2015 Your Stories (January)

Chocolate Dog
Daniel received a follow-up call from someone in our community who had a dog emergency.
“I just got a call from a grateful Crawford customer who stopped by on Friday to buy some charcoal for their dog who ate a bar of dark chocolate and started vomiting. Jill and Jim gave their small Cairn Terrier some VetDtox mixed with wet cat food and within 30 minutes the dog sprung back to life. Jill just called to thank us and let us know the dog pulled through."

Tree Assasin in New Mexico
Daniel is the manager for Charcoal House and also deals with most of the inquiries concerning pesticide and herbicide poisoning. He writes:
“We received a call from a homeowner’s association in New Mexico. They had been the victim of a hate crime. Their neighborhood was attacked by someone that pored a heavy concentration of an unknown agricultural chemical onto the base of a majority of the neighborhood trees. This could have been an herbicide, pesticide, or any organic agricultural compound used to prevent growth or kill off unwanted plant life. But, the affected trees were not unwanted, just innocent casualties.  
We suggested Soil D-Tox be applied immediately to the base of the trees out to the surrounding drip lines (where the circumference of the tree’s canopy ends). Another means of application is root spiking, to help reverse and stop any reoccurring damage.
We received calls from many homeowners who took creative and constructive measures in protecting the damaged trees from succumbing to the poison they were exposed to. People were digging trenches and mixing Soil D-Tox into the soil and refilling the trench creating a barrier in which the chemicals were effetely stopped in there tracks. Individual trees were given spike treatments. A spike was driven into the soil as close to the root system as possible then a slurry of Soil D-Tox was poured down the hole so that it would distribute around the root providing chemical adsorption and root protection.  
Heavy concentrations of Soil D-Tox were applied topically to the ground surrounding the trees then the ground watered thoroughly so that the charcoal would leach into the ground, taking the same path as the chemicals. The chemical was neutralized when the charcoal came in contact with it. That was a grateful community with a lot of rescued trees. Some didn’t make it, but the majority did, and in a situation where all of them would have died otherwise. The culprit was apprehended, a majority of the trees were saved, and this particular New Mexico neighborhood remains beautiful and green.  

Charcoal Soap for Skin Odor
A customer from Virginia called with a story regarding a small rodent repellent. Raccoons and rabbits have been nesting around her house ruining her flowers and even getting into her attic! She was spraying a repellant, which according to her, “smells worse than rotting eggs, it stinks to high heaven”. A gust of wind blew the repellent all over her hands and arms. She had previously placed an order for our Pure Non-Scents® and knew how well charcoal removes odor. She remembered the sample of charcoal soap we sent along with her Pure Non-Scents® and thought she would give that a try for the foul odor. She reported the Supernatural Charcoal Soap took the foul odor off her skin immediately! She then called us up to get more soap and make sure she has it on hand for any future odor mishaps!  

PED virus in pigs
Carolyn from West Central Indiana raises hogs, cattle, goats, rabbits, and farm kids. Her pigs caught a virus called PED, which affects hogs and was killing them off even though they had been given antibiotics so they would not catch this common disease. They stopped with the antibiotics and started giving them VetDtox Charcoal Powder in the water and then on their feed. They stopped losing hogs immediately; they still lost some of the weaker newborns but all the adults bounced right back. They very much credit the charcoal for saving their lives.

Cheree has become a great enthusiast of charcoal for people and animals. Here are some of her stories and pictures.
Wounded Kitten
"We found this stray kitten and his leg was torn up, dirty, bleeding, badly swollen, infected, draining puss and he could not walk, I was worried he might lose the leg. So we covered it in an activated charcoal, coconut oil and turmeric poultice and changed it out twice a day. In 4 days it was looking great with no sign of infection, bleeding had stopped and you could see new healing, he still could not walk on it but swelling was down some. After a week he started walking on it with a mild limp but it was healing so nice. By 2 weeks it was closed up and almost no limp. Now just under 3 weeks later it is totally healed.


