Charcoal (or Activated Charcoal) and Biochar are each vital land management tools. Whether it is for detoxifying poisoned soils, regulating moisture in soils, improving seed germination, encouraging knitting of newly transplanted sod, or to increase crop yields, all these benefits and more are available to the flower gardener and the tractor farmer through the amazing chemistry and physics of activated charcoal and biochar.

As we have time we will add more topics and links for those of you looking to improve your soils, save your exotic plants, or just interested in experimenting with new ideas.

Charcoal Gardens News (May 2012)From Charcoal Times Newsletter - May 2012
Biochar 101Biochar 101 is a brief overview of biochar, its function and importance in sound land management.
Terra Preta in Your Back YardSome basic history and science of Terra Preta soils and how they can benefit you.
BBC 2002: El Dorado & Terra PretaEl Dorado & Terra Preta - ***A must watch for all who are gardeners and farmers***
Agrichar - You Tube - 11 minutesBiochar as a proven soil amendment.
Biochar - The new frontierBiochar Soil Management, basic concepts, pictures and references.
The Biochar Revolution - Transforming Agriculture & Environment The Biochar Revolution - Transforming Agriculture & Environment "The Biochar Revolution" will inform you as it inspires you with the latest information from 18 international biochar (aka garden charcoal) experts and authors.
Record Giant PumpkinsRecord Giant PumpkinsHow inoculated biochar pumps soils to produce record giant vegetables without using any commercial fertilizers.
BXW Banana WiltBXW Banana WiltHow to combat BXW Banana Wilt naturally with biochar powder.
Charcoal Gardens Experimental FarmCharcoal Gardens Experimental Farm is an organic operation testing the benefits of biochar and activated charcoal in agricultural applications on its acreage in NW Nebraska along the source of the White River.