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Don't Bulldog Bite the Hand That Feeds You

“On the evening of November 15, 2011, while spending a quiet evening at home with my husband and two English Bulldogs (Audie and Biggs), there was a disagreement between the two bulldogs.
I was sitting on the couch with Audie, who at the time was playing with a chew toy. My other bulldog Biggs wanting some attention, jumped on the couch beside me. At this time I had two 80 pound bulldogs sitting on each side of me. Within seconds Audie decided that Biggs was too close and a threat to her and her chew toy. A fight between the two bulldogs suddenly ensued on my lap, as I tried to protect my self and stop the fight. My left hand was severely bitten. I had two serious wounds that both required stitches and sustained bone bruises of several of the bones of my hand. Being a Registered Nurse for nearly 20 years I immediately knew that I needed medical attention.

My husband and I having re-established peace in the home, then immediately left for the local hospital ER. Upon arrival, the medical and nursing staff cleaned and stitched my wounds. I was given an intramuscular antibiotic shot and a prescription of oral antibiotics to begin the next day. My wounds where wrapped with a gauze dressing and I was sent home. My hand was very painful during the night and by morning I had severe redness and swelling in the hand and wrist. Throughout that day the swelling and pain got worse and the redness began to move up my arm. I knew that the infection was becoming worse and moving up the tissues of my arm, from the bacteria of the dog’s mouth.

On the second day after the initial bite, the redness, swelling and pain was severe enough that I made an appointment to see the doctor that afternoon. The doctor changed my oral antibiotic and said that if the infection grew worse over the next several days I would need to be admitted to the hospital and started on IV antibiotics. By the end the second day (post bite), the swelling and pain were so severe I could not open and close my hand and could barely move my fingers.

It was at this time that one of my co-workers, who is also a close friend, suggested that I try some medicinal charcoal. My friend had spent some time in the mission fields of Haiti and had been exposed to some of the benefits of charcoal being used as a poultice to help fight and cure infection. I was somewhat apprehensive at first, having never been a real fan of natural Charcoal for Bulldog Bite Infectionremedies, but decided at this time I was desperate enough to give it a try. We contacted a friend that we knew had some medicinal charcoal and he was generous enough to give us what I needed.


My friend that gave me the charcoal also gave me a very easy description of how to make and apply a poultice to my hand and arm. I applied it that evening and throughout the night. During the night I could literally feel the swelling go down in my hand and by the next morning (3rd day post bite) the redness was 90% gone in my hand and completely gone from my arm. The pain was much more tolerable and I could now move my fingers. I continued to use the charcoal poultices for a total of four days. By the end of the fourth day the swelling and signs of infection were gone and life had returned for the most part back to normal.

As a Registered Nurse I have always placed a lot of value on medicine and doctors, but with this recent experience, I have learned that sometimes the simple things (charcoal) that God has placed within the reach of all, may be our best course of action. Beside the clear evidence of charcoal’s effectiveness, it saved me and my insurance possibly thousands of dollars, that a short stay in the hospital for IV antibiotics would have cost.

South Dakota

November 2011

Editor: Here we see a nurse in Africa applying charcoal poultices to children's infected wounds using local charcoal ground into a coarse powder.

Charcoal for Infected Wounds in Children  Charcoal for Infected Wounds in Children  Charcoal for Infected Wounds in Children

Biochar for compost

I was just visiting your site and re-calling our email exchanges.

And it's interesting, if you wanted to inoculate char in your backyard compost bin or pile, you surely would want to put biochar in the mix.

But, I haven't seen anything on the internet prescribing a layered approach to composting using biochar/compost/biochar/compost - but it sure would be a great time to get started so the spring compost + biochar would be thoroughly mixed and inoculated.

Call me crazy.  Have you ever had this discussion with a gardener?



