2010 (November) Your Stories
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Surgery Headaches

“I recently had lower back surgery for a herniated disk. The procedure went perfectly, but during recovery I began to have severe headaches. Sensitivity to light, movement, and sound made the headaches unbearable without medication. My surgeon wrote a prescription for my pain, but as soon as the medication wore off the headaches would return. Four days after returning home from the hospital my fiancée heard about a natural remedy - charcoal! We were a bit skeptical but I was willing to try anything. I took one tablespoon of charcoal with a glass of water, and in less than an hour later the headaches were completely gone! It has been nearly four weeks since my surgery and I have not suffered another headache. Charcoal is now at the front of my medicine cabinet and has been recommended to all friends and family!”



November 2010

Tooth Infection

I had an infection under one of the crowns on my teeth. The dentist said they would have to take off the crown. I put charcoal on a wet paper towel and put it on the tooth for a couple days, the infection went away, charcoal is amazing!



October 2010

Sebaceous Cyst

I had an annoying sebaceous cyst on my head, which had been there for at least 50 years. Finally I had it removed by a surgeon. Within a few months another sebaceous cyst came back but this time it was in a different spot. I had this second cyst for about 8 years. One evening as I was getting ready for bed it occurred to me that I should try placing a charcoal poultice on it overnight. I'd never made a charcoal poultice before but I went ahead and emptied an activated charcoal capsule and added a bit of water to make a paste. I pierced the skin over the center of the cyst with a sterile object trying to make a small hole in the cyst, however nothing came out of the cyst so I can't be sure that the very tough membrane surrounding the cyst was opened. After trying to penetrate the cyst, I went ahead and placed the paste over the cyst (which by the way was right on the top of my head). I covered it with sterile gauze and taped it to my hair and head as well as I could and went to sleep. Removing the tape was a problem as it stuck to my hair, but I was SHOCKED that very first morning to find the cyst was reduced by about half of its size! I repeated this process about 4 more times; each time the cyst was smaller until it finally was totally gone! It's been 9 months since doing this and there is no evidence of this cyst remaining or another one returning. This absolutely worked. I have so much confidence now in using activated charcoal. Activated Charcoal should be our first attempt to heal almost any condition.


October 2010

Corn & Boil

For at least 4 years or maybe longer, I had suffered with a corn on my toe. I used other products that took some of the pain away, but it wasn’t long before it would begin hurting again, especially when wearing shoes.

Recently my daughter bought me a tin of Super Natural Charcoal Salve and within 2-3 days of using it the infection and pain has left, Praise the Lord! Also my husband had a boil on his neck. We put hot cloths on it and ointment to try to bring it to a head, nothing was working. Then I remembered the Black Salve and put it on and overnight it brought the infection right out of it. Again, Praise the Lord for this salve.



October 2010

Swollen Stomach - Constipation

Hello John, (Jambo John)
Praise God for this web[site]. When ever I read a charcoal [story] I am very happy – it’s a true remedy.

It was last year [on a Friday] when I travel[ed] 156km from where I work as a street mechanic to my home in rural area so that I [could] rest [visit] with my family. I was woken up at 10:15 pm by my neighbor whose boy was about to die from a swollen stomach – [after] 9 days [with] not going to [the] toilet. They wanted me to help them take him to [the] hospital. Since I read in the book Back to Eden, I prayed with them for the will of God to happen.

I took [some] charcoal in a glass full [of water] and gave him [to drink]. After 15 minutes he went toilet [on the] bed. All the people in the house ran away – it was smelling very bad. After 4 hours I gave him another glass [of charcoal water] and it happened again [and] all his people run. But I thank God!

I took care of him up to the morning when I gave him a glass of lemon [water]. He used to put a lot of cooking oil in every meal. At 7am the man was fine and at 9am he wanted food to eat but we gave him juice, and I told him to take a glass of it [charcoal water] at least once a week. THANK YOU [I] am now a doctor of my family. God bless you.