Left picture day 5 after starting to wrap it. Middle picture is from today (day 20). He does not limp on it at all & happily loves to eat activated charcoal & coconut oil

Lady the Cat
"We have a cat named Lady that is 9 years old. She has a heart murmur but stays very healthy. Because of her heart we already gave her activated charcoal and coconut oil on her food. But suddenly about 2 months ago almost over night she started losing weight, her hair started thinning and her skin looked so bad like old age had caught up to her. She just looked and felt rough. So we upped the amount of activated charcoal mixed with coconut oil we gave her daily, not really measuring, just giving it to her anytime she wanted it (and yes she asked for it). She loved it so much she would lick the bowl getting the charcoal on her nose that looked like a natural black spot. After about 2 weeks her skin cleared up & her hair started coming back, her skin again felt ok and not strange to pet her. We are still giving her extra because she begs for it. Giving her extra has also stopped the puking she was having issues with.

Fawn the dog
"Fawn is, I would say about a year old now. She is a stray we rescued from the snow last winter when she was a puppy. Fall hit and she got what might have been mange, though I am not sure (a friend said it was). We already fed her charcoal and other things to keep her healthy. On her skin we started applying a mixture of activated charcoal, colloidal silver and food grade diatomaceous earth daily all over her even though she fought us horrible. We would just have to not cover it and let her lick it off. By day 3 we saw dramatic improvement and she fought us less when we applied the charcoal. I think it was soothing to her. 2 weeks later no sign at all of a skin condition or mange and our other dogs never got it.

Post Chemo Charcoal baths
"I take a nightly activated charcoal bath. I started this because I am post chemo and I had not only insomnia and chemo fog from the treatments, I also worry about all that junk being in my system. The nightly 30 minute [routine] of just soaking in the hardwood activated charcoal in the bath helps me sleep and just simply gives me a sense of wellbeing. As a perk I have very soft skin and no rashes or other skin issues like I used to. I even put my hair and head into the bath a few times. I do shower off after. I use the Hardwood Activated Charcoal because the Detox just does not seem to work best for my body for this and other applications.
I figured out a great way to make my nightly charcoal baths less messy. I add charcoal to a jar with water, add the lid and shake to mix. I then go pour that jar into my running water. So much less messy than adding the powder [directly] to the running water, and it mixes in great. The tub still needs to be cleaned after, but it is less mess and less work to clean. Baking soda and hot water paste clean it up fast and works the best for me. Baking soda also easily gets off any charcoal left on my skin.

"I have sometimes [had] severe reactions to MSG in my foods, so we mostly cook from scratch at home. But getting a hold of MSG still happens sometimes and I use the Detox 1600 [charcoal] for those times because it works faster than the hardwood. I can stop a reaction to almost anything I am allergic to by simply taking the Detox in water immediately. I can feel the reaction subside within minutes of taking the charcoal.

My Monthly Cycles
"After my chemo I was left with very heavy bleeding during my period (Menorrhagia). I tried all kinds of things - some worked for awhile but nothing worked consistently. I was already taking the Detox charcoal but during one really bad cycle I realized I was really, really craving the Hardwood activated charcoal, so I started drinking it and discovered it gave me relief, sometimes the relief was short but if I drank it again it helped again. I did not get this result with the Detox only the Hardwood. I then also started doing a four-hour poultice around my middle section during the worst day of my cycle, I used Hardwood activated charcoal, Bentonite clay and water, and the very first time I used it my extremely bad cycle stopped within 2 hours and then resumed to a normal level and length of time. So every cycle since I do the poultice, sometimes it helps better than at other times but I always get at least an hour or two of less bleeding if nothing else.

Charcoal Cravings
"I have also found I crave the Hardwood activated charcoal so bad it wakes me up in the nights leading up to my period and during, and if I listen to my body and drink the extra, I have less cramps and body aches, and I seem do deal much better. On the whole, even though I still stay in bed and do not leave the house, I do better and each month it seems to be improving more and more. So I will take it.

My daughters and Cysts
"My now 18 year old daughter Brenda gets ovarian cysts and has discovered drinking both the Detox 1600 and the Hardwood Activated Charcoal (separately) eases the pain and helps her get through a cyst rupture faster and sometimes can avoid the rupture all together. She also does a poultice using hardwood activated charcoal and ground flax seed over her ovaries and gets so much pain relief, she says she can’t imagine dealing with the pain without doing the poultice.

