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Scientific & Safe
Affordable & Available
Faith Inspiring & Free
Easy & Environmentally Friendly
Scientific – find one single medicinal product (other than water) that has had as extensive scientific research and development in the past 3,500 years as medicinal charcoal. From outer space to the deepest oceans, and everywhere in between, charcoal has been employed in making life healthier and happier for man.
The scientific literature is pregnant with all that is known about charcoal and its thousands of applications and benefits, and the list just keeps growing.
Safe – if the FDA rates activated charcoal as "Category I" (Safe & Effective) for poisoning, what more needs to be said?!
Affordable - no matter how poor (or wealthy)
Accessible - within reach of every human being.
Faith-Inspiring – just read a few of the amazing experiences people have had when everything else seemed to have failed.
Free – of adverse side effects
Easy - easy to take & easy to give. No degree in Latin required
Environmentally Super Friendly – cleans our sick polluted bodies, our sick polluted air (indoors and outdoors), the water we drink and the water fish drink, our food and the earth we grow it in. It grabs harmful microwaves and radioactivity, and, can you believe it, is also used to clean up “dirty” music!

This is one Simple natural remedy you should Expect results from.

Charcoal warms our bodies, our food and drink, and even our circulatory system. And the faith-inspiring stories will warm your heart.
Your Stories
Happy Feet
Activated charcoal is a God send! I originally purchased the All Gone activated carbon disk set in hopes that it would help the "brick wall" of cat urine odor in the house. My cat has a nasty habit of spraying a corner when she sees other pets outside. Until we have the money to replace the carpet, it's been unbearable! I immediately placed two discs by the area and we can finally enjoy our dining again! I also purchased a pair of the Blitzzzzz socks by Greenyarn, they completely took away the odor from an old pair of shoes... later that week I let my mother borrow them. I can't remember the last time she hasn't complained about her feet hurting, pulsating with pain. She's had collapsed arches and tried herbal poultices, prescribed orthotic insoles and steroid shots with little and temporary relief. After on her feet all day at work with the socks on, she came home announcing that her feet felt "WONDRFULL"!!! Needless to say...she's getting more socks for Mother's day:) God bless this website
May 2012

Insect Bite
Ginny had an insect bite but wasn’t sure what it was. Was it the dreaded Brown Recluse Spider? Better to be on the safe side.
“I was to your meetings on charcoal in Battle Creek, Michigan recently and I'm a firm believer in charcoal. Today I have something different than I've ever had. I have 2 bites on my leg, it looks more like a flea bite. I decided to put a bandage with charcoal on it and at bedtime took it off and they had water blisters on them. I soaked in the tub before going to bed and just put a bandage with triple antibiotic on it. This morning one was itching so bad, so decided to go back to charcoal and it’s taken the itch and pain out right away. Do you know what it could be and why the water blister? Should I continue with charcoal? Ginny
Hello Ginny. Could you have been bitten by a spider? The Brown Recluse Spider Bite can turn into a blister, then quickly gets worse.
Charcoal poultices work very good. The blister could be the charcoal is just pulling out the inflammation from the bite. Just keep up using the charcoal. Antibiotics do absolutely nothing for insect bites. Did you take some pictures?

Charcoal Poultice for Insect Bite

Thanks for responding to my question. I've continued to use charcoal because I've never had anything like this and knew if it was the (frown) recluse spider bite, only charcoal would help it. It is one week and one day later and it’s looking pretty good right now. I did take a picture after the blister came on but can't get my camera to work now so can't take another one. As you can see from the picture, it was real red around it and hard. The dark red is about gone and the blister broke but I'm continuing with the charcoal. I'll let you know if there are changes. Thanks,
May 2012
Editor: I know the picture resembles something else, nevertheless you can see from the pus blister and inflammation it is serious and wants to spread. Looks like more than a flea bite.

