2013 Your Stories (July)
Our neighbor is a vetrinarian who has her own herd of horses she has nursed back to health. Jesse heads out with a supply of VetDtox.

Special report from Northern Uganda

Special report from Malawi

Days to Live
We met Willy a few years ago while conducting health programs in Uganda. Willy is the director of an NGO that overseas water well installations and an AIDS/HIV orphanage. He and his wife have become enthusiastic believers in the power of even natural charcoal powder. But, even with numerous miraculous experiences both with their own family and others, Willy was naturally intimidated and fearful to suggest charcoal in what looked to all as a hopeless case. In his own words:
"...Previous I treated a boy who was burnt with hot water and was taken to a clinic. He failed to get cured. By the time we approached them [the family] the boy was remained with few days to die, because all the body was producing puss and was smelling, and when you touch on him you come with the skin in your finger tips. I even feared to treat him with charcoal because I was thinking in my heart that I may spread him with charcoal and [if he] fail to get cured and after ward he will die, I feared people to say that charcoal has killed that boy. Then I prayed in my heart and received courage within my heart. I boiled charcoal mixed with cassava flour and Aloevera, then after placed it on the parts of the body which are affected. We didn't remove it for one week. After [another] one and half week the boy was found cured.

I didn't have a camera but I tried using my phone and it was not clear but [this story] can give you a good imagination about it."

Here are the BEFORE and AFTER pictures Willy took.




When we find ourselves bewildered what to do, may we do as Willy, pray in our heart. Surely the God of heaven, who even sees the sparrow that falls to the ground, will hear and direct our minds to some simple remedy near at hand, whether it is cold water, some plant leaves or even charcoal.

Diabetes & Kidney Failure
"We have a special real true miracle to share with you that happened here recently. There was a retired pastor that was dying in ICU when we arrived. He was a diabetic of 30 plus years and had a complication with a foot infection and his kidneys had went into complete failure. For a time everyone thought he was going to die and at one point he too, wanted to die. But the Lord worked a miracle. The Lord impressed Dr. John to go visit him after the hospital released him home to be on dialysis for what they said would be the rest of his life. When John visited, the pastor and his wife, they were willing to try things differently, following the health principles outlined in books such as Ministry of Healing, Counsels on Diet and Foods and Healthful Living.

He began to do all that John laid out for him which included charcoal poultices over his kidneys and infected/ulcerated foot, a radical change in his diet, drinking much more water, exercising and other things and within several weeks his foot ulcer/ infection healed up, he was taken completely off dialysis and he was no longer on ANY medication for diabetes: his blood sugars being completely in the normal range. To all (the pastor, his wife, their family, the church members, the physicians treating him, and other patients that knew him, etc) it was completely a miracle. He lost over 45 pounds over several months. It was a real blessing to our hearts to see his life spared so dramatically and his health turn around for the better. He is still very weak and struggles to push himself to exercise and regain his muscles and strength back, but he knows that the health message given by God is true. He is a different man and is witnessing about health everywhere he goes now. Isn't that wonderful? Please pray for him and his wife. They are very special people and dear to our hearts.
Julie CLark
July 2013

[To learn more how to treat Diabetes naturally be sure to get the DVD "Diabetes – The Butter With The Sweet" by Dr John Clark M.D.]

Synthetic Fragrance Headache
To: Kimberly and the Staff of BuyActivatedCharcoal.com,
All three of our family members are sensitive to certain synthetic fragrances at different degrees.  None-the-less, we each get put out by terrible migraines by some of them. Each of us have experienced the rescue of Activated Charcoal many times over right after exposure...

Right off (when the migraine starts to kick in) we take 1Tbsp. of Activated Charcoal [powder] with water. After say about 20 minutes later we are feeling much, much better. If we do have somewhat of a migraine after charcoal ~ it is VERY manageable and we can carry on our tasks normally. Sometimes we will continue taking just a little charcoal as the day/night progresses depending on our symptoms.

In the world of 'scented toxic chemicals', I'm not sure what we would do without AC! To say the least, we all have AC with us wherever we go!!

Thank you for doing the beautiful work you all are doing! A lot of it may go unnoticed, but know that there are many of us whom are thankful for ALL the hard work and dedicated hours you put into changing and making a difference in so many lives! Thankful are we!

The experiences below happened a few months after taking a heaping 1/2 tsp. - 1 tsp., of activated charcoal 2x's per day.