"My 16 year old daughter woke up one morning screaming in pain with the same symptoms like she had a cyst rupturing. You could even feel the ball like knot in her side. I have no idea if it was an ovarian cyst or not, I just know she was hurting bad so we made up the same poultice for her and applied it around her whole middle trunk section front and back and she said the pain stopped in minutes and she could feel like a pulling action. She slept for like 6 hours and then removed the poultice and the stench in it smelled rotten, but she felt fine and the knot was gone. She now regularly does a whole middle section poultice if she even starts having light pain.
Natural & Frugal: Raising 6 kids (and several pets)
December 2014

Ibuprofen Ulcers
Mark wrote concerned about his friend: “My best friend has bleeding ulcers because he took too many 800 mg. Ibuprofen and antibiotics when he had an abscessed tooth. Now he is getting nauseous, throwing up and getting migraines. His doctor told him to take Excedrin Migraine only....he is in much pain. Would some powdered charcoal help? If so what dosage?"

Hello Mark
I am sorry I was not able to get back to you till now. We have been in India for 4 weeks.
Yes, I hope you gave him Activated Charcoal Powder - up to 2 Tablespoons/day: 1 in the morning 1 in the afternoon.
Please let me know what happened.

"That was exactly what we did….worked out well. Thank you so much."
December 2014

Property exposed to Herbicide Spraying.
Susan contacted us a few years ago looking for a remedy to reverse the die off of plants and trees on her property from herbicide spraying on adjacent properties. We sent her Soil DTox Powder. She writes:
“My own property was herbicided repeatedly with full strength Cross Bow used to kill a 100-year-old orchard. In desperation, I called the wonderful and knowledgeable Charcoal folks. They knew what to try and how much to purchase. Over some years I purchased large volumes of the charcoal intended to trap the illegally applied carcinogens [sprays]. By 2013, most of the vegetation was revived and even some of the heavily herbicided fruit trees rebounded on parts where the charcoal had been applied.
I used the material [charcoal] repeatedly when methylanthranalate and other similar semi-volatiles were used to remove wild birds [otherwise protected under the Migratory Treaty Act]. I was able again to combat the oxidation products of these semi-volatiles by the use of activated charcoal.”
She noted that throughout the Pacific northwest, the spraying has impacted all wild migratory birds (because of the loss of habitat) as well as other wildlife and humans. The birds die of disease and starvation. She has observed that the application seems to be always around cell towers, major roadways, civilian flight paths, and people with satellite dish TV.
“Activated charcoal is the ONLY product used to combat the new age of chemical warfare in American on American citizens. USE IT! Even city neighbor’s pesticides and herbicides can be trapped and held at bay with the use of activated charcoal. They probably saved our life!!!!!”
December 2014

High Blood Pressure
Even though we have never suggested using charcoal for high blood pressure, we continue to get testimonies from individuals who claim the charcoal did in fact help to lower blood pressure.
“Today I want to testify about how the charcoal has helped to stabilize my husband’s BP [blood pressure]. We were so much worried about his BP but after my mum introduced charcoal to us and he started taking it, he is so much fit.”
November 2014

Prostate Cancer
Tom is an avid charcoal enthusiast and when he calls to order charcoal we swap stories. This is one that Tom shared with us.
A friend of his had prostate cancer. Encouraged by Tom’s many testimonies, he started taking charcoal, not five, not eight, but ten times a day! 1 tablespoon of activated charcoal powder in at least eight ounces of water and yes, he is 100% cancer free. According to Tom, that is basically all he did.
*Please note that this man was not on any drugs. Taking this much charcoal would most likely have negated his meds. If you decide to try this it is always best to work with your doctor if possible.

While in Nuzvid, India, conducting a natural remedies seminar at Gifford Memorial hospital, we met Dr. Ramakrisha. Visiting at her home between programs, Dr. Ramakrisha let us know she is a big fan of charcoal.

