2008 - Your Stories
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As I have suffered for many years with Hemorrhoids I have found myself trying everything possible to obtain relief. It is sad when you have gone as far as using Ambesol. To say the least the pain is excruciating. A friend had offered FREEdHEM to me and looking at the color and reading the box I was hesitant at first as I thought to myself what can this do for me when nothing else helped. To my surprise and end of suffering. FREEdHEM was the answer I had been looking for. This product does what it SAYS... It is a relief to know that when that PAIN occurs I have a product that will do its job. As we all know it is very embarrassing to talk about heroics. But I felt as a sufferer for many years I needed to share the good find with everyone, so they to will be free of PAIN. Good luck and thanks for the great product. Try it you have nothing to lose but the pain.
September 2008

Vomiting & Dirrhea
"Hello, This morning I had vomiting and diarrhea from something I ate. It was the worst I have ever experienced. I tried to take water so I wouldn't be dehydrated but I would expel more than I took in. I took charcoal capsules right away but they didn't seem to help. So then I took some charcoal slurry and that helped a bit.
After checking on your site (I couldn't find my copy of your book CharcoalRemedies.com The Complete Handbook of Medicinal Charcoal) I did the [charcoal] jelly poultice and put it on my belly for half an hour. My stomach was really painful before. Now I feel so much better. It's almost miraculous, the change in such a short time.
Thank you so much,
September 2008
Pain Patches
Up until last month we had carried a product called Golden Miracle pads touted to be a pain patch. We had not received any feedback, positive or negative, so we decided to discontinue the product. Shortly after, Leslie contacted us asking what happened to the pads? We told her that we had not received any feedback so we decided to discontinue them. Leslie sent in her experience with using them and we decided to restock them again. It has been our experience and the experience of some guests to our site that what may work for some does not guarantee it will work for others. We know that charcoal, as a medicinal, has a long rich history and its applications are numerous, that it has helped countless individuals with varied conditions. BUT charcoal is not a Cure-All! If what has worked for another does not work for you, we encourage you to keep searching - in most cases there is another simple natural remedy that will help. In Leslie's case she found a simple remedy that has helped her to manage one of the most difficult of conditions - pain.
"Dear John, I was introduced to the Golden Miracle pads by an acupuncturist here in the Portland, OR metro area.  I used them on my neck and chest to treat pain from an injury I sustained in car accident.  The pads worked really well and I really enjoyed using them.

Recently my 14 year old son tore a ligament in his knee and I was using the pads on him.  The pads seem to be more effective than the traditional ones you can find over the counter at drug stores.  I think because the charcoal promotes increased circulation as well as addressing pain.

If you don’t plan to restock them could you tell me where you got yours or where I might find them? I cannot seem find them anywhere else after spending a lot of time looking online and it was much cheaper to buy them from you than from the acupuncturist I was seeing."
Thank you,
August 2008
Gary raises racing pigeons, about 150 of them.

“That granular charcoal (GAC48C) really works. I mix a ratio of 1 scoop of charcoal to 5 scoops of regular grit and just have it there for them every day. I’ve noticed that their general health is better – better droppings and better feather quality. I’ll be telling all my pigeon friends.”
August 2008
Chad is a commercial airline pilot and suffers with periods of intense nausea.

“I don’t know what the cause is. Doctors have done blood work, ultra sound, EKGs, and they still don’t know what the problem is. They have suggested different drugs but the only thing that has helped is charcoal powder. I get really nauseous but never actually vomit. But when I take charcoal powder in water within 20 minutes, no matter how bad I feel, the nausea disappears. I’d like to order more (USP Powder Fine).
Aug 2008
Zantac for Baby Colic??? 
"I found Colic Calm when searching the internet for a natural treatment for reflux. My little 3 week old baby was put on Zantac and I wasn't happy about putting chemicals in her tiny, pure body. I call Colic Calm "black gold" as it has helped her so very much. I only give her 1/4 teaspoon 3 times a day and she doesn't spit up anymore and she's regular too! It is truly a gift!
August, 2008

Don is a retired criminal investigator now investigating the medicinal benefits of charcoal. His brother has a painful skin condition on one leg and wondered if charcoal poultices or footbaths would help. Don went on to tell me of his first acquaintance with charcoal as a medicinal.

