2010 Illinois Record Giant Pumpkins
Last year Jeff came close to growing the state record for giant pumpkins in Illinois. This year he did more than come close! Congratulations Jeff!
Jeff didn't tell us all his secrets but he did share one tip (works well for GIANT Watermelons too!)
One Tip for Growing Giant Pumpkins from a Winner!
"Hi guys,
Jeff Shenoha here. This year again with a new Illinois state record. Here are a couple pictures from the Joliet Herald article Oct 6th, if you Google 1493 Shenoha you will see many articles as it was on every tv news channel here in Chicago and most papers.
I grew the 2 official heaviest pumpkins in the state of Illinois this year in a very wet hot disease filled season for many. I believe your Charcoal Green® Biochar Plus helps protect and build the structure of my soil especially when you water as much as I do and the amount of heavy rain storms this year."
Joliet, Illinois
P.S. Jeff used one 50lb sack per 750 sq. ft.