She shared her own personal story of how activated charcoal helped her with her severe case of endometriosis. Years past, during her menstrual cycles, the pain that she suffered was so severe and intense that unless she gave herself a needle in her thigh for pain, she would not be able to see patients.

She had learned of charcoal and did some studying on it, and discovered that people used it for pain. She decided to give it a try. If it did no good, at least she could still inject herself. She took 2 tablespoons of charcoal powder in water daily, and was so surprised that while she continued taking the charcoal during her periods, she was pain free! Eventually, all symptoms of endometriosis ceased.

Dr. S Ramakrishna with Kimberly, in the doctor’s home in Nuzvid.

Colon Cancer
“I had purchased Charcoal from you before. I almost forgot about this fabulous Charcoal product. It was in our pantry. The Lot #8570 - 3 lbs of powder. That was many years ago. God always comes through in His time. I'm using the Budwig diet and carrots for my Colon Cancer protocol. Since I added Activated Charcoal four days ago, there isn't any blood in the poo today.
Thank you for the quick shipment. Grace to You All. Love in Christ."
Pastor Leo
October 2014

Lyme & Hep C
"Hi, I could not help myself! I just had to order your marvelous book on charcoal remedies!... This is fantastic information! I cannot believe I did not find this sooner! I was searching for detox info for Lyme and Hep C and I found info on using charcoal for Herxheimer reaction, so I bought some. It is a miracle. My terrible headache disappeared in half an hour. Then, in the past few days I found your site. I am truly grateful for all the info you are sharing and I am really excited about getting the book. Thank you very, very much for this wonderful information!"
October 2014

Lost Kitten
The Clarks have shared a number of charcoal stories since Dr. John is often recommending it for various health conditions for sick people. But this is a recent animal story. Julie writes:

“One day in the mid morning time we found a fourteen week old kitten outside that was terribly ill. When we found him, he couldn't walk and it took all he had just to hold his head up with his eyes open. We brought him in and immediately starting giving him water mixed with charcoal with a dropper to help him drink it down. We prayed that God would spare his life and bless our efforts. Within one hour, he could only keep his eyes open and when he tried to meow, no sound came with it. We continued to give him drops of water and every other hour we gave him a few more drops of the charcoal water also. By nightfall, the kitty had become unresponsive. He continued to breath and once in a great while he would try to meow with his eyes shut and still totally limp and unresponsive, yet breathing. We decided to give him a warm charcoal bath. During the bath, he spontaneously began to purr, yet still keeping his eyes closed and his body completely limp. The bath went for 20 to 30 minutes, and we tried hard to massage the bath water into his fur to reach his skin. We rinsed him off in another bath of warm clean water then dried him off with a fan heater until he was dry. When we went to bed, he continued to breath but was unresponsive. We continued to force a drop or two of water every hour and the charcoal water also. We went to bed not knowing whether he would be alive the next morning or not. The next morning he was sitting up in the box we made a bed for him in and he could sit up and was alert, but still very weak. We again gave him more charcoal water and plain water and offered him food, but he refused to eat. We continued the water and charcoal and by the second day, he began eating small amounts of food. He is still alive today, three days later, eating and drinking and walking on his own. He is very weak, but we rejoice, praise God and are thankful that we tried charcoal. We are unsure what was wrong with this kitten. He did not vomit, nor have runny eyes or nose and did not have a fever. We believe it was charcoal and God's blessing that has saved his life.”
October 2014

Recently, a woman who called to place another order of hardwood charcoal powder shared her testimony of how the poultices have helped her early stages of glaucoma. She is a fashion designer and seamstress, which strains her eyes. She became very concerned when her doctor told her that the eye pressure on her eyes, measuring at 27, was too high. She consulted with a friend who is a naturopathic doctor and he recommended that she apply a charcoal poultice to her eyes for one hour, three times a week.