Dog Wound
A few weeks ago one of my cats attacked my small dog in the middle of the night (this has never happened before...all my pets have to get along. I think my dog may have startled the cat in his sleep). Any way my dog yelped and ran up close to me in bed. I comforted her and we all went back to sleep. In the morning as I was petting my dog (before opening my eyes) I felt something crusty on her fur, and she did not want me to touch her neck area. So I looked at her to find she had a large bloody area on her neck and a pouch of blood under her skin. As I got up I found blood ALL over my bed...I am lucky that she did not bleed out and die in the night. I cleaned her up and her wound was small but continued to bleed a little. My neighbor agreed that I should take her to the vet... but I am not working and the bill would be high I am sure... I recently read your book Charcoal Remedies.com and had both charcoal and ground flax seed on hand so I made a poultice and wrapped her up with an ace bandage for the day. I took it off in the evening and the wound looked so much better... I made another poultice and fixed her up for the night (on a side note she seemed to like having the poultice wrap on). In the morning there was no blood on her skin, fur, or under her skin... just a very, very small pink mark on her neck!!!! I have been using Charcoal for years for tummy trouble, but this was amazing!
I am now using charcoal to brush my teeth... My 5 year old grand-daughter loves to brush her teeth with it too!
Thank you for you book and all the stories you have provided for us!
May 2012

High Blood Pressure
I have for the past six years had one response when people ask me if charcoal will help with high blood pressure, “I haven’t the vaguest idea why or how it would help.” And then I go into a number of lifestyle issues that I feel should be the primary focus: reduction in salt (all products with sodium including dairy); increase in exercise; more fluids; no processed foods, lose weight…
Then I met Carolyn and she didn’t stop to consider why it wouldn’t but “what harm will it do to try”. She had had several years experience with charcoal for kidney problems, and it had worked well for those issues. In her late 40’s, with 8 children behind her, her blood pressure continued to climb. She is a stout woman with the complexion of a teenager and otherwise exudes health. The prescription drugs worked less and less to control the blood pressure until one day it soared to 210/160. She felt dizzy, sick, nauseas. What could she use? Charcoal!
The next day her blood pressure came down to 160/110. She went back to the drugs but they did no good. She settled on charcoal and her blood pressure remained manageable.
It was a month later we me Carolyn and her husband at the Baker Creek Spring Planting Festival in Missouri. Carolyn gave her latest experience. The previous evening she had felt as if her blood pressure was on the rise again so her husband recommended she take a charcoal bath. She added half a cup of charcoal powder to her warm bath and proceeded to enjoy a relaxing quiet half hour soaking away some of her cares. She arose feeling “clean”. (Now that is a catch – bathing in charcoal powder and feeling clean after!!) She retired for the evening only to wake up that morning feeling poorly. She asked her husband to check her blood pressure. He did. It was 120/80 – NORMAL! It had been so long since she had experienced normal blood pressure that it did not feel right or good. But by the time we met her, she was again feeling fine.

Well, so much for not recommending charcoal for High Blood Pressure. If someone asks I will have to tell them about Carolyn, while I also mention to them how to Treat
High Blood Pressure Naturally with diet, water, exercise, weight gain…
Salem, Missouri

Northern Uganada
Earlier this spring we were contacted by Carolyn Kurowki. She is the director of Hands Across Nations (HAN), one of many small mission organizations working in northern Uganda. She was just new to charcoal but after reviewing our experinece in Uganda in 2011 she became excited with what she was learning, and was anxious to take it with her on her upcoming trip. It didn't take long for her to have cause to begin her experimenting. Please click on the the link to read her journal and see some of her pictures.
Journal April - May 201