Don grew up in Chicago 52 years ago and one neighbor used to burn old products in his back yard including old furniture. At the time Don was 15-16 years old and he recalls one day he discovered another young child picking up pieces of burnt wood and chewing them. Don thought it was harmful and went and told the parents and the old neighbor. The parents were appalled but the old man kept assuring them there was nothing to worry about. Nevertheless the parents called the Emergency Squad who arrived with the police and the news media to investigate.

 “The police kept me there as a potential witness so I got to see and hear everything. The parents wanted to lay charges but the medic said there was absolutely no danger from eating the charcoal. But the issue was why was the child eating charcoal? The medic insisted the child was missing something nutritionally from his diet and so was instinctively trying to get it from something else.

The child was taken to the hospital and it was discovered he was malnourished and the parents were only giving him little more than breakfast cereal. The parents ended up being charged with child abuse.

After, the old man explained that his parents had given him charcoal as a child when he was sick.”
August 2008
Atopic Dermatitis 
"Both of my parents are practicing medical doctors and I am a medical student. I suffered from Atopic Dermatitis for about 20 years. The unbearable part about it was that it itched so much day and night. I found out about activated charcoal therapy. I took activated charcoal internally, took activated charcoal bath, and used activated charcoal blanket. I am now free of atopic dermatitis and don't have any itchiness. I used to take medications which didn't help at all. It's amazing how activated charcoal healed my illness."   
Mr. Kwon
(from Esther Kim – owner of Natural Elements medicinal charcoal products)

Insect Sting
A few weeks ago, my husband and I were on our annual camping weekend (we camp in leantos) with all of our married children and grandchildren. My husband got a sting (deerfly or horsefly) and the area swells up.  He usually uses a commercial sting product, but he hadn't brought it. I had brought some charcoal powder in our medical kit. He was hesitant to use charcoal, however, I made a charcoal poultice and bandaged it. A little while later, he said it didn't hurt anymore. The next morning when he removed the bandage, all of the swelling was gone and you couldn't even tell that he had been bitten. He seemed quite impressed. What I like about charcoal is that there are not side effects. I used a commercial product for poison ivy several years ago around my ankles and got a terrible skin reaction that covered most of my legs from the product. I was told by a physician that some peoples' skin is sensitive to an ingredient in it. I use charcoal for a lot of things.
July 2008

Old Self Again
"Your website/all the info/all the stories...amazing. Just took some activated charcoal after suffering from nausea for 3 days. Forgot I had it on hand until this morning. Literally within the hour (less, I think), I am feeling my old self again.
July 2008
Varicose Ulcer
 After reading our article on Varicose ulcers in our February Issue of CharcoalTimes (bottom article). Deb decided to try Activated Charcoal for her husband's varicose ulcer.

"Hi, Just wanted to thank you for the quick mailing of the charcoal. I needed it quickly and was very pleasantly surprised to receive it yesterday. I made a poultice last night, for my husband’s varicose ulcer that has been very slow to heal and he kept it on all night. This morning the healing was already evident and we are very thrilled.
My husband originally went to the doctor last month and was put on antibiotics and told to use Neosporin Cream daily and it kept it from becoming infected but it just didn't want to heal, which I know is common with these leg ulcers.
I remembered using Charcoal poultices on my daughters infected finger way back in the early 80's so I did a search and found your wonderful website. Keep up the good work and I hope that using activated charcoal for the many health problems it cures really catches on big time. I know that I sure will be yelling it to the heavens!
Thanks for being there. Will be recommending your company to everyone I know."

June 2008

Gum Disease
It is not uncommon for someone to find BuyActivatredCahrcoal.com read some of the amazing facts about medicinal charcoal or the diverse testimonies and decide to purchase some activated charcoal for themselves with no clear idea how they will use it when it arrives. Here is some email dialogue with Lida.
Lida, "I got a box of powdered charcoal. How do I use it to cure gum disease, or even just for cleansing my mouth at night?"
We wrote, "For infections of the mouth, what has worked for some is to mix 1 Tablespoon of AC powder into water in a glass to make a thick charcoal slurry. Take enough slurry into your mouth so that you can easily swish it around, then hold it in your mouth as long as you can then spit it out. If you swallow any it will not harm you. You can also dip your toothbrush into the powder and lightly brush your teeth.

