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Brown Recluse Spider Bite

“Chello, I am the Commander of the American Legion Post 1, Tulsa, OK. This past Thanksgiving, I was bitten by a brown recluse spider. I went to the VA hospital and received an antibiotic. I thought the problem was over, but have been dealing with the problem for 5 months. Almost lost my foot, up to my ankle, was in lots of pain. I was told to look up Mrs. Ellen G. White and see what she says about spider bites. The article said to make a charcoal poultice. I did so. Within a couple of hours the pain was easing up. By the next morning the swelling had gone down, by lunchtime, the discoloration was gone. Two weeks later, the hole was gone. There is now only a small brown spot on the bottom of my foot. My doctor at the VA clinic always has to show people my foot and tell them what it had once looked like. Everyone is still amazed that something so simple could do what a whole bunch of different types of antibiotics couldn't do. It has also stopped my acid reflux disease. God is good!”


Oklahoma, December 2009

Bad Pizza

Elizabeth writes of her son’s experience with food poisoning on a business trip to Asia.

“On a business trip to Asia, the plant he was working for had ordered pizza for every one. A few minutes later his stomach began to rumble and he went and got his bottle of Activated Charcoal he carries everywhere. The first dose worked quickly and he began to feel better quickly. He offered it to some of the other engineers. They declined. In a short time all the others that ate that pizza were deathly sick [which lasted] for over a week. He was fine!”


North Carolina, December 2009

Tooth Abscess

I had what I thought was a very bad toothache, and it was getting worse by the minute. My left cheek starting to really swell up, so much so, that my sympathetic hubby started to call me ‘Chippy,’ as I looked like a chipmunk, with a golf ball in her left cheek! :)

The fact was, I had a huge abscess and I was ready to have my tooth pulled, but a two day snowstorm prevented me from doing so, I am so glad!!

I tried to put a mixture of charcoal, water and ground flax seed in my mouth, but it was gagging me and the pressure was hurting my teeth. I tried putting charcoal tablets next to the tooth that was hurting and it too hurt my mouth. All I could do was put on Thieves Oil, of which the cloves in it, would help numb the pain some. I couldn’t sleep, I was in so much pain.

Then it finally dawned on me to make a charcoal poultice. Yes of course we are surrounded by charcoal, my hubby wrote a book on it, but, the obvious was just too obvious! I made a poultice, went to bed with it on and I slept!! In the morning, the abscess was half the size. Another few nights with a poultice on and it got down to a size of a half marble. From there I was able to put a charcoal tablet or two on it and it began to disappear.

I like to make big poultices and thick. You can’t use too much charcoal but you can use too little to do any good. The charcoal needs to be wet, as if it is wet, it has more drawing power. I wrapped it with an ace bandage that sticks to itself, these are the best for making poultices. When I made my poultice, I used about a third to half cup of very warm water, 2 heaping Tablespoons of activated charcoal powder and about 2 Tablespoons of ground flax seed. If the charcoal jelly is too thick, just add more warm water, if it is too runny, add a little more ground flax seed.
Charcoal Poultice
After you get the jelly made, pour it into the middle of a paper towel, and spread it out like a long jelly roll.  Then fold up the long edges, then the short edges, so that you have all the folding on one side.  Put the side that has only one layer of paper against your skin, (if the paper that is going against your skin is not real wet, then sprinkle some warm water on it), then put a piece of plastic food wrap on the poultice to help keep it wet and to keep it from leaking. Then apply your ace bandage and you’re done! For my face, I wrapped an ace bandage first vertical, than a separate one horizontally and it did not come off while I slept. You might want to use a pillow case you don’t care about just in case it leaks through the night.

As for putting the charcoal tablets on, for me, the tablet needs to be very wet. Putting the tablet against the tooth or onto the abscess, and then drinking warm water so that the tablet gets almost mushy, works best for me.


Nebraska, November 2009

Editor's note: the above picture shows my wife wearing a charcoal poultice for an abscessed tooth. She is not a member of some nefarious organization. Kimberly consented to a picture on condition she could wear sunglasses to protect her identity.

Tummy Pains

I have to say that the Colic Calm is a miracle. It works so fast and makes my baby sleep soundly for hours. My little girl has bad gas and tummy pains and this products removes all symptoms. Thank you


Quebec, November 2009

The Flu

During October, as the nation was gearing up for the swine flu shots (H1N1), Imate called to place an order for charcoal powder. She is an elderly woman. When she came down with the flu, instead of lining up for a flu shot, she decided to follow a friend’s suggestion to take charcoal powder. She happily reported that, “After 3 days the flu was gone!” But the rest of her family were still suffering on.


