2010 (June) Your Stories

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Family Stories

June is a relatively new fan of charcoal. It all began a year ago when she came to work for us. Since then she has been introducing it to her willing family members. June writes:

“Here is a testimony from my mom:
The Black Salve should be called the "miracle salve". I have a corn on my little toe that has been so sore I could not wear closed in shoes. In just a few days of putting the Black Salve on my toe, the soreness is gone, and I can wear my favorite tennis shoes again.” Aileen from Florida

Here are some testimonies from my daughters:
“I just love the Green Yarn bikini underwear. They are so comfortable. They are my favorite underwear to wear. I just wish they came in different colors.” Grace from Nebraska

“The Black Salve is a lifesaver! I got a rash on my face and started putting the Black Salve on it. As soon as I put it on I feel very calm. It is very soothing. It has helped cleared up my face and is also helping the scars that I have from acne. It is a better moisturizer for dry skin than any lotion I have ever used.” A teenage girl from Nebraska
June 2010

Stomach Bug

“Hi, I live in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and bought 3lbs of USP1250CP for detox. At the time I had a stomach bug, which the charcoal got rid of in a couple of hours. Your website with the information is very impressive. My family and friends are getting interested in the many uses of this product. I found out about charcoal through Al Sear's website on alternative health. Cheers, and many thanks.”
June 2010

Diarrhea, Infected Leg, Open Sores

Andre contacted us a year ago about some products to take with him to West Africa where he would be working with different groups working for people suffering with HIV/AIDS . When he was back this June he reported three experiences.

“On two occasions I experienced severe diarrhea, one from food two from water. On past trips I had experienced the same, but the effects seemed to move through my system much faster this trip. This time instead of going to a local clinic for some drugs I decided to just use charcoal. Others were concerned for me and advised I should go to the hospital, but this time I didn’t need to.” Andre took charcoal tablets and Neem oil as a morning beverage.

“In one village the village chief had severally swollen legs. I wondered if it was gout? He was 78 years old and had had the infection for two years and the doctors said they could do no more for him. He was diagnosed with some sort of “rheumatism”. With fruit all around him, he only ate meat. I was able to convince him to start eating fruit and eat less meat. I had him drink charcoal water for all his liquids - he was only drinking Coke. After two weeks the swelling was noticeably down. After one month the swelling was gone!”

“A friend had open sores on his back that would not heal. So I made up a charcoal paste and put it on the sores and they stopped scabbing over and within two weeks healed.”
Burkino Faso, West Africa

June, 2010

Lip Ulcer – Pain

From time to time we receive emails from doctors who have recently been introduced to the benefits of charcoal outside the more common emergency use in hospitals for poisoning or dialysis. Dr. L sent us this short testimony.

“… From my own experience charcoal took the pain away from my lip ulcer that wouldn't heal when I was on night shift. After one night of applying charcoal religiously, the pain disappeared (on application) and continued to be kept at bay as long as there was charcoal present. I couldn't really understand what was going on but it was working so I'm not about to dispute the effectiveness of the charcoal.
Thank you for your wonderful book.

Looking forward to learning more. Cheers.”
Doctor L
May 2010


Duane is in his 70s and has not been in good health for some time. Usually he is dragging an oxygen bottle with him. He has poor circulation, diabetes and has been diagnosed with cancer. But he has experienced a turn around.

“I had a big sore or deep cut all the way to the bone on my elbow. I couldn’t get it to heal.  I went to the doctor and he gave me a cream to put on it. It kept getting bigger and deeper. My doctor sent me to a skin specialist and she gave me a different cream and told me to put hot packs on it. She told me [she] had no idea what it was-maybe some kind of cancer. It had a hard center with pus oozing out of it and it was soft and mushy around it.  She [told me] if it got any worse they may have to take the arm off above the elbow.  Then Elaine (my wife) went to a program the Dinsleys put on one evening, about [the medicinal uses of ] charcoal. She bought some and started putting a [charcoal] poultice on every night and within about three weeks the elbow was healed, no drainage of any kind - just a little soft spot on the side of the elbow. I’m still using charcoal on it and the spot is slowly getting smaller.
South Dakota
May 2010

 A note from Kimberly:

I remember Elaine sharing with me that Duane originally was not keen on ‘home remedies,’ but when the doctor mentioned having to possibly cut off his arm, she asked him ‘what do you have to lose in trying a charcoal poultice?’ He had to agree that if it could save his arm it was worth a try. Duane has had cancer of the lungs, (he now only has one lung) and of the bladder, and several family members have died of cancer, so he was very concerned about his elbow.