You can also make a thick charcoal jelly (1 T charcoal powder + 1 T flax meal + enough hot water to make a thick jelly). You can pack the cheeks with this or put it into a gauze pouch and place it between the cheek and gums during the night.

You should do these treatments regularly for at least 2 weeks.

Type "Teeth" or "Tooth" in the Search window - it will show all the references to teeth on our website.

Lida wrote back, "I thank you so much for helping with this. It really works! I feel more comfortable with my mouth now! I used a teaspoon of a activated charcoal powder. Put it into a big cup of water. Brushed my teeth with it. And yes, dipped my toothbrush in it too. Did it 3x daily.
"I have been having a bad taste and a burning mouth or tongue feelings for some years now. Have been to the dentist, used strong mouth washer, it helped a little. But only for some hours. Brushed my teeth nearly every time I eat. Used toothpicks and zinc tablets, it helped too, but only for a short time. But after using activated powder i really felt a big difference in my mouth. I have been feeling better for a week now, ever since I started using it. Feel more comfortable with my mouth now. I'm really glad about it, coz it's terrible to suffer from bad breath when one works and talks to people everyday.
I really thank you so much."
Sincerely Lida
June 2008

We too are so thankful to all those who take the time to tell us of their experience. We want them to know that hundreds of people read these stories every week and it is the catalyst for them to try charcoal too. Thanks again!!

Lyme Disease

"I have Lyme Disease. LD treatment is worse than the disease itself. It requires high dose antibiotics and that creates a die-off of lyme toxins. My Lyme Md recommended activated charcoal to adsorb the "die off" (which turns to ammonia and creates pain) I have NEVER in my life seen anything like this substance, what a miracle! I am recommending Activated Charcoal at forums to Lyme patients who suffer and need detoxing that is safe. I was soooooo skeptical, but I have been made a believer. My son also with LD, was so sick from "die off" I was going to take him to the hospital, I gave him AC and within hours started to return to "normal" within 4 days he was completely himself again. My husband had a drug interaction, I gave him AC within 30 minutes he was fine. It eliminates nausea, creates clearer thinking ...I can't name it all. I have my own Lyme website www.truthaboutlymedisease.com and have done thousands of hours of study regarding lyme and detoxing and never heard of AC until my Lyme Md told us about it. All I can say is AMAZING!!"
May 2008

To read more click on Truth About Lyme Disease

Ovarian Cyst

"I wanted to let you know that I used charcoal capsules for my ovarian "golfball" size cist. I took the capsules for 3 days, 3 times a day, 2 pills, and at the end of the 3rd day, my ovarian pain was gone. I have just had an ultrasound to confirm the size and was told to go back in 2 months to see how the cists was doing. I have had cists for the past 15 years and Dr.s say there is no answer except if they open up, you need to go to the emergency room for pain meds. A friend told me to try this and he was correct. It actually worked!!! I now don't have to say no to golf or all my other activities. I use to have to stop running or whatever spots I was doing, so as to make sure the cists did not burst. Now, thank God, I can live a normal active healthy life... I can actually plan an event,,, and attend. What a relief to have your life back again!!!!! It's an answer to alot of prayers.”
May 2008

Severely Infected Wound

Fred called looking for a granular charcoal for the homemade water filter he wants to make. But he also familiar with using charcoal medicinally. Here is another amazing story of healing using charcoal in conjunction with other well known healing herbs.

"My wife tripped and fell on the tines of a rototiller giving herself a severe gash to the bone. She is a severe diabetic. After treating the wound for 3 days she called from work to tell me something was wrong and her leg was very painful. The leg had swelled up very quickly, became red and inflamed and oozed gobs of pus. I brought her home and  packed the wound with golden seal and slippery elm, and wrapped the entire area with a charcoal poultice made from crushed charcoal and water. By the next day the wound was on the way to healing."