Those of you out there who eat and eat just to maintain and live, know what I'm talking about. Others often envy us, but we know the truth - the most difficult journey that we face day in and day out, just to survive.
Many stories over I do have, but this one fact will put it into perspective. My husband being 6' 10" (that is right....I'm 5' 5") I have out ate him constantly our entire marriage (Talk about embarrassing as you may be able to imagine all my life being this way...not to mention the envy through life of those who could just eat ~ to eat and had muscle and tone that I could never reach; no matter how hard I tried.)
that is until I incorporated charcoal into my daily diet. Most of the time now, he out eats me! I'm not going to say that I eat like a 'normal' person, no, more volume than an average person, but none the less, we have seen leaps and bounds in my improvement. Gaining weight still isn't happening, but we expect that in the future, as we know 'healing' is often a journey.
Sick Kidneys
Since young, I have had kidney pain in the morning, abnormal urine analysis, a lot of blood in the urine (can be seen with the eyes), and more.
After being on AC for approx. 3 months, I noticed that there was a lot less blood in my urine and at times, none at all! When seeing my ND, again, a urine analysis was done ~ NO BLOOD! That is the first one that I have ever had in my whole life, since testing, that I have not had blood in my urine!! I teared as well as my ND. “Keep up the AC”, I was told...”keep it up, Wendy!” (because of the volume of blood in my urine I've had many tests ~ which made me extremely ill)
Very Low Red Blood Count
Also my white and red blood counts have been very low (sometimes at a dead/dying level) ever since my blood has been tested; along with the red blood cells not being mature. After about 6 months of taking AC, I saw my Bio-Chemist Doctor for testing etc; along with previous blood work. My Red blood cell count was the lowest number in the 'average' range! So, I heard the same words from my Bio-Chemist Doctor, “do not ever stop taking the AC, Wendy, keep it up!” (the only other time I had RBC at this level was right after mercury removal & cavitations cleaned up ~ under Dr. Huggins clinic, but the count quickly went back down.)
More than once, my husband has heard her me say, "I'm so thankful that our Saviour has given unto me the desire to research AC and it being one of the things that I needed to incorporate." Originally I stalled in taking AC for the concern with it adsorbing the nutrients that my body required, for I'm so very skinny...etc. Now I am diving into more information. With prayer and God's help; I have come to the conclusion that AC adsorbs some of the compounds that are an hindrance/poison to our bodies...so thankful to our Lord and activated charcoal ~ in addition to the staff of BuyActivatedCharcoal.com.
July 2013

Pancreatic Cancer
Over five years ago we became acquainted with Pastor David, who reviewed this testimony for its accuracies. Kimberly has talked with Pastor David a number of times through the years, who is a pastor of an Evangelical church in Louisiana, USA. David was having stomach problems of which the doctors were treating with acid reflux meds. One day, over 5 ½ years ago now, he had an acute pain attack in his abdomen, which sent him to the doctor. The doctor explained sadly that he had pancreatic cancer and that David needed an operation immediately.
Pastor David said that he had to pray about it first, to which the Dr. replied, “You can pray about it on your way to the reception desk to get yourself checked in.” Pastor David is a man of prayer, and he went home instead to bring his concerns to his Heavenly Father, and to this day, he is so glad that he did.
Pastor David started to do all the research he could on pancreatic cancer. He discovered charcoal and read John’s book, Charcoal Remedies.com, The Complete Handbook On Medicinal Charcoal. He called us and placed an order for a very large amount of the coconut shell very fine activated charcoal powder.
At first he started taking the charcoal orally, but because his stomach was so compromised, it was causing too much constipation, so instead he began to apply charcoal topically, for charcoal has the ability to draw toxins from deep tissue.
He made large poultices to cover his entire trunk. In time, his wife made a vest out of natural diapers, in the design basically like a life vest, that you wear to protect yourself from drowning. He would make a large amount of the charcoal jelly, apply it liberally to the inside of the vest, then press it on his front and back trunk and tie it securely with tabs he had his wife sew on for him, and then he would call it a night and retire to his bed, knowing that his body heals the most while sleeping. So while Pastor David slept the charcoal was busy pulling out toxins and poisons.
Charcoal has no nutritive value whatsoever. Its claim to fame is that it draws out toxins and poisons to itself and because we are fearfully and wonderfully made, our bodies, now being rid of major toxins can do what they were designed to do, and that is heal themselves.
And that is what happened, Pastor David’s body healed itself. Pastor David not only applied prayer along with his charcoal, but he read all that he could to help his body fight its hardest. He gave up meat eating and became a total vegetarian and learned all that he could about the best possible herbs and their applications for pancreatic cancer. Not only does he now have a large garden in his back yard, he has also educated himself on the dangers of excito-toxins and eats organically as far as possible.
Pastor David, now cancer free, is a walking miracle and he gives all thanks and praise to his Heavenly Father who guided him to the use of simple and natural remedies. (For your information, to this day, Pastor David still applies the above mentioned charcoal poultice every night to be on the safe side, and he has become quite a charcoal enthusiast!)
Pastor David
July 2013
[Pastor David now purchases the USP Detox 1600]
Wounded Puppy
The neighbor’s dog, a Pit Bull, killed one of Pastor David’s, Boxer puppies and severely injured a second puppy, leaving it with a 2” gash where the leg meets the trunk and the poor little leg was just flopping and was barely attached. His daughter was grief stricken.
It was Saturday night and there were no vets open. David made a charcoal poultice, using colloidal silver in place of water and placed the little leg where it should be and wrapped the puppy up comfortably snug in a charcoal poultice, but told his daughter that he was pretty sure the pup was going to die.
Lo and behold, on Sunday morning, the puppy was very much alive and so they put a fresh poultice on it and watched it closely.
When he called the vet on Monday, the vet said it was too late for stitches, so he didn’t even bother to bring him in. For two weeks, he and his family kept applying charcoal poultices and with a lot of tender loving care, to their amazement, the wound healed and came together with no infections and the puppy was beginning to walk again!
A few more weeks and the little pup was running without even a limp and the puppy that they thought was going to die, was sold and went to a loving home.
Pastor David
Drinking Water

