2006 - Your Stories

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Infant Colic
“Dear Kimberly, I received the package this morning and I have already tried Colic Calm. It really works!! ☺
Thanks again for your help and wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Kindest regards,
December 2006
 Charcoal Biscuits & Amoebic Dysentery
“Dear Kimberly and John, your parcel has arrived safely, thank you so much for your kind and helpful attention.

I thought it would amuse you to see my first attempts at making charcoal biscuits for my Father - since we cannot get Bragg’s medicinal charcoal biscuits for him anymore - they’ve been discontinued. He is nearly 90 and since a nasty bout of amoebic dysentery caught in India during the 2nd world war has had problems with his digestive system. The tablets just don’t do it for him.

So I looked online for recipes but only found the charcoal wafers made for eating with cheese, and we can get these in our small village’s delicatessen shop. Somehow they don’t look terribly medicinal and probably have only token charcoal content. I next looked in my library of cook books and remembered a small insignificant pre WWII confectionary book found in a junk shop. There it was  - the Charcoal Biscuit recipe. I have taken pictures to show you the book and also my first attempt to make the things.

I have to say charcoal is jolly messy stuff and I found I had to be very careful or it got stuck to anything I touched. I mixed the ingredients in my processor and was pleased that the resultant black machine washed off
clean in copious amounts of hot soapy water, as did everything else. I found that rolling out the dough was easier between cling film. I cooked them at 180°C for 12 minutes, then decided to bake them again for 20 min. at 150°C, turning them half way through the time, to dry them out, like biscotti.

My husband and I tried them out with butter and cheese and they are Not Bad. Now I have to present them to my Father. Maybe I can get a picture of him consuming one or two! I think he’ll be pleased. I am. I couldn’t have done this if I had not found your web site, once again thank you. I wish you and yours a happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.”
Scotland, UK
December 2006

Lyme Disease
"Hi John, I do have late stage Lyme Disease, which means it is in my heart and brain, as well as other areas that traditional methods won't reach. I have found several things to be the most helpful, hydrotherapy fever baths, an infrared sauna daily (helps with detoxification, pain control, is both antiviral and antibacterial), being very careful about what I eat and my lifestyle, to name a few things I'm doing. I do use charcoal capsules after any type of treatment to absorb the toxins. When the Lyme spirochete is killed, it releases toxins into the system that can make a person very ill if they are not detoxing appropriately. There is a lot more that I really need to share with your friend if he is interested. It is so important that he does his own research as a lot of doctors do not fully understand Lyme Disease yet. God bless!"
Ohio, USA
November 2006
"Have you ever heard of using Psyllium husk powder to make a "rubbery" charcoal poultice? I was taught how to do this at the Hartland Wellness Center when taking a natural remedies class. I used it for my husband's injuries and it was wonderful! No mess. No fuss. It wrapped easily and snugly around any limb or toe or finger I have treated over the last few years. It adheres well and does not leave a mess.  After adding the powder to the hot water in which I have placed the charcoal, I stir it and then place it between two layers of plastic wrap. I roll it out with a rolling pin or just smash it down flat with my fingers. I then take the top plastic layer off and flip the charcoal/psyllium over onto the area of the body I wish to cover. It already has the second plastic wrap still on it and is ready for a cloth wrap or ACE bandage to hold it in place. Sometimes I speed things along by placing a heating pad over the poultice. God works wonderfully when we use His simple, natural methods."
October 2006 
Fasting & Overweight
“Hi John
Just to let you know how pleased I am with your book and this new knowledge I found about charcoal. It's beautiful here in CB, the fall colors are at their peak.

I have the making of charcoal down to a science now. As you can see in the photos, I make a little hardwood fire. Then when it's all glowing red, I shovel it onto the ground and cover it with the top of a portable bar-b-q and put sand around the bottom to cut off the air supply (just as you mentioned on page 109 of the book.) This makes about 4 liters of very nice soft and dry charcoal. Then I put it in a blender and grind it to a fine powder.

John, I used to fast years ago for seven days. After the third day I would get a lot of energy and a feeling of wellbeing. That's the same feeling I get from taking the charcoal. It's awesome. As you know, a fast releases and removes the toxins from your body. And of course charcoal does the same thing.