Intestinal Upset
Hi John,
Thanks so much for your informative email!! We have been taking the activated coconut charcoal that we bought from you, off and on since we’ve been here. I had not taken it for a few days, and yesterday started having intestinal upset and diarrhea while working in a village with a family. We are experiencing the day to day life in the village, digging in the garden, planting, cooking, fetching water, etc. So once I was home in the evening I took one dose of charcoal water, then another before going to bed. This morning I had to run to see patients at a nearby hospital all day, and didn’t have a chance to take another dose. Amazingly, though I took no drugs at all, I had no problems with feeling bad or other issues up until now! I took another dose tonight. Keith has been taking it regularly, is swishing his mouth with it too. We have several people including a doctor I work with, interested in trying it, especially on wounds. He has 2 patients with osteomyelitis, children, one with a wound on her thigh, the other on an upper arm. So I will take him this email and see if he would like to try it. I will also copy out some of the sections of the book for him. I have read sections of it, but there is so much, I’m not sure which part would be best for him. If you have time, your advice on that would be great.  
Go with God,
April 2012
Another Miracle
Joe, one of our neighbors who lives down the street a ways, began stopping in once or twice a week to visit. One day my husband, Gene, and I noticed he seemed to be limping quite a bit, but Joe didn’t mention it and neither did we. When Joe didn’t come back for about two weeks, Gene decided to stop in at his house and see if he was sick. When he got to Joe’s house, this is what he found. Joe was sitting in a chair, unable to walk, with his feet propped up on a footstool. Gene described the feet as looking like raw hamburger.
I wondered out loud if Joe might allow me to put a charcoal poultice on him and Gene said, “call and ask.” Joe’s wife, Peggy, is a nurse, and I didn’t know what she would think, but I called, anyway. She answered the phone and when I told her what I was calling for she said, “If you want to, come on over and we’ll see.” I packed up some Charcoal [powder], ground flax seed, and some cloth to put it on, and headed for their house. I showed Peggy how to make the poultice, then put it on Joe’s feet and wrapped them with plastic, I said a prayer with them and went home.
About three hours later, Peggy phoned me and asked if I would come back. My first thought was, “Oh, no, what did I do wrong?” When I walked through their door, Joe was standing up. He said his pain went away 30 minutes after I left. Then he told me how wonderful it was to have relief from the terrible pain. Because of a chronic condition, he had gone to many doctors, visited many hospitals, including the University of Michigan Hospital and the Mayo Clinic, and spent thousands of dollars, all to no avail.
Only occasional relief came when doctors had tried new medications – short, temporary fixes. He even lost his job, because, often, he could not walk. this had been happening off and on since 1976.
Joe continued the charcoal treatments nightly (about 2 weeks) until the skin on his feet looked and felt “like a baby’s skin.” Since then he keeps charcoal and flaxseed on hand and says he wouldn’t be without it. He doesn’t use it often, but if he suspects the problem might be coming back, he puts on a poultice and that takes care of it.
Peggy personally learned about the blessings of charcoal, also. She has Diabetes and sometimes got boils that were difficult and slow to heal. After Joe’s great success with charcoal, she let him put a poultice on a boil. With just one application it began to show signs of healing. They repeated it nightly and the boil cleared up in a much shorter time than usual, so Peggy, too, is sold on charcoal and they both give God the credit.
God is so good, to give us something so simple, and yet so powerful, as charcoal. It’s great to know how to use it, as well as herbs, water, and other natural remedies.
April 2012
Black Apple PuddingCharcoal
Hi Nene (Gramma Kimberly)!
This is Zac. We are good friends of his and his mom. He has been sick with the flu for a few days, so we gave them some charcoal.

He had special 'black apple pudding' for dinner. :)
April 2012

I have suffered from an unknown illness over many years characterized my chronic fatigue, IBS and muscle pain and weakness, food intolerances, gas and brain fog. I often think I am auto-intoxicating due to my irritable bowel being very sluggish in my bowel movements. Recently I was in Jamaica and I bought a product called Eucarbon. It is a mild laxative that used senna, charcoal, mint, sulphur and rhubarb. I have pretty much taken most run of the mill laxatives at one time or another but hadn't for many many years. I found the ingredients in this formulation compelling because of the ingredients especially the charcoal. I noticed taking the product that my energy and brain function improved dramatically whether I was going to the washroom or not. I attribute this incredible turnaround to the charcoal. My theory is that I am always trying to cleanse but I can't get the toxins out fast enough and I start to feel like I am being poisoned. My problem is that I don't want to take these harsh laxative stimulants on any regular basis so I am looking for a charcoal source. I heard that charcoal can be constipating on it's own... would this be the case? Can you recommend the best product for me to take? The last few weeks I have developed terrible pain in my feet to the point where I am having to lie in bed. Can you suggest which charcoal powder would be appropriate? I look forward to hearing from you.
April 2012
Yes, charcoal can be constipating – especially to those who do not drink enough water, eat enough fiber , or don’t get enough exercise (just walking helps stimulate the bowels). But that doesn’t mean one has to eliminate charcoal or miss out on the benefits – for example the clearness of mind and energy you described. Some mix a little Slippery Elm powder with the charcoal powder. But usually just drinking enough water with each dose is sufficient.

On the other hand we have had enough testimonies to know charcoal actually helps some people be more regular in their BM.