Greetings. Thank you for providing unto many, 'clean' sources of activated charcoal, a blessing indeed.

The town in which we reside, had a grant to re-do some of the water issues that they felt needed attention. Plastic pipes were put in all around town and the wonderful 'natural' storage tank we had/have was then treated with some sort of toxic paint (on the inside). To say the least, the water has never tasted as clean and pure than the days prior to the 'plastics' coming in. With so many sensitivities to synthetic compounds/chemicals my body was rejecting our drinking water. After adding just a tiny bit of activated charcoal powder to my 2 qt. canning jar that sits on the counter for drinking water (still doing); I have been able to drink as much water as my body desires. A blessing, indeed!

Have a blessed day with our Lord,

July 2013

Pseudomonas & Pain resulting from Lung Cancer Treatment
“Dear Kimberly My sister was diagnosed with stage-four lung cancer, about four years ago. She was told that if she didn't do radiation and chemo to shrink the tumor and then have surgery, that she would not see her son turn 18 years old. She was committed to this course of action when I came to her home with herb and diet books. We studied them together and came up with a plan that she would do alongside the conventional treatments. We prayed, coming boldly before the throne of grace, for God to help and to save her life. She was 48 years old and embarked on a new life of seeking God in a deeper way, making many changes in her diet, learning to research and try new things. I gathered the herbs we had decided upon and sent them and the information to her and she took it to ask her doctor, who agreed to the plan.

She had the surgery four months later and they removed 17 lymph glands and 1/3 of her lung. They had feared the tumor was too close to her heart and of such a size that they would not be able to remove all of it. They removed about a quarter-sized tumor and we praised The Lord. The surgery had gone better than expected. She had called me before the surgery to make provisions for her death.

Tubes, put in under her breastbone for the surgery, were forgotten and left in 24 hours too long, and improperly removed in haste, when this was discovered. An infection set in, which resulted in extreme swelling. The doctors did not know what it was and were giving her extreme doses of prednisone to attempt to bring down the swelling, as well as, repeated doses of antibiotics to resolve an unknown infection. The newest of these was sitting unopened on the counter, when I arrived and she had been told to expect severe side effects from it, because it was so strong and she was so weak. The swelling around the breastbone was so large that it was larger than her breast and she was in immense pain and stress at every movement she made. Nothing was helping to give her any relief. This was in November and the surgery had been in January.

I had gotten a ride to Spokane with some folks who were giving a charcoal remedies seminar that weekend at a Seventh-day Adventist church. They gave me the presentation in the car as we drove along. My sister began making and putting on the poultices and had the first relief of pain in ten months. The pain and swelling began to subside immediately and within two days she was so much better that she sounded like a new person. On the phone, I could audibly hear the stress she had been under was reversed. I had also brought silver to her and she chose to do this rather than the antibiotic. When she went to the doctor he said she had the first clear mucous in ten months and was amazed at the reduction in swelling. They were now able to determine that this area around the breastbone was the site of an infection for the first time. The swelling had been too great to tell that previously!