A friend of mine here has pretty bad health. Has for many years. Well I have him on the charcoal and his health is fast improving. He is losing weight and able to go for long walks. He didn't have the energy or strength before. He's quite overweight, but now he is losing weight and feeling very well. People are even commenting how well he looks, even though they don't know he's taking charcoal. I don't tell it to a lot of people. They would think I'm crazy...
Well John, thanks again for this awesome book. Next time you are here in CB I hope to meet you."
Nova Scotia, Canada
October 2006
Spitting Blood
Linda is an RN involved in clinical research. She shares some of her personal experiences.

When my one daughter was 5yrs of age, she contracted a GI virus causing nausea, vomiting, to the extent she was spitting up blood. Took her to Children's Hospital for evaluation and hopefully some relief. However, they told me to give her plenty of fluids to keep her hydrated and let the virus run it's course, if she got worse to bring her back. (How much worse were they talking about when she was already spitting up blood?). Took her home and mixed a charcoal slurry and poured it over crushed ice. It provided immediate relief for her raw and painful throat.

I took her to work with me the next day and while I saw patients she ate crushed ice with the charcoal slurry. At the end of the day her GI problems were resolved as was her sore throat. It made a believer out of my little girl to the point if she had tummy problems or sore throat or really any time she felt bad she would then and does today ask for a charcoal slurry. (2 TBS activated charcoal mixed with 8 oz of distilled water) It's less gritty if you have the time to mix it up and set in the cabinet for the charcoal grit to fall to the bottom and pour off the slightly gray tinged water.  We keep several jars in the medicine cabinet now.  Place 4 TBS of activated charcoal in a pint size jar of distilled water, shake it up to mix well,  and use it as needed.
Any type of viral infection works well with drinking charcoal slurry, especially if taken within a few hours of onset.  Especially a histamine reaction to some sort of allergen, which causes sneezing, weeping eyes, coughing, sore throat, etc.
Breast Tumor
"In using natural treatments to remove my breast tumor, sometimes the cleansing of the lymph system would get clogged down and I would experience swollen lymph glands under my arm and across my breast.  I started making charcoal poultices and applying overnight.  In doing this usually by the next morning the engorgement of the lymph system would be resolved.  If not then I would continue changing out the poultices every 2 hours till this was resolved.  I really had a problem with this last year and with aggressive use of the charcoal poultices I haven't had any problems with enlarged lymph glands in a year. 
NOTE:  Many times I have read to heat up charcoal poultices to enhance there effectiveness.  I've read about wrapping, covering with plastic, wool etc.  I stumbled on the key quite by accident in reading something Ellen White wrote many years ago. She suggested using olive oil when making a poultice. To my delight when mixing this together in my little stainless steel bowl I use for poultices it created it's own heat. A lot messier for sure than mixing the charcoal with water, yet I noticed quicker results. I would also place a heating pad over the poultice to keep the poultice warm.
South Carolina, USA
October 2006

"I have to tell you how I found your website. I remember watching a program years ago on Three Angels Broadcasting Network about how to make a charcoal poultice. I have had an unhealed red spot about one-inch by two-inches on my left shin for over a year and really cannot remember how it came about other than maybe from scratching my leg because it always itched. I have not sought a doctor's advice simply because of being afraid I guess. About two weeks ago, I remembered the program I had watched about the charcoal poultices and went online to see what information I could find about charcoal. That is how I came to your website. I put a poultice on my leg the day I received my first order from you and noticed that after being on all night, the redness was less noticeable. The redness comes back when I am on my feet and the size is still the same, but the dull pain associated with it seems less. I am going to continue with the poultices and also will apply either vitamin E or olive oil to the spot as well and hope to heal it in that way."
Oregon, USA
October 2006

Infected Tooth
"I definitely believe in charcoal and have used it for quite awhile. My mother who is 87 years old had an infected tooth and it wasn't wise for her to get dental work because it is so hard on her heart. I suggested Charcoal and it did the trick. I use charcoal for flu, stomach upset, and infections and it works for all of them. Thanks for your tip."
Nova Scotia, Canada
October 200
Melanoma Cancer?
"My name is Heather and I live in Nova Scotia, Canada. I would like to tell you my experience with charcoal. One morning in early summer of this year (2006), as I was talking on the phone to a friend I put my hand up to my left shoulder as it was itchy, and felt a wetness on my hand. I went to check it out and there were two blisters on my shoulder. I thought that maybe my bra strap had irritated it and caused the blisters. I covered it with a band aid to protect it and used a bit of polysporin on it. Instead of getting better it started to get worse.