I have heard it reported the main cause of constipation is ignoring the BM urge. If a person tends to constipation a little ritual may help to turn the condition around. Upon rising in the morning drink a large glass of warm water (this will stimulate peristalsis of the bowels). Then dedicate 10 minutes in the bathroom. If you do this regularly every day at the same time, usually within a week your bowels will be functioning more smoothly.

Any of the Medicinal Charcoal Powders should work equally well for you. Mix 1 Tablespoon into a glass of water and stir.

This Detox/Cleansing Program (or variation) may be helpful for you.

Remember, charcoal is not a cure all. It can help the body get over certain setbacks, but ultimately we need to turn to the Eight Doctors (www.my8doctors.com – coming soon) for the long term benefits.

Domestic Use of Charcoal Remedies in Uganda
Before knowing about activated charcoal, we have been using activated charcoal in many ways including the following ways:

  1. In a more general sense, we have been using charcoal powder in dealing with gastric pains, flatulence, and also diarrhea by administering 2 tablespoons of charcoal powder diluted in clean/boiled water, stirred and well filtered, every 4 – 6 hours and usually that settles the problem within one day.
  2. Charcoal and Snake Bite: I have, however, had some special experience with charcoal and that include a day when some good friend of mine with whom I used to study natural remedies (vis a vis Dangers of Modern Drugs) called on me urgently that his daughter (6 yrs old) was bitten by a big snake (cobra). We rushed there and immediately got some charcoal powder and diluted 2 tablespoonfuls in a glass of water, stirred it well and filtered. The little girl drank the whole glass as we immediately prepared a poultice of the same charcoal powder and placed it securely on the foot covering the site of the snakebite. The drink was repeated every 2 hours. The preparation above worked like magic as it halted progression of the poison and the little girl was not even taken to Hospital which was very far away from his home.
One of my incredible experience with charcoal is during accidents. While I lived in Kampala in 2007, I had left two of my daughters (age 6 and 8 years) in the countryside. They lived with my sister in law as both I and my wife were at school. In August, the same year, they came to pay a visit with us! On arrival in central town, I went to pick them, and the taxi dropped us just about 0.5 km away from our city residence. They were in the company of my sister-in-law who was not well versed with the city traffic.
I was loaded with two heavy bags and managed to cross the road safely. As I was planning to cross back to assist them, the 8-year girl made an abrupt decision to cross the road as my sister-in-law was too engraved in mind about her own safety at the time. As the little girl jumped on the road, she was hit by a car, and she fell hitting the back of her head directly on the tarmac road (pavement). The car did not run over her fortunately. I threw myself immediately on her and the first thing I did was to ask her to open wide her mouth. I wanted to check whether she was conscious and not bleeding in the mouth/throat. I then rushed her, on a motorcycle, to a nearby health center. However, I was very disappointed as the staff there simply told us not to waste their time, as they don’t work on casualties. They referred us to the National referral Hospital (Mulago) where I knew they would take much longer time to serve us. So I decided to rush home. On arrival, I ordered for very cold water and started with cold compress on the back of her head which had formed a huge swelling (hematoma).
As their mother was continuing with the cold compress, I quickly prepared a charcoal poultice large enough to fully cover the swollen area. We continued with the same process constantly changing the poult3ice very one hour for about 5 hours. We called in our family friend who is a Doctor and he came after about six hours. He declared the girl was now fine, and he found the hematoma had remarkably subsided. He told us there was no cause for alarm, but that we should give the little girl some amoxicillin capsules just in case some infection may arise. We did not give her the amoxicillin, however, because we saw everything was moving in the right direction. This caused us, to always cherish charcoal, and we can never allow charcoal to get completely finished in our household. It has saved us on many critical moments.
Yours Truly
Zombo District - Uganda
We were very happy to learn about charcoal (2012 March UK Seminar). We have used it on my wife’s face cause she had some unusual acne or some skin infection of some kind. The doctors were unable to help her, from one prescription to another it got worse. We used a [charcoal] poultice on her face and within 3 days her face was clear, thank GOD for that. Now my wife recommends it to all her friends, family and I support her too.
March 2012
Orthopedic Surgeon
Our friend John Clark MD (ACLM) recently sent his short endorsement. He is an avid user and proponent of activated charcoal. You can review his disease prevention material at NorthernLightsHealthEducation.com or you can purchase their DVD set of up todate disease prevention strategies.
Edible charcoal 
folk remedy
 Administered orally 
to its 
 value. But

 For example,
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irritating endotoxin.2
bowel.3,4,5 Oral 
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This is the long awaited skunk story. Sorry I took so long.

