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Amazonian Abscess, Poisoned Monkey, Bruised Ribs & Cracked Ankle
Lucila has been an avid enthusiast of charcoal as a medicinal for many years and shared some of her personal success testimonies.

1. Back in 1989 Lucila spent 3 weeks as a translator - health educator with Loma Linda University Students for Int'l Mission Service. My main assignment was to translate for the doctor, and other med students during the day. Being a Health Educator graduate of Uchee Pines, and knowing first hand the benefits of charcoal I shared the opportunity with Dr Hart of leaving the locals with tools and know-how of local, home, rational, remedies that would be readily available to them after the medical team returned to America.  

During the evangelistic evening meetings, I then taught the use of charcoal both externally and internally. A memory I will ever carry with me was the startled eyes of the attendees as I chewed on a piece of charcoal from the wood stove and grinned widely at them!! That caused a widespread, hearty, belly-ache laughter from the whole congregation!     

The next day a stunted malnourished 17 year old came forward with two badly pussy abscesses on his right arm. After the medical students removed and extracted all the puss from the abscesses, I applied a charcoal poultice made of readily pounded powder of the same wood stove. We covered it with a clean strip of a t-shirt and off he went.

Two days later, from the deck of the launch out on some river in the heart of the jungle, we spotted a young man rowing excitedly towards us! He had rowed several miles that day to show us his healed arm and to show us his heart-felt gratitude by gifting us a basket of freshly picked Amazon fruit! There was no sign of infection, the abscess had healed, the wound had closed and all that was left to show for was a tiny little charcoal tattoo on his arm!

2.  In 1990 Lucila returned to the Amazon and stayed at the jungle hotel Ariau.

“A friendly monkey had gotten into the room, gotten under the bed and eaten some cockroach poison.... We quickly advised a hotel personnel and offered to `save` the monkey`s life, to which he readily agreed. He cooperated by holding the monkey`s mouth wide open as we pasted it with the charcoal powder. The monkey left licking his lips and is probably still alive to tell the story!!

3.   Just three weeks ago, my 79-year old mother slipped and fell hitting her right ribs against the curb. I immediately offered to apply charcoal-flax poultices, which she declined claiming it was `not hurting` that bad. As the second or third day rolled along, the pain was excruciating at every breath and movement.  Now she gladly welcomed the poultices morning and evening. After 4 days the pain had totally gone and she was amazed at the healing power of charcoal.

4. Dec 30 2010 I suffered a serious fall down the steps, which caused a double hairline fracture of my right ankle. It swelled terribly and was very painful to the touch. Charcoal-flax poultices are bringing great relief of both pain and swelling.”
April 2011

Just wanted to let you know that the client we have that has dementia and has been getting charcoal on his head every day for at least 2 hours appears to be improving.  His memory is better and he is able to follow commands much easier.  We are starting tomorrow to put charcoal on his whole body.  We are also doing ionic foot baths and ozone therapy.  Will keep you posted.
April 2011

Renal failure
An elderly woman called about her 81-year old husband who had been suffering renal failure. He had had a creatinine level of 8. She took him to the hospital and the medical staff was able to bring the creatinine down to 7. The wife was told if it did not come down to normal within a week he would have to go on kidney dialysis.

At that point he was released and she brought him home. She did not explain why, but she decided to give her husband activated charcoal powder orally. In 4 days the creatinine dropped down to 3.9
March 2011

Lower Total Cholesterol
“My age is 51. How I came to use charcoal - I started these ozone treatments and they offered activated charcoal and you took a tablespoon every night. But this was thicker and crunchier [than the powder]. Anyway I was looking for it and came across your website. I tried the charcoal and used a tablespoon mixed in purified water every night.

I have also used it as a clay mask on my face and with olive oil, and the impurities of a blemish come out. Have used it when my ear was spot bleeding and it was bright red. I put some charcoal powder mixed with golden seal powder on a Q-tip and placed it in my ear, then some [to hold it in my ear] and never had bleeding again.  I have brushed my teeth with it and it gets rid of the plaque and brightens my teeth…

 I hope this helps someone else as it helped me with high cholesterol, which is a genetic [problem] in my family. I did not want to take medication from the doctor. Tried it in 2008 and had too many side affects.

