Growing Winning Giant Pumpkins - 2011
2011 Illinois Record Giant Pumpkins
Last year Jeff grew the state record for giant pumpkins in Illinois. This year he did it again! In fact he won 1st and 3rd!!! (1156 lbs & 1097 lbs, for a total of 2253 lbs worth of pumpkin pie!) His tomatoes were pretty impressive too.

Congratulations Jeff!
Jeff didn't tell us all his secrets but he did share one tip (works well for GIANT Watermelons too!)
One Tip for Growing Giant Pumpkins from a Winner!
"Hi John.
2011 was an extremely tough year due to high heat and humidity which lead to many losing plants and pumpkins to diseases. The overall weights in the midwest were down as the pumpkins will accelerate maturity in higher temps.

With that being said I still managed the first and third heaviest pumpkins grown in Illinois in 2011. (1156 lbs, 1097 lbs and another that weighed 906 lbs) I only grew three plants and all three produced. A late season aphid explosion brought some diseases, but all in all, no soil born diseases and healthy plants until the aphids went wild.

A successful year all in all and hoping for better weather and bigger pumpkins this year. I had my soil tested and it is perfect. I love the structure your product (Charcoal Green® Biochar Plus) has also given my soil along with zeolite I incorporated. I think the microscopic porous stable structures build reefs for the soil food web and the microbial life to call home. This in turn helps to keep the balance with less disease pressure in my mind.
Take care"
Joliet, Illinois
P.S. Jeff used one 50lb sack per 750 sq. ft.