May 2008

From a happy Auntie
"Thanks for getting this (Colic Calm) shipped so fast!! It is really helping my sister with her new twins. You made me a hero by getting this to her so quickly. Have a great weekend!"
May 2008
Abscessed Tooth

"Greetings ! Thought I would tell you about something that I deal with off and on. I have a tooth that has had a root canal and needs the crown put on. Due to my procrastination and the considerable cost of a crown I have put this off. Now and then this tooth will begin bothering me. Intending to make an appointment for a crown, I go ahead and temporarily deal the ache by emptying a tea bag of it's tea, filling it with charcoal, wetting it, and then putting it beside my gum near the aching tooth. It works ....quickly. I know, I do need to go and have this taken care of, and I will, but the ready fix is very welcome. Secondly, last week I travelled out of state. I try to always carry charcoal with me. My friend and I bought ice cream from a well known ice cream shop. In about an hour we were both nearly doubled over in stomach/intestinal pain. We both took a charcoal caplet [capsule] and were very quickly fine again."
April 2008


Pedro learned about charcoal not long ago and quickly began experimenting with its many benefits. He writes from France how charcoal has helped with two of his mother's afflictions (she is a nurse). English is a third language for Pedro:

Eye Pain


"I would like first to present some testimonies about charcoal: 1) Your Eye Pad is worth at. I was worried when my mother was loosing sight and thought to a inter tumor somewhere against one of her eyes (she has diabetes). But from the day she received and use the Eye Pad up to now, the pain surrounding her eyes is leaving and little by little she again can read Bible letters.

Tooth Abcess 

"My mother suffered also from abcess. She had infection and constant pain. The dentist had set an appointment already between weeks to take off 6 of her teeth. That urgent was it. Then I read in your site the recommendation of Dr. Dana on tooth abcess with the tea bag [put charcoal from a capsule into an emprty tea bag] . And after trying that, my mother tried each time one whole capsule on both sides by the offending teeth, even without tea bag. That worked even quicker as the capsule where placed. The pain was relieving so rapidly with al that doings. Arriving by the dentist for him do his job -taking off teeth-, he was astonished, because there was no infection, no abcess and even no probability for these problems to occur again. And that's how my mother preserved 6 of her teeth that are now healty, thanks to the amazing charcoal our God have provided." 
April 2008

We receive many questions if charcoal will work for this or that. Recently Michele emailed us asking if charcoal would work for hemorrhoids. Her friend had colon cancer and because he was taking chemotherapy she was cautious about using charcoal for fear it might interfere with the chemo. But the hemorrhoids were "VERY bad, but since he is doing well with the treatment, they don't want to do surgical intervention at this time."

We were glad that we could recommend one of our products specifically formulated to help hemorrhoids  FREE-dHEM. Michele purchase some for her friend and reported back.

"Yes, it (FREE-dHEM) did work, thank you. The relief is not 100 percent with one treatment, but neither is it so with his prescription medicines. I plan on ordering more and will confer with you as to the recommended frequency of use in order to improve the level of relief. Thank you!"
April 2008

Acute Kidney Failure
"Another story of hope! My sister called to say our mom was not acting right (she went into a nursing home in December of 2007, has Alzheimer's and is 85 years old) but in fairly good physical condition. So I called her doctor and he said the nurses had said she had been acting strange the last week to ten days (they had also put her on a medication for agitation about a week to ten days ago) but of course that had nothing to do with it? At my sisters request they started running tests, our mother had acute renal failure. They put her on an IV, the doctor said, “Give it 24 hours and lets see”. The next day I called and got the same answer, I hung up and called the airlines. Flew from Texas to Illinois on Wednesday and went straight from the airport to the nursing home, not knowing if I would see her the next day. The next day Thursday, we went straight there and spoke with the doctor, the minute he said she was so full of toxins and there wasn't much they could do and they took her off of the IV. The minute he said toxins I knew I had to try charcoal. I had taken a bottle with me to give to my sister for her bowel problems. I broke open a couple of capsules and mixed them up in some pudding on her tray, tiny bite by tiny bite I was able to get them into her. The next day we noticed clear yellow urine in her bag but the prognosis was no better. I did the same thing the next day. Still clear urine but no change in the prognosis. When we left the nursing home Friday night my sister and I both thought that was the last time we would see our mother alive. Saturday grandkids and great grandkids came to visit her and we warned them how bad it was. When we walked in she opened her eyes looked around a lot and pointed to my nephew and said his name. I was speechless and the tears started, first I thanked God and then it hit me the charcoal! I continued the use daily while I as there for the next four days. The doctor said it was a miracle! Her kidneys have completely recovered.”
April 2008