2008 - my total cholesterol was 290 it is a genetic problem that I have always had to deal with. My weight was 123 and I was taking all the “right” vitamins.
2009 - I worked out 4-5 times a week and stayed away from fried foods. My weight was 127. Still taking all my vitamins.
2010 Tried to eat better but did not exercise like I should have - perhaps once a week. My cholesterol would be perfect if I exercised, practiced a little more restraint.
2011 - My goal this year was to drop 20 pounds and get my cholesterol down. My weight was 143. I saw a difference within 4 months [after taking charcoal daily].
March 2011

Here are the before and after blood tests. 
TEST   DECEMBER 2010    MARCH 2011 
Total Cholesterol (mg/dL) 270 216
LDL (Bad) Cholesterol (mg/dL) 190 133
HDL (Good) Cholesterol (mg/dL) 58 59
Total Cholesterol / HDL Ratio 4.66 3.66
Weight Control - BMI 26.7 28.2
Blood Pressure 90/60 106/70
GGT (U/L) 23 20
Glucose (mg/dL) 72 75
Nicotine Negative Negative

Remove Charcoal Stains
On another note, do you have any suggestions or products that will help get the charcoal out of my towels and rags? They were all white and now gray. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  

Editor: we know of only one commercial product that works, an all natural cleaner – Holy Cow. You can purchase it online at Amazon and also some hardware stores carry it as well as very select Walgreen's.  

3+ Pitting Edema

I am a medical doctor in Japan. (I went to Loma Linda University and practiced medicine in the States for 6 years, but now back in my country.) Today, I had to defend myself to my co-workers about recommending charcoal poultice for my patients. (I work for a hospital which is not too informed about natural way of healing.) Your book and the website helped me tremendously to prepare for the talk. Some doctors were impressed, some weren't, but I could sense that God was with me through the whole time. I pray that your ministry will continue to be blessed by YHVH. My experiences with charcoal has been limited to my personal use only. I have not had chance to really work on patients who trust God for their healing process.

3+ Pitting Edema. But most amazing experience with charcoal for me was with my grandmother who at the time was 90 years old. When I visited my grandmother, she had 3+ pitting edema on both legs. She is not Christian, but I prayed with her and applied charcoal poultice all over her legs and back and let her rest for the night. The next morning, all the swelling was gone! The legs were as thin as they used to be. She had been taking diuretics without any improvement, but this charcoal poultice did it over night! And ever since, she has not had the swelling. It has been 2 years or so now.

I brush teeth with charcoal everyday and when I have a cavity, I tried to treat it with charcoal with some success. Whenever my daughter gets sick, first thing she asks for is prayer then charcoal (poultice and powder to take it by mouth) whether it's for fever, sore throat, diarrhea, pain in the legs, etc since she knows it works!