Washington, October 2009

Poisoned Cat – Cow De-wormer

I have a testimony for you. My herbal supplier in NC keeps me well supplied with charcoal, and I give it to everyone I know and keep it in my car too. A few years ago we had a kitten, about a month old that needed worming. We didn't have any cat or dog wormer, but we did have cow wormer. My granddaughter (about 20 at the time), has always been our resident vet and she figured that she could give a minute amount to the kitten and it would be all right. But it wasn't. The poor kitten was in terrible distress, flopping all over the floor and collapsing and having spasms. She called the vet and he said the kitten would die, it couldn't possible live. My grandgirl fixed some charcoal water and wrapped the kitten in a towel so it couldn't scratch her, and fed dropperfuls to that baby all night. By morning it was able to drink, and was staggering around on its feet. Within 24 hours there was no sign of being poisoned. We called the vet and told him, and I don't think he believed us, but the kitten grew up to be a very large and healthy tomcat. I wouldn't be without charcoal, nor do I want my friends and family to ever be without it. I thank God for the natural remedies He gives us so freely.


North Carolina, October 2009

Happy Healthy Fish

Short and sweet... I love the product. Finding your website was one of the best things I did all year! Honestly! I use the granulated charcoal for my aquarium and the water has lasted ever since. I haven't changed it and it's still crystal clear and my fish are happy! Sure beats paying $20 for some little foil pouch of garbage charcoal from the pet store every month! Thanks

Michael, October 2009

Revived Betta Fish

SumiBalls! I have a betta fish that is quite old, had stopped eating, was looking like it was not long for the world. I tried putting some SumiBalls into the container, and this fish has come alive - It's weeks later now, and he has a new lease on life! Amazing to see these wonderful benefits!


Hawaii, August 2009

Inflammation & Pain

Am interested in bulk powdered activated charcoal. I used to do the poultices for myself and it helped tremendously with my inflammation and some pain was relieved also. I am VERY excited to have come upon this website. I have been looking for some activated charcoal locally and on the Internet for quite some time. And thank you for making it available and reasonable for the average consumer to purchase. The selection of charcoal products and info on the various uses is priceless.


How long – how much?

On a semi-regular basis we get emails similar to the one below. We hope all our answers make sense.

Message: “I was wondering how long it takes for it to get here and how much it costs”

Reply: “Good question! It depends a great deal on where you live and what you want!”

A Child Shall Lead Them

A young mother introduced the book CharcoalRemedies.com The Complete Handbook of Medicinal Charcoal  to her young daughter and was pleasantly surprised with the effect it would have on her. Notice too the power of simple non-activated charcoal. Her mother writes:

“thanks alot - I gave my 11 year old daughter (2 yrs ago) the book on charcoal remedies and now whenever there is a health issue etc., she will bring up "we can try charcoal for that". It is great. We made our own from the fireplace to pack into our horses hooves to treat a mild case of infection. They say these hoof problems could last a long time. Hers was gone after two days. We have used it to drench our chickens as well. She applied it to my back for a strange rash - black back but gone. My daughter takes it whenever she feels "poisoned" ie, has had contact with less than healthful materials of any kind. We prefer to use the commercially made product for internal use, but had fine results with the stuff we made for external use.
California, June 2009


My husband has neuropathy of the hands and feet (a side effect of a chemotherapy he had about two years ago). The doctor said the numbness and tingling should go away within a year after the chemo was complete. This didn't happen. He is now taking another round of chemo which has made his hands and feet even more sensitive and has pain. I saw the Wrist Bands on your website and decided to see if they would help. He could close his hands completely after about a half day, and the pain was much less. The pain is gone and his hands continue to feel better. He wears them night and day. I ordered Socks to see if they will give some relief to his feet.
Thanks for all you do.
, June 2009


 "I have tried many different remedies for my face acne, but nothing gave me the results that I wanted until I used the charcoal soap. Within one week of washing with the charcoal soap twice a day, my face was nearly clear of the acne."
Kansas, March 2009

Colectomy Care

"Recently, my husband underwent surgery for the removal of his colon. He had suffered from ulcerated colitis for nearly 10 years and with no good results from any medications that are available for UC he was finally told that the only sure fire cure was a colectomy.

The surgery was a success and we are both pleased with the return to a normal life that he has experienced. But we had to face many adjustments among which was his care of his ostomy bag a couple of times a day. That often was most unpleasant for him and anyone else who might be near his bathroom. The odor was more often than not, quite overwhelming. His ostomy supplier sent us samples of several different odor control tablets that were to be placed in his bag but none of them helped. Room sprays only added to the odor. Then I remembered that I had a bottle of activated charcoal capsules in the medicine cabinet that I had bought several years before to use as a poultice on a brown spider bite (works like magic!!). So I had him begin adding several caps to his bag each time he emptied it. The odors were gone. And I mean GONE!!

Activated Charcoal for Ostomy bag

I decided to look online for a bulk supplier and there you folks were. Wonderful. And I am writing to tell you that the Purrfectly Fresh (now Pure Non-Scents®) granules has made both of us happy. Now, if we are visiting friends or he is in a public restroom, he no longer has to worry about the terrible odors. I fixed a small squeeze bottle that dispenses about a 1/2 tsp. with each squeeze. He can carry it in his pocket when we travel and keeps one in his bathroom.
I just wanted to tell you so that you can add that to your list of uses of activated charcoal.
Most gratefully"
Florida, March 2009

Sleeping Again

Hi Again! We are finally sleeping again! To be honest at first we were sceptic about the medicine (Colic Calm for babies) BUT it WORKS.
Anyway, I would like to order 4 bottles of Colic Calm.
Best regards
United Arab Emeritus, February 2009

Beautician Saved

“Thank you so much for the masks! They saved me!! I smell nothing when I am wearing one! I can do color now without getting sick!!”
Minnesota, February 2009

Rattlesnake Bite

Bob sent us a short note; “I take Activated Charcoal everyday and I feel great.” I wrote back and asked, “Can you tell us a little more about how you came to use charcoal, for what, how you use it, any memorable experiences?”

