2012 (November) Your Stories
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Your Stories

Burn Accident
Dear John & Kimberly
Warm greetings to you from Pr Kitokwa. My wife and the chilren and the Office sends theit heart felt greetings. When do you think to come to the west of Uganda and more especially to Kasese?
Charcoal is booming. People are being healed. There is a young man who got a motor accident and his back was burn badly by the exaust. He was taken to the Hospital but could not heal and was refered to a National Referral all the same could not heal until was brought to us for help. We applied the charcoal remedy and it was healed immediately. [the attached picture is of Pr Kitokwa and the man after the burn area was mostly healed] He thank God for the healing, us and those who gave us the knowledge of whom you are.
The second testimony comes with a man who had a Diarrhea for not less than three days. He had taken tablets [drug] but the condition was worsening. Somebody who had attended our seminars directed him to us and we gave him a dose of a single day and was healed. The next Sabbath went to church and thanked God for the healing. There are many other stories and I shall keep updating since I now have access to internet in my office.

Pr Kitokwa
Kasesse, Uganda
October 2012

Editor: note this is plain charcoal [not activated] that has be ground and sifted to a fine powder.

Swollen knee
Jean-Louis is in his 70’s. He has been very active his whole life. So no surprise that there are some accumulated aches and pains. One issue has been his swollen knee and right ankle that has been a problem for a number of years.
Virginia, his wife, like so many wives is the researcher and innovator when it comes to health issues. She has become impressed with some of the benefits of charcoal as a medicinal and has been introducing the idea to Jean Luis. He decided to make a charcoal poultice, all be it not that carefully, and put it on. Remember, this is a problem that has dogged him for some years. Well the charcoal poultice worked like a charm and he is convinced.
Now he has a question, “What about a squamous cell carcinoma?” Jean-Louis was born in northern France but raised in the African Sahara. A light complexion takes a lot of abuse from the sun in such a climate. So now he has this skin problem and wants to know if a charcoal poultice will work for that.
We have had a couple reports of charcoal poultice helping with a melanoma skin cancer, so it seems it is worth a try. One thing I am trying to remind people who will be trying charcoal poultices on a regular basis is to make sure they give the skin a couple hours at least to dry out between applications. Otherwise the skin can become quite bleached, wrinkled and irritated from repeated exposure to the poultice material and plastic if it is used to cover the area. So, be sure to allow the skin to dry out before reapplying another poultice.
Another simple remedy reported to work well for skin cancers is Eggplant.
August 2012
Carolyn and Keith work in northern Uganda teaching health and constructing water projects. Carolyn applied charcoal poultices to a long standing wound (50 years) on an elderly woman that showed improvement for a period of time then began to swell and became very painful. A doctor friend was consulted who gave a diagnosis of osteomyelitis and because of extensive experience recommended surgery. Sometime after the surgery I wrote:
I cannot say for sure, but I think the charcoal poultice was actually beginning to draw the infection out of the bone and so the swelling. That is a typical reaction. In many cases the charcoal will draw the swelling to a head and the wound will rupture on its own, or can be lanced.  

After a 50-year history, and being, of recent, relatively stable, it seems it was the charcoal that triggered the swelling. In my experience that would have been a positive sign. Of course I cannot be sure and I can understand your concern. Given the long history, I would have kept applying the charcoal for another week and watched to see if the infection was coming to the surface.

In any case, something to consider for “next time” especially if no surgeon was handy or affordable.