My sister read Charcoalremedies.com and was so excited she took her amazing discovery to the physicians that were treating her and left the book for them, thinking so many more people could be helped by it. They did read it and later prescribed charcoal for her. What happened was that they had a theory that the nerves had become elongated after the surgery and had wrapped around the breastbone, pulling it down and this was allowing the infection to get into the bone. They were thinking of doing a procedure to cut and deaden the nerves. First they would try an injection which would mimic the effects, however there were risks that my sister would have a severe reaction and they would have to hospitalize her and remove the substance before it hardened and began to cut her internally. Well she did have the reaction, but was fearful of being back in the hospital after having such bad experiences there and she pleaded with her doctor for some other way to resolve this. The doctor called back and said they would try the charcoal first. Up to this time, she had been told not to take charcoal internally, because she was on so many medications around the clock. She had also had to stop using the charcoal after this procedure, since they didn't want it to pull out the substance they had injected at the site. But this morning they said to take the charcoal internally, as well as, put on the poultice and if the swelling started to come down she could try the charcoal instead of going to the hospital. Within three hours she could report that the charcoal was indeed helping and she continued on a schedule of charcoal slurry around her medications, and charcoal poultices. At the end of the week the substance was all gone.

They finally told her the name of the infection her body was being ravaged by (since the cancer treatments, prednisone and antibiotics were destroying her immune system) was called pseudomonas and that it was mutating and migrating to her head making sores on her scalp, and her heart was swollen, and once again her life was in danger. She put the Charcoal-Patch over her heart and in the morning she pulled off a slimy green, foul smelling-like rotten eggs poultice. The doctor had asked her to bring in the package from the C-Patches and I suggested she put the poultice she had just removed into the empty package, which she did. I was told that is exactly what the pseudomonas is like in a Petri dish, green and smells like rotten eggs. When the doctor saw this he began to purchase Charcoal-Patches for her and some of his other patients.

Charcoal has made my sister's life tolerable and without it I don't think she would be alive.

She is still precariously standing between refusing more antibiotics and going septic, as this disease has been allowed to go on for so long before being treated and has mutated over about forty antibiotic courses, some intravenously over three and one-half years.

At the UCC camp meeting last month she was held up in prayer that she would know what to do, and after a week of getting progressively worse until she could barely get out of bed, having been told antibiotics were again necessary she chose charcoal, silver and herbs. In the morning I received a message that she was giving her dog, Foxy a bath, obviously she was feeling much better!