October 2011

Chili Peppers

Even though I have had many stories to contribute, I thought this would be a valuable one for all the moms of young children. As I was in the kitchen preparing lunch, my two youngest were outside playing 

Charcoal for Chili Peppers

with the pet chickens. I heard giggling and thought, "hum..wonder if they are in to mischief?" While investigating, I discovered they were picking chiles off the chile plant and trying to see if the chickens would peck them, eat them and how the chickens would react. I told them not to pick chilis and gave them a warning about doing it in the future. Unfortunately, they were going to learn the hard way. Later on that day the five year old decided that she would tear apart a chili for the chickens to eat when I was in the house again. A few minutes later I hear her screaming for me so I run out to her and she is screaming, "my eyes, my eyes". My mother who was visiting ran out frantic. I figured out that it must be the chili juice she that she touched to her eyes. Immediately as I laid her down on the sofa, I offered up a silentprayer of help. I received an image of a flax charcoal poultice. I immediately went to prepare it amidst the extreme screaming. Before it was set, I put it in the papertowel and applied it over both eyes. At about 10-15 second range she could talk and begged for help on her nose and chin area. I took the left over charcoal paste and rubbed it on all afftected areas. If I had the prescence of mind I would have taken a photo. After about 15-20 minutes of the application all stinging disappeared. I was relieved and thankful to God, you both for the seminar and book. My daughter resumed play and my mother was wiped out from the whole experience and shortly left after that. A few days later my two year decided to handle the chilis and then touched her eyes. Fortunately I knew what to do. Another incident happened a few weeks later when my toddler got a hold of an aerosol spray. She sprayed herself in the face. Charcoal helped again.


September 2011

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), Amputation, Head Injury

I personally experienced the miracle healing of activated charcoal on my UTI. It was so painful and I was so very uneasy. I took 2 capsules in the morning and another 2 capsules in the evening... then I forgot my UTI. Same with my cousin who complained of his urinating pain but [was] afraid to see a doctor. I gave her the same dosage and yes she no longer complained .I give the same dosage too to my friend who could not attend our household meeting (Couples for Christ) due to the same UTI. She was also thankful for the relief.

My mother, whose right leg was amputated due to her being diabetic, kept on complaining about the heaviness or a tingling pain on her feet. I applied activated charcoal poultice on the end of his amputated leg and to the other toes overnight, covering it with a food wrap (he he to save cost). Its a really great help. I could have prevented the amputation had I known [about] the use of this activated charcoal. Every time she complains of having pain on any part of her body I always applied this God [given] very simple and natural way of healing.  

My son, a fourth year high school student, had a forehead injury. He came home with a bluish swollen forehead after he was accidentally banged on a door by his classmate. I applied overnight the charcoal poultice and by the next morning the injury was hardly seen.
My husband suffered under his toes, a sort of arthritic pain. I also applied a poultice overnight twice, then PAIN NO MORE...
Activated Charcoal... a healing instrument.


August 2011

Heavy Metal Toxicity

When Kimberly heard of Art’s experience with heavy metal toxicity, she emailed and asked if he would be willing to share his story with our readers:

“Well, yes I do believe from [my] use of charcoal that it is very well part of the holy grail. I was a walking dead man at 59 - very much toxic from heavy metals, being raised on lead and mercury poisoned creeks in mining areas. There was no fish or plant life. This was our back yard. Then welding for 40 yrs - I was a mess. I was and felt like a walking dead man. At 59 I was mentally and physically used up.

I became passionate about my health, repairing my mind body and soul. Read several books on the healing power of activated charcoal. Some from past times,(Egyptians, Mayans,  early 1900s ) charcoal comes up as the best cleanser of the mind, body, and soul.

Two of the books written by doctors recommended 1tsp in a 12-20 oz glass of water 3-5 times a day for 30 days. Water is very much a key ingredient to carry it throughout your system to do the cleansing. And since Hippocrates said the same thing, I got some and am doing the program. 8 months now. 

And there is no comparison, along with a diet eliminating all processed food. Once the toxin and bad parasites leaves the body, it can and will heal itself. At 69 I truly feel vibrant heath and happy happy. This is the best tool I know for cleaning the body from the inside out.