I had an appointment with my Doctor in a couple of days and when I was there I asked her about it. She looked at it and did a drawing of it then went out without saying anything, a few minutes later she came back and looked at it again and said it looked like a melanoma. She made an appointment for me with a skin specialist, which ended up being about 2 weeks away. I was really scared at this point because it seems that if there is one melanoma there is more cancer somewhere else. We asked friends and church members to pray for me and then my husband suggested that I start putting charcoal poultices on the area.

Not knowing just exactly what to do we put the charcoal on a wet piece of paper towel then placed it on the area and covered it with a gauze pad. We did this morning and night for two weeks. The day before my appointment with the skin specialist I decided that I would cancel as the area was healing and drying up very nicely, but my husband suggested that I go anyway so I did.

When I saw this Doctor I told him that I had decided not to come, he told me that it was a good thing that I did, that even though it was healing it would break out again. The “good” news it wasn’t melanoma, but a basal cell carcinoma and needed to be cut out. He took a small biopsy just to make sure. An appointment was made to go to a plastic surgeon to have this removed. First appointment of course is just a consultation and at that time the results from the biopsy had not come to this Doctor (he also said that it was a basal cell carcinoma). So an appointment was made to have this cancer removed. When I came to that appointment the results from the biopsy had come back and showed no sign of cancer. The Doctor decided to take another deeper biopsy to make sure. I just had that appointment the first of this week and there is no sign of cancer at all and everything is healed up very well (although you can see the area where all this happened).

Can three Doctors be wrong??? Is this a healing from the Lord, or from the charcoal? I believe that it is both if that is possible. The Lord impressed my husband to suggest charcoal and by following His leading the charcoal worked!!!!"
Nova Scotia, Canada
September 2006

Gray Hair??
"After several weeks of taking the powder [for a general body detox], I realized my gray hair is slowly vanishing and my regular, dark hair is replacing it. Amazing !! I still don’t want to brag about it and I’m waiting for more firm results. Gosh, L’Oreal (and others) will go out of business ☺ I’ll let you know how I’d fare later on. Thanks again for all your help."
September 2006
Food Poisoning & Infected Cat Claw
“Hello John, Just waiting for Bernadette to deliver my charcoal products. I told her I would email you.
I would not be without charcoal in my home. It has helped me through 3 bouts of severe food poisoning (when nothing else would work).

And our beloved Siamese cat Mynka Blue is thriving today as a result of a charcoal poultices we made for him. This despite the fact that the vet was going to amputate when he became caught in a snare in the early summer. You could not imagine the mess of his leg!!! It looked and smelled like a chunk of decaying meat. Now there is no evidence of any problem...even the neuropathy is gone.

I also use it to detoxify every week. Let me know if you have a specific detox schedule. My son, mother, and hubby also use it regularly.

We originally owned a health store - this is how I came to know the product and I sing its benefits to everyone I know. Thanks for this product. It should be a staple in everyone's first aid kit. Blessings to you and good luck in your move.”
Nova Scotia, Canada
September 2006
Throat Infection
"Just letting you know that I received them [tablets] on Friday and have already begun taking them. I am amazed at how quickly my throat has cleared up. I don’t have a dosage guide so I just decided to take 4 tablets 3 times a day, (making sure not to exceed the maximum of 16 per day) instead of the 1 weeks course of antibiotics my doctor so readily prescribed for me.  I was so reluctant to take them, as my throat infection re-occurs quite frequently and them I am left having to deal with thrush.... I am so fed up of taking them! 
I am delighted with how quickly I feel much better without the antibiotics. I am hoping that it will eradicate the bacteria that invades the spots that cover sections of my face when I approach my monthly cycle, as a pleasant side effect... wouldn’t that be wonderful!
It seems that my 15yr old son is also prone to throat infections so a natural remedy is an excellent alternative. I’ll give it to him and let you know how he gets on with it! I am so pleased I found your site.  God is good! Perhaps I’ll try the mask next. Take care, I’ll be in touch again! Stay blessed."
London, UK
August 2006
Third Degree Burn
“A friend of mine, an elderly woman in late seventies, went to sleep with an electric pad on high next to her hip. It gave her a 3rd degree burn, which became infected. Her doctor treated the infection with topical cream and antibiotics, but it did not heal. There was redness around the wound and pussy. The center of the wound was coal black, half a size bigger than a toonie (Canadian $2 coin), smelled horrible, and was very painful.