Carolyn wrote:
Hi John,
Thanks for your reply.  You may be entirely correct in your assessment of that wound.  Dr. Opio has extensive experience with osteomyelitis and getting the wounds healed so I just couldn’t go against his evaluation and willingness to work with her.  She will now have a skin grafting in a couple of days.  Only God knows if that would have healed just with charcoal.  But here’s the good story – That family made up a batch of home charcoal per your instructions with us watching the entire process.  We know they did it right.  A few nights later, their two youngest children started vomiting and had severe diarrhea.  So they were given a spoonful of the charcoal with a glass of water – neither rejected it and they are 3 years old  and 16 months old.  The whole family has continued to use it daily for the last 2 months and NO ONE has had any illness, and the diarrhea has never returned since that first dose.  Praise God!  The little one was looking so malnourished with a huge belly, most likely worms.  He is now looking healthy and is filling out, standing well and much stronger.  The dad, Pastor Richard, does the translations for the seminar for back care that I do, and he adds in the Charcoal Remedy at the end with his own story.  Little by little we are moving people toward using it.  We will be more prepared when we return early next year.
August 2012
Stave IV Fungating Breast Cancer
Dear Mr. John Dinsley,
I thank God for the opportunity to write this email to you. By God’s grace my wife and I had the chance to attend the charcoal remedy seminar at the Ann Arbor church on April 2012. We learned so many good things about charcoal remedies in that seminar. My mother, who lives in India was diagnosed with stage IV fungative breast cancer and started Chemo on April 2012. She had a big wound (size of a palm) with drainage and bad odor. After attending the seminar we informed and educated our parents about the charcoal treatment and explained how to make charcoal poultice to put on the wound. We also asked her to drink charcoal twice a day. With prayer my dad helped to prepare and apply charcoal poultice on top of the wound which was on her left breast. By the amazing grace of God within two weeks the drainage and the bad odor had gone completely and the wound started to heal. Within two months, since she stared using the charcoal poultice, the wound was completely healed. My brother who lives is Middle East called my mother and told her that when he comes to India she needs to show her wound to his wife who is a nurse. My mother replied to him saying that his wife will not be able to identify where the wound was. By God’s grace the wound was healed without any scar. At first when she was diagnosed with stage IV fungative breast cancer the doctors who treat her with Chemo told her that the fungative cancer wound will not heal fast and sometime it might not heal at all. Now the doctors who treat her are so surprise with the progress. After the wound was healed she had mastectomy and one axillary lymph node was taken out, which was metastasized. After the surgery in the month of July, 2012 my mom was complaining about severe intense pain in her left axilla. Again she started applying charcoal poultice over left axilla with prayer. Her pain was relieved within six hours and never came back. I thank our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for the great miracle that he has been doing in my mother’s life.
Ann Arbor, Michigan
August 2012
Eye Problems – Cataracts – Glaucoma
Macular Degeneration
Carrie is a certified Orthotist and certified Massage Therapist Instructor. Having recently taught at a natural health institute she had some familiarity with medicinal charcoal and charcoal poultices. She shares some of her new revelations.
My Experience with using Charcoal for my eyes.
Activated charcoal has long been used both internally to help detoxify the body and  reduce excess intestinal gas. Externally it is used in a bath or made into topical poultices to reduce inflammation and pain by drawing out toxins.  As I have become more acquainted with activated charcoal, I keep finding new ways to try using it. Charcoal never ceases to amaze me with the wonderful results it gives.
I have one good eye that I see with. The other eye, my right eye, never developed central vision. According to my eye doctor, central vision is developed between the ages of two and six. If you don’t have it by then, you never will. My peripheral vision is normal, but the central vision is a big blurr. Like with macular degeneration, glasses don’t help nearly as much as you wish they would.
A friend started making eyepads that held activated charcoal in them. She said the eyepad (covers both eyes with a single pad and she added a strap) could be used either moist like a regular poultice or dry for wearing at night while I sleep. Between work and the computer, my eyes are often not only tired but red by evening. Having witnessed other amazing applications of charcoal poultices and what they had miraculously done, I decided to try the eyepad, thinking it might refresh my eyes.
The first time I wore the eyepad, I used it as a moist  application, having warmed it in my kitchen steamer basket for a couple of minutes. I was not prepared for what came next. I put the eyepad on and laid down, thinking I would sleep with it on. I almost immediately felt a dull ache and throbbing in both my eyes.
My left good eye gradually felt better and the dull ache went away with the eyepad on. But in my right eye, the one without central vision, the achiness and throbbing actually increased until it was almost unbearable. But I managed to keep the eyepad on for an hour and 40 minutes. I then took it off without getting up, setting it on the bedside table, rolled over and went to sleep. The following morning when I got up I had the shock of my life. The vision in my right eye was noticeably improved!  I used the eyepad again several nights later with a similar experience, except the aching and throbbing in my right eye wasn’t as bad as the first time.
I must confess that I have not been really consistent with using the eyepad. After the initial several times, I got real busy and stopped using it for several months even though I excitedly shared with friends and family about my discovery.
I now use the eyepad dry and wear it all night several nights a week. I continue to experience gradual improvement in the vision in my right eye. The vision is sufficiently improved that when I am driving on country roads without any traffic (and yes, I live where there are country roads without traffic!), I shut my left eye and practice looking with my right eye’s new found central vision so it gets used to be used.
Sharing my experience with charcoal for my eyes is motivating others who are getting great results!
Elderly man with Glaucoma
My mother told a friend of hers about my early experiences with using the charcoal eyepad. My mother’s friend’s husband had severe glaucoma. So severe, in fact, that his eye doctor was having trouble controlling the pressure in his eyes using  prescription glaucoma medication. My mother’s friend decided to order an eyepad for him.  She figured it couldn’t hurt and there was always the possibility that it might help.
He faithfully wore the eyepad all night, every night, using it dry. He wore it for four months and was then declared glaucoma free. Needless to say, both he and his wife are very happy.
Elderly woman with macular degeneration.
Another friend that I had told about the eyepad ended up ordering one for an elderly friend (age 89) in another state who has severe macular degeneration.
One day I got a phone call at home from the 89 year old woman. She had gotten my phone number from our mutual friend and wanted to talk with me about the charcoal eyepad. She had received the eyepad for mother’s day 2012.
 She called me the first time on June 3, 2012.  She told me that her macular degeneration is quite severe. In fact, her eye doctors at an eye clinic at a major medical center have told her that they have never seen macular degeneration as severe as hers. They had also told her there was nothing they could do for her vision. She told me she had two large solid black spots or circles in her vision.  Then first time she telephoned me she had been using the eyepad for 2 ½ weeks. She was moistening the eyepad in her vegetable steamer and wearing it for 30 minutes once a day. In the 2 ½ weeks that she had been using it, she reported that the black circles now had holes of light coming through them, and, the edges were now lacy instead of solid. I told her she could also wear it dry at night if she liked. That people were reporting good results with it dry when worn all night.
She called me again on July 29,  2012. The weather had been hot enough over the last two weeks that she was not spending time in the garden so she was moistening the eyepad and wearing it for 4-5 times a day for 30 minutes each, and she was wearing it dry all night as well. She is getting very noticeable improvements in her vision. The man who rents a room from her commented one day to her that her hand-writing was smaller. She told me that it used to take a whole page of paper for her to write out one thing she wanted from the grocery store. Now she can get ten lines on a page. She had a dream where she was told to look at a deck of cards and look at the numbers and the colors. She says she can now hold the playing cards  twelve to fifteen inches from her face and read the numbers, where she used to have to hold a playing card up right in front of her eye in order to tell what the number was. She says she can also read some of the letters on labels now.  She is getting very excited about her increasing vision.