She said that she likes to do the poultices in the morning, for two hours before she gets up and gets her day going. She was applying longer and more often than the doctor had suggested. In her own words she wrote to us saying, “To my amazement, it worked like a miracle in reducing the pressure in my eyes [from 27 to 12 at her next doctor's visit!] I would highly recommend this simple, natural solution to anyone who might be looking for similar relief.”  
New Hampshire
October 2014

Kimberly adds: “Amazing? I do a lot of charcoal poultices on my eyes. I work on the computer all day long and my eyes get sore and weary. I like to use very warm water to make the charcoal poultice as it feels so good when I put it on. I do my poultices at night when I go to bed and leave them on for at least two to three hours. In about ten or fifteen minutes my eyes start to relax and it feels so good.”

“One of the many side benefits of charcoal poultices for the eyes if used for a prolonged period of time, is that the whites of your eyes will get whiter. Seriously.”

You can also apply charcoal for Pink Eye

Breast Cancer that has gone into the brain… Blog

Lyme Disease
I met Daniel in Belize, Central America, in 1975. His father was a missionary doctor and his family built La Loma Luz hospital near the Guatemala boarder. We have not been in contact for a number of years but recently we enjoyed catching up on our conversation. Daniel shared about his ongoing battle with Lyme disease and what has worked for him. Read his email below. While I cannot speak to the drug suggestions, I can confirm we have a number of testimonies that do agree on the dramatic benefit of charcoal.

Daniel writes:
Chronic or “late onset” lyme disease can present a myriad of debilitating symptoms that are poorly understood by most doctors. You can find clinical symptom checklists on the Internet which are quite well defined and can help distinguish Lyme from other conditions that appear similar. My journey with late onset of lyme symptoms began in 2010 – more than 10 years after a tick bite with bull’s-eye which I ignored with a carefree ruddy attitude that had little room for illness.

While I continue to seek the “cure all” treatment for lyme, several things have proven their value in helping me maintain a quality of life and lessen or avoid many of the worst lyme related symptoms – symptoms that are believed to be caused in a large part by neurotoxin accumulation:

The daily essentials:

  • Detox drink made of powdered activated charcoal pre-mixed with some powdered clay and psyllium [seed husk powder] Mix a rounded teaspoon with a glass of water [and drink] on an empty stomach nightly. Don’t leave home without activated charcoal!
  • Infrared sauna / hot bath sessions when possible to improve circulation and remove toxins.
  • Barley green drink with high strength aspirin for no nonsense energy boost and pain relief during the day.
  • Stay away from sugary foods - especially ice cream!
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Keep moving – moderate exercise
  • Keep extremities warm
  • Stress be gone! Keep loving relationships, avoid dealing with haters – let God do that!
  • Probiotics – time release capsules, along with bio-rich foods
  • Get sleep when you can, how you can.
  • Trust God to turn hardship into blessings! - Man’s adversity is God’s opportunity!
British Columbia
October 2014

Breast Cancer Relief
I met Herald several years past while conducting a program. Later he wrote to let us know charcoal had helped his mother in her recovery from breast cancer. Herald wrote again recently: “Dear Mr. Dinsley, My mother passed away on September 15, 2013. By Gods grace charcoal helped to heal the chronic wound with bad odor and non-stop drainage. In July 2012 when I spoke to the doctors who treated her, [they] said that she was doing better than they expected (healed from stage IV breast cancer to almost cancer free). My mother had a quality life for six months. In 2013 February the cancer cells appeared in her brain and spine. Then she deteriorated fast and finally doctors gave up the hope. Information that we obtained from you helped reduce the suffering for my mom.
Sincerely, Herald
October 2014

Arthritis and Fibromyalgia
"I have tried your charcoal bath and it has dramatically helped my arthritis and fibro. 2 T in a bath kept me from everyday pain for a week and a half. I'm sold. I would like to know how and what to use for RA. Thank you"
July 2014

Customer Service
All J needed to place her online order was some tech information on a particular product. She emailed Customer Support and Daniel responded, and J placed her order. After her purchased she sent a short note:

“As you can see having good customer service sets a company apart as I had contacted many different companies that carried activated charcoal and either they didn't have any analysis of their product, which is negligent when it comes to something like activated charcoal, or they wouldn't give it to me.