When it was becoming quite noticeable to Duane that the poultices were working, Elaine said that he would go in the bathroom, and hold his elbow in the mirror so he could look at it, he was so amazed.  Elaine also mentioned that they had put a poultice over his back for some pain that he had and that Duane had noticed that his lung was feeling more comfortable from the poultice, so now they are going to try putting poultices over his one lung. Since writing out his story Duane has recently been diagnosed cancer free.

Hemorrhoids and Mastitis after Childbirth 

Leah attended one of our programs in Australia this past March, even though she was familiar with charcoal as a natural remedy she realized there was much more.
“Hi John  and Kimberly

I wanted to write to you about our wonderful experiences with charcoal so far. After attending your lectures in Beenleigh, Qld Australia we bought our first large tub of charcoal. We'd had a small container at home for months, but never knew what to do with it!

Our 2nd daughter was born on the 13th May this year (as was the case with my first daughter) my hemorrhoids were terribly swollen and painful. I took 1 heaped tablespoon of charcoal 3 x a day and also applied charcoal and flax poultices (about 3 times at night, changing them whenever I went to the bathroom, 2 times or so during the day) directly to the area. Within 2 days they had shrunk right down. It was a miracle! I suffered horribly after my first labour (for about 2 weeks) so praise the Lord that He has provided such a wonderful natural remedy :)

I can also vouch for the light treatment used to heal my perineum and small tear. It was a very soothing treatment and very fast acting; I only needed about 3 treatments (15 minutes for 3 nights).

I'm a breastfeeding mother, so I am conscious too of developing mastitis. I had 3 bouts of it with my first daughter. Not really knowing how to deal with it I took antibiotics one time, expressed in the shower and also wrapped myself up shivering in bed. One time we tried a very crude form of a charcoal poultice, which made me throw up. So 3 days ago (2 years later) I could feel a bout of mastitis coming on. I really didn't want to be sick again. So I made a charcoal flax poultice, took a heaped tablespoon of charcoal and also took 5 drops of grape seed extract in grape juice. And wouldn't you know it...after wearing the poultice overnight, the pain and swelling was gone by the morning. I didn't get any of the usual shivering or pain associated. Thank you God!!!

Thank you both so much for your clear message about the miracle of charcoal, about the importance of prayer, remembering that it's only by God's grace that healing is possible.

Beenleigh, Australia
May 2010

NOTE: For those interested in watching the series of talks Leah is referring to (Super Natural Remedies - Your Gateway to Optimum Health), they are provided on a 9 DVD set. To review the topics please click HERE


One visitor to our site pointed us to a book about mummies. According her report, “a  Chinese lady who died 2100 years ago was buried in a series of caskets within caskets, they were buried in five tons of charcoal (this is sort of hard to imagine, eh?), and then the whole deal was sealed with white clay. The charcoal was thought to soak up anything that seeped through the clay.”

Apparently she was as well preserved as Egyptian mummies buried in layers of sand and charcoal. Hmmm, if charcoal works so well in preserving dead mummies one wonders how well it would work for living mummies???

(Tales Mummies Tell, Scholastic Press, 1998, p. 22)

Diabetic Ulcers

“Hi John. I attended your seminar in Melbourne with Steps to Life ministry. You might remember a young man asking you about morning sickness and the use of charcoal? That's me. The meetings were a great blessing and I am enjoying your book.

After the talks in Melbourne I started to use charcoal poultices on a lady where I work. I work at an aged care facility. She has had ulcers on her ankles for about 20 YEARS! The team leader that witnessed the results after the poultice had only been applied for a few hours said that she had never seen the wounds look so clean before. Praise God.”
Biochar Science Fair 
April 2010

Go Biochar!