Last November, my dog Abby was sprayed by a skunk as he was rummaging through our back yard like he normally does when we let him out to relieve himself. Needless to say we were horrified with the idea that our house, our clothes, our dog, everything would smell like skunk for days maybe even weeks on end. We immediately washed him, our clothes, our bodies, and even sprayed as much air freshener as possible in the house to get rid of the smell. The air freshener just masked the smell but didn't get rid of it. Thats when my husband suggested we leave a plate of charcoal powder out for a few days to help absorb the smell. The next day we noticed a difference and about a week later, the smell was completely GONE! I am totally confident now that activated charcoal is the only thing we need to truly neutralize the air and is strong enough to even absorb stinky skunk smells. I'm very impressed with the results we have gotten and will definitely use this product again.

Hope you guys are having a great day!
March 2012
Cow Killer
On Friday, the boys and I were outside when my 3 year old says, "Mommy, Mommy! I found a ladybug!" Then a few seconds later I heard him start screaming. The kind of screaming that would make Velvet wasp or your blood run cold screaming. I ran over to him and he was on the ground in great pain and next to him was not a ladybug, but a red velvet wasp. (I looked them up later and they give one of the most painful stings of any North American insect. They're nicknamed, "cow killer" because of the intense pain.) I silently prayed for God to help me help him, scooped him up (& my one year old) and we went inside where I quickly put his hand in a bowl of warm water with some activated charcoal powder mixed in. Immediately, and I mean immediately, he stopped screaming and began talking about what he'd like for lunch. Not 30 seconds, not 5 seconds, IMMEDIATELY. It was amazing! He kept his hand in there for about a minute and then I rinsed off the charcoal and he went on his merry way, albeit with a puncture wound from the sting. No more pain... amazing stuff. I've read about how charcoal works like this and believed it, but it was a real moment actually experiencing it myself.
Oh, yes, I also had two wisdom teeth removed and the dentist told me I would have pain and bleeding. But I took two charcoal tablets, one on each side of the affected area, and the bleeding stopped and the pain. I did not have to use any pain medication or anything.
God bless.
March 2012
P.S. The Velvet Ant (aka Cow Killer) is actually a wingless female wasp that packs a powerful sting.
Charcoal helped save my calves from scours. Great product!
February 2012
Digestive Problems
Love to Spread the Charcoal Around!
I travel with activated charcoal powder nearly everywhere I go. I especially love to give it to pharmaceutically tweaked people, females with constant migraines and anyone with digestive problems. I use it as a preventive. Before shooting (lead) - before drinking alcohol - and even before going to a party and eating what people consider "FOOD" nowadays I take my charcoal. If I am working with any toxic material, from metals to sheetrock, I take my charcoal. I give it to my pets at least weekly and have helped some people with their pets all around health. Many older cats now lose their teeth, because of the CRAP food, and charcoal helps them with the pain and rotten odor that is in their mouths. They are able to eat better and not have as much pain.