Wound Dressings

"I am an RN, CWCN (certified wound care nurse) and have used charcoal to clean up necrotic wounds. I have mixed charcoal and ground up flax seed with great success, and read how someone had used ground psyllium seed also with success, and will try that too. Of course, I can’t use charcoal when I am treating someone in the hospital even though dressings are made with charcoal in them.
April 2008

Licken Simplex Chronicus - Severe Itching

"I was very hot all the time much more so than anyone that I worked with in my office job for years. It was quite unbearable because everyone else was cold. So I had multi acupuncture treatments to supposedly help this situations but where 2 different needles had been placed on my left ankle on the inside I became so itchy, it was driving me crazy. I was finally diagnosed by my medical doctor with Licken Simplex Chronicus which is usually caused by insect bites. All the medical doctors want to do is to get a person to use cortisone cream. I chose to try charcoal poultices instead and am very thankful that I have done so. I have had relief for a few months and have just started to use these charcoal poultices again. I am so thankful for charcoal."
Jean in Red Deer,
Alberta, Canada
April 2008

Editor's note: The relief from itchiness with activated charcoal experienced by Jean has been well documented in the relief of another itchy condition called "Pruritis" associated with liver and kidney disease. Read abstract: Institute of Clinical Medicine I, University of Pisa, Italy
Conclusion: "It is concluded that activated charcoal per os [by mouth] is a safe, effective, and low-cost therapy for patients with uremic pruritus, but its mechanism of action is unknown."

Stop Smoking

"I've been so sick for so long. Anorexia/bulemia and using cigarettes to deal with the pain: emotional, spiritual, physical. My doctor gave me a scrip: 2 meal per day (vegan); don't eat after 3 p.m. (trying: my issue is night-time binging or I cannot sleep - it's like paying a terrorist); and 1 T. activated charcoal in glass of water 2-3 x /day. This is saving my life. When I would try to stop eating wrong or smoking I would have such dreadful detox sickness that I would have to [have a] "pick up". But the charcoal makes not smoking now (7 days) possible. Also, please have mercy on me; will you pray to Jesus for me: I don't know how or what to eat for just two meal/day. Thanks,

April 2008

"…You ask what can you eat for 2 meals a day? A plant-based diet is especially helpful for individuals getting off coffee, tea, cigarettes, and alcohol. A diet of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and nuts allow the body to taper off nicotine and other stimulants/depressants naturally so there are fewer withdrawal symptoms. Variety is a fundamental principle of good eating, not all at one meal but spread over a week. That way the body is exposed to a wide variety of nutrients to build good health with.

The apostle Peter tells us to "add to your faith ...knowledge..." (2Peter 1:5)
I have attached a cooking school program with vegan recipes and some health handouts that we use in some of our programs. These will give you some ideas to plan you menu around, and support your growing faith.
You are in our prayers…"
Mayo Clinic

K. works at the Mayo Clinic and is a great fan and advocate of medicinal charcoal.
“Another co-worker, B., had a stomachache. She approached my desk and said, 'J. told me you have something for my stomachache. Of course when I said charcoal, she asked 'What?' After explaining, I had her take 5 tablets. Thirty minutes later she approached my desk and asked 'what did you give me? I replied, 'Charcoal.' She continued, “K., I had my stomachache for three days and even went to the doctor and was taking medicine that he gave me. That didn't work. My stomachache is almost gone.”  Another time when B. had the stomach flu, she was out two days and came in her third. She didn't want to ask me for charcoal, she later admitted, but when I offered her some, she was thankful and took four tablets. I sent more home with her. She was back to work the next day…

The ironic thing is that I work at Mayo Clinic, and it seems like such an oxy moron that I work here and take natural remedies when I do become ill. They all work much better than traditional medicine. People know to come to my desk when they have ills as I keep the charcoal.”
February 2008

"Hello from India - Ear Infection"

“I just went through your site. I would like to know if I can put charcoal paste into my ears as I have been suffering from ear infection since a month now and have taken a lot of antibiotics too. Please let me know if it is safe to put activated charcoal paste into the ear. I remember my doctor telling me that I do have a fungal sinusitis infection that is maxillary sinusitis. I used to take in charcoal water through my nostrils and it did help me a lot. But can I use the same for my ears too?”
February 2008

Dear Virginia,
Yes charcoal can be used for ear infections either inside the ear or as a poultice on the outside. The one precaution with using the charcoal inside the ear is to make sure the eardrum is in tact and not ruptured or punctured - in that case a charcoal poultice would be used.