August 2012

Sintering Metal Clay
You have probably heard by now of a new application for activated carbon: sintering metal clay in a kiln. The carbon serves to create a reducing atmosphere, meaning decreasing the amount of oxygen present around base metal clay. One of the problems we encounter as metal clay artists is that not every carbon works. I have been working successfully with coconut shell based, acid washed, size 12 x 40, but it turns out that the carbon with the same specification differs from one supplier to another. For example, for the same carbon from another manufacturer to work, I had to raise the firing temperature by 100 degrees. I was wondering if you could shed some light on the different carbons in respect to this specific application. I am a teaching artist and manufacturer of a certain brand of metal clay, and would like to be able to tell my students and customers what they should be looking for and where they can get it.
Thanks you for your time,

Hadar Jacobson (Art in Metal Clay)
Editor: Thank you for introducing us to this fascinating new use of activated charcoal (AC) – who would have guessed!

The difference you noted in product performance may have to do more with your application. Most AC applications are for removing contaminants. You are using the AC to adsorb oxygen, and AC does adsorb oxygen, so much so, that on the MSDS, one potential hazard is for those working with large amounts of AC (multiple tons) in enclosed areas. AC can cause a significant depletion of oxygen which may result in asphyxiation.
While the sizing of granular charcoal is fairly standardized, the total surface area can vary significantly from one manufacturer to another. Since surface area would affect oxygen adsorption it is not hard to understand that you would see variation in performance. Because manufacturers purchase raw materials from various countries, as in the case of coconuts, it would be no guarantee that product purchased from the same manufacturer would be consistent. Even within a production Lot, we have noted on the COA that there can be a range of values for moisture content which would also influence your firing temperature to some degree. Because of these inherent variations, I think your best solution is to not only purchase from the same manufacturer, but purchase in amounts that would give you the most consistency for whatever project you are working on. If you were able to project your annual use, I would think a distributor would be able to warehouse enough from a single LOT to give you the consistency you want to maintain. I am sure Charcoal House LLC (BuyActivatedCharcoal.com) would be willing to work with you.

