Bowel Disease

Treating Bowel Disease with Activated Charcoal

People suffering with bowel disease, including Ulcerative Colitis, Irritable Bowel Disease, Crohn's, or Celiac, all have two things in common -  pain and diarrhea. In many cases, these individuals will find that USP activated charcoal taken internally or regular activated charcoal applied externally as a poultice brings a significant measure of relief as testified to by the following stories.

Treating Ileitis with Activated Charcoal

Marilyn always wore a pleasant smile and no one would have guessed that she had Ileitis. This chronic bowel condition is akin to Crohn’s disease or severe ulcerative colitis. While the disease mechanisms differ, the suffering is common to all. Like other chronic bowel irritations, diet and stress are major triggers of diarrhea. But whatever the trigger, charcoal is able to alleviate the symptoms and the distress. Marilyn reports she has been able to control her Ileitis primarily by being careful with what she eats. But if it begins to give her problems, then, at the first sign of discomfort, she takes some charcoal capsules. Invariable they bring her prompt relief.

Here are further recommendations from the doctors Thrash from their book More Natural Remedies. “Charcoal may be helpful in the control of diarrhea associated with Crohn’s disease, colitis or irritable bowel syndrome, etc. Four to six tablets may be taken two to three times a day between meals. If the charcoal seems to irritate the colon, one to three tablespoons of powdered charcoal may be stirred into a glass of water, the charcoal allowed to settle out, and the clear [gray] water drunk”.

As well, bowel inflammation may be treated with a charcoal compress made with strong hops tea instead of water. Apply the compress at bedtime, and leave it on all night. Drinking charcoal slurry water, three or four glasses a day, is often very helpful. This mixture may be put in a quart jar and sealed and used later. page 161

Treating Crohn’s Disease with Activated Charcoal  

Pain and Diarrhea
Aggie’s son Todd, 35 years old, has had Crohn’s for over 20 years, and has been in and out of hospital many times. “Sometimes he would go to work and then be in so much pain by 11a.m., that he would come home and I would take him to the hospital. Sometimes he would be in so much pain, he would end up rolling on the floor in the Emergency Ward, and throwing up.”

The beginning of October 2006, after reading the book, Aggie bought some charcoal powder. She mixed 2T in 2 liters of water, let it settle out overnight, then poured the “gray” water into small bottles and put them in the fridge. Todd would take one to work and drink that through the day. They have continued this routine for over a year now and Todd has been free of pain with no episodes. Some days he feels a little uncomfortable but he is convinced the charcoal has made a big difference. “There have been a couple stressful events but they have not triggered any pain or diarrhea. He has not even complained of diarrhea.”
Nova Scotia, Canada

TV Cook
Barbara has been something of a TV celebrity here in America. Several years ago she found herself in front of the camera because of her Crohn’s disease. She had learned how to combat her illness using a holistic approach, and as a consequence developed her cooking skills to make what otherwise would have been a very bland diet into a gourmet’s delight. A worldwide satellite program featuring different health-related subjects invited Barbara to demonstrate some of her creations. Little did the program producer realize how contagious her vibrant enthusiasm would be. Not only did hundreds of people identify with her disease, but thousands more fell in love with her and her recipes. If my wife ever wants a special dish for a special occasion I know which cookbook she goes for.

So I called Barbara and asked her to share her story. Barbara explained that she had had Crohn’s disease for twenty-three years. Crohn’s disease causes a myriad of problems. She suffered with ulcerations of the large intestine, blood-loss anemia, malabsorption, chronic diarrhea, incontinence, and a rectal/vaginal fistula. Those that suffer usually suffer silently. Crohn’s is an embarrassing disease, forcing its victims never to stray far from a restroom.

Barbara told me, “Six years ago I decided to change my lifestyle and my eating habits to control my Crohn’s. God has blessed my efforts. Our miraculous bodies have been designed to be healthy when we put the right things in them. I have occasionally had bowel flare-ups, but can kick one out in twenty-four hours or less. For the past six years I have controlled my Crohn’s disease drug free!

There is HOPE! My first attempts to eat a healthier diet were unsuccessful because most of the health food I tried tasted bland, coarse and most unpalatable. It has become my passion to create healthy food that tastes GREAT!”

What she doesn’t mention on her site is that with her initial doctor-supervised three-week juice fast, she also took charcoal. Barbara told me, “Along with the juice, I took 2/3 of a Dixie cup of activated charcoal powder mixed with olive oil. I ate this with a spoon every day for a month. The others [program participants] chuckled at me, and I had to laugh too. But the mixture helped to relieve gas, as well as aid in detoxifying my body of drugs and other intestinal debris.”

People have written to Barbara and asked her about problems associated with Crohn’s and other bowel diseases. So she has posted some suggestions on her web page that have helped her. She has given me permission to include her section on charcoal. Here is what she has to say: “Some of you have written and said, “Help! What do I do about bad gas problems?” It is a problem and can be very embarrassing! I’m sure you all have at least a couple of stories you wish you could forget. I do too.

Understanding why you have gas is half the problem…. There is a reason for it. Symptoms are not what need to be treated. The causes need to be removed! Don’t you see that is exactly the reason some of us never get off medication for our entire lives? We have unfortunately become a society of symptom treaters. It’s expensive, too! Don’t get me wrong; I think there is a place for drugs. I just feel that it should be the exception instead of the rule!

So what can you do? To treat the symptom at home and also receive some great healthful benefits, I use activated charcoal capsules. When I have bad gas, I’ll take six to eight capsules, three or four times a day, or whenever I am suffering from gas pains. Because it will remove and adsorb even the medication in your system, take it either one hour before medication or two hours after, just to be on the safe side." page 95

Treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) with Activated Charcoal

My elderly mom (81 years) was struggling from IBS (Irritable Bowel syndrome) caused by chronic medication side effects. She had a scope and a scan - Specialists and her General Practitioner could not help her acute pain and suffering. After almost 8 months, as a last resort, we thought what about trying Activated Charcoal. I'd used it mainly for runny tummies or poultices for bites/abcesses. We gave my mom 5ml [about half a Tablespoon] charcoal powder in a glass of water and within a day she had relief - no gas, no pain! Her bowel movements normalised and for the first time she is feeling healthier and stronger. Her pain was debilitating and she was unable to stand, sit or walk. It's been almost 3 weeks now, she is facing life with renewed optimism, hope and greatly improved health. No longer needing her blood pressure medication either. We praise the Lord for His miracle substance - of Carbon (Charcoal)!
Cape Town, South Africa
March, 2016

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