Dr. Yukari M.D.
March 2011

Ducky the Lucky Duck
I am a faithful user and believer of Charcoal Activated. Each time I travel, a new bottle of Activated Charcoal comes along with me, as my true companion, since I never know how long I will be gone.
On October 27, 2010, I found a baby duck at a neighbor's front yard. The duck appear to be about seven or eight month old. According to another neighbor, the duck had been attacked and badly bitten by a dog that was running loose on our streets.
His right wing was severely damaged and it dragged. The wounds under his wing were extremely deep and covered with blood. A distinguished foul odor coming from inside the bloody wounds was followed by a convoy of maggots. The tail feathers were totally  gone. Under the tail area and the rest of his body, the wounds looked dreadful. There were flies all over him. Worried about his chances for survival, I took him home to care for him.
Once at home, I encouraged the duck to eat and drink. Much to my surprised, he responded to my attention and started to eat and drink. I know from experienced that injured animals will not eat or drink. But this one was responsive. Great relief!
Before beginning any treatment I observed the duck for a while, although I knew he was in a great amount of pain. Flies and maggots, as I previously mentioned, were coming from his wounds. Until then, I didn’t realize the flies were depositing eggs inside the duck's open wounds.  Different size maggots were coming from the duck's opened wounds.
On the first day of treatment, I washed his injuries with Painless Saline Water. The next day, I washed the injuries again, and I applied Neosporin. But the maggots would not die.  I then poured Peroxide water onto the wounds. Some maggots came from inside the wounds, but not all of them.Lucky Duck
Not knowing how to get rid of the maggots, I turned to the Internet for an answer. The formula provided by the Internet called for a mixture of a special oil and Peroxide water. Not having that special oil, I prepared a Poultice of Charcoal Activated with Peroxide water in its place, and added some drops of Colloidal Silver. Once I applied the Poultice, the maggots began their exodus. However, not all the maggots move out.
The next day, I prepared a Poultice of Charcoal Activated with Colloidal Silver. After applying the Poultice, almost immediately, a great amount of maggots began to vanished.
I repeated the same formula, and applied the treatment for the next few days. Surprisingly, the maggots were finally gone, and the duck’s injuries were healing faster than I expected. I prepared and applied the same mixture until the duck was completely healed.
I concluded that Activated Charcoal and Colloidal Silver, when mixed together, have remarkable healing powers.
Sadly to say, but if I had taken this duck to a Wildlife Care Center, this duck may have not have a second chance.
Again, thank you for your interest in the well being of “Ducky,” the name I gave this lucky duck.
Warm regards,
March 2011

C-patch for Pain
I knew about the charcoal poultice since 1994, but never really cared about it because it was such a messy thing to me. But, late last year, a friend of mine visited and gave me a few packages of Charcoal Patches which forever changed my attitude toward charcoal. I was suffering from lower back pain due to years of my parachuting duties in the US Army, and my wife suggested that I should try these patches. Oh, was I in surprise! I put one on and, almost instantly, the pain and discomfort was gone! I was so impressed with it I sent some to my friends and families and they all called me back and asked "What is this thing? This thing is great!” Now, I'm truly believing in this Charcoal Patches (C-Patch) and use it whenever pain comes back. I wish more people knew about this natural and powerful remedy to benefit from.”
March 2011

Tooth Paste
I am now brushing my teeth with it and I like it better than toothpaste. My dad's grandpa used it that way and he died with all of his teeth and no cavities.
March 2011

Dog Shampoo
Hello, I started making aromatherapy dog shampoos as a hobby. One day I thought that adding some activated charcoal I bought from you a while ago to my shampoo base with essential oils was a good idea.
I gave some to my dog’s groomer and never expect to hear what she told me. The day she tried the shampoo in a dog infested with fleas and surprisingly fleas began to fell death from the dog to the tub. It happened in few dogs that weekend.
After she shared her experience with some fellow groomers they decided to try it on dog with ticks problems. They called me as soon as they began to see ticks falling death from the dog. They report that after 2 weeks the dog are ticks and fleas free and the coat smells fresh longer.
Searching trough the internet I haven’t find any information supporting what they saw but it must be true because they all want to buy my “miracle black shampoo”
Is this true? Have you heard this before?
February 2011

Charcoal Missionary
It has been almost a year since I came to start the Senegal Health Project in Senegal, West Africa. Since that time I have had the opportunity to use activated charcoal on several occasions.

First, I used a potato poultice on a sore that had developed on my foot. Then I changed to a charcoal poultice. After a few days, I felt a sharp, sticking sensation in the area. I continued with the charcoal poultice mixed with an herbal liniment. After a couple more days, the pain was gone but a scab was covering the sore. When I scratched the skin around it, the scab came off and there was a small piece of glass under it. Attached is a photo of the piece of glass and the scab.

I had another occasion to use charcoal with an acquaintance who had a very severe stomach ache. I instructed him to put a tablespoon of charcoal in a glass of water and drink it every two hours-three hours until the pain was gone. He called me a couple of days later to let me know that the charcoal helped him tremendously.  

A workman that has been helping with the project also developed a sore on his finger. He went to the clinic and they scraped the skin down until it was very sore but they were unable to remove the offending agent. I put a charcoal poultice on the finger and instructed him how to change it. A few days later he reported that there was no more pain in the finger. He saw a little hole in his finger but didn't see what came out.