Prednisone withdrawal
My husband is tapering off of prednisone and also stopped using topical steroid cream for eczema. We have found excellent information on the internet about topical steroid addiction, how the problem is not eczema for many people, but an addiction to steroid cream. Withdrawal is real hell for many people and they have a support group: itsan.org http://itsan.org. When I read their stories it is so sad and I often wonder if charcoal could not help some of them… can I use charcoal in another way for tapering off prednisone? Do you have any experience or information? Thank you.
Yes, steroids are hard on the body and can be difficult to withdraw from. Activated charcoal is often used in conjunction with other Cleansing/Detox Programs to help minimize the Herxheimer reaction or to support the kidneys and liver as they do their cleansing work. What cleansing program you would use will be a matter of research and some trial and error.
Personally, I know that a simple total plant-based diet is of tremendous help. I also know that animal foods definitely complicate drug withdrawal. I have used a total plant-based diet in drug cessation programs I have conducted and participants experienced far less withdrawal even when people quit cold turkey. On a plant-based diet (alkaline ash) the body does not “dump” the alkaloids and other toxins from the tissue as quickly as with an animal-based diet (acid-ash). The benefit is, the body tapers off more evenly – the tissue lets go of the drugs into the bloodstream more slowly so there is no “cold turkey” reaction.
 Of course lots of water inside and outside to help the flushing. Exercise to promote sweating and minimize withdrawal.
 I also highly recommend going to one of the Lifestyle Centers we link to on our site. I have worked at several of them and have seen the benefits of their programs.

Be sure to check them out and contact them for information. I hope this is of some help.
Charcoal Doctor
Hallo brother,
Hope all is well, thank you very much for writing such a wonderful book of Charcoal Remedies, through it, I have helped a lot of people.
May God grant you more wisdom.
Dr. Ssali David.
Kampala Uganda
July 2012
A Charcoal Family
I have had the book CharcoalRemedies.com for a few years and have read it all at least once and most of it more than once. I am a mother of nine. Charcoal is used in our home weekly, if not daily. I will share some of our experiences in case they would help someone else.
My children willingly take charcoal and ask for poultices as they have seen the wonderful results. Some have read some of the book. Recently one of my teenage son's friends got stung by a wasp. My son said, "You need a charcoal poultice." (He would have gotten one from our refrigerator.) The friend wanted to tough it out and suffered for it! I keep charcoal/flax poultices in my refrigerator most of the time. When my children get stung they run in the house (past me!) and get a poultice. Not only does it help the pain immediately but being cold from the refrigerator makes it all the more soothing. One child got stung on the back by a red wasp. He reacts very badly. The swelling on his back was the circumference of a dinner plate! We used poultices of charcoal and flax. He would try and go without a poultice for a time but the pain would return. We kept a poultice on it day and night for several days until it healed.
One child had a finger that was swollen and sore. I put a charcoal/flax poultice that day and another overnight. The next morning you could see al the puss right at the surface. We drained it and put on another poultice. By evening all was fine.
We had a baby goat that would not eat. It appeared to be bloated. It was a goat we were bottle feeding. I mixed some charcoal into its milk. After one dose, she was improved in a matter of hours.
Whenever any of our goats get diarrhea we mix charcoal and molasses and put it in a large syringe and get it into them. Once a goat was very ill and lethargic and had diarrhea. She would not eat. It took several days of giving her charcoal and molasses 2-3 times a day but she got better. Another goat had an infected hoof. We mixed charcoal, flax, and water and packed her hoof. We covered it with plastic, a sock and a rubber band (not too tight.) She was fine the next day.
If anyone has diarrhea they take charcoal tablets or a charcoal slurry. For adults I mix 1 T. in an 8 oz glass of water. That is usually all it takes but we repeat as needed. For children, they take a couple of charcoal tablets. Even my 11 month old baby chewed up a charcoal tablet for diarrhea that he had from what I think was teething. It helped that day.
When children have had pinkeye, I put 1 t. of charcoal into a couple of ounces of water. Then I strain out the charcoal through a coffee filter. I put a drop or two into each infected eye a few times a day and it is usually resolved in a day or two.
I have had some kind of rash on my arm for months. I have tried many, many natural remedies. Sometimes it gets a little better but then it gets worse. The thing that helps the most is charcoal poultices. It helps the itching and pain and inflammation. I will use the poultices day and night for a week at a time and it will be
95% better, but as soon as I stop the poultices it starts to come back. I don't know if it is eczema or a staph infection or what. I am still working with it. I am starting to add charcoal internally to my routine to see if that will help.
When I read the testimonies on the buyactivatedcharcoal.com website, I praise the Lord for giving us such a simple, inexpensive, easily obtainable remedy. We have saved a lot of money and a lot of doctor visits over the years by using charcoal!
Thank you for your website and products!
God bless you!
Mrs. Ryan
July 2012
By the way, the rash on my arm seems to be well, except for some residual redness.  I added a charcoal slurry to my afternoon routine and have been taking tumeric and Borage Oil morning and evening.  Praise the Lord!
August 2012
Eye Cataracts
My wife Elizabeth (Lys) had operations for cataracts on both eyes and they subsequently became inflamed, (very red and extremely painful) in 2010 (Oct/Dec). The consultant put her on steroids eye drops. Both he and the pharmacist who dispensed the drops gave strong warnings not to use the drops for more than two weeks as the side effects could cause blindness. Eleven months later they were still prescribing the same drops on a regular basis as they said there was no other treatment for the condition.

