Candidiasis & Yeast Infections

Richard Kaufman, PhD, is a bio-nutritional chemist. He reports, “Activated charcoal can be an effective adjunct to any regimen for the treatment of systemic Candida albicans infections.” The toxins produced by Candida, absorbed by the blood and carried throughout the body, are effectively adsorbed by charcoal. Candida toxins cause allergic reactions and are responsible for the debilitating symptoms of candidiasis.

Charcoal curbs the growth of intestinal-based yeasts, and it counteracts the Herxheimer reaction. When, as a result of a successful treatment, there is a large die-off of yeast cells, there is a severe, short-term aggravation of Candida symptoms due to the increased amount of toxins produced. The Herxheimer reaction is often so unpleasant that patients abandon treatment before completion.

Taking activated charcoal is one method for alleviating the symptoms of yeast die-off so that patients can continue their treatment and not suffer. Dr. Kaufman suggests 20-35 grams of activated charcoal a day in divided dosages on an empty stomach until the problem is eliminated. The larger amount is taken for more severe situations. He recommends not taking charcoal within two hours of taking required medications.

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