These experiences with charcoal have been very helpful in making friends in the Muslim community. The health message with its simple remedies is indeed an opening wedge.
May God bless you in your work.
February 2011

Sick with High Fever
While staying at Bugema University in Uganda one of the young male students was assigned to bring our meals to the guesthouse. He was favoring one of his arms and we learned it was very painful. We suggested some simple hot and cold water soaks which he said brought him relief. He also attended our programs on medicinal charcoal and after we left had opportunity to try it for himself.
“Thanks so much for the good information. For sure since you taught us the other time, it happened one of the days that I was very sick with very high fever, I mixed a good amount of charcoal in a glass and took a full glass of water mixed with charcoal, after sometime, I vomited seriously and that was the end of my sickness, it acted very fast and for sure it has been of great help. All in all may the good Lord bless you in your good work. Do have a blessed Sabbath dear great friend.”
February 2011

Testimonial for the Face Mask
"I loved the mask!  At first, I wasn't sure what the benefits were except for my skin felt extra smooth and moisturized.  However, the day after I've definitely noticed my skin still has a subtle glow and feels healthier.  The texture is better, and I've seen a slight reduction in the little bumps I sometimes get on my cheeks when I'm stressed. Would try it again, and still hoping for more results."
January 2011

Filter Paper for Water Distiller
Harvey has been experimenting with homemade water distillers/filters and wrote to tell us of his success with one filter disc. He mixes his water with powdered activated charcoal then lets it pass through a filter disc. His conclusion is to use the larger 24cm size which “traps everything with not one spec of charcoal going through.”
Go to this eBay seller  
January 2011

Stomach Pains
Hi, I have been reading 'Charcoal Remedies.com' (the book) and find it to be an excellent source of information on the uses of activated charcoal. Just last week I had stomach pains so severe (I think it was due to a very heavy meal) that I could hardly breathe! The pain started near the top of my stomach and went straight down to my sphincter. Well, I told my wife that I was finally going to try some of this stuff since I was already reading the book and telling her how amazing ac is. I took a teaspoon with 8oz of water and gave it a half a hour to work. It didn't. The dose I took helped me in about 6-8 minutes. Amazing! Or, perhaps just my first 'proof' of its efficacy.
January 2011

Leaky Gut & 19 Years of Chronic Fatigue
I've been walking around with chronic fatigue for 19 years and, despite seeing plenty of doctors, never got the cause of it diagnosed until I'd almost died from it. I'd also had bouts with eczema throughout my life, but in my late thirties it started to spread all over. I didn't know the eczema was related to the chronic fatigue. When, at the advice of an herbalist, I tried a liver cleanse to address the eczema I had to start fighting for my life. Eventually I turned to an environmentalist doctor who made sense of it all.

He asked if I'd taken a lot of antibiotics at any time. I'd taken them throughout high school (had to every time I saw the orthodontist due to a heart murmur) and often throughout childhood. He said this is what caused me to start developing severe leaky gut in high school, so that by the time I was 21 it had become advanced enough to cause weak digestion and chronic fatigue. I'd never suspected that the reason I was tiring so easily was that my gut was polluting my entire bloodstream with poisons 24/7. The poisons thicken my blood and accumulated in my tissues over the years, including heavy metals, so that by the time I tried a liver cleanse I wasn't able to pee out or store more poisons from the liver cleanse.

As a result my skin became very inflamed and painful all over from the overwhelming accumulation of poisons topped off with a radical outpouring of more poisons from a liver cleanse. I couldn't keep taking steroid shots to relieve my skin as they were weakening my bones. Doing skin treatments around the clock became a means of survival.

Once I knew what was happening I realized I had to not only treat severe leaky gut by killing off harmful levels of bad bacteria, but also help my body deal with a surplus of poison in my tissues that was further polluting my bloodstream and affecting my skin. I tried drinking 20 cups of water a day to help, but it wasn't enough. Sweating has been helpful but isn't able to control the skin discomfort. The mineral zeolite cleansed me too fast and incapacitated me. Charcoal was different.