Then in 2010 we attended the Light School, Medical Missionary training. She read about E.G. White recommending the use of a charcoal poultice (Selected Messages p. 294). for the eyes. We applied a charcoal poultice over the eyes for two nights and then used a charcoal eyewash on the eyes twice a day for the next three weeks.

Three months later the consultant asked if she was still on the drops because the eyes appeared to be very clear. When she told him she had stopped the drops months before he asked what she had used as the eyes were completely clear at the back and there was no inflammation. She told him she had used charcoal and he said “please continue using it as it has worked very well”. Eighteen months later, just last week, she visited the optician for a check-up. The optician said the eyes had “greatly improved and were very stable”. To God be the glory! She remains pain free, and has never used the steroid drops since.

Her vision has actually improved and she continues to glorify God and give her testimony.
God bless
June 2012
Tooth Pain
Charco poultice on Memorial Day. My husband has his face swollen, and a tooth pain, no way to go, no dentist available, so, I took the charco container, made a charco poultice using a gauze, applied to his sore spot, between the gum and the lip, the abcess rupture and a large amount of fluid came out, the pain was gone immediately, and his face coming back to normal, the poultice was changed very often, until just blood was coming out. Now he is able to have his dentist appoiment on june 12. CHARCO has been in my life very import and, living in the Amazon jungle, for seven years among the Indians. I was baptized as Dr. Charco, and my four children were my patients also, so after their 40’s, my family and friends still calling me the same, and is because the miracle and unknown product call CHARCO,
June 2012
Infected Toe
I have a daughter-in-law that has poor circulation in her legs and feet. She has had surgery at the male clinic in Cleveland OH. Her big toe on her right foot is turning black and doctor said she would end up having it removed because of little blood, if any, traveling in the foot. I had her soak her foot in charcoal and warm water (read in your book) for 20 minutes she socked it and it help her foot not hurt so bad, but after 20 minutes she couldn't stand it any longer. She did this for several days. She could sleep better and was having no pain for a few hours.  I had her do it at least 2 times a day.  Her toe was also not as black. After a few days the toe under the toenail now is very painful and looks like a boil or full of puss. She is afraid to have her husband lance it because the last time she had a small cut on her toe (before doing the charcoal bath) it took months to heal and was very black. I was wondering if the puss is because of what the charcoal has been drawing out of the veins. She said they were going to wait awhile and see what happens before trying the charcoal again. I had they use charcoal [made from] firewood. Please let me know what you think and if you had ever had a patient with this problem. Also she is not diabetic and has Burgers disease. Thank you and I am enjoying reading your book and believe in using charcoal.
June 2012
Hello Judy. Thank you for contacting us.