Thanks for the reply and because you actually took the time to answer my questions I just placed an order with your company."

BuyActivatedCharcoal.com replied: “We are always grateful for positive feedback, but sometimes we drop the ball, really mess up, and we hear about that too, which ends up being some of our best feedback since it shows us our blind spots. We do listen.”

Replacement Charcoal for Water Filter
"Hi Folks, Just wanted to thank you all for your rapid response in getting my order out to me. I ordered it on the 16th of July and it was at my front door this morning, the 19th of July.

I'm using the charcoal for my Katadyn Water Filter we use at the kitchen sink. We change out the charcoal every 4-6 months so that the water tastes perfect. The little packages that are offered by Katadyn are simply too expensive for what they are. The activated charcoal you manufacture is excellent and is doing the job well. Thanks again for such prompt service. God Bless"
August, 2014

Charcoal Cookies and Charcoal Soup
“My family and I have been using activated charcoal for almost 30 years now. My daughter and I each keep some capsules in our purse and luggage, just in case.

"I used to make charcoal cookies for my three kids when they were young. The slurry drink was made with orange juice and when they needed charcoal for an allergy, they would get charcoal soup. As they got older, I bought the pills instead of the powder. I never had a complaint about the dryness or the black color; on the contrary, it was really cool! Who else had black teeth and tongue anyway?”
Regards, Nicole
July 2014

Juicy drinks and black burgersKuro (Black) Diamond

How about some tasty Charcoal Lemonade or some BBQ Apple Pie with fresh squeezed cocktail of apple juice, cinnamon… and activated charcoal? A couple fancy restaurants have added the newest and coolest drinks to their juice bars. How about “Detox Dream” with lemon, maple, ginger, cayenne and activated charcoal on the menu. The new Yam Chops eatery in downtown Toronto not only juices up detox smoothies, they also have a mouth-watering charcoal apple pie. Shhh don’t tell anyone. Then there is McDonalds and Burger King who have also jumped into the charcoal food novelty with bamboo charcoal burger buns dripping with charcoal cheese, and a menacing competitor, the Dark Vader Burger. Of course charcoal has been used in jellybeans, licorice, jams, confectionairies, and exotic caviar for decades, only now, it seems charcoal has found its own niche on the menu. What next? I can see it now, your favorite ………. smothered in charcoal lemon sauce or peppered with charcoal Parmagiano cheese, or…

Charcoal Lotion in the treatment of severe Inflammatory Acne.

Ducks and Charcoal
This is from a Blog for chicken fans
“I have a fire pit where I burn tree and yard waste (here in the Pacific Northwest). These two rescued Anconda [ducks] have taken to getting in and dabbling for bits of charcoal. Is this harmful?  Of course, then when they head for the water dish, the water immediately turns black. They are finally eating more of the good feed, but still mostly dig in the dirt and loose dry vegetation, along with some greens. I also wonder if they are drawn to the ashes for some of the nutrition they missed earlier. I'm trying to decide if I should put a tarp over the fire pit (until our burn-ban is lifted)."

Another contributor responds:
"Every time I have a fire outside within a day the ash is gone. Wild birds, my chickens, ducks and house pigs gobble it up. They eat the edges while it's still burning in the center...I constantly shoe them away. They seem fine with heat...if given the chance when you turn your back they steal food from a hot BBQ!!!

About ten years ago we had a huge fire in a field where there were cows...about 10m diameter. By 7am the next day the entire fire had gone and all was left was a huge ring of cow pat where they'd all stood in a circle. Animals love the stuff. Be careful of things like nails, staples etc than could be laying in the ash.

Food Sensitivities
Michael has a keen interest in activated charcoal that goes deep into the chemistry and physics. He is also fascinated with charcoal's cousins – graphenes and C60 super molecules. But when the body complains it is nice to know charcoal works. Michael writes:
“I have had more time to test activated charcoal.
Stomachache from food poisoning in India resolved in minutes after taking charcoal. Same thing in Australia.
I have a sensitivity to a couple of foods eg. Brazil nuts. I accidentally drank a whole glass of Brazil nut milk (didn't realize it was Brazil nut milk)... then the stomachache started (not too bad but I could tell it was going to make me miserable for the next 4-8 hours). Took a charcoal tablet and in 5 min or less the pain disappeared and never came back. Also worked for my friend who developed an egg allergy. I usually use only one tablet to get an effect. Rarely have to use a second one.
I've got one friend who likes the charcoal because it's clearing up his skin. Of course if he cleaned up his diet it would have the same effect... and hopefully he'll do that eventually.”

