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Charcoal Book Store The Complete Handbook of Medicinal Charcoal & Its Applications The Complete Handbook of Medicinal Charcoal & Its Applications The Complete Handbook of Medicinal Charcoal & Its Applications
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History, science, and practical applications of medicinal charcoal in hospitals and homes, for people and for pets. When and how to give activated charcoal internally, and when and how to apply it externally for a broad range of health conditions. 6 in. x 9 in. (304 pages)

“I heartily recommend The Complete Handbook of Medicinal Charcoal and Its Applications. As a physician, as a mother and grandmother, as a public health educator for the past 41 years, I have come to fully trust the efficacy and safety of charcoal as a simple yet powerful home remedy. This book serves not only as a reference book of medicinal charcoal facts, but also brings together a hundred and fifty different charcoal experiences of individuals from around the world. People need this book. EVERY FAMILY, every healthcare worker, every traveler abroad, every health conscious individual needs a copy in their home library.”
Agatha M. Thrash, MD - Co-founder Uchee Pines Institute. Medical Examiner for the State of Georgia

"MOST PROGRESSIVE HEALTH BOOK" 2006 Independent Publisher Book Awards
Judges' Comments:
"Great combination of storytelling and medical information."
"In a world gone pharma-crazy, we need more books about natural health remedies like this."
"This book presents a world wonder that's almost too simple to be believed."
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Activated Charcoal: Antidote, Remedy, and Health AidAuthor: David Cooney PhD (Chemical Engineering, University Wyoming) - a short history and technical review of activated charcoal in medical applications. (80 pages)
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Be Your Own DoctorBe Your Own Doctor - 101 Stories by Rachel Weaver How to deal with most family health problems in your own home with common herbs and other home remedies including medicinal charcoal.
Natural Remedies - A ManualAuthors: Phylis Austin, Agatha Thrash MD & Calvin Thrash MD. Description, treatment and prevention of over 50 common ailments, from acne to warts, including how to use medicinal charcoal. (171 pages)
The Biochar Revolution"The Biochar Revolution" will inform you as it inspires you with the latest information from 18 biochar (aka garden charcoal) experts and authors - how to make biochar, test and use biochar, how to change the world with biochar, how to benefit financially from biochar, and, not last or least, how to garden and farm with biochar.
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