Tweaked human bi-polar types are greatly relieved by charcoal. If you know any crazy neurotic "diagnosed" types - one dose of charcoal will make most of them instant believers. When someone has not felt good in many years, they are quite aware of any improvements, even the joint pain becomes less when charcoal is regularly used. I do not get headaches, but some people have them all the time! A couple females with chronic headaches that I know both drank a big glass of charcoal water and the next morning said they "woke up feeling better than I have in years" Now, all that being said, most of these people return to their ways and do not keep up their therapies. I can turn someone on to the miracles of ACP, but I am not their mother and it is up to them to keep the standards high. So while some people have made it part of their lives on a permanent basis, many have not. I am always perplexed at the "victims" who would rather whine about something and not take pro-active steps to alleviate their problems (when most are easily solved). The power lies in YOUR HANDS!!!!
March 2012
Quit Smoking
I have a friend who came to work on my house one day. It was the first day of his trying to quit smoking, and he was quite agitated and tense. I thanked him for subjecting ME to his first day of not smoking, and offered up a big glass of charcoal water. He drank it, and later that day after he had gone home and had dinner, he called me to say...."I don't feel like killing anyone!" Well that was a positive step, so I gave him a good size bag of powder and said take some when you feel the chemical detox hitting you. So for the first month, he took charcoal water every couple days, and eventually did not need to keep taking it. It has been a couple years now, and he has successfully quit smoking. Not because of just charcoal, lots of will power in there too!! But the charcoal helped take away the incredible feelings of needing to smoke and the psychological trauma that goes along with it. Great support!!
March 2012
Brown Recluse Spider Bite
My daughter was bitten by what we believed to be a brown recluse. At least the wound acted like a BRS bite. A lot of pain! She is 34 years old. She made a charcoal paste from activated charcoal powder and put in a latex glove and wore it 24 hrs/day for 2-3 weeks. It healed completely.
Last summer one of my sons got into some poison ivy. We tried a number of over-the-counter products but nothing worked. Only charcoal gave him any relief.
I have super sensitive teeth (from years of eating too much white sugar, white flour, etc.) I took a quart jar with water some honey, cinnamon, with 1 tsp of charcoal powder. Really helps my teeth. In fact we all use it for tooth problems – we are not fond of going to the dentist.
We all use it to settle down an upset stomach.
Gerry Yohe
January 2012
Diarrhea, Panic Attacks & Salmonella
From time to time we receive letters from parents who are frustrated in their attempts to try more benign alternatives when their doctors are more inclined to powerful drugs. Here is a case in point:
Message: “I am being investigated by Social Services for treating my son with Charcoal at home (among others things). I need AMMO! Please send me anything you can showing an MD recommending this so I can defend myself and not lose my child over something so benign.”
Why was this father being investigated?...
“It's a long story. First, I had Lyme, KPU, Heavy metals Candida and was near death. Western medicine put me in a mental health place and called me nuts. I sought help holistically. I use super antioxidant supplements (for KPU too), I eat a strict diet (No sugar, no white bread, no alcohol, and eat for my blood type). I also do the LT3 "Healing Codes" protocol.

One of my biggest problems at one point was TOO MANY bowel movements a day (seven or more)!  Never diarrhea, just steady doo doo. This made me weak and panicky constantly. I called a holistic doc in Orlando and he said to take charcoal to slow things down. I happened to have a bottle from another doc that I never took. I popped 3 or 4 pills and felt better in 15 minutes!

Not only did the stool slow down, but the PANIC WENT AWAY!!!!!! The charcoal helped my anxiety better than any drug! Even the doc in Orlando was surprised. I used it for just over a year. I am now much better! Not 100% yet (YET), but I feel and look incredible! Praise GOD in Heaven and praise His holy Son! I rarely need charcoal anymore.

So then my mother-in-law got sick after cancer. She also poops too much with anxiety (eerie). So I put her on Charcoal. Good results!

Now, my son has Panic Disorder and I believe it's from lead exposure in 3rd grade. He was seeing a Psych thru the Navy hospital (I'm retired AF). When his panic spiked this summer, he was very debilitated and struggles leaving the house. She wants to force him to leave and I could not put him thru that much suffering believing it's a physiological problem!

She did a BLOOD test for lead and said it's all in his head. I told her I want to find someone who will chelate and test him, but can't in my area. I also put him on LOW levels of Zinc and she freaked out about it all!

Then he got salmonella, so I gave him a few pills of charcoal at home, then took him to the ER. They asked about the black stools and I said it was charcoal. Then EVERYBODY and their mother asked me over and over "Why charcoal"?

Somehow a rumor spread (from the Psych I'm sure) that I give him regular enemas (false), and his Zinc levels were lethal (false - they never did a zinc level and he only had 15mg for 6 days six months ago) and I use mega doses of charcoal to "Self Treat" my son! I was accused of managing his care and endangering his life!

His Peds doc felt better that the Zinc and enema rumors were false, but told me "I had to stop the charcoal." I tried to explain how benign charcoal was to the doc and social worker and they disagreed and told me it was dangerous and they would explain later.

I really think it bothers all of them that I am very educated due to 6 years of straight research. They are very threatened by me and anything they didn't read in their manuals or learn in school!
Thanks for listening,
Hello Ben
Thank you for sharing your experience. As you say... "Praise God!" With your permission I would like to share your experiences with charcoal (good and bad) in a future newsletter. I will change your first name.