She is even now living in faith, having said as did Peter, Command me Lord and I will step out of the boat and come to you. She is by faith walking on the water with Jesus. Please add your prayers to the many others who are lifting up my sister, Kathy, in prayer to the throne room of God, our Father and the Creator of the Universe and the merciful Savior. Amen.
July 2013
We are often asked if activated charcoal will help benefit people with pain from various causes. Yes, charcoal does help with pain. Not always, but enough people have shared their experience that making a charcoal poultice is definitely worth the effort. How is the charcoal working? We don’t know conclusively, but from what we have read and understand about charcoal and its strong attraction on thousands of different chemicals including poisons, we believe the charcoal poultice is drawing out those toxins that are triggering the pain. That activated charcoal can draw toxins from deep tissue has been documented in The Lancet medical journal (Sept 13, 1980)
Here is one recent example:
“My husband had pancreas and liver cancer and a naturopath gave us a poultice to make with charcoal, flaxseed, and water and my husband said it took the pain out instantly… For the time he was alive it helped take the pain away until he went to Hospice. I don't remember how much of each ingredient we used as that was back in 1998. It would probably be useful for my current husband as he gets terrible pains in his stomach and colon when he eats certain things. Do you know the amount or is there somewhere I can find out?
We have a friend that has been diagnosed with cancer and it is in her vertebra but that isn't where it started. They will [be] checking to see where it started next week. Will this same mixture take the pain out of her bones or is there another mixture for that?... ”
Thank you and God Bless
Crazy Lady and Redneck Cowboy
July 2013
Mosquito Bites
At the beginning of spring we received a few severe rainfalls that left an optimal breeding ground for summer mosquitoes. I was working in my garden early July and after going inside I noticed it! Mosquito bites all over my exposed skin. This happened just days after the West Nile Virus was found in my area of the country. These mosquito bites were not itchy but left small bruises and were painful to the touch. I had a particularly bad bite on my neck I first had mistaken for acne but after closer examination it looked just like the other bites and it came along with the pain. I applied some Charcoal Salve, which I had added a little extra Coconut Charcoal Powder to and within hours, not days, not weeks, the bruising had receded and the pain was subsiding. The next morning the bruise and the pain were completely gone. The only thing that remained was a bit of a bump where the bite came to a head and tiny bit of liquid came out. I am grateful for the quick relief the salve offered my mosquito bites and me.
Daniel (manager for Charcoal House LLC)
July 2013
On The Stinky Side:
We get a lot of calls on how grateful people are for how well Pure Non-Scents works on mothball odors, stinky fridges, cat urine, etc., below is a recent fridge mishap:
We recently came home from a 7-day vacation in Mexico to find that our double door refrigerator had failed sometime during our absence. It was full of frozen meat, frozen dinners, and fresh food including milk. The mess was terrible and the smell was worse. We tried for several days cleaning the interior with vinegar and water, baking soda, and charcoal briquettes, keeping the refrigerator completely open at times with external fans and closed at times with internal fans. There was some improvement but not much. After hearing about activated charcoal, we contacted Kimberly at BuyActivatedCharcoal.com who advised getting a two-lb jar of Activated Charcoal and placing it in pans and in the sachet bags included with the product. She advised us to place the pans and bags inside the refrigerator, with the doors partially closed and using fans to blow air into both sides of refrigerator. After about 24 hours using this approach, the smells are 99% gone. We are now looking forward to using our refrigerator again after eight days thanks to the advice of Kimberly.
June 2013
Mr. Johnston purchased the 2 lb, 2 qt jar of Pure NonScents to take care of his fridge. (We recommend that you don't wait for the electricity to go out, be prepared and have the Pure NonScents in your fridge at all times.)
Cheat Grass & Charcoal Salve
Our dear Canadian mutt, Annie, keeps us in charcoal stories. This time of the year there is an abundance of ‘cheat grass,’ that quickly turns brown and has little spear-shaped seeds that go in easily and can work themselves in under the skin.
One day last June, I noticed that Annie had torn out a patch of fur about 2” x 3”. Her skin was inflamed and infected and I realized that she had a cheat grass seed in her.
I grabbed my Charcoal Salve, and since this was a rather nasty sore, I put about a ½ tsp of charcoal powder on top of the salve in the tin, scratched it in and then applied it liberally to the wound. Then I covered it with a soft cloth and then wrapped her in a cloth bandage so that she could not lick it off during the night.
By morning the thorn had worked its way out and I covered her again with salve and sent her outside to let the wound air for the day. She was obviously much more comfortable as she left it alone and did not even lick it. Then at night I applied again a liberal amount of charcoal salve the same as the night before and then that was it, she was fine and I forgot to take pictures of how nicely it healed…..sigh…..
I try to always have Charcoal Salve, Capsules and Tablets with me at all times, as you never know when you or someone you love will need them.
Canine Chronic Stomach Issues
Hello, I just want to tell you how much I love your products. You are so friendly and knowledgeable when I call with questions. I have ordered several 'CharcoalRemedies.com' books to give to friends. With each book, I put together a kit with a packet of Capsules, a packet of Tablets, and two packets of Powder. Every time I order, I try some new product and have been very happy with everything I have tried.