I cannot say for sure what is happening but you are probably correct about the charcoal having a drawing effect. You will read in our book about charcoal poultices pulling out thorns, pieces of broken bone... So it would not be surprising if it is drawing the infection out.

If they keep applying the charcoal poultice it will not harm anything. It may cause the boil/abscess to burst on its own and drain.

I would have them use activated charcoal, but obviously the plain charcoal is working. Please keep us posted.
Breast Cancer
After our visit to Uganda in January 2010, Pastor Kitokwa who did much of our translating, encouraged his wife to start charcoal poultices after she returned home from breast cancer surgery. He wrote this year with some updates:

"I am sorry not to have sent you some stories and photos concerning the charcoal remedy. I want to tell you that you brought the sure medicine, which many have proved [a] sure medicine including myself. My wife had resistant pain due to [breast] cancer but when she started with charcoal she no more has pain all over her body. She used it for 6 months and after she opted to use it once a week. She has had no body problems. I will send to you her photo with a breast cut. She is a happy woman with charcoal remedy and she can preach about it better than me. She has done that work very well.
The second [story] is the president of our Field. He got the stomach problem with abdominal pains. I directed him to charcoal but first resisted the medicine. We encouraged him to try and the very first time, the stomach was relieved and there was no headache any more. We praised God for what you brought to us. I will soon send to you his personal testimony.
More stories are yet to come." [see above man with burn on back]
Pastor Kitokwa

Editor: note this is plain charcoal [not activated] that has be ground and sifted to a fine powder.

Malaria Fever and Charcoal Babies
Willy is the Director of Rural Health Care Foundation (RHCF), an NGO working in Uganda building simple clean water supply systems, and also operates an orphanage for HIV/AIDS children. We met him in 2011 while in Uganda and he shared more of his personal experience during the past year. Willy recently wrote:
“…in fact I receive a lot of short stories about charcoal, but I don't have pictures of the people telling [their experience]. One thing about charcoal it cures a lot of different disease like for me in three weeks I caught malaria while I was on the way coming from Mubende town, by the time I reached home it was high, I took 2 spoons of charcoal powder in a full cup of water. The next day was ok without any feeling of fever. And another story of people affected with HIV, charcoal helps them to gain strength faster, I had a lot of stories about it.

Greetings from RHCF Uganda, before we started using charcoal, Gladys [Willy's wife] conceived and after five month we got a miscarriage we didn’t know what was the problem and after a serious test in her womb they found that she had fibroids and we were told that the only way of treating it is through going under surgical operation, we decided to use herbs and we chosen charcoal as a remedy for our problem few months again she was pregnant, and each week she was drinking a glass of charcoal and she was feel good no fever she had enough energy she didn’t take any prescribed drug from clinics for a period of nine months then she gave birth to a baby boy and now the boy looks good and health. Thanks you.
Charcoal is a remedy  to many human difficulties.
Kampala Uganda
May 2012

Editor: While in Uganda this past February, we had Willy and Gladys come to one of our seminars to give their experience. After giving her testimony, Gladys had her cousing come up and give hers. It seems her cousin was not even able to conceive and so Gladys suggested taking charcoal which she did. Here she is giving her testimony - she is three months pregnant. The audience burst into clapping, shouting and loud AMENs. You will also see baby Ryan is truly a "charcoal" baby.

Body Bags - Hold Your Breath!
Years ago we used army surplus charcoal (in square cans). You would simply punch holes in both sides of the can (with an ice pick & put the can into the area that needed deodorized.)  These cans of charcoal had grim use during the war, (WWII).  Cans like that were pieced (to alow them to work) & then tossed into body bags with bodies of men who were killed in action, before transporting the bodies.  I figured if charcoal could absorb odor from bodies, it would surely absorb odor from the inside of the freezer.   The meats that had thawed in the freezer were the worst source of the odor.  Spoiled vegetables are not pleasant smelling, but spoiled chicken & beef roast, smell hideous, and are very difficult to eradicate.
Hope this helps.

Science Project
Rebeccah contacted us way back in the 2009 school year asking about granular charcoal for a school project. The project was a success, the school year ended, we all forgot about posting on our website. We eventually remembered and Rebeccah partially reconstructed her project, sent a picture plus notes and graphs, and we finally put it together. Thank you Rebeccah.