Central Africa

October 2010

Cowboy Flu

Lyle is a cowboy – a real one. He travels the rodeo circuit most of the year and enjoys everything about riding horses including trying to tame wild ones. Some time back he and his brother stopped in for a visit because they had heard about charcoal as a medicinal from some local friend and they wanted to buy some. Seems to me he bought a gallon jar. Well that is over a year ago.

Lyle happened by again today and he commented that the charcoal goes a long ways. He uses it almost every day and he says you don’t have to use that much to get results. One thing he has noticed is, if he takes some charcoal powder in water at the very first symptom of the flu it just never happens. It nocks it out before it develops into something more.


September 2010


By now u would know I received my shipment and it has brought much relief from the first dose. Thanks to Colic Calm I had a good nights rest. Thank you.



September 2010

Freezer Odor

Our large (chest type) deep freeze got accidentally unplugged by workmen. By the time we realized it wasn't running it was full of unthawed & spoiled food, including meats. After cleaning it still had a hideous odor. No amount of cleaning got rid of the stench. We tried all sorts of remedies, soap & water, baking soda, crumpled newspaper, coffee grounds, & fresh kitty litter...  Each time the remedy failed to absorb the odor. I was tempted to get rid of the freezer, but we were reluctant to do so because of replacement cost. We finally ordered charcoal & put it in the deep freeze & shut the lid. The odor was gone, & we refilled the deep freeze & are currently using it. We saved replacement costs for a new freezer & also did something that is better for the environment. (In addition to the usage anyone else would use a freezer for: when green chili roasting time came to our Southwest area: we were happy to be able to freeze a bushel of roasted green chili, for adding to foods during the year.) The commercial chili in our State is famous, but the chili grown by one specific farmer, in our area, & hand roasted, & sold by special order: is the best I've ever eaten. Being able to fix our freezer (in time for chili roasting/freezing) time meant a lot to us. Charcoal can make an incredible difference in many ways but this was such a good save, I was thrilled.


September 2010

Brown Recluse Spider Bite

I just want to say if not for the lady down the street who had given me some capsules of this activated charcoal and told me to take this when she knew a brown recluse had bitten me. What was it to hurt? I decided to make a poultice up of sorts using a capsule of charcoal along with a aspirin smashed and added just enough hydrogen peroxide to make a thick poultice and dabbed it directly onto the spot. I left it there and in the time of less than 20 minutes, I saw a science experiment on my leg! It looked as if a volcano was erupting and made a black golden color sap straight up and crystallized about a half inch. I did this at least five to seven times a day for a week. It really helped! It did leave a scar about the size of a silver dollar, but nothing like the horror stories I have seen and heard. When showing the doctor my sore the second day, and the dead spider, along with what I was doing, he was surprised to see that it was actually doing quite well. By about the third week after doing this routine faithfully I could say that it looked almost healed when I went back to the doctor. He took this recipe I had used and said he was going to hopefully never have to use it himself, but would try if ever needed. A fantastic on the spot recipe for this horrible little bite!


August 2010

Wound Nurse

My name is Peter. I am a nurse in the Waldfrieden hospital in Germany. I spent one year in the Philippines working as a volunteer nurse. I used charcoal for bandages during that time. I treated wounds nearly always with charcoal. I made the powder by myself.



August 2010

Benign Prostate Hypertrophy (BPH)

Last night took first dose - 3/4 tsp charcoal powder in water. I noticed lower right quadrant congestion (BPH) was greatly lessened. Also, nasal, lungs, felt cleaner – just one dose. Will definitely continue and spread the word.

Was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer (PC) October, 2003. Refused all conventional treatments. Instead used Dr. Budwig, charcoal, cesium, magnesium +. Ninety days later, no sign of PC. Received several "threats" from doctors - 'You'll be dead within 5 years', etc. Took Bone Scan, CAT Scan, and had 2 MRI's - all negative. Today, I see no allopathic doctors, at all, for anything. I, a former detailman for Schering-Plough, learned that DISEASE is their business - much of it created by their Rx poisons and tortuous "treatments".