Hi John, Thanks for the reply. I live in a mountain community in WV. About a year ago my neighbor’s daughter was bitten by a rattlesnake. She is about twelve years old and weighs about 70 lbs. She was taken to Charlottesville VA poison control center. After several weeks of treatment the prognosis was not good. She was sinking fast.
My neighbor told me that one night, another one of our neighbors knocked on his door and presented him with I believe a Poultice and asked him to put it on his daughters wound. My neighbors asked him what the “mechanism” was that would help and he was told Activated Charcoal.
Long story short, they did what was suggested and her recovery began immediately. Please keep in mind that the little girl’s parents are both doctors.
When he (my neighbor) related this story to me I began researching Activated Charcoal. I take it almost every day. One of my friends drinks it about three times a week and he indicated that after about three months, his cholesterol dropped about thirty points.
For me it has improved my how I feel in general. Probably about thirty percent more energy. No drop in energy in the afternoons after lunch which use to be a huge problem for me. It is almost unnoticeable as it is natural feeling. I have cut my blood pressure dose in half with no adverse effect. I’m convinced it is the real deal.

West Virginia, February 2009

Foundered Horse

"Last fall I purchased some activated charcoal because I have a friend’s horse at my house that she got because he was foundered and she wanted to help him recover. He had a real bad smell omitting from his body constantly because he is a severely foundered horse.  His hooves were slowly recovering but his body wasn't. Within 3 days of giving him the activated charcoal, he smelt like a horse should smell like. Since then, swelling has gone down around his hooves and he has made tremendous improvements in his hooves and body condition. He is wanting to move around more and the growth in his hooves are looking great. Granted, I am feeding him vitamins  minerals, diatomaceous earth for natural deworming + the benefits from that product, probiotics and he gets trimmed every week or two. Definitely, the activated charcoal cleaning out his system has been the best for him. Buddy thanks you for such a great product. My friend and I are hoping we will be able to ride Buddy this summer."
Oregon, February 2009

Chicken Bread

Rita is an herbalist and among her many recipes there is one for her chickens of which one of the ingredients is charcoal powder, but “my adult children and grandchildren discovered how delicious the Chicken Bread is and wont, even with the grittiness, leave it  alone.”

Rita was looking for a finer grade of charcoal powder, which we were able to recommend our Cocount Ultra Fine In appreciation Rita shared her Chicken Bread recipe. Her sister Priscilla forwarded it on to us. “I'm writing because my sister still prefers stone and chisel to communicate with. The recipe is simple, the ingredients are a little complicated.”

To your favorite white bread recipe...
delete one cup of white flour
add whole wheat in its place
replace butter with olive oil
use sea salt from the Grain & Salt Society (high mineral content)
2 tsp Diamond XPC-LS (an animal nutritional yeast and human immune booster)
1 tsp charcoal powder (USP1250CP)
1 tsp green powder blend (mix of 1 lb. each of kelp, wheatgrass, turmeric to which has been added one ounce of ground black peppercorns and a 1/2 oz cayenne)
2 Tbs fresh ground cornmeal
1 tsp graviola
1 tsp dried orange peel
a handfull of dried local herbs that chickens seek out

"Don't worry if it doesn't rise well. The chickens (and children) will love it! You should see the chickens come running from all corners of the yard when the "Pied Piper" comes with her chopped up bread!"
Rita & Priscilla, January, 2009


Thank you for asking about my sister-in-law. She is on dialysis now and looking and feeling better than she has in years. She started the charcoal poultices the weekend after I talked to you.  We did the treatments every four hours throughout the weekend and when we left their home that weekend, her husband and my sister continued to apply the poultices until her appointment to begin the dialysis in the hospital that week. I’m not certain how much progress we made with the dialysis prior to her appointment – just not enough time to tell – but her sugar (remember she is a very brittle diabetic) seemed to even off with no peaks or valleys while she was using the poultices.
My family (who all think that this is crazy) are all starting to sit up and listen to the benefits of charcoal. We will be in Florida with them in February, and I, of course, will be taking my charcoal.
Michigan, January 2009

THC overdose

We had a woman call last month whose son was scheduled that afternoon for a urine analysis for illicit drugs. At the time he was just coming down from a binge on THC. I directed her to give him as much charcoal as he would take – multiple tablespoons every hour and lots of water. The mother called several weeks later to tell us he tested negative that afternoon!!

Now I did stress that God has given many other healthy substitutes to drugs and urged the mother to urge her son towards a better lifestyle. Sometimes a simple remedy like this does actually work as a springboard to better choices.
January 2009