July 2011

Poisonous Insect Bites

I have kept charcoal on hand for years "just-in-case", but have not used it regularly. I may be changing my mind! However, when I first discovered charcoal and purchased a container, I was telling a friend who was visiting. As she was getting ready to leave and packing things into her car, she came back in and said something had bitten her on her ankle area. It was really stinging. She sat down and we took a look. You could see a fairly small red area where the bite was and then a very thin 'thread' of red beginning to run toward her knee, indicating a poison going into her bloodstream. We had just read about how charcoal adsorbs and so here was our chance to try it out! I fixed her a charcoal Band-Aid, applied it and waited. The effects were immediate. The sting left, the line disappeared and off she went home. Another case was my son being bitten by some sort of stinging creature while on a cub scout campout. The lady whose property the boys were camping had a father who was a vet. She immediately said "I have charcoal at the house". Had I not just educated myself on it, I would have thought she was nuts! What...you want me to BBQ or something? As it turned out, I did know, and I was thrilled..."Perfect" I said. Minutes later she returned with a Band-Aid filled with charcoal. Same story. Pain left, swelling went down. Camp out went on. Happy son. Happy mom. Primarily I keep it ready for snake bites or spider bites. Maybe it's time to use it for general well-being! Thanks

Of course you may use my story if it would encourage others to try it. I am always telling people to use charcoal for first line defense remedy! I only wish a friend had listened a few months ago. Something bit him, or it could have been a poison plant...he doesn't know. The infection started with just a few dots on his wrist that were dry and we didn't really think anything about it. The next week when I saw him I couldn't believe how bad his wrist and arm looked. I told him he needed to go get some charcoal. He didn't. The next week both arms were infected horribly. He was wearing sleeves to keep from dripping everywhere and he felt terrible. I brought him some capsules of charcoal and told him to take a bunch of them. I thought he would take the capsules as they looked a little easier to try than a charcoal slurry. Tried to explain how it would work in getting poison out. He took one or two capsules for a couple of days! He ended up in hospital and they flooded his body with antibiotics, until those turned against him. There was nothing else they could do. He did eventually heal up, but I cannot help but think had he taken charcoal right from the start in the right dosage he may have been cured a lot quicker and avoided a hospital stay! Some people will not listen will they.
June 2011

New Carpet Odor

Yesterday we had new carpet installed in our living room. The unpleasant odor was intense! I slept with my bedroom door closed and windows wide open so I could breathe pure air. This morning I placed two plates of charcoal in the living room and there was an almost immediate difference! The odor is reduced dramatically!  I am so thankful.


June 2011

Skunk Smell
A week ago a skunk was killed on the highway across from our business. We suffered for a day and 
then Kimberly went over and sprinkled charcoal over it and the odor instantly was gone.

Charcoal for Skunk Smell
Charcoal works great for odors – as well as many other things.


June 2011

Clorox Poisoning

Hello, I purchased Charcoal from some place on line before ...and would like to note that it has (probably) saved my life. Mine is too long story to tell here ... but listen to this one about my daughter ...

It was about 2005 and My daughter (Laura) (21 then) was home visiting. My wife had just cleaned a distilled water bottle and put Chlorox in it to clean it up. My daughter got up and saw the bottle which she thought was distilled water and drank several gulps before she realized that it was not water.

It was 9 am in morning and she ran up to me in distress ... Dad I just drank Chlorox ... we were both scared. So I called CDC poison center .. and they were very "nice" and said to do nothing. I then remembered reading about activated charcoal in detox and read that a man took strychnine and then used act charcoal and lived... So I told the CDC (who was MD) over the phone that I was going to give her some activated charcoal ... He then yelled at me and pleaded me "No don't do that ..." this MD yelled.

Well my herbalist attitude knew that we had to do something. So I gave her 3-4 activated charcoal tables and we waited. In half hour she felt much better and took a nap. I do not even think that she had nausea (but do not remember). I know that she did not throw up. So by the early afternoon she was normal. But that is not all ...

At 5 pm I get a call from the CDC ... "How's your daughter?" I said, "Fine" and hung up the phone ...

Sincerely Ted


May, 2011

Cat Shelter

Hi John,

Sorry to be so long in getting back to you. My kitten room is back up to 25 kittens, many having special needs. To make a long story short, I'll just say that I'm absolutely sold on using charcoal in the clay cat litter! It not only controls the urine odors, but seems to extend the life of the litter. I definitely want to keep using it in my foster care program. It's been very hard for me to save the half bags for the shelter to try! Because of all that's going on at the shelter, there hasn't been a good time to really talk with the shelter manager about seriously trying a test of the charcoal there. I think she'll probably just make a decision based on my recommendation. I'm thinking now of the possibility of premixing the charcoal into our barrel of litter as opposed to individually measuring it into each pan. I'm curious as to how well the charcoal will stay suspended. My guess is that it would keep a pretty even mix. What do you think? I'll keep in touch. 