One more thing to mention, one of my little dogs has recently developed some chronic stomach issues. After a stay in the local animal hospital, several tests and several medications, he was no better. We started giving him charcoal when he has issues and it has made a world of difference. I am so glad that I found your site.
Thank you,
May 2013
Koi fish pond
My water is starting to clear! My pond is 330 gal, so I used 1.5 lbs [of SumiBalls]
May 2013
Aquarium Bone Charcoal
Thank you so much for helping me find bone animal carbon/charcoal for my aquarium.  I had been buying it from an aquarium store that had been in business for many years and the elderly lady that owned the store became sick and closed her business without warning.  In order to buy fish from her, you had to use the bone animal charcoal only.  She sold it and told us that she got it from Scotland.  She had fish that were over 20 years old that she displayed in a large tank in the store.  She had nearly 100 tanks in the basement of her house that she ran the store out of.  The place was called Hilltop Aquarium in Torrington, Connecticut.  I have had the same fish for five years, so I really believe her system works.  My tank is 30 gallons, I clean the filter every 2 weeks, putting the same charcoal in a bowl, that I run under cold water, stirring with my hand until the water runs clear and I put it back into the filter.  I do monthly water changes taking 20% of the water out from the bottom of my tank with a siphon to remove debris while I do that.  Finally, every 2 months I replace the charcoal and the mesh bag with new ones, and I clean the new charcoal the same way as I mentioned above, in a shallow bowl under water until it runs clear. 
I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated finding your Bone Char 8 x24 mesh that matches what I had exactly used in my aquarium that I purchased from an aquarium expert that had fish live for over 2 decades--she said her fish was 26 years old.  All she told us was that she bought the charcoal/carbon from Scotland but I couldn't find it until I found your website.  I think you should consider offering this under your aquarium section calling it bone animal based.  Many of the customers from my area are searching for this and can't find it anywhere, she told us to search "bone animal carbon or bone animal charcoal" you may get more sales and I know that you will get many more grateful customers!!!!
Thank you so much again, I really appreciated the help you gave me, take care,
April 2013
 Charcoal Eyepad (no similarity to Mac iPad)
… We have started to use the Charcoal Eyepad. I used it for my eyes when they were very itching with pollen and boy did it soothe them and gave me much relief…
April 2013
Mission to Aruba & Mosquito Repellant
Dear Mr. Dinsley,
THANK YOU for writing, "CharcoalRemedies.com" Except for water filters and fish tank filters, I had no knowledge what charcoal--much less, "activated" charcoal, was but came across it on a prepper site. That very next day, a lady whom I was ordering a text book from, (and learning that we were missionaries) asked if she could also include your book (at no charge.) What a surprise after having just read something about charcoal and my interest being peaked! 
Well, the book arrived and I could not put it down! I could have probably read through it within a day or two but spent most of my time underlining important facts! I just finished it this morning. While only half way through it, I sent a recommendation to our Mission Board (World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions in Kings Mountain, NC) asking them to forward my recommendation to our entire missionary family - especially those in 3rd world countries. In addition, I have recommended it to my family members and have a book currently on order to our son. Today, it will be recommended on my facebook page!
I might add that there was one area I wished you would have elaborated on. I have followed the "Hallelujah Diet" -- an all-vegan diet accompanied with juicing and taking barley powder several times. They warn "newbies" that, because of all the toxins in most peoples' bodies, they could become sick with flu-like symptoms as their body rids itself of these poisons through the cleansing effect of the diet. (I have experienced this in varying degrees.)..... Last week I tried a Charcoal Capsule to "test" it out-mainly for taste. A few days later, I went to bed with a dry, scratchy throat and woke up the next morning with a full-blown, sinus infection. I wanted to treat it entirely in a "natural" way which included echinacea and drinking a charcoal slurry. As the weekend progressed, it dawned on me that, a lot of my symptoms were the same as de-toxifying! Since the charcoal is known for its detoxifying properties, I realized that, whether this started off as a regular sinus infection or not, the charcoal was certainly doing its duty. I think it is important for readers to know that they might experience something like this.
Our mission field is on Aruba (Okay, now that you've had a good laugh(!)), people on Aruba need the Lord, too and though it may be one person's paradise, for me, it is a very trying experience, what with the heat that I have trouble handling, heat rash, and mosquitos!  I KNOW my body is being poisoned by the high absorption of mosquito repellent but I have not found anything natural that works as effectively (and this poisoning beats getting dengue fever!)  I'm sure this collection of pesticide poisoning created a worse-case scenario as the charcoal did its job.
March 2013
***Editor: As for mosquitos, be sure to read the study showing Activated Charcoal Prevents Cerebral Malaria.
Mothball Odor – Pure Non-Scents®
Hi, I'm writing to say how happy I am with the way the activated charcoal is working.
Last month I bought a smallish canister of Pure Non-Scents® to see if I could get rid of the mothball odor in a friend's house.
The odor was so strong that I was sure mothballs were hidden everywhere, but it turns out they are long gone -- yet the odor has persisted, probably for years, as it has been absorbed into clothing, carpets and furniture and re-circulated via the furnace vents.
My friend, whose nose no longer recognizes the odor, keeps his house pretty buttoned up to conserve on heat bills, so the ventilation isn't great. The house is old and drafty, though, so -- thankfully -- there is some fresh air coming in.
All in all, I didn't have high hopes for the charcoal, which I'd never tried before, but I hung about six of those little bags all over the 1400-sq-foot house anyway. And then was surprised to find that the odor started to dissipate IMMEDIATELY. Within a day things were INCREDIBLY better.
The crystals soon exhausted themselves from overwork, so I emptied and refilled the bags several times, and now I've ordered the bigger bucket -- so I can keep doing this for months until I'm sure the odor is entirely gone. (In the slim chance that my own olfactory apparati have been compromised to the point that I declare victory too soon. But because I don't live here, I doubt that's a big risk.)
I was sure I'd need to get my friend's permission to hang clothes, blankets etc. outdoors, but that hasn't been necessary.
Another thing I did was put high-quality cheesecloth (organic,
non-bleached) over all the furnace vents. And replace the filter. When the new bucket of Pure Non-Scents arrives in a couple days I'll throw some of the crystals down into the vents.
And I've been able to freshen the rugs by sprinkling the stuff all over, then letting it sit for half an hour before I run the vacuum.
So thanks forever, BuyActivatedCharcoal.com, for this great product.
February 2013
Brown Recluse Spider Bites
My name is Whitewolf Switzer. I am a professional massage therapist, polarity therapist and health educator. I first read Drs' Thrash book on home remedies 20 years ago.  I am an advocate of natural healing and believe strongly in charcoal therapy. I share charcoal with my friends, students, clients and people I meet along my path. I have two charcoal remedy stories to share.
2001 in Lucerne, California....  a friend of mine, a mountain man from Nevada had come to stay at my home for several weeks to do masonry work for me.  While working on my front steps, he put his hand in my rose bush to smell a beautiful rose and was bitten many times on his right hand by brown recluse spiders that had taken up residence in the rose bush. Within minutes his hand began to swell and within an hour it was twice its normal size... I applied charcoal poultices, which I changed every 6 hours, and gave him herbal teas like sassafras, yellow dock and epedra nevadadensis... within 4 days his hand returned to normal.

