitized on every cell of our being.

In the mean time, can activated charcoal actually help prolong one's life? Read this article and its links on Longevity.