This spring we received a call from Douglas (I think he is about 12) asking if we would provide him some biochar for his Science Fair Project. He wrote back:

"John, Thank you for helping me with my biochar science fair project. We won first place!

Here is a photo of my project board and copies of my research and conclusion.

I have started a second growing experiment in the same soils to continue researching biochar's effect on plant productivity in degraded soils. Thanks & Go Biochar!  
Jake  : )
April 2010

Ulcerative Colitis

Dr. John Clark M.D. is actively involved in Public Health programs. He and his wife Julie and son crisscross America conducting dozens of programs and meet many people. Some times those people direct their friends to him for health counseling. Eileen is one of those benefactors and she shared this story in one of Dr. Clark’s newsletters.

“I would like to begin my story with heartfelt thanks to Dr. Clark and his family. Through their unselfish dedication and ministry, I have been given the knowledge to embark upon my journey of recovery and health…. So here’s my story… I used to be a runner. More than a weekend athlete, I juggled family, a career, a daily running schedule and all the normal demands of modern life. But I especially liked the quiet time of being out on the road running and the self discipline of training for marathons or whatever distance I had as a goal.  Somewhere along the way, stress set in and I didn’t notice it, or maybe I just got used to it. And although I thought that I maintained a healthy diet, it was filled with foods that I didn’t even realize were causing me harm.  In 2006 I was diagnosed with Grave’s Disease, an auto-immune disorder of the thyroid and my running was sidelined. In 2008 I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, another auto-immune disorder, and the only running that I was doing was to the bathroom 8 to 10 times a day.

I lost 20 pounds and couldn’t sleep for more than 2 hours at a time since I was literally running the 15 feet it took to get to the bathroom every 2 hours or so. Of course I followed the orders of my gastroenterologist and took the 9 pills a day for my condition, but nothing was working. Immodium became my good friend. After 2 years of treatment and colonoscopies, there was no improvement under conventional treatment. That treatment included low-fiber… no fresh fruit or vegetables or nuts…everything had to be cooked until soft and mushy. I didn’t enjoy it at all.

Then a running buddy of mine, and good friends for 25 years from Massachusetts, suggested that I speak with Dr. Clark, who was a good friend of theirs. They explained that his health ministry (Northern Lights Health Education) and program had produced amazing results for many others and sent me his information.

After exchanging e-mails with my detailed information and watching his CD presentation on auto-immune disorders “When Self is the Enemy”, I spoke to Dr. Clark over the phone. His wisdom and kindness really impressed me. I could tell that he truly loved his calling. He asked me if I was ready for a total reinvention of my lifestyle. The program he recommended flew in the face of conventional medicine, but I figured that the other had not been working, so, yes, I was ready.

He advised me to start on a program of fresh foods, mostly fruit and vegetables, and no processed foods. Part of the program has me drinking a quart of water with fresh lemon every morning. I take my charcoal daily, and have adopted a vegan gluten-free lifestyle of eating. My husband makes fresh hummus for me and prepares wonderful salads. There are various aspects of the program that have contributed to my well-being and he recommended the most effective combination for me. At first I thought it would be difficult, but within 2 weeks it became second nature…everything came naturally, as it should be!

Within 5 days of starting Dr. Clark’s recommended program, ALL OF MY SYMPTOMS DISAPPEARED.  Please allow me to repeat myself…everything for which I had been taking all those pills for almost 2 years went away!  I started to walk on the treadmill for 15 minutes at a time then started to venture out on the road after a week on the treadmill…just to be sure that I could leave the vicinity of the bathroom without fear!

I’m running again.  It’s been over 3 months and I’m starting to train for a marathon which I will run with my friend Renita later this year. Most importantly, I’d like to end my story with thanks to God for the strength to persevere, the love of my wonderful husband, and all of the prayers from family and good friends. And again, I thank Dr. Clark who has given me the knowledge to make good decisions for my own health and reminded me that I possess the tools to promote healing. I believe the most significant tool is the one of faith in Our Father and giving to Him all my worries and stresses…He knows what’s good for me much better than I do! I am truly blessed.