We do have one story posted on our site (click here)
I would suggest trying mixing the charcoal with some cold pressed olive oil instead of water. I would also suggest trying a charcoal poultice over the ear to see which treatment seems to work better.

Follow the directions for Making a Poultice..."

Virginia replied late in March:
"Dear Mr. John,
Greetings to you. This is Virginia, I do not know if you would remember me. I wrote to you long back, asking if charcoal could be put into the ear for ear infection.
Well let me tell you that I did put a small pinch of activated charcoal powder in two tablespoon of boiled cool water and mixed it very well and then strained it in a strainer so that no sediments would be there and only just the liquid. I put two drops in my ear the first day and after two days just a drop of this charcoal liquid. My ear pain has gone and no more infection. I am so thankful to God. I took enough of medication earlier and nothing worked out. It is all part of the sinusitis problem that I had. I also take in diluted charcoal liquid into my nostrils when I have severe sinusitis and it does help a lot and clears the nostrils. I do that only once in a while, just like how we put saline water into our nostrils and it clears up. So next time my ear gives problem I now know what to do!
Thanks a lot for all your encouragement. May God bless you and your team is my prayer. Regards"
March 2008

Mercury Fillings

“Thank you kindly for your help. I've reordered the product and received a confirmation email for the new purchase.

I am appreciative of the products and information that you are offering. The case stories are definitely interesting and useful. A while ago, I deduced that m
y abundant mercury fillings were making me sick. A lucky recommendation from a friend led me to look into activated charcoal. Since then, I've been taking charcoal caps, with often times dramatic effects. I also notice that charcoal makes me feel better after I get out of a long, hot shower. I look forward to start using the bulk activated charcoal. Thank you again!”
March 2008

Shingles in Eye

“The reason I need so much charcoal is that my mother has a terrible case of shingles in her eye and the medications the doctors have her on weren't doing much good. She got an infection from the shingles and a second infection from the steroids. I finally was able to convince her to let me help and have been making charcoal and flax seed poultices for her eye and she finally can open that eye. After a few hour she could feel charcoal pulling out the infection. I take her to an ophthalmologist to monitor her progress and she is doing much better. It will still be a long while until she gets better it seems.”
North Carolina

Diabetic Ulcers 

I asked the folks at Alive Inn if they used charcoal medicinally. They replied:
“Yes, as a matter of fact we do use charcoal. We had a man with diabetic ulcers on his feet. The visiting nurses worked at healing them for over 6 months with conventional ways. When that failed we started using charcoal alternating with green papaya. He almost healed in 3 months, but since we were also dealing with osteomilitis he never totally healed but he was well managed. Another one of our diabetics started to have very hard, red, swollen and weeping lower extremities. We used charcoal poultices for about one week, (on at night, off in the am) and that was very successful. Recently, one of my residents got a cat scratch, which caused her wrist to swell: two 8-hour days of charcoal application cleared the swelling.

We make our poultices with pure, psyllium husk as a thickener as it doesn't require cooking or waiting for thickening. Is that something that you would agree with?” [Yes we do]
Aldine (BSN, RN)