Charcoal brought down body wide swelling, helps control my skin discomfort, keeps the poison levels in my bloodstream from getting too high while treating my gut, and literally makes me go from feeling like I'm drowning in poisons to relatively functional.
After 22 years of getting to a point where I'm this sick, I've got a ways to go before I'm out of the woods, but without bulk amounts of charcoal I'd never have a blessed chance.

My kids and I are deeply grateful for this company.
December 2010

Editor – we asked Serena if we could post her story. She replied:

Thank you for your gracious encouragement. One of my comforts in going through this is that by telling others of my experience I might be able to help them avoid it. I actually know of 6 other people who have lived through the same thing as me, but there are many others who live with lesser degrees of it.

I'd be glad if you would share my testimonial with anyone who could benefit from it or spread the word on the damage antibiotics can do to the gut. Everything I'm experiencing could easily have been avoided with inexpensive and simple means early on, and if anyone ever wants to ask me questions about my testimonial I'd be glad to share what I know about leaky gut and its complications.
Thank you for all that you're doing.

Editor: Serena sent us a protocol that she has used for Leaky Gut. To view click HERE.

Charcoal with Castor Oil Poultice
Word of caution:  don't use castor oil for a poultice with charcoal - that's the reason I couldn't get it off! I had to use our 'old' ugly shower to wash off in, using Dawn dishsoap and lots of scrubbing every morning...which still didn't remove it 100%. Now I'm mixing the charcoal with flaxseed, and what a difference in the ease of washing it off!
You might want to warn your readers.....    :)

Charcoal Poultice Holder
My husband did whip up a nifty 'poultice holder' if you'd like to share it with your readers: A gallon size ziplock bag - take one side and cut out the middle, leaving about an inch or less of the sides of it in place.
A paper towel or two fits almost perfectly inside, and one can zip the top and tape this to themselves. It's also re-usable!
I'd been using saran wrap to keep the poultice in place - wrapped up like a mummy from stem to stern - and my kidneys started to hurt upon waking up (I thought from being wrapped in plastic and not able to 'breathe' - but it could be my imagination). Instead of saran wrap I was then using a plastic grocery bag on the front, which was very slippery and hard to tape.
So the ziplock bag is a winner.
December 2010

Charcoal During Pregnancy
We often come across articles on the Internet that are misleading. Here is one someone came across on a Google search that left her, rightly so, quite concerned.
"Is it safe to take charcoal tablets whilst pregnant?"
I am 4 1/2 months pregnant and keep getting terrible indigestion & trapped wind. I have tried Gaviscon & Rennies but none work. My cousin uses charcoal capsules from the health shop and I was wondering if they are safe to take in pregnancy (it doesn't specify on the label). I asked my doctor and the pharmacist, but none knew anything about them. I also asked in a different health shop, but they said it was against the law to advise me on it (?????). I just need to know if they are safe to try, and if they are, what is the maximum dose I can take whilst pregnant (you usually take 2, but is it safe to take more?). Also, when I take Gaviscon, I take 2 5ml spoonfuls, but as this dose doesn't work, would it be safe to take more? If so, what would be the maximum safe dose in pregnancy? (I wasn't given a leaflet with it, so I know nothing about it). Thanks
This is what I found when doing some Googling on it...

"FDA pregnancy category C. This medication may be harmful to an unborn baby. Tell your doctor if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant during treatment. Charcoal may pass into breast milk and may harm a nursing baby. Do not use this medication without telling your doctor if you are breast-feeding a baby. Do not give this medication to a child younger than 3 years old without the advice of a doctor."

First the FDA lists Activated Charcoal Category I “Safe and Effective” for poisoning. Second, there are no known contraindications for pregnant or nursing mothers. Third, activated charcoal is not digested or adsorbed into the blood and does not pass into the breast milk. Fourth, if your child ingests a poison, is still conscious, and you wait to contact a doctor for their advice before giving activated charcoal you run the risk of waiting too long before administering activated charcoal and imperiling the child. That is why the Kentucky Poison Control has recommended that every home in their state have activated charcoal easily available for accidental poisoning. Don’t you think you too should follow their advice?