So, I am on a mission to help those that will listen. Charcoal is a permanent part of my program.

August 2010

Mammary Duct Ectasia

About a month ago I began to experience a reddened and swollen area in the chest region that became progressively worse as the days passed. Without health insurance, I was dreading the bill I knew I would suffer from a doctor visit and subsequent prescription and treatment. Neither did I relish thinking about what "kinds" of treatment to which I might be subjected. Then I remembered charcoal! I made a poultice of charcoal powder and flax seed, applied it to the area which was by this time also quite painful. The first poultice was applied at about 10:00 a.m. one morning and by that afternoon, I was amazed to discover that it had already drawn out a good sized amount of material and had relieved the situation considerably. I continued to apply a fresh poultice every day until clean.

I cannot be certain of diagnosis but in my internet researching I believe the problem to have been what is called mammary duct ectasia which is commonly treated by warm compresses, antibiotics and possibly surgical removal of the duct. Thank God for charcoal which was immediately and dramatically effective, painless to the body as well as to the pocketbook!


July 2010

Poison Ivy
My mother had a bit of what she thought was poison ivy on her wrist. It itched pretty bad, and she didn't want it to spread any further. I tried some of the charcoal powder mixed with Slippery elm bark powder and a little water to make a jelly consistency and applied it as a poultice twice a day, for a couple of days. The poison ivy went completely away. I think the slippery elm powder may make a great combination with the charcoal, as it is also an anti inflammatory, it expands like the flaxseed and does well in holding the water in it to keep the charcoal moist.


July 2010

Rancid Odor

I love your products. I've been using the charcoal activated stuff in the closet and it really works. I sprayed some rancid vanilla spray by Acacia in the closet after returning to a heat wave in NYC and the close was closed, the windows had been closed and there was a festival of mildew so I tried everything. I did permanent damage with the vanilla and more damage with old zin or bin primer and paint. The only thing saving me until I repaint is your charcoal. I also got the granules for hanging up around the apartment. It's great. I just purchased the charcoal pills and I'm waiting to see those results but I am confident I'll be happy with it.


New York

July 2010

Bad Eggs

A couple of months ago I made some hard boiled eggs that I guess were bad. They tasted fine, but about 40 minutes after eating them, and that is all I had eaten that day, I began to get dizzy and sick to my stomach. I got sick once and thankfully I remembered my "just purchased" charcoal. I mixed some up and somehow, more sick than I could ever remember being, managed to fall asleep. I woke 2 hours later completely fine! Not just better, but not even a stomach twitch. I got up and ate a full meal. I love my charcoal!!


July 2010

Allergy to Preservatives

“My son is very sensitive to preservatives especially sodium benzoate. If he accidentally gets some and has a reaction (hyperactive, moody, aggressive, whiny, distractable etc.) we give him a tbsp of charcoal in honey. The reaction soon dissipates then goes away. Without the charcoal, the reaction could last two days.”


July, 2010

Bee Stings

I recently was stung by 2 bees, one on my leg and one on my inner thigh. After 2 days it was very infected and possibly cellulitis. I went to my doctor and she wanted to give me a steroid shot and I turned her down. She then handed me a bag of the antibiotic Aveplox. When I got home I did a search online to find out about this antibiotic. Let me just say the comments from dozens and dozens of people was not good...at best. There have been horrible reactions and permanent damage with this drug. I opted not to take it and found your website. I happened to have a bottle of charcoal caps in my medicine cabinet. I made a charcoal poultice, following the directions on your website, wore the poultice on each bite for 3 days and the infection had completely cleared up. It was amazing! I am a total fan of activated charcoal now! I have heard many good things about charcoal, over the years, but have never tried it. I just ordered the charcoal remedies book today and am looking forward to reading it. Thank you....for sharing this wonderful information about charcoal!


