High Blood Pressure
"Will Activated Charcoal work for high blood pressure?"

I have been repeatedly asked if activated charcoal would help hypertension (high blood pressure). I have repeatedly replied, "I can't see how it would help", at least up until this spring (May 2012). I was conducting health programs in Battle Creek, Michigan  and some Amish folk were in attendance. Mrs Wickey introduced herself and said she had an experience she would like to relate to me about her extremely elevated blood pressure. I was so surprised I had her come up front and share her experience. The following month we were attending the Baker Creek Spring Festival in Missouri and lo and behold here come the Wickey family. Mrs Wickey had a sequel to her original story, in fact from the previous night:

My Charcoal Story!
My dad was a dairy farmer, so I had to help milk from the time I was seven till I was eighteen. So as a child I had to go bring in the cows, every morning and evening. As I passed the barn I always walked past the mineral block my dad put there for the cows. Every time, I would take a stone, and knock off a piece and eat it. By the time I was ten years old my back and my legs started hurting, and I got red bumps all over my legs about the size of a quarter or bigger and they were tender. This hurt bad enough I was laid up. So off to the doctor we went to get this checked out. “It’s your kidneys.” So on a no salt diet I went for a month. I didn’t eat much.
My wise mother asked the doctor if they would flare up again. They said, through my childbearing years they would. And I did have high blood pressure with ten of the twelve pregnancies.
After our 8th child I collapsed with kidney failure. We went to a naturopath doctor. He took my blood pressure and it was 180/120 and I was as weak as a rag. He didn’t want to take me because he thought I was going to die soon. His wife said, “If she is going to die anyway, you might as well try.” He then used charcoal as part of my treatment and that is when we learned about the wonderful God given goodness of charcoal!
I was on a juice fast for 54 days –teas, pure water, and juices plus a neuromuscular massage with olive oil and a bath, a colonic and a skin brushing after my bath. I also laid in the sunshine for twenty minutes every day. Whenever I felt really really bad I would get a dose of charcoal! And it would always make me feel better.
In the next seven years we had four more children. And all those years we ate vegan. Then we went back to the SAD American diet, (that’s another story) and my blood pressure started to bother me again off and on.
Twenty years later it soared up to 210/130. I was sick and thought I was going to die! I took charcoal right away and 15 minutes later again. That brought it down to 160/100. That is 50 points. And to ease my head, I soaked my feet in hot water with 2 tablespoons powdered mustard for twenty minutes. By that time it had come down to 140/85 --  70 points! I felt so much better and again grateful for charcoal.
When our daughter got married they wanted me to go on blood pressure pills so I did. They did not help me. So I dumped them. Now if I watch what I eat and take charcoal I can control it.
One Sunday afternoon we went walking more than what I was used to. And I got sore by evening and my blood pressure went up and I was so warm, I told my husband I’m going to take a soak. (We have one of those bigger tubs.) He said, “Why don’t you add a cup of charcoal.” So I did and soaked for a hour. Took a shower to wash off the charcoal. But wow, I felt five times cleaner than usual. I went to bed and went to sleep right away.
Around midnight I woke up and felt so weak, I told my husband to take my blood pressure and it was down to 120/80. Wow! I hadn’t had that low a blood pressure in years. It took three days for me to get that blood pressure back up again. Next time I would cut the amount of charcoal in half (1/2 cup) and only stay in half an hour.
Charcoal is an awesome remedy. I thank the LORD for it. We use it in a lot more ways. Read the book – Charcoal Remedies.com I like the saying: You are what you eat! So true!
Carolyn Wickey
Salem, Mo.

Editor: I still go into my spiel about lifestyle issues when asked about charcoal for high blood pressure, but now I also share Mrs Wickey's very favorable (and unusual) charcoal experience.

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