Heavy Metals
We regularly receive questions about activated charcoal’s ability to adsorb heavy metals. Here is one such email and our reply.

Hi Charcoal remedies,
I'm interested in your list of things that charcoal does and doesn't absorb. You say it's a poor absorber of heavy metals, but this article would seem to suggest that it's used industrially for the adsorption of Lead and Cadmium among other substances:.

You also say that it doesn't adsorb iodine, but the 'iodine number' of activated carbon (how much iodine it absorbs) is what is used to measure its strength.

I'm therefore a bit confused. Your site seems a good one, but I wonder what your sources of info are? I'm keen to get an accurate picture....
Many thanks indeed,
February 2011

Hello Kate
Thank you for contacting us.
Concerning heavy metals as a group, yes activated charcoals are not that efficient. While some are effective for some heavy metals they are ineffective for others. Some readily adsorb arsenic, but are not that good for mercury in spite of what some claim. Then there are specially impregnated activated charcoals that adsorb some heavy metals like mercury very well. One major factor in activated charcoal adsorption of heavy metals from water is the pH of water. Because of the range of adsorption and the influence of specific conditions, I feel it cannot justifiably be said of most common activated charcoals, that they adsorb heavy metals. Industrial applications are one thing, oral medicinal use is another.

On our FAQ page it states
“Activated Charcoal is known to adsorb some heavy metals, and is included in an IAOMT protocol for the removal of mercury amalgam fillings. In referring to a detox program using oral activated charcoal for heavy metals, some have compared it to "oral" chelation therapy, BUT, without the negative side effects often associated with the use of EDTA, DMPS, and DMSA.
However, some substances are poorly adsorbed by charcoal including: Lithium, strong acids and bases, metals and inorganic minerals...
This page emphasizes “some heavy metals” and “some substances are poorly adsorbed”.

Our understanding now is that bone charcoal (also referred to as “natural charcoal”) is far more adsorptive of heavy metals than activated charcoal. See links below.
Heavy Metals Adsorption
Bone Char

pH values of water are a factor in removing fluoride and some metals such as lead.

As for cadmium I cannot speak specifically (I cannot access the link), but sulphurized activated carbon has been shown to remove cadmium from waste waters. But again this is a modified carbon for industrial use not medicinal applications.

Concerning adsorption of Iodine, you are absolutely correct. Iodine adsorption has long been recognized as a specific marker of adsorption potential of different charcoals. Not sure how Iodine was listed that way on that page. We will correct that (thank you). It is listed correctly on the Poison List page http://www.charcoalremedies.com/poisons

Again, thank you for taking the time to draw our attention to these points. We will include them in our next newsletter.
john dinsley

Toad Poisoning
Hello, I bought activated charcoal from you about 5 years ago.  I still have some of the capsules left.  About 4 months ago my scottish terrior got a hold of a toad in my garden.  Within 10 minutes he looked and acted ill.  I "googled" "my dog got a toad" and found out that toads have some kind of poison on the skin that can make a dog very ill.  According to an account on the google search I did, a lady took her dog to the vet after her dog got a hold of a toad and became ill.  The vet just said to take the dog back home....there was nothing he could do.  I then went back to the patio and reported this to my boyfriend.  We sat with our dog and tried to comfort him.  I washed his mouth out with water.  Meantime, my boyfriend went to my computer to research some more......he came back to the patio a few minutes later and said "Roberta, you didn't read the rest of that story on google.....that woman took her dog home and it died a couple of hours later!"  We both panicked.....I didn't want to take my dog to the vet only to have the vet do nothing......at that moment I remembered that I had the activated charcoal and ran and got it and forced a capsule down my dogs throat.  Then I broke a capsule in a glass of water and used that to wash his mouth out.  Within 20 minutes he was improving greatly and within an hour he was back to normal.  I am a huge believer in activated charcoal......it may have saved my dogs life.
December 2010

Hello Roberta
Thank you for sending on your remarkable story. With your permission we would like to post it on the “Your Stories” page for other pet owners to benefit from.

The SPCA generally recommends 1-3 grams of charcoal powder for every kg of body weight but you really can’t overdose them  - just make sure you give a poisoned animal plenty of water to drink with the charcoal.
Thanks again for sharing your story.