I went over and carefully cleaned the wound and first tried Vitamin E oil, but it did not seem to help. Then I made a charcoal paste with psyllium seed husk and placed the jelly directly on the wound, and covered that with a dressing. The woman said she felt almost instant relief, the first since she burned herself. I was only able to change the dressing once a day but by the third day the black area had turned yellow white and was on the way to healing. The terrible odor disappeared after the first dressing. The woman was diabetic on four needles a day.”
Nova Scotia, Canada
July 2006

Surgical Infection
“My husband had toe surgery to correct his hammertoes on both feet (8 of them!). He picked up a Staph infection in the hospital and almost lost one of his toes due to infection. The toe looked like ground burger. The surgeon prescribed a powerful antibiotic, but it did not do anything for him.  He was then prescribed another, more powerful antibiotic. Again. Nothing!

I have used charcoal drinks and poultices over the years, but never for anything this serious. It has always worked well and efficiently for stomach ailments and wound infections. This was going to be our test. We trusted in God, and with prayer we placed his toes in the sunlight for sun treatments. We also placed some charcoal poultices on several times throughout the day. His toe healed wonderfully.

After a while, his other foot began to swell and turn dark. Apparently the Staph infection had gone throughout his body. He had a terrible skin reaction in his groin area, too. I treated this with a garlic poultice and sun baths.  But the foot was the worst.

I called the doctor and she told me to take him immediately to the emergency room. We knew what emergency rooms can be like and didn't want the long hours and hassles--and more drugs that didn't work! We prayed to God for guidance. I told the Lord that if we didn't see any results by next morning, we would then go to the ER.

It was 6 p.m. and I applied the first poultice. I used psyllium seed husk powder and mixed it with the charcoal. This produced a flexible poultice that wrapped completely around his foot and then I covered it with plastic. I covered this with a heating pad set to LOW. We pleaded with God to allow us to glorify His name and to vindicate the use of this natural, harmless treatment. At midnight, I woke to change the dressing. The foot was remarkably lighter in color and the swelling had gone down.
I placed another poultice on, and, while praising God, I went back to sleeping peacefully. At 6 a.m. I woke and took off the dressing. The foot looked like new! No swelling. No darkness. There was, however, a red mark on the top of his foot. I continued to place a smaller poultice on this red mark and in a few days, the redness burst open and produced a discharge. I continued the poultices and in the next day or so, the wound began to show signs of healing. I exposed it to a little sunlight during the day with a poultice change once or twice throughout the day--then a poultice at night. Within the next few days, it was dried and healed. Praise the Lord! Apparently there was a deep infection in his foot that was being drawn to the surface by the poultice. The antibiotics did not work, but God sure did!

P.S. I didn't notice yet, but do you have anything in the book about poultices made with psyllium seed husk powder? It is wonderful! It is not messy at all and wraps so nicely around difficult areas. I had to place it on specific areas of my husband's feet and between his toes when a full poultice would have been too much for his feet. His feet became quite white and raw looking if I kept too many poultices on. So, it was nice to isolate the areas I needed to treat, and cutting the rubbery poultice was so handy.