P.S. I truly believe that my twice-daily use of charcoal has been instrumental in my recovery.

P.S.S I just had my appointment with my endocrinologist after my thyroid blood work... all three indicators (T-3, T-4 and TSH) are all in the proper reference range, which hasn't happened since 2007. Sincerely
April 2010

Fence posts

"Take boiled linseed oil and stir it in pulverized charcoal to the consistency of paint. Put a coat of this over the timber, and there is not a man that will live to see it rotten."

Old-Fashioned Household Tips And Tricks

Cat Charcoal 

Greetings. I am excited to learn more of about the health benefits of charcoal. I recently began learning about it when I discovered my feline companion munching on some next to the wood stove. I immediately found your site and began eating it myself. Any and all information you can offer about the medicinal use and production would be greatly appreciated. Best wishes.

March 2010

Editor. We think Shane (and you too) may be just as interested in Monkey Charcoal.

Migraine Headaches

“Thought you might be interested in hearing our story. My husband is in his mid fifties. He has had migraines for thirty years. In recent years these have been almost daily. In addition, in the past ten years he has had his gall bladder and appendix taken out, has developed issues with blood sugar and apnea. Recently he began taking two charcoal capsules before going to bed... we can't remember why he began doing this. This is what we have noticed since taking charcoal... at one week, then two, then three, and now about a month later. His migraines have stopped. His hemorrhoids have disappeared. He has stopped getting up for bathroom visits at night. He notices thinking more clearly. He no longer crashes at mid day. He passed a kidney stone without having a painful attack. We are continuing to see what else improves.”
Profs wife
March 2010

Brain Tumor

During our speaking tour in Australia this past March, a woman in the audience shared this amazing story with Kimberly.

“A friend of Alicia and John’s had terrible headaches that were becoming unbearable.  He went to his doctor and learned, after a number of tests, that he had a tumor on the right side of his brain near his ear. It was decided they would not operate since the tumor was in a very dangerous place and surgery might end in serious complications or death.

John and Alicia asked their friend if he would be willing to try charcoal poultices. At that point he was willing to do any thing - he could not stand the pain.  So they began that night, and every night for six months they applied large charcoal poultices that went from the base of the brain, covering the right side of his head down to his chin. Then they would have prayer together and ask God to add His blessing to this simple remedy and heal him.  In the morning he would wash it all off and go about his business.

After two and half weeks, the pressure in his head was relieved and he was not experiencing the piercing headaches. In three months he had another MRI and it showed that the tumor was not growing. Instead it was shrinking!

After six months the doctor announced there was no need for any kind of surgery! That was five years ago and he is doing fine.”
March 2010

Poisoned Dogs

“Would you please add me to your list to receive the newsletter edition of CharcoalTimes. I just found your site yesterday and I am so excited to learn more about charcoal's many, many benefits! Last year our 3 dogs were mysteriously poisoned and the vet administered activated charcoal and all 3 recovered quickly! Thank you for your site.”
March 2010

Allergic Feet

Sue manages the “Wellness” section of a large healthfood store and has invited us to come and give talks on several occasions for their monthly evening meetings. She too has become an enthusiast of charcoal as a natural remedy…

“even to standing in a charcoal bath while cooking supper one fall night after I’d mistakenly raked “stuff” off flower beds, which left my feet and ankles itching and red…..the “bath” took all away!"
March 2010

Heart Burn

“I have received great relief from heartburn with charcoal, and my husband has used it for toothache relief - it worked well and rapidly. We always try [to] have charcoal in some form around the home.”
February 2010

Rattlesnake Bite

Carol contacted us for some advice and told us the happy outcome of this puppy snake story.