Yes, you can post it.  I do think other pet owners could benefit from it......and, again, I am so happy I had the charcoal on hand and thought to use it.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
Thank you! My sister, who suffers severe Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS), has just been on her first airplane journey in over 20 years. Your masks helped tremendously.
Thank you!
December 2010

Charcoal Wound Dressing
My name is Dan and I am residing in UK since 2004. I was a student in Mountain View College, Valencia, Philippines and was studying Health under Professor Paypa mainly on natural remedies, especially on charcoal.

I have allergies with some foods and I used to treat it with charcoal but at that time the popular source of charcoal I used was the product of "Diatabs" used for treating diarrhea - sad to know that DIATABS changed to loperamide instead of compact charcoal. Whenever I feel sick, headache, etc. caused by toxicity, I used diatabs tablets until diatabs changed its content.

When I was working in the community I used to teach people the benefits of charcoal use and so many have been benefited. Here in UK I work with the NHS as health care support, but it is not allowed to practice natural remedies inside the hospitals. But lately I found out that one of the bandages they used for treating wounds is made of charcoal (made by Johnsons and Johnsons). I follow the cases treated with charcoal if ever I can and as far as I have observed, wounds and skin problems of any kind that were being treated with charcoal got positive results. The only problem I saw was the information of nurses and doctors using charcoal is not so great to convince patients [of] the benefits of using charcoal. People are still very confident in chemicals.

Today is December 2010 and about 4 months ago my mother-in-law in the Philippines was diagnosed CA in her lungs. She refused to be operated on nor wanted to undergo chemo. My father-in-law remembered charcoal stories of two or more friends in a nearby village who were discharged by the hospital as no hope [was] given. They decided to use charcoal and that was about 6 years ago. Now they are very well and enjoy new life.

So my parents-in-law started to use charcoal in their own way. After two weeks of treatment (that was September 2010) my mother-in-law recover from pain and can already talk straight without coughing a lot.
December 2010

Coffee and Decalf
I ordered more charcoal tablets. When I first got them I couldn't remember to take them. Now I've been more diligent. I eat them after everything from apples to beans & ricedream for dessert (not the greatest combination). I have to say I'm having an easier life because of it. I ordered more because I'm afraid of running out because I will. My stomach is impossible. IF I decide to have coffee or decaf it's also a good thing to take to avoid the burning sensation.
New York
November 2010

Editor’s note: Prevention is always better than cure. Finding a safe caffeine-free drink is the best solution, because even if one uses a natural remedy such as charcoal to mitigate the effects of this poison (pharmacologically caffeine is an alkaloid), eventually the body will say enough is enough and there will be a breaking down of the constitution, to a lesser or greater degree.

Japanese Charcoal 

We received this email from Japan in 2009. In light of the needs in Japan right now I thought I would post this interesting email.

Hello. This is the first time to write you. I reside at Saitama (near Tokyo), in Japan. I’m now helping one of most depopulated village in Japan. The village is named “Nanmoku-mura” located in the valley of a small mountain range and be rich of forest resources. Principal products of this village are high-grade charcoal powder made of Japanese cedar of high quality and used as a food additive, and its added foods (pizza, noodle, gelatin, dog and cat food etc.). For example, by adding charcoal powder in dough of a pizza and then baked, the pizza offers very amazing bouncy taste because charcoal powder helps to increase the viscosity of its added material. Furthermore, due to the heat-retaining property of charcoal powder, the pizza is hard to get cold. Dog and cat food is a thumb-sized dried pellet made of wheat gluten and charcoal powder. Charcoal powder regulates bowel movements of dog and cat and helps good coat of their hair.

Although the above-mentioned special products are very unique and good for health and taste so I think, they are not popular in Japan and also in other countries due to poor business strategies and activities at the situation that this village is getting severely depopulated because more and more young people are deserting it for cities. It would be appreciated if this story would excite your interest and give a story to your own web site or your local press. If necessary, I’ll give you more information. If you have an opportunity to come to Japan in future, I would recommend you to visit this village. If this is the case, I’ll guide you from Tokyo.