Cellulitis can be succesfully treated with activated charcoal and hydrotherapy.
Activated Charcoal for Cellulitis

Activated Charcoal for Cellulitis

Cellulitis is an acute inflammation of the connective tissue of the skin, caused by infection with staphylococcus, streptococcus, or other bacteria. It is most common on the face and lower legs, although skin on other areas of the body may sometimes be involved. Signs of infection include red, warm, tender skin, swelling, fever, and/or chills.

Cheryl, a concert violinist, shares her history with cellulitis: “I am now fifty-seven, but some time ago I began to develop cellulitis on the shin of my paralyzed leg [from polio]. The skin would become fiery red and very sensitive. Because sepsis can set in and attack the whole body, cellulitis can become a deadly infection if left to run its course. In fact, on one occasion it did land me in the hospital. It had been bothering me for several years, but the doctors could only recommend stronger and stronger antibiotics. However, the antibiotics seemed to work less and less effectively, and I was afraid they would become ineffective if I ever really needed them.

“At the time, my husband was practicing at a California hospital, and so I finally went to the orthopedic surgeon and asked if there was anything he could recommend. He directed me to a vascular surgeon. On my first visit to this specialist, based on his brief examination, he said, “I don’t know why you don’t just get it cut off!” referring to my leg.

“So much for that. I continued taking antibiotics, but I also began to ask around for some alternatives. Three years ago, when I was visiting near Wildwood Hospital in Georgia, I was directed to a doctor who worked there. I asked her how I could keep the cellulitis from flaring up again.“It is so simple!” said Dr. Robbie, MD, “All you need is two buckets, two thermometers and some hot and cold water”. She then showed me how to give myself hot and cold soaks to the leg, and how to apply a charcoal poultice over the affected area overnight. Within a couple of days I had my healthy pink color back again. For the past three years I have not been bothered with the cellulites. I have found that at the first sensation of it coming on, if I immediately begin to give myself the hot/cold treatments (seven changes), with the charcoal poultice overnight, the cellulitis never develops.” CharcoalRemedies.com page 141

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from Penny Cornett

My husband was hospitalized for cellulitis in December 2011 and one month later in January, 2012. He was on so many powerful antibiotics that he lost most of his kidney function. He had four occurrences in 2012 and five occurrences in 2013 which were treated with antibiotics. As time went on it was evident that the antibiotics were becoming ineffective. His Infectious disease doctor would not prescribe a stronger medication for fear of causing further damage to his kidneys. He began using colloidal silver but it also became ineffective. He developed a very severe flair-up and had to go back on antibiotics again. He did get better but within a week the cellulitis developed again. He once again was put back on an antibiotic but this time, he did not get better. I started praying that God would help me find a way to help him that would do not further damage to his body. While researching on the Internet, I found the CharcoalRemedies.com website and began to read stories of others with Cellulitis being helped using Charcoal Powder. I immediately placed an order. Since he needed it right away, I opened some charcoal capsules that we had and made a poultice with ground flax seeds. He wore the poultice during the night. By the second application we could see an improvement. The third day our order arrived and I began using the hardwood charcoal for his poultice. By the 8th day, the cellulitis was completely gone. He has had one flairā€up since that time which did not take as long to clear using the poultice. He has had no more occurrences since then. We are both extremely grateful that God led me to such a miraculous remedy and for all your help!!
October 2013

The first picture is how Ken's hand looked after he had been on two rounds of antibiotics. Second picture after 8 days of charcoal treatments. Third picture once all the discoloration was gone. Hope his story will help those who suffer from recurring cellulitis.