“Yes, it was about the pup...she was bitten in the face by a rattlesnake. Fortunately, Grandpa was there to manage the snake and charcoal, too. It did take an all-night vigil in the bathtub with many hands on board to help but by morning the under-a-year-old boxer female stood up and was on the road to being ok. I was actually out of town when this happened and only helped a little on the phone but it did give me a chance to locate your website and learn more about the amazing stuff called charcoal. Personally it has helped me with my bee sting allergy, which I have struggled with for over 30 years. I have not had an anaphylactic reaction since I started using charcoal for any type of insect sting. Praise God! Thanks for your help in this area.”
February 2010

Charcoal to the Rescue

Rachel is the author of a new book Be Your Own "Doctor" – 101 Success Stories We have traded some stories and here a couple of her firsthand experiences:

“Our first exposure to charcoal was 9 or 10 years ago when our oldest daughter was preparing to go to Africa on a mission trip. She was due to take her anti-malaria medication 2 weeks before she flew. She was to take 1 pill one week and another pill the next week. When she took the 2nd dose she started with a blinding headache immediately. It progressed quickly to include extreme light sensitivity, inability to sit or stand and excruciating pain.

I called the doctor but he had not prescribed the meds, the mission board had gotten them from Africa. He definitely did not want to be involved. I called the mission board and got an answering machine. Then I began to pray in earnest. I did not know what to do. 

Soon my phone rang and it was the wife of one of the board. “Had I tried charcoal,” she asked? I had not, and I remembered that just a few weeks before someone, knowing my interest, had given me a book on charcoal and a can of the powder. “Just in case someone needs it,” they said. God had provided. The drug that she had taken was listed in the book along with how to take the charcoal. I mixed the stuff up and took it to her with a straw and the instructions to drink it down. In 10 minutes she reported to me that she was feeling a bit better. I immediately repeated the dose and within a half hour she was talking more and the pain had gone down considerably. I gave her another dose on the hour, which gave us even more improvement. An hour later I gave her the last dose and we were able to pull up the blinds. She sat up in the chair although she was very weak.

My next step was to call the mission board and tell them what had happened and request that she would not need to take that kind of medicine when in Africa. Began to research to see what she had reacted to. I discovered that one of the main components of the medicine was chlorine. We knew that she could not use any chlorine when cleaning or washing, but we did not think about her ingesting it. Now whenever she might need to take some drug, she always checks out the chemical composition.

Charcoal Water

Put ¼ cup of charcoal powder in a 2 quart jar

Slowly fill the jar with water (the powder will puff and float around). Cap the jar and shake well. Set on the counter to settle for about ½ hour.

Now you have charcoal water and you can drink it all day. When the jar begins to get empty, fill it up and shake it again. You can refill the jar as often as you wish until the charcoal is all used up.

I like to use the charcoal water when I feel like I am coming down with “something.” If I start it immediately, I often get ahead of whatever is giving me the “uh-oh” feeling and it does not develop into a flu or cold. This is especially helpful for intestinal upsets. 

The water is not difficult to drink and does not have an unpleasant taste although it is gray. This is a very good way to purify water if you are not sure that your source is pure. I would much rather drink “gray water” than get seriously sick with food poisoning or bad water. These are the two most common reasons that visitors get sick when they visit third-world countries. American Journal of Gastroenterology did a double blind study, which showed that it decreased intestinal gas, and nausea.
January 2010


“My father, who was a missionary in the hinterlands of southern Brazil, where nobody had running water, few had outhouses, often took a teaspoon of charcoal. He lived to be 92.”
January 2010

Editor: there is good reason to believe that charcoal on a regular basis may also be of benefit to those of us living in the 21st century with its ever-increasing number of new chemicals and pollutants. See Longevity.

Plain Charcoal

“Hi John. Last week I was reading CharcoalRemedies.com's website. I was urged to research activated charcoal by my sister-in-law who had seen some medical documentary on charcoal's healing properties several weeks ago. My research led me to CharcoalRemedies.com. I was amazed at all that charcoal was good for. Several days later my wife started feeling sick. She was complaining about a headache and nausea. Her stomach was upset and her whole body was feeling terrible. It just so happened the night before we had friends visiting and we enjoyed a fire in the back yard fireplace. Laying outside the fireplace were several coals from the fire the night before. I decided to have my wife eat a chunk. To encourage her I ate some first. The wood I had burned was from cut up pallets, mostly hard woods. My wife chewed a chunk about 1inch square. Within 30 minutes the nausea stopped as well as the headache. Her whole body felt great and she enjoyed the rest of the day without further sickness. She started telling a few friends and family what had happened.