Russia & Ukraine 
Happy New Year!
Dear John, 
I am going on a trip to Ukraine next Wednesday for 2 weeks to give lectures. Is it ok to use your pictures on some Power Point slides and handouts for a large seminar next weekend for 500 doctors and nurses from Russia and Ukraine?
I will also be at Novi Obi Hody teaching for a week after the weekend seminar near Kiev. Our people in those countries need this info so much. It will be totally non-commercial.
I bought your book a year ago and love it.  God blessed you with putting it together.
Your friend,
Roby Sherman, MD,  Associate Medical Director, Wildwood Lifestyle Center & Hospital, Wildwood, GA
Wildwood Lifestyle Center & Hospital is a unique health facility that often uses natural and rational treatments for their patients. The staff contributed several stories in our book CharcoalRemedies.com
To find out more about Wildwood Hospital and other Natural Health Centers that promote natural remedies including Charcoal Therapy go to our Health Centers page.
Material useage
Those who wish to use our pictures or information for commercial or non-commercial purposes please Contact Us first. In most cases we are happy to share.
Infant Colic
Here is a letter from one of our many International customers who have ordered Colic Calm for infanct colic and gas.
"Luckily I received the package today, my neghbour signed for it and so it was a good job I didn't re-order and refuse them like you mentioned. Thanks for your help and also for a great product. I tried it almost immediately and couldn't beleive how calm little Giorgios became. He then fell asleep within minutes, truly a miracle. Thanks."
UK- England
January 2008
We met Sandi last year at a health seminar in Minnesota. She sent us a book and Kimberly reciprocated and sent her our book CharcoalRemedies.com The Complete Handbook of Medicinal Charcoal & Its Applications. Sandi writes: "I have thoroughly enjoyed the book and recommended it to my friend Joyce who owns a health food store in Iowa (she purchased several of the books). I remember I was to send you stories of how we have used charcoal in our family. I've been using Charcoal for quite some time - over 15 years. Since we have this snow blizzard today I thought it would be a good time to fill my promise to you of these stories.
This is a new story-2008. About 10 days ago a new girl at our company - a Chemical Process Engineer named Erin, stopped at my desk and asked if I had anything for a headache. I apologized as I told her I didn't take any drugs so didn't have anything for a headache unless she wanted to try Charcoal. She gave me a strange look and I explained it to her. Being familiar with charcoal as its use in filters she took 4 tablets with her. I told her if she didn't find any painkillers from anyone else to give it a try, as she may be toxic which would cause a headache. To my surprise, later in the day she told me that she took the four tablets and almost immediately her headache subsided and she was able to work the remainder of the day headache free. I also offered her your book to read and she consented and said she would have it back to me on Monday - I gave her the book on Friday. On Monday she requested another week to read the book as she decided to read the entire book, as it was so good. She returned the book to me yesterday and I am certain she will be using charcoal in her home going forward.
Next story: It was about the year 1991 and my son was 11 years old when we planned on a trip to relatives in Michigan. It was August and we had just come home from the county fair when I noticed two pus filled lesions on my sons face - apparently they came from out of nowhere! My guess is that they were impetigo (staff infection) and I was panicky. We couldn't leave for vacation with this going on as it is so contagious. So I washed the areas with hydrogen peroxide and made a poultice for each lesion and put those on his face for 30 minutes (they were held in place by a headband). After 30 minutes I took off the poultice and both lesions had the pus drawn out of them and they were flat and pink. It was wonderful! I washed them with the peroxide once more and by morning you couldn't tell there was anything on his face the night before. We had a nice vacation.
About 4 years ago I awoke with a scratchy burning eye. Looking in the mirror it appeared to be pinkeye. Not wanting to go to the doctor I made a slurry of charcoal with water. After it settled I inserted a clean Q-tip in the water and moistened my lower eye-lid with the solution. There was instant pain relief and after several drops of this water were put into the eye I was ready to go to work. I did have a little "grit" go to the tear duct area where it was wiped away with a tissue. This was a simple and effective remedy! I also used this for a developing sty this past winter with excellent results [but had to use] a few more applications and a poultice held on the eye for several hours.
Fungal Growth 
In the winter I layer clothing so I have 3 layers of clothing over my navel all winter. This does cause some problems such as fungal growth in the navel from body heat and sweat. A few weeks ago this problem surfaced and I immediately thought of charcoal. I wet a charcoal tablet and inserted into the navel and held it in place overnight with a Band-Aid. In the morning I changed the tablet and by the next evening the soreness and redness was almost gone. This was surely an easy and comfortable remedy. As soon as the moistened tablet was in place the burning pain was gone. I use charcoal powder for brushing my teeth on a periodic basic by dipping my moistened toothbrush into charcoal powder and then brushing. It really cleans and freshens and keeps the gums healthy. I'm always sure to use this several times before and after a dental visit. It also whitens my teeth. The dental hygienist has several times commented on how healthy my gums are and I attribute this to the charcoal treatments.