That same year I was bitten both on my left arm and my chest close to the heart by brown recluse spiders... I applied charcoal externally and did yellow dock and sassafras teas... within a week all symptoms were gone.
Whitewolf Switzer, CMT, RPP, CPE  
January 2013
Charcoal Soap for Sensitive Skin
Hi there,
Just want to tell you guys that I love your Soaps! For someone with sensitive skin that dries and flakes easily, the soaps are gentle on the skin and super moisturizing - I feel a deep clean with every wash! ... and with the generous, hefty size of each bar, it is indeed value for money. Thank you for the wonderful products!
January 2013
SW Western Australia
Hi Mr Dinsley,
Thank you so much for your prompt response. I am sure this will turn a few heads in my part of the world (south-west of Western Australia where the waves are as big as Hawaii!). As you can see I am an avid user of charcoal since I read your book. I make my own as we have cold winters being on the cape of two oceans. We also have the second hardest timber in the world to burn on our fires (not such a nice thought for the trees though), jarrah.
Dog Ear Problems
Only last night I put some slurry in my 22 y.o. dog's ears as he was keeping me awake with his restlessness (he's lost his sight being part King Charles Cavalier Spaniel - bred for small heads which breed now has problems with blindness/deafness/tooth loss etc due to a small skull to fit everything inside!). This is the only thing that stops his ears from hurting (altho I use grapefruit seed extract to clean out the toxins). Both of us are on raw food diets but we eat too many sweet treats so both of us have similar problems (fungal infections). We are trying hard to reduce the sweet factor and I am now fasting on a fairly regular basis for my long term health).
I am 57 and body board the seventh most dangerous wave in the world. So that's not bad for someone who started in the water (scared of deep water and still can't swim!) only 15 or so years ago. A good example!
Thanks again for your response and wonderful insight to the world of charcoal!
Take care, keep healthy and be smart (use charcoal whenever u can!)
Gracetown, Western Australia
December 2012
Editor: I asked if I might use her story. Martina replied with more stories…
“Of course you may use any material I have forwarded. The most 'exciting' cures I have experienced are the following: 
Sprained Ankle
One day I sprained my ankle and went to bed. Woke up with the most excrutiating pain.  Couldn't walk or jump on one leg to the bathroom so crawled on all fours. Climbed to the cabinet and got out the charcoal. Put some tiger balm on ankle to make the charcoal powder stick and bandaged it up. Within seconds 80% of the pain had gone so I could sleep again. Also swelling reduced.
Tumors on Chicken
Used charcoal to 'eradicate' 3 repeating tumours on a rescued hen's rear. Believe there are a lot of glands in this area. Sometimes the tumours were nearly as big as a tennis ball.
Brushing Teeth
The most useful and effective use of charcoal, personally, has been irregular brushing of teeth (on a daily basis I use himalayan rock salt). The charcoal brushing has appeared to reduce pain in my gums. As most elderly (and young nowadays - due to diet) experience teeth loss through gum disease I think this could provide people with amazing results (possibly no more dental visits).
As an adjunct, I always carry charcoal in my car in case of emergencies as it seems charcoal is as good an anaesthetic - and natural too.
Thanks again for the insight your book has given me and many others and in the help I am able to provide the animal kingdom.
kind regards
Spinal Tumor & Cancer Pain
#1 “This is my second bath with 2 cups of Charcoal Powder and I’m starting to feel a whole lot better. A lot of the swelling is down and I notice my blood pressure is also down.
I’m looking forward to more noticeable improvements as I continue returning to health. I’ll write more about what I’m doing when I start feeling a little better.
Also, I forgot to mention that I needed some of the granulated charcoal like the sample I ordered a couple months back. I knew I was forgetting something but I use this for my filters and also in the hot tub which I am going to fill with colloidal silver. I’ve also designed a special mat to lay on and cover up with at night to remove the many years of exposure to various toxins due to my occupation as a general contractor. I used to do a lot of welding and painting as well as working with various solvents. I believe these are major factor in Hodgkin’s Lymphoma as well.”
Sept 2012
#2 “Hello again
Thanks for the prompt reply and offer as I believe toxins and adequate nutrition has everything to do with healing. I also wanted to thank you so much for the two books although I had the charcoal remedies one on hand but will be lending it to my oncologist and then to my doctors, etc., to help promote the charcoal. I think I want to become a distributer when I am completely well also.
With laboratory leeches, by keeping the water in which they lived in absolutely clean [with activated charcoal], they were able to extend life almost indefinitely and I believe the same can be done with humans. Some research has also been done with rats I believe as well.
I find the hot charcoal bath very effective, and wonder if you added something alkaline to the mix if it would help? The bath is very calming and soothing once the initial sweating takes place. I try to stay in it as long as I can stand until the pulse is rather rapid and then I get out and towel off with black towels and cool down a bit after which I reenter the bath for another hour or so. Once the mix cools off the charcoal settles and the upper portion of the water can be removed and flushed down the drain and more hot water can be used for a second use. I believe intense therapy could be carried on this way with one bath per day for a while or even a bath every two or three days as it significantly relieves pain and inflammation. I sometimes do an infusion of vitamin c when in the bath as I believe as listed in the protocol I developed this clears the blood of toxins rather rapidly. I’m looking into another recipe for poultices which will make them much like the ones you sent me (ACC+ PLUS). I love how they stick to you like a band aid but believe they could be made thicker for longer treatment time. These are just great when you don’t have the time for making a poultice or when going out. I think they can also be used right over a pick line and will be telling my oncologist about your charcoal bandages as I think they will keep the point of entry free from infection which is imperative in cancer patients. I’m definitely going to advocate as much as I can for the use of charcoal as I have first hand seen its benefit. I think a combination of zeolite, bentonite and charcoal may also be an interesting combo as well.
I’ll definitely keep you posted with my progress and believe it should keep moving forward with a little faith etc.”
October 2012
Charcoal for Squamous Cell Carcinoma
My partner has been using Charcoal Powder for about one week now regarding the condition I originally wrote to you about....there was a major response to his overall head condition in one day....however we have reached  a stagnation period...We have been putting on a charcoal poultice that is room temperature (a bit cool)...to the affected area and wonder perhaps if it might be better to warm the charcoal up first....even
though the said area is somewhat warmish and inflamed....open large ulcerated raw wound of about 1 inch plus in diameter ...  We have been mixing flax meal with the charcoal (equal proportions)  Sometimes we have been putting the charcoal directly against the skin....sometimes on a cheese cloth against the skin....both have been OK.  Where there was what  appeared to be a sebhoreic dermatitis condition....the charcoal removed the scales after one application but where there are open wounds....it has helped somewhat but we are wondering if warmth might help and if you have any other suggestions we might try.   We have been applying charcoal nightly and also at least once during the day.