I believe she was willing to try eating charcoal because we had discussed the information I read on your website regarding charcoal's healing properties the few days previous. In a way she was prepared so she didn't think munching on coal from our outdoor fireplace was weird.

Thanks for publishing the educational information on your site. Keep up the good work!

May God Bless what you are doing for the people.”
January 2010

Pressure Sore Treatment with Charcoal Poultices

Mary has been a licensed Massage Therapist for over 30 years and an Emergency Medical Technician for eight years. She relates this remarkable recovery from a severe pressure sore.

December 2009-January 2010

Patient is a 67 year old retired secretary diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 30 years ago. In scooter now as she cannot walk. Pressure sore is on left side over hip joint (bone and bursa can be seen when dressing is removed), and tunneling 11 centimeters down her thigh. It is the diameter of a quarter on the outside, and drains continually.  Pressure sore first developed about one year ago, but became larger and deeper after 3 months.

She has been in bed all but a couple of hours every day for 9 months, in a special Planetron bed, and with a Wound-Vac on to suction away drainage, but the wound is slowly getting wider and deeper. She has been told she needs to have surgery soon, and can expect to be in a nursing home for 3 months recuperating.

Day 1: December 04

Wound care nurse approved using charcoal poultices, and caregiver begins applying them on December 04. Poultice is put on above and below the wound, not directly over it, because the patch for the Wound-Vac is covering it.  From here on, charcoal poultices are put on about 4 times a week: some caregivers are not able to make poultices correctly, so MS's main caregiver does it. (She is there 4-5 days a week). The poultices are left on for at least 2 hours, occasionally overnight.

Day 3: December 06

Wound does not look noticeably different, now the caregiver begins applying a larger poultice around the patch.

Day 13: December 17

The wound care nurse states that the Wound-Vac is no longer picking up any drainage, and the wound looks healthier.

Day 15: December 19

Yesterday's charcoal poultice was put directly over the wound (wound-Vac taken off during that time), and had a yellow pus-like discharge adhering to it.

Day 16: December 20

Poultice was left on overnight

Day 21: December 25

The wound care nurse states that the wound is smaller, and the bursa, which was visible before, can no longer be seen as the wound is closing up inside.

Day 25: December 29

Still no drainage from wound, applied for 6 hours, around Wound-Vac.

Day 26: December 30

Wound care nurse days wound looks even better, less inflamed

Day 30: January 04

Wound care nurse states the wound is now 7 centimeters deep. There has been absolutely no drainage from the wound for days, so the Wound-Vac was taken off. MS remains on special bed. An extra-large dressing was then applied around the wound that night.

Day 32: January 06

Wound care nurse states that the wound is now the 5 centimeters deep, and the diameter of a dime. Bed was turned up to high by accident, and area under pack looked very red, so MS did not use charcoal pack for the next 2 days.

Day 34: January 08

Wound care nurse states that wound looks better on the outside. MS began taking 3 grams of Vitamin C daily, today. Charcoal pack today.

Day 36: January 10

Wound is draining somewhat. No charcoal yesterday.

Day 37: January 11

Wound still draining slightly, still 5 centimeters deep.

Day 39: January 13:  Wound appears redder around the edges. Charcoal is being put on more sporadically, as MS is concerned abut the area around the wound becoming blistered.

Day 41: January 15

A different MD (second opinion) states wound is closing and only minor surgery may be needed.

Day 47: January 21

Wound care nurse states the wound is not about 2 centimeters deep. Charcoal poultices are being applied only sporadically.

Day 53: January 27

Wound care nurse states the wound is about 3 centimeters deep. Tissue around it appears much healthier. Charcoal poultices used below wound on outside of thigh.

Day 59: February 2

MD states surgery is not needed, as the wound has healed altogether. MS still taking Vitamin C.  Begins getting out of bed again, returns to normal activities.

April:  Two months later - no recurrence.

