Hi, I grow giant pumpkins and grew this pumpkin shown in the attached picture. It will be officially weighed on Oct. 3rd. [weighed in at 1173lbs] I am happy to say I believe your product [Charcoal Green® BIOCHAR PLUS] helped play an important part in helping me to achieve a bigger pumpkin this year.

South Carolina Record Giant Pumpkin
Hi John
This year we started out growing Giant Pumpkins on new soil. The soil was poor and sandy so we needed to improve it a lot. One of the things we used, and with much success, was the Charcoal Green® Biochar Plus.  We feel that using this product was part of our success in transforming the soil into the healthy and fertile patch of land we needed. Resulting in 4 big fruit, a 426 lbs pumpkin, a 546 lbs pumpkin, and to top it off our South Carolina state record fruit of 1,164 lbs.
outh Carolina 155 lb watermelon
Next to that we grew a 155 lbs water melon. 
We grew these fruits pretty early and tried to save the melon for the fair. Unfortunately it started rotting. We tried it though and it was very sweet. They are good eating melons. 
We were very satisfied with the results of using Charcoal Green® Biochar Plus and we will be using it again.
Frank and Tina Finders
South Carolina
December 2009