Activated Charcoal for Cancer Treatment

Breast Tumor 

Linda is an RN involved in clinical research. She shares this personal experience:

"In using natural treatments to remove my breast tumor, sometimes the cleansing of the lymph system would get clogged down and I would experience swollen lymph glands under my arm and across my breast.  I started making charcoal poultices and applying overnight.  In doing this usually by the next morning the engorgement of the lymph system would be resolved.  If not then I would continue changing out the poultices every 2 hours till this was resolved.  I really had a problem with this last year and with aggressive use of the charcoal poultices I haven't had any problems with enlarged lymph glands in a year."

 NOTE:  Many times I have read to heat up charcoal poultices to enhance there effectiveness.  I've read about wrapping, covering with plastic, wool etc.  I stumbled on the key quite by accident in reading something Ellen White wrote many years ago. She suggested using olive oil when making a poultice. To my delight when mixing this together in my little stainless steel bowl I use for poultices it created it's own heat. A lot messier for sure than mixing the charcoal with water, yet I noticed quicker results. I would also place a heating pad over the poultice to keep the poultice warm.
South Carolina

Melanoma Cancer?

"My name is Heather and I live in Nova Scotia, Canada. I would like to tell you my experience with charcoal. One morning in early summer of this year (2006), as I was talking on the phone to a friend I put my hand up to my left shoulder as it was itchy, and felt a wetness on my hand. I went to check it out and there were two blisters on my shoulder. I thought that maybe my bra strap had irritated it and caused the blisters. I covered it with a band aid to protect it and used a bit of polysporin on it. Instead of getting better it started to get worse.
I had an appointment with my Doctor in a couple of days and when I was there I asked her about it. She looked at it and did a drawing of it then went out without saying anything, a few minutes later she came back and looked at it again and said it looked like a melanoma. She made an appointment for me with a skin specialist, which ended up being about 2 weeks away. I was really scared at this point because it seems that if there is one melanoma there is more cancer somewhere else. We asked friends and church members to pray for me and then my husband suggested that I start putting charcoal poultices on the area.
Not knowing just exactly what to do we put the charcoal on a wet piece of paper towel then placed it on the area and covered it with a gauze pad. We did this morning and night for two weeks. The day before my appointment with the skin specialist I decided that I would cancel as the area was healing and drying up very nicely, but my husband suggested that I go anyway so I did.
When I saw this Doctor I told him that I had decided not to come, he told me that it was a good thing that I did, that even though it was healing it would break out again. The “good” news it wasn’t melanoma, but a basal cell carcinoma and needed to be cut out. He took a small biopsy just to make sure. An appointment was made to go to a plastic surgeon to have this removed. First appointment of course is just a consultation and at that time the results from the biopsy had not come to this Doctor (he also said that it was a basal cell carcinoma). So an appointment was made to have this cancer removed. When I came to that appointment the results from the biopsy had come back and showed no sign of cancer. The Doctor decided to take another deeper biopsy to make sure. I just had that appointment the first of this week and there is no sign of cancer at all and everything is healed up very well (although you can see the area where all this happened).
Can three Doctors be wrong??? Is this a healing from the Lord, or from the charcoal? I believe that it is both if that is possible. The Lord impressed my husband to suggest charcoal and by following His leading the charcoal worked!!!!

Nova Scotia, Canada