June 2010

HIV/AIDS Infections

From time to time we receive inquiries asking if charcoal might be useful for HIV/AIDS. We reply YES, especially where nausea, vomiting and diarrhea are present. If the charcoal can help remove the toxins that are triggering these symptoms then the body has more resources to deal with the rest of the illness. But, as is often the case, infections are also a major complication. Will charcoal help with these infections? We believe it is worth a try and may have similar benefits as in the prevention and treatment of MRSA (See HEALTH NEWS) or other bacterial/viral infections. Recently we received an email from a hopeful HIV/AIDS worker in Uganda who had heard some of charcoal’s uses and benefits as a natural remedy. Walusimbi asked if there was any possibility that charcoal might help combat infections in some of their HIV/AIDS cases. We replied it certainly was worth the try. A few weeks later he replied. Rather than treating the infections with charcoal poultices he began by giving charcoal orally to some severe cases. Here are his observations.

Dear Sir, greetings once again. I have tried to train people about charcoal but my problem is with people infected with HIV/AIDS in communities who are on ARVs, their fear is that [if] they can take charcoal and destroys all the ARV's protection in their body which may cause them more problems that can lead them to death, because they know that when you start taking ARV's the virus in the body becomes more dangerous and charcoal may take long to be absorbed in the whole body. Can you please give me more advise on this issue?

The good news is that people who are not on ARVs, when they take charcoal [orally] they start getting energy for that day then in the morning when they wake up they feel sick and they have to frequently take charcoal to get energy. Thanks



June 2010

Editor’s note: What does this mean, “they start getting energy for the day but then wake up sick”? Really we cannot know except to suggest maybe the charcoal is binding up some toxins thereby giving the body some measure of relief from their effects, but through the night the disease continues to produce more toxins and in the morning the process has to be repeated. This is not unlike people with kidney disease who feel better after a dialysis treatment that removes body wastes only to have the treatment repeated on a regular basis because the body is unable to eliminate the wastes. In the case of HIV/AIDS the charcoal is simply helping the body remove wastes and toxins that the body is unable to do properly.


Anita is a 69 year-old client who has a number of chronic health problems, including Type Two diabetes, congestive heart failure, and early-stage Parkinson’s disease. She normally uses a walker unless she is only walking a short distance. She arrived in her massage therapist's office for her usual weekly full-body massage, with very sore and stiff legs. Yesterday she attempted to walk from her car onto a sidewalk without her walker, going up a ramp which had an unexpected lip on it. She tripped and fell, hard, on her knees. Not only were her knees too sore to touch, but were so stiff that as she sat in a chair, she could not bend her knee and put one foot on top of the other thigh, so she had difficulty removing her socks and shoes.

Her therapist gently examined the front of her legs and they were indeed very sore to the touch. The backs of Anita’s legs, however, were not sore.

While Anita finished undressing and got on the massage table, the therapist made 2 charcoal packs (using charcoal mixed with water on a paper towel).

With Anita in prone position, she slid a piece of plastic wrap, with the charcoal pack on top, underneath each leg, so they are contacting the legs from mid-thigh to mid-calf. (The plastic wrap prevented the charcoal pack from drying out, and from staining the linens). The therapist then gave her a Swedish massage of her back and the back of her legs. When Anita rolls over into supine position, the packs were held in place as she turns, and left in place for the remainder of the massage session. The therapist then proceeded to give Anita a Swedish massage of her upper body. At the end of the session, she removed the charcoal packs, which had been in place for a total of 60 minutes, and gently washed Anita’s legs with a wet washcloth.

Anita got off the table and dressed, and stated that not only were her legs less painful, but they were also much less stiff, so much so that she could place each foot on top of the other thigh in order to put on her socks and shoes. Take care!