I am now reading your book and I plan to share it with as many others as I can. Thank you for your work with this most wonderful remedy."
Doug and Cindy
Pennsylvania, USA
July 2006
Conjunctivitis - Pink Eye
Charles is 56 and suffers with MS. After reading the book CharcoalRemedies.com (p.133) he decided he would try the simple charcoal slurry water for his ongoing case of conjunctivitis.
"My eyes were red and inflamed. A yellow sticky liquid oozed from my eyes. This had been ongoing for over a year. June 14 I mixed 1 capsule of charcoal powder with ½ teaspoon of salt plus 4 oz. of water. For 2 weeks I would let a few drops from an eyedropper run over my eyes. I noticed a marked improvement within a week, but then it got worse and the discharge came back again. So I took 10 capsules and mixed the charcoal with ½ teaspoon of salt and 8 oz. of water, and boiled it to sterilize it. When it was cooled down I used the eyedropper to put a few drops in my eyes and repeated that 10 to 12 times thru the day. Then the discharge suddenly stopped. My eyes are not as white as some of those movie stars but they are better than they have been in years!"
Maryland, USA
July 2006
Flu and Constipation
"Dear john, I just loved reading your book! (CharcoalRemedies.com) I am really interested in any seminars or workshops you might do.
I also want to add, that in June I flew to California to see family and I caught some sort of stomach bug or virus. I used fresh ginger for nausea the first day and oil of oregano for intestinal cramping pain. The oregano worked for intestinal pain (cramping) but the nausea kept coming back and the gas pain was awful. By the end of day two I sent my husband to look for charcoal at Mothers store in Costa Mesa. He was skeptical and even said, “Are you sure you should try something new at a time like this, and do they even have charcoal?” I told him that I was not going to the hospital yet, that I was going to try the charcoal first and I knew that Mothers had a large homeopathic/vitamin section and that they were bound to have it so get going!  
I took two gel caps three times that night and the next day I upped the dosage to three then I got results within five to ten minutes. I did not care what the bottle said I took what was needed for relief. The bottle said no more than 16 gel caps in one day. I was taking three every two to three hrs. 24 hrs after I started taking charcoal, whatever was causing my stomach flu was taken care of, and, as for the gas pain and indigestion, it went away within minutes of taking charcoal.
I just loved how charcoal cleans your intestines out. Every time I had a bowel movement my stomach felt better and better. I was having a bowel movement 3 to 4 times in one day! You know, my dad used to say that normal bowel movement was three times a day, and now I agree with him because I know how good it feels now to get that ---- out of me! :)
Also to answer your question about whether the charcoal helped with my constipation? Yes, yes, yes!!!!
After I sent you my letter I got to thinking, (which I do a lot of) every time I fly on an airplane I get constipated. Maybe it has something to do with the fact my body does not like to go through the pressure. I mean heck, take example how our ears react sometimes when we fly? If the pilot does not pressurize the plane just so our ears can really hurt. Anyway, its food for thought....
I am interested in a newsletter big time if you start doing that.
I thank you so much for writing your book!!!!!!!!!!   By the way, I heard about you and your book listening to The Power Hour. Keep up the good work and Please, let me know if you come our way!!"
Texas, USA
July 2006
Ruptured Appendix
Marianne writes: "I have been using charcoal as a preventative and for medicinal purposes for quite some time, but I have two stories that I would like to share.