Cheap Water Filter (Made in China)

Hi John, since I started using charcoal to filter my drinking water, I have stopped drinking Pu'er tea. I made a simple filter from a soft drink container. I was trying to think of where I could get some cheesecloth to use as a filter. In front of my flat, one afternoon, I noticed a metal tin. I opened it and inside was a piece of cheesecloth just the right size.

I don't miss the tea at all.

I became certain charcoal did something after I put some in an open bowl inside my fridge. The next morning the stink of some rotted vegetables had disappeared… Thanks for bringing charcoal to my attention.



May 2011

Kenya Story

Charcoal is an awesome remedy! Earlier this year we were in Kenya and had a motorbike accident in the 'bush'. After washing the loose debris off the injured arms & legs, we wrapped those areas with aloe leaves that were split open and clean cloths.  When we got back to our hosts' home that evening, infection had already set in.  We again washed with clean water and made a charcoal poultice for each area, changing 2-3 times every day for a week. My arms & elbows have very little scaring, but my translator was not as faithful to poultice her leg & knee, and her healing took much longer!

Thank You for the info on soaking in charcoal water, I will incorporate it in my classes!



May 2011

Re: CharcoalTimes: Charcoal Neutralizes Radioactive Fallout

Thank you for this.  The article was excellent and I happen to agree with your political/spiritual assessment.  I'll be making charcoal and zeolite capsules for all my friends. Blessings,

Charcoal for Large Breast Tumor


May 2011

Large Breast Tumor

Hello Kimberly.  My client had to leave Friday to return home for some business. Attached are 5 pages of photo's (we have only included first and last picture) I took with the first day and week being on the top of each page and the last days photo's on the bottom of the page. I used prayer, charcoal applied all over the entire body for 8 days, and to the tumor daily, as well as ozone injections into the tumor andother ways. Thought you would want to see the difference after 6 weeks of treatments. Thanks


May 2011

Mercury Fillings

Thank you kindly for your help. I've reordered the product…

I am appreciative of the products and information that you are offering. The case stories are definitely interesting and useful. A while ago, I deduced that my abundant mercury fillings were making me sick. A lucky recommendation from a friend led me to look into activated charcoal. Since then, I've been taking charcoal caps, with often times dramatic effects. I also notice that charcoal makes me feel better after I get out of a long, hot shower. I look forward to start using the bulk activated charcoal.

Thank you again!


March 2011

3+ Pitting Edema

Dr Yukari writes from Japan

“My experiences with charcoal has been limited to my personal use only.
I have not had chance to really work on patients [in hospitals] who trust God for their healing process. 

But most amazing experience with charcoal for me was with my grandmother who at the time was 90 years old.
When I visited my grandmother, she had 3+ pitting edema on both legs. She is not Christian, but I prayed with her and applied charcoal poultice all over her legs and back and let her rest for the night. The next morning, all the swelling was gone! The legs were as thin as they used to be. She had been taking diuretics without any improvement, but this charcoal poultice did it over night! And ever since, she has not had the swelling. It has been 2 years or so now. 

I brush teeth with charcoal everyday and when I have a cavity, I tried to treat it with charcoal with some success.
Whenever my daughter gets sick, first thing she asks for is prayer then charcoal (poultice and powder to take it by mouth) whether it's for fever, sore throat, diarrhea, pain in the legs, etc since she knows it works!

Dr Yukari M.D.


March 2011

Stomach Pains

Hi, I have been reading CharcoalRemedies.com (the book) and find it to be an excellent source of information on the uses of activated charcoal. Just last week I had stomach pains so severe (I think it was due to a very heavy meal) that I could hardly breathe! The pain started near the top of my stomach and went straight down to my sphincter. Well, I told my wife that I was finally going to try some of this stuff since I was already reading the book and telling her how amazing ac is. I took a teaspoon with 8oz of water and gave it a half a hour to work. It didn't. The dose I took helped me in about 6-8 minutes. Amazing! Or, perhaps just my first 'proof' of its efficacy.


January 2011