January 2010

Brown Recluse Spider Bite

“Hello, I am the Commander of the American Legion Post 1, Tulsa, OK. This past Thanksgiving, I was bitten by a brown recluse spider. I went to the VA hospital and received an antibiotic. I thought the problem was over, but have been dealing with the problem for 5 months. Almost lost my foot, up to my ankle, was in lots of pain. I was told to look up Mrs. Ellen G. White and see what she says about spider bites. The article said to make a charcoal poultice. I did so. Within a couple of hours the pain was easing up. By the next morning the swelling had gone down, by lunchtime, the discoloration was gone. Two weeks later, the hole was gone. There is now only a small brown spot on the bottom of my foot. My doctor at the VA clinic always has to show people my foot and tell them what it had once looked like. Everyone is still amazed that something so simple could do what a whole bunch of different types of antibiotics couldn't do. It has also stopped my acid reflux disease. God is good!”
December 2009

Bad Pizza

Elizabeth writes of her son’s experience with food poisoning on a business trip to Asia.

“On a business trip to Asia, the plant he was working for had ordered pizza for every one. A few minutes later his stomach began to rumble and he went and got his bottle of Activated Charcoal he carries everywhere. The first dose worked quickly and he began to feel better quickly. He offered it to some of the other engineers. They declined. In a short time all the others that ate that pizza were deathly sick [which lasted] for over a week. He was fine!”
North Carolina
December 2009

Breast Cancer

I came across this testimony on the breast cancer discussion page on MyLot.com

“One day, ms. Jo, my co-employee, married and has 4 kids, didn’t report for work and it took how many days before she was able to report again. When she reported, she confessed that she was positive for malignant breast cancer. The doctor advised her to totally remove her right breast to prevent the spreading of cancer cells. However, she refused to do so. Instead she resorted to the healing power of CHARCOAL. She applied charcoal powder over her breast for about 3 months, four times a day. At the same time, she drank 1 tablespoon of charcoal mixed in a glass of lukewarm water for 3 months, 4 times a day. After that process, she was examined again by the doctor and the latter found that there were no longer [any] traces of cancer cells. Isn’t that a miracle!!! Well, prayers count a lot too. I think she has the book that tells everything about the HEALING POWER OF CHARCOAL. Do you have similar stories to tell about how to fight Breast Cancer?

Charcoal really works!! Even for other types of diseases. In fact, my immediate supervisor in the office is another living testimony of its wonders. His liver abscess was cured in three months time.”


Esther has been working in Africa for some time and wanted to experiment more with charcoal. We sent her some charcoal powder and she sent us some pictures. She believes training local people is essential since she travels so much. Here is one case she describes and some pictures of applying the poultice:

"This is Quinter Auma Nyamache age 15, an orphan at our Hope for Children Center. Her leg started aching back in 2005 and she was taken to the doctor where she underwent some kind of "operation" in October of that year, and nearly a month-long hospital stay. In the first photo (taken this morning) you can see two spots that are healed over. Those were the "operation" sites. The second photo shows the leg as first presented to me [yesterday].

Shortly before my arrival at Hope Center, she was again examined by a doctor who wanted her to travel to Kenyatta Hospital in Nairobi for more surgery. The doctor said he thought it is becoming cancerous.

I began treatment last evening, using a charcoal and honey poultice that was left on over night. We also added water to the remaining charcoal and honey in the cup and had her drink it. This morning we took it off, and there was some puss on the cloth. She bathed and we applied a fresh charcoal/honey poultice. I asked them to leave it on for about three hours, and then we will take it off for the remainder of the day, putting on a new poultice at night.

I will be leaving here early in the morning, so I am training two of the girls here to do the poultices for her.

I have never tried to treat anything so serious. I am very open to any suggestions you can give. We are using cotton cloths for the poultice, washing them, hanging in the sun until dry before using again. For plastic, we are using a split-open gallon ziploc bag. We are tying it all on with handkerchiefs.

11 days later… “The girl at Hope Center reports that the pain is gone out of her leg. This is good news. They are still keeping up the poultices.”
December 2009

Leg wound treated with charcoal poultice - 7  Leg wound 
treated with charcoal poultice - 1  Leg wound treated with charcoal poultice - 2 

wound treated with charcoal poultice - 3  Leg 
wound treated with charcoal poultice - 4  Leg wound treated with charcoal poultice - 5  

wound treated with charcoal poultice - 6