When my daughter was 13 she came down with what I thought was a flu. She had a stomachache and was sick in her stomach but did not vomit. I treated her by giving her charcoal capsules. When she was not feeling better the next day I rushed her to the hospital only to find out she had a ruptured appendix that had been ruptured for three days. She did not have the normal appendicitis pain, just a bad stomachache.
After being examined at the hospital we were told if she had not taken the charcoal she would be dead. The charcoal kept absorbing the poison in her stomach from the ruptured appendix."
Wasp Sting
"My oldest daughter got into a wasps nest and had over 35 stings on her legs, by the time I got her home (5 to 10 minute trip) her legs had swelled and welts had formed all over her legs, she couldn't walk. We slathered her down with a charcoal paste out in the sun and let it dry, and then rinsed it and slathered her down again, after the second time when we rinsed her legs off there was no swelling and no welts could be seen."
Pennsylvania, USA
June 2006
Clostridium difficile
Clostridium difficile - the major causative agent of colitis and diarrhea that often follows antibiotic intake. C. difficile infection represents one of the most common hospital infections around the world. USA - 3 million cases of diarrhea and colitis per year.
Terri is a children's book illustrator, herbalist, and also a wise grandmother. Terri wrote in an email: "I've been an herbalist for over 20 years and have found many uses for charcoal myself. My grandson is 14 months old and was just diagnosed with C-difficile. He was a preemie and put on antibiotics even though he didn't have an infection. Anyway, poor little guy was screaming in pain for over 6 months, it calmed down a little but he would have rounds of pain and diarrhea. Then the Drs finally found out what it was. I gave my daughter some charcoal mixed with bentonite clay and it worked wonders. He is much better now.  So, Yeh for Charcoal, and I just ran out!"
June 2006
Sick Goats
When Ken and his family lived in Wisconsin they raised goats. Goats like to experiment with anything they can get in their mouths and, in spite of their iron guts, they do get sick sometimes. Ken writes: “We would burn birch logs in our fireplace and take the charcoal and grind it up and give it to our goats when they ate something that made them sick, and they would always recover. Before we learned to do this they would die.”
Minnesota USA
April 2006
Tropical Boils
"Hi John. When I went to Tarawa, Rep. of Kiribati, South west of Hawaii, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, to visit my wife's parents and relatives. I arrived in Tarawa on the 12th of Dec. 2005 for a one-month visit, my wife and kids were already there for 4 months, and like many of the native population they had several boils and other tropical sicknesses. The boils I believe are due to diet - a high fat intake, not much fiber, and not enough vitamins and minerals. I started with my kids and gave them a big spoonful of charcoal mixed with a coconut syrup to make it taste good, to stop their recurring diarrhea. While they slept I put charcoal poultices on their bigger boils and treated their smaller soars with a topical cream. I also cleaned many people's wounds and showed the parents how to make charcoal poultices for themselves and their children.
One of my wife's cousins had been suffering with diarrhea for 2 weeks before he came to me. For a week I gave him activated charcoal orally before he told me that he was cured. I was visiting a good friend who has pretty well adopted me as his son, his leg was swollen from what I believed to be gout. I promptly started charcoal poultices on his leg at night while he slept, and in the morning I instructed him to start hydrotherapy - 3 minutes in hot water, and 30 seconds in cold, repeated 3 times, to get his circulation going. I also encouraged him to take fruit fasts for a couple of days at a time and to stop eating really fatty foods like pork, and refined foods. In the time that I was there I did not get any boils, thanks to a vegetarian diet, but I did get sick, and had diarrhea, which I treated with charcoal orally."
British Columbia, Canada
April 2006
 Poisoned Chickens
"We bought Cornish-rock broiler chicks, which were doing fine until they were 3 weeks old. Then we could not get their usual feed, which was un-medicated 22% protein feed for game birds. We had to substitute another brand. In a few hours the chicks began to get sick. They were gaping (gasping for breath,) and too weak to stand up. They refused to eat and had a very subnormal temperature. 15% of them died in two days. Many more were so sick that we didn't expect them to live. I looked up symptoms in a homeopathic book, and decided to give them Carbo-veg, which is made from charcoal of vegetable origin, in their drinking water. We had previously saved some other chickens that had been poisoned, by feeding them charcoal. Charcoal is noted for antidoting the effects of spoiled or bad foods. I also gave them granulated coconut-shell charcoal to eat. All of them ate it readily. The next morning the survivors looked quite healthy again and were eating and drinking well. I was able to get the game bird starter again at that time. I think the substitute feed contained rancid fats, very rotten meat scraps, and/or GM corn."
Texas, USA 
March 2006
The Flu
"Hi, John....well, I have always known exactly when I was going to get a cold/flu, etc... and the last couple of strains of the virus that went through my lungs, I was able to fight off right away with charcoal. We love it. Any time we feel like we might have an ailment due to bacteria, we pop a few charcoals tablets, and all is well soon. love the stuff!"
Minnesota, USA
March 2006
Infected Spider Bite
"Around 1 month ago I got a spider bite on my finger and to make things worse, while I was caring for a goat it bit into the spider sight 2 times. The bite became infected and the infection traveled into a lymph node and has continued to be the size of an egg. I spent 5 hours in emergency after 5 days of antibiotic treatment. Things seemed to get worse not better. In ER they lanced the area – a very painful procedure. They said they found no infection. So, they sent me to an infection specialist (in infectious disease, I guess). After one month, no one has isolated the poison or infection. After 5 days of antibiotics the lab grew cultures and did blood work but nothing seems to show and we are still waiting for results. I have been on antibiotics for one month now and still have about 2 weeks to go. I seemed to go along and improve, and then down I would go again with a flare up much like in the beginning. I have tried hot packs of Epsom salt, which helps to a point with sourness and swelling. The "best" solution they offered was a pick line in a vein to wear for a minimum of 2 weeks and have i.v. antibiotics for 6 hours a day. I refused the treatment. How good can all of that be for the kidneys and liver, etc?

