Our Mission 
  • To introduce the general public and all healthcare workers to the amazing world of activated charcoal.
  • To provide an international Internet storefront for activated charcoal medicinal products for people, for pets and livestock, and for gardens and farms.
  • To more fully acquaint the general public and healthcare workers with the same healing qualities of medicinal charcoal that are so extensively employed in emergency wards, hospitals, research clinics, and poison control centers around the world.
  • To encourage more scientific research and individual experimentation of activated charcoal as to it potential benefits in, as yet, other untried and unusual applications.
  • To serve as an outlet and resource for activated charcoal news through regular newsletters and web log postings.
  • To share the personal experiences, both positive and negative, of those who have used activated charcoal.
  • To actively promote the widespread availability and affordability of medicinal activated charcoal products in every location.


John Dinsley



Born in British Columbia, Canada, John Dinsley has lived, traveled and worked from South America to the North Pole, from Nepal to Nova Scotia. He is trained as a Physician Assistant and Lifestyle Counselor, teaches public health programs, vegetarian cooking schools, home remedies workshops, and has operated a family care home and organic market garden. He is a carpenter by trade and has volunteered in overseas development work. Loves God's great Outdoors. When he is not building, teaching, gardening, or hiking, he is a freelance writer. He is the author of the award-winning book CharcoalRemedies.com The Complete Handbook of Medicinal Charcoal & Its Applications (2005)   

Kimberly DinsleyKimberly Dinsley, born and raised in Minnesota, USA, is a seamstress by trade. Pulling together her business and sales experience Kimberly now manages much of the day-to-day business of our Internet storefront CharcoalHouse.com. She enjoys a quiet life of country living, bread making, gardening and ever learning to make delicious vegan fare. She has become quite adept in giving natural treatments and assists her husband with seminars and workshops. 


Together, John and Kimberly travel giving Workshops on charcoal, hydrotherapy, and other simple natural home remedies - including actual demonstrations. They also give nutrition and vegetarian cooking classes. If you or your organization are interested in having them come to your area, please Contact Us.