I asked Dr Clark to write something out that you might offer to your doctor for mutual reassurance. You can find his and several more articles by other MDs HERE

As for any kind of psychotropic drugs, everybody, before even considering them as a reasonable option, especially for children, should review this site first.
Start with listening to the rest of the Ads, then, as you have time, review the rest of the videos. This is not an endorsement of this website per se, but it does present some “inconvenient” facts. The truth is often hard to swallow.

FYI: activated charcoal, with few exceptions (Lithium) neutralizes almost all psychotropic drugs. How convenient is that?!

Here is a good article “How to Protect Yourself from Abusive Doctors

Thanks.  And you have my permission to use my story. I'm so disgusted with our ignorant medical community. Whatever they are taught in school is like God Himself said it. So few of them question anything or continue any research. God bless the doctors who keep learning and fight the powers that be!
God bless,
January 2012

Using & Teaching Charcoal in Africa (Benin)
Thank you very much for your email. I don't even have my own copy of the book yet. But it is on the way to Benin, West Africa, where my husband and I are working.
We are Swiss (German), missionaries. My husband started a professional teaching center 2 years ago. I'm more employed in the work of our retreat center in northern Benin, where people are coming for prayer and counseling, for a time of seeking the Lord and for seminars mostly on spiritual issues, but where I have the possibility of doing some health teaching as well.

I'm a nurse and midwife, have been in Bibleschool and did a training in Switzerland as a Christian health and life counselor. (Phytotherapy, Kneipp, nutrition, prayer counseling...) I only started to read your book about 3 months ago. So this is quite new for me. Before I used charcoal only for diarrhea. And in one other case:

Bee Sting
A missionary came for a visit to our center and got a bee sting underneath his left eye. His face was very swollen and painful on the left side. I gave him an antihistamine tablet, Paracetamol and ground up some charcoal tablets. I put the powder in a little bowl with very cold water and told A to soak the cloth into the water and put it on his face for a while and he should often repeat it. So he did. By the next morning he was much better and could again open his eye. The swelling had considerably decreased. I think we repeated that treatment for a few hours then he happily returned home.

Bowel Obstruction
Last October my husband had a bowel obstruction with severe vomiting and dehydration. (He had an accident 15 years ago and part of his colon is cicatrized and strictured). But this was the first time he had to be admitted to hospital with NG tube and IV. The surgeon said this could easily happen again, the next time he would operate him. The problem started again about a month later. Heini didn't take supper and colicy pain started. I made him drink to prevent dehydration. Then he was nauseated and had severe colicy pain in one spot. So I prepared my first charcoal poultice and put it in a way to cover his liver and the painful area. About 2 hours later the pain had subsided, I took the poultice away, Heini rolled over to the side and he fell asleep. No more problems since. I think the poultice helped. But I also know that the problem often starts when we are traveling. Then often Heini doesn't drink enough and we eat dry food on the road.

Sore Eyes
Two coworkers have dry, itchy, slightly reddened eyes from time to time because of the dry season and the harmatan (wind that brings sand from the Sahara). I made up charcoal eye drops according to your book and gave them to the ladies. They said it helped. I explained the same treatment to a lady at the market last week. She had conjunctivitis in one eye. I have not seen her since.

Scorpion Sting
An American health promoter told me the following: She went to a village. There was a man that had been stung by a scorpion. She told them to ground charcoal and to make a mush and to put that over the entire leg. They did that and she left. She went back there some hours later. The man said that the pain had gone down to the level of his upper calf. So she said to make another mush and to put it on the leg up to the knee. Then she left the village. The man was probably soon pain free. Normally the pain of a scorpion sting goes up to the groin within about 30 sec. or 1 minute and stays on for 24 hours.

Pussy Wound
My husband has two little wounds on the back of his head that were pussy (several weeks now) and just wouldn't heal. I've started to treat them with a charcoal poultice in the evening, about 6 times now. In between I sometimes put Aloe Vera gel on them. The wounds are much better. There was no pus tonight, they seem to be healing. I mixed the charcoal powder with some cornstarch. (I only have little flaxseeds). So the charcoal definitely helps.