Tooth Extraction
My next story I believe it was spring of 2002 when I experienced a really long visit at the dentist office. I had a molar in the lower left part of my jaw that was so bad it needed extraction. It had been under a crown for many years and was to the point of decay that the dentist had to remove it. During the process of removal the tooth roots broke into several pieces and the dentist was having extreme difficulty extracting the tooth parts. It took over 2 hours for the extraction and many doses of Novocain. The roots had little hooks on the ends holding them into the jawbone, which was causing the difficulty. After stitching me up and prescribing an antibiotic he sent me home and even called me later to see how I was doing. I filled the prescription but did not take it. I took instead garlic tablets, put charcoal tablets on the wound and topped that with moist peppermint herbal tea bags. I had no residual pain and the healing went very well. In fact in a day or so the swelling was down so much that the stitches were extremely loose. This bothered me so much that I clipped the stitches and removed them myself. Exactly one week after the extraction I was back in the dentist chair for my checkup and he was thrilled to see how well the extraction area had healed as he thought it had been two weeks already. His assistant and I reminded him that it had only been a week since the extraction and he was amazed! He said he wished he had a camera to take pictures and document this and asked what I had done. I explained to him about charcoal, garlic, and the herb tea poultice and asked him if he wanted the prescription for the antibiotics, as I didn't need to take any of them. I also gave him a tin of charcoal and one of my books to read. I wish I would have had your book at the time.
Stomach Flu 
I have used a charcoal tablet tucked in the back of my throat when first symptoms of a sore throat arise with good results. My sister-in-law & brother-in-law planned a trip to Hawaii for their 25th Wedding Anniversary. Penny had listened to our conversations about charcoal and prior to her planned trip she came down with a case of stomach flu. She was not going to cancel their trip so she went to the local GNC store and purchased charcoal capsules. She took the charcoal and had excellent results, the illness was arrested and they went on their dream trip. She did take her charcoal with her to Hawaii and she is totally sold on using charcoal.
Stomach Upset 
My husband John loves his store bought fried chicken and has frequent bouts of food poisoning as a result. He has learned that a few teaspoons of powdered charcoal in a glass of water takes care of the stomach pain and loose stools that accompany these illnesses. One time he ate a fish sandwich at a fast food restaurant while traveling for his work and did not have his charcoal with him. He was very upset with himself for not having it available as he became very ill that evening; since then he always has charcoal with him when he is away from home.
Several years ago a senior friend of mine, in her 70's, suffered from a bad case of diverticulitis. At one time this caused her to be hospitalized. Months after this she developed a red lesion on her lower abdomen and it wouldn't go away. I mentioned that it could be toxins in her diverticulii and that perhaps a charcoal poultice would help. I explained it to her and she was willing to try it. I made up three poultices and took them to her. After using these poultices the redness and irritation disappeared. This happened another time about a year later and she called me for more poultices. I made her more poultices and again they did the job. She now has charcoal on hand for this purpose and I taught her how to make a poultice.
About 12 years ago I came home from a Women's Retreat only to find our two dogs ill from Parvovirus. The virus had already killed our brother-in-laws new puppy and our dogs were sick now. They had been having numerous bouts of diarrhea and were sore in their behinds and dehydrated. I proceeded to get some garlic capsules and charcoal into them orally. Next I mixed several charcoal water enemas and put then into small fleet enema bottles. I administered these to each dog (outdoors of course). They were so dehydrated that they absorbed the enema water and did not expel it. That was the end of the problem and both dogs recovered very nicely.
Knee Injury 
Last story: In 2002 I experienced a fall at work during a demolition/remodeling at our workplace. I really banged my knee up good and it swelled quite a bit. I kept a charcoal poultice on it for some time to reduce the swelling and keep the pain low. However, a small hole developed over the knee that would not heal - even with the charcoal poultice. I read in my herb books about natural antibiotics and then combined the herb "yarrow" with the charcoal poultice and in a few days it began to close and heal. Again, another success story.

Iowa, USA
January 2008
Ear & Nose Infection
I was extremely sick for 2½ years low energy, nasal infections ,ear infections. Doctors couldn't help me after antibiotic treatments. I thought I would have to suffer the rest of my life. I tried activated charcoal - 3 caps a day for two weeks - and I was cured. I know this may sound like a commercial but this testimonial is completely unsolicited. I have not even ordered from you yet, but I will soon as I need bulk now!
Activated charcoal is incredible and may have saved my life, it sure has improved it. Activated charcoal is a miracle, don't let anyone tell you different.
February 2008 
I am successfully using charcoal for my family (including my 7yr. old autistic son). I wish to buy the book about charcoal. As we live in Mumbai, India, I want to know if you can ship it to us.
February 2008
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