I chanced upon this Website with these amazing tetanus stories. Two nursing students, who went to southern Mexico in 1976 as student missionaries, found themselves in a remote, poorly equipped hospital facing very serious cases with no experience.

“The doctors were frantic. They were loosing all hope that the little two year old boy was going to live. They asked us what American doctors do for such cases. We had never seen tetanus. We hurried to our nursing textbooks and searched for answers. The doctors were doing all the recommendations found in the textbook. We went to the Lord on our knees and asked what else we could do. The answer seemed silly. It seemed impossible to do. We were to try using the remedy of charcoal. Since the child was going to die anyway, all were desperate. I was sure the Lord had encouraged this remedy. We told the doctors and they were glad for some suggestion. We searched for a pan to set the baby in. There were no bath tubs at all in the hospital. A little baby plastic tub was found. Warm water was prepared and a cup of powdered charcoal was mixed into the water.

"The little boy was having 10 seizure like episodes every five minutes. There was not much opportunity to gain any oxygen in his lungs. He was rigid as he fought for air. His body bent over backwards with these contractions. It was hard to get him into the warm charcoal water. With the help of another nurse and the father we placed all we could into the pan and held him till our arms felt like breaking. We took a short break and I went up on the rooftop to pray. We dumped out the water and started over. After doing this throughout the first 24 hours, we noted improvements.

"I sang softly to the little boy after he calmed down during his baths. I prayed with the parents and kept treating him though less often. We were thrilled the day he went home. He had learned to walk again and was smiling and full of energy. The doctors were amazed. They had never seen a person recover from tetanus.

"We never see it in America for we immunize children when they are very young. We thanked God for He impressed me to study the effects of charcoal as a nursing project in a college assignment before I went to Mexico. It was valuable information. It has helped me for many, many years in many other countries where I have doctored on mission trips. I praise God for how He leads in our lives.

"Another tetanus patient came in. She was much older, she was 42. They came quickly to ask how to treat an adult with charcoal. We had to use wet towels on the back of the lady because there were no bath tubs to fill. The family forced it down her throat in a drink too. I was worried she might breath it down her lungs while she was in seizure but somehow they managed against my advice. This lady survived the illness and again the doctors were surprised. They had not seen any success when the tetanus had gone so far. These patients had come to the hospital in the final stages.”

Here is another amazing story of an Open Abscessed Appendicitis.
“One day in the Hospital Del Sureste in Villahermosa, an emergency came which baffled all the doctors. An open abscessed appendicitis was brought. The odor was so horrible from the rotting intestines that flies followed like a swarming cloud. The man was so sick, death was on his face. The doctor Mijea pleaded with us for help. What do American doctors do in such cases, he frantically cried out to us. We had never seen anything go so far before medical help was given. As we prayed, I was impressed to urge that the doctor find a big huge bag of charcoal. In a very short time a big gunnysack full of charcoal arrived and was placed in the corner of the room. Immediately the charcoal began absorbing the horrible stench in the room.

"Cloths were soaked in charcoal water and then laid onto the open wound. On top of these wet cloths more charcoal was sprinkled than this dressing was covered over to keep flies off. Days and days of dressing changes every 2-3 hours around the clock and we began to see a difference. The wound began to heal and the abscess subsided. One day the doctors decided to take him into surgery and try to tie his intestines back together. They left the wound open for drainage. More packs of charcoal were applied.

"Over three months of care was given to this man and daily he improved. He was interested in the kind treatment he had received and the prayers. He decided to go next door to the church services. Finally the day came when he could stand up and he went to church. He was so happy. His faithful wife had stayed right by him helping every day….” Click for the rest of the story