We are most grateful for any suggestions or direction you might have.
October 2012
Editor replies:
Hello Anna
We are cheered to hear of your initial improvements, but don’t be put off by a slow down. By itself charcoal is seldom the beneficiary it  can be. I trust you are also using other health principals – including “My 8 Doctors
Try a strict plant-based diet for a month. NO dairy products. Cut way down on all sweet ingredients including natural sugars – honey etc. Drink LOTS of water. No caffeine or alcohol. Daily sun exposure to the affected areas. Not least – ask God for wisdom and faith.

When I worked on a remote Pacific island for 6 months I got a form of flesh eating ulcers which I did not at first recognize. I did not start soon enough which gave it a big jump start then I had to suffer for months as I applied the simple remedies I had. I fully recovered ( one bad scar) but it took 3-4 months to completely heal over. So be patient. Read the story of severe  Pressure Sore.

At the very least you are not adding to the problem by using charcoal. Applied directly to the skin is fine, using paper towels are easy to use and dispose.

You may also want to explore a session or health seminar at one of the Health Centers we link to on our site. I have worked at several of them.

As for warm or cool, yes steaming, heating the poultice can be very soothing. My wife likes to make a hot poultice and by the time she is ready to lay back and apply the poultice to her eyes it is pleasantly warm. Be sure to let the area thoroughly air/sun dry out before applying a fresh poultice.

A warm charcoal bath is also very healing some have reported to us.

In any case, persevere. Give God and nature at least the same amount of time most would give to strong toxic drugs that most doctors prescribe so freely.

Please keep us posted.