So I went to a naturopath and am taking his medicine as well. In addition, I drink huge amounts of water, get lots of rest, and eat very healthy choices. After all of this I still had minimal improvement, and after doing only a little work would break out in profuse sweats and feel faint, not to mention the night sweats ever since this began.

The BEST I found after all of this was on your website. In desperation I did an Internet search for the treatment of Cellulitis and read about alternating hot and cold water bath treatments, including packs of charcoal. The charcoal poultices I leave on for 24 hours. Because of the open wound I did not apply the charcoal directly to the skin. I took charcoal from my wood burning stove, crushed it and placed it inside gauze patches, which I taped on all 4 sides. I then wet the poultice and applied it to the wound sight and strapped it on with double-sided tape. The pain, the swelling, the redness, and the size have all improved at least 50%, maybe even more. I will continue with the hot/cold baths the treatments, but I won’t be without the charcoal until this is gone! Believe me, I have been fighting for my life - sicker than I can remember and now feeling improved. Hope this helps someone. Desperate in the country." P.S. "The sooner you apply the charcoal the better. I would even recommend getting some tablets to take as well."
Oregon USA
March 2006 
Onions and Cheese - Indigestion
"My dad made me a cheese and raw onion sandwich which promptly gave me horrible indigestion. I had terrible burping no Tums or Mylantra would take care of! But activated charcoal took care of it within half an hour.

As a child my aunt, a pharmacist, gave my cousin charcoal for some GI upset and she recovered quickly. I always remembered that.

Great site! Need to direct more traffic here!”
California, USA
February 2006
Sick Fish
"I couldn’t stand to watch my fish die in the aquarium so I decided to cloud the water with charcoal powder. Next morning all the fish had revived!”
February 2006 

Infectious Flu
“I was a nurse working at a nursing home with 320 beds. From December 31, 1987 to January 10, 1988, there was a severe case of infectious flu and diarrhea among 23 patients. When the flu first manifested itself, we used following program: 1- a binding diet, 2 - Tylenol, 3 - Enteric Precaution, 4 - Kaopectate, 5 – continued to check the feces. Even after the treatment, there was no sign of progress. I convinced the administrator to use charcoal. It was difficult at first to convince the doctors who had been trained in conventional medicine. After much convincing, they agreed to use charcoal. We picked 5 of the worst cases and treated them with charcoal. At first 4 capsules were administered to the 5 patients and we saw the diarrhea stop immediately. On the second day, capsules were given to the patients twice. Through charcoal treatment, all of the patients suffering the flu recovered quickly.

After this experience, there were many staff members who were interested in charcoal usage both internally and externally. Because of this experience, our nursing home used charcoal as a routine treatment: begin with 4 activated charcoal capsules, followed with 2 capsules for 48 hours as long as diarrhea continues.”
Eun Sook
New York, USA
January 2006
Rubbing Alcohol Poisoning
“One 89-year-old patient at our nursing home had to be watched constantly. One morning, as the assistant nurse was cleaning her table after breakfast, the patient quickly took a bottle of rubbing alcohol and drank the whole bottle. We took her to the emergency room. After 6 hours, the patient was sent back to us. When we read her record from the emergency room, we found out that she was sent back after watching her carefully, without giving her any treatments, because we had administered charcoal before she was sent to emergency room. She had no side effects or any other health problems."
Eun Sook
New York, USA
January 2006
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