Sore Tooth
My missionary friend has a sore tooth. She puts a charcoal tablet in her mouth beside the sore tooth each night for about 10 days now. It helps. For the pain I gave her clove to chew on. She is much better.

I'm teaching it to people in need, at our last women's seminar and in a nearby Bible school to the students, their wives and the staff.

Liver Cleanse
About 10 years ago I would wake up around 2 am and could not fall asleep for 2 or 3 hours. That lasted almost 2 years. During my training as a health counselor I learned that my liver must be weakened. After taking a plant extract to increase liver function I could again sleep very well. Now I'm often taking a teaspoon of charcoal powder in half a glass of water followed by a glass of water at least. I do it for detoxification and counter constipation. It works well.
Burned Face
I tell you about another treatment, but not with charcoal. A mother brought her one year old baby to me. It got burned in the face from hot "bouillie" (a corn"soup") about 12 to 15 h earlier. They had gone to the hospital, the wound had been cleaned and they got antibiotics and paracetamol. The child had refused to breastfeed since. The wound looked clean. I mixed oliveoil with the essential oils from lavender and carrot seeds. I gave her cotton swabs and we put the oil carefully on the face. The child cried a little then stopped and took the breast. Lavender takes the pain and carrot seed is good to help cicatrization. I told the mother to sponge the face with water first to clean it then to apply the oil 3 - 4 times a day. She did just that and did not return to the hospital. About 2 weeks later the wounds had completely healed. Praise the Lord. (I brought the essential oils with me from Switzerland, sometimes monasteries sell some essential oils. Patchoulioil helps very well with scabies)

Preparing Charcoal
Preparing charcoal: charcoal is in almost every household. My friend made it for me. She put the c. chunks in the mortar and ground them. Then she sifted the powder through the fine sive (used to sift honey). The bigger chunks were put in the mortar again and ground, but the smaller parts she put them on the flat stone and ground them with a stone (used to grind condiments for a sauce). That gives a very fine powder.

People have no flaxseeds here and no commercial cornstarch to thicken a poultice. But I wonder if corn would do the trick. People eat "pate", from corn or millet. The corn that has been ground by the mill could be ground even finer with the flat stone. Or grind up dried jams or dried maniok. To thicken a poultice you would only need a small quantity.
That is all my personal experience with charcoal now. I'm convinced of its power otherwise I would not teach it to others. I often use essential oils for treatment. I really like them.

I wish you God's richest blessings for your ministry and a safe travel to Uganda and back and a purposeful time there.
Benin West Africa
January 2012
Prayer Poultice
I was so excited to go on my first mission trip! In July I spent three weeks in a small village in Malatia, Solomon Islands, with a group of 10 students and staff from Eastward Missionary College. During the first few days, I met two villagers who were suffering from headaches and nausea. I applied charcoal poultices and gave hot and cold footbaths.
While I cared for them, curious onlookers formed a crowd around me. Lenty, the village chief, also came to watch. He soon warmed up to me and told me about the pain and swelling in his feet and knees, as well as his inability to move his wrist.

I provided him with similar treatments, and the Lord used the simple remedies to relieve the discomfort in Lenty’s feet and knees, allowing him to walk normally again. Soon he was using his wrist again to paddle his canoe and to work in the garden with his bush knife! Chief Lenty became more open to spiritual conversations, and I believe the healing he experienced contributed to his positive response to the appeals made during our nightly Steps to Christ evangelistic series, which also set an example for the whole village.
Solomon Islands
December 2011
Would bedsores be in the same category as abscesses? My sister was trying several different cremes that do not seem to be working. She used the charcoal and virgin olive on hemmeroids when she couldn’t take the roughness of the flax seeds, and they improved a lot.
November 2011
Editor: Yes charcoal poultices can work very well for some bedsores (pressure ulcers). See the amazing story of  “Pressure Sore Treatment with Charcoal Poultices” at the bottom of the page.
Burned Arm
Short story: Last week on Thursday, I was brought a twenty year old girl.
She had a burn on her right arm - almost the whole arm had been affected. I bandaged her with charcoal [poultice]. By Monday the burn had dried. People around were amazed with the charcoal medicine. May God continue to show more of His medicine to His people
God loves you and Loves Uganda more especially the West
Pastor Kitokwa
Western Uganda
August 2011