Charcoal Stories 2015-2

Chest Heart Hole
Dr Bryan Frank is an enthusiast of activated charcoal as a medicinal. He is also the host of and recently published his book Travel Well, Naturally: An Essential Guide to Staying Healthy on Personal, Business or Mission Travel . Dr Frank has traveled to over 60 countries, with over 100 missions and teaching tours on 6 continents for over 30 years. I asked him if he had any experiences with charcoal. He shared the common and the uncommon.
"Hi John,
Fortunately with respect to activated charcoal, I have many happy stories. Commonly a traveler's diarrhea from ingestion of tainted foodstuff will be resolved with 4 tabs/capsules of activated charcoal in one or two doses. I typically have people take this with 1-2 Tablespoons of structured silver as an added anti-microbial with great success.

Perhaps my most remarkable success is with a patient in my mission work in Nepal at a leprosy hospital. Having developed from a simple small bug bite to a massive skin wound on his left chest with a penetrating opening through the ribs to where you could actually see his heart beating (see photo). I taught the staff how to spread activated charcoal on the wound and cover with wet gauze twice daily to adsorb the bacteria and toxins. He had been on IV antibiotics and only worsening for about 3 months in the hospital before I taught them this. On my return 6 months later, the Medical Director of the hospital told me that he had rapidly cleared within about 6 weeks, with closing of the wound and return to his home village! Best"
Dr. Bryan
Once again we see that a simple charcoal wound dressing can help resolve a very serious infection. While activated charcoal cloth wound dressing are clean, sterile, convenient, and very effective, the lowly charcoal poultice can be equally potent.
For those of you who are game to give charcoal dressings a try for some infection that is not responding to conventional medicine, be sure to take pictures before you begin, otherwise you may forget how bad the infection really was, and others will have a hard time believing you when they see the improvement.
Antibiotics and Charcoal 
We often receive inquiries about taking activated charcoal in combination with various drugs/medications.  This is cautious area, first because no one here is a physician or pharmacist, and given the many variables related to individual reactions, even qualified practitioners are very hesitant to state this or that is always safe.
Pastor Leo is a longtime user of charcoal as a medicinal and is very familiar with how his body handles charcoal. Someone else who is new to charcoal could react differently. My response to his inquiry is based on my long experience and personal life philosophy, and not something I would urge on someone else.
Hello Pastor Leo. You asked “Would YOU take Antibiotics with Actified Charcoal?”

Antibiotics have served millions of sick people where there was knowledge of nothing better. But today, because of the overuse of antibiotics, especially in the animal food industry, the effectiveness of antibiotics has been dramatically minimized. The CDC has posted on their website a WARNING not to give/take antibiotics for viral infections, because doctors so widely prescribe antibiotics even knowing that they do not work for viral infections. The end result is that now we have diseases that are actually triggered by antibiotics, and more and more diseases are immune to antibiotics. So much so that Margaret Chan, director general for the WHO, said antibiotics should not be given to animals because they are almost ineffective. As for people she said they are no longer safe.

The last time I took antibiotics was a single dose for a severe (flesh-eating) case of strep while working on a remote Pacific island 18 years ago. I was VERY sick and the first thing I noticed was that I began to mildly hallucinate, so I took no more. One night I made my peace with God and expected not to survive the night. I ended up using charcoal and hydrotherapy. I have had other infections, but in the past 40 years that one dose of antibiotics is the only drug I have taken for any sickness. Hydrotherapy, charcoal, herbs, prayer, and time have been my only medicines.

I have seen some horrible infections but with the knowledge I have I would first aggressively use charcoal, hydrotherapy and light as my first choice rather than last option. Here are examples of serious infections using charcoal cloth.
Activated Carbon Cloth Wound Dressings
ACC CLoth for Wounds

Lastly, there is the strong likelihood that charcoal taken with antibiotics would neutralize the effects of the antibiotic.

So my long answer to your short question would be, no, I would not take charcoal together with antibiotics, firstly because I have come to recognize the superiority of charcoal alone when it comes to removing toxins, endotoxins, and even some microbes. Antibiotics do not remove toxins but are themselves toxins which produce more toxins, thereby adding to the problem, or moving the disease to some other organ which may surface at some later time in a different form, such as leaky gut, Type 1 diabetes...

Proverbs 10:22 reads “The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich, and He addeth no sorrow with it.” It seems to me God’s remedies should all be free of adverse side effects. Antibiotics, vaccines and all other drugs, all have adverse side effects to a greater or lesser degree.

There, you have my personal philosophy of healing.

I am reminded that all the people the Lord healed or raised back to life while He was on earth, eventually died and were buried, and are waiting in their dusty beds until that blessed morning when the dead in Christ shall rise. With that assurance and hope I do not see life as something to cling to at all costs. I have seen people at the end of their life so drugged that they are not able to commune with God, not able to make peace with Him. The devil stole perhaps their last conscious chance to choose Christ as their eternal Savior. On the cross, when offered the vinegar mixed with gall (a pain reliever) Jesus tasted it but refused to drink it knowing it would have a stupefying influence on His mind. He wanted nothing to cloud His mind even in His great pain. Fear of death and the unknown, fear of pain, drive many to allow themselves to be so drugged they lose all conscious connection with heaven, the very agency that can bring peace like a river to their lonely souls.
God’s blessings <:)))><<
John Dinsley
October 2015
Dog diarrhea
Hi, I’m a firm believer in activated charcoal. We just cured our dog of bad diarrhea with Charcoal and I believe any stomach problems can be cured with Charcoal.
My sister in law has an 11-year old staffie. He has been diagnosed with liver and spleen cancer. She has him on a raw diet and using esiac tea and other herbal remedies but his stool is now runny and bright yellow. He is also reluctant to eat anything. I know charcoal will help but I’m not sure how to use it or give it to him. Does he take it internally or should we do a poultice over the liver like you do with humans. Please can you advise on this. Thanks.
November 2015
Iodine Depletion
“Greetings. I plan on using Activated Charcoal. While researching on the web I noticed some people who have bought or used Activated Charcoal were saying that if you use Activated Charcoal keep in mind that it will deplete your iodine. I was wondering if this is true?
September 2015
Hello DeWayne. Thank you for contacting us.

Activated Charcoal (AC) does adsorb Iodine (including radioactive Iodine from nuclear power plants). Iodine adsorption is used to measure the activity level of various activated charcoals.

To what degree activated charcoal adsorbs Iodine from the body or food, to date I have found no research. I suspect the caution referred to in your email is someone’s interpretation of the Iodine percentage in various activated charcoals used to grade their activity levels (referred to above). If you are concerned, then Iodine supplements are an option. But again, the question would be, is the AC also adsorbing that Iodine? To date we have not heard of one verified report of Iodine deficiency (or vitamin or mineral deficiency) due to the oral use of activated charcoal.

I found this entry regarding iodine in seaweed in Harvey Wickes Felter, MD, and John Uri Lloyd, Phr M, PhD, Animal Charcoal, King’s 2 American Dispensatory, Ohio Valley Co., Cincinnati, 1898

“On account of the iodine contained in its charcoal, known as Vegetable ethiops, it has been found beneficial in scrofulous enlargements of the [neck] glands; the plant being incinerated in a covered crucible, and the charcoal given in doses of from ten grains to two drachms.”

Apparently, the seaweed turned charcoal captured the iodine from the kelp when it was burned and then liberated the iodine in the digestive track when the charcoal was taken internally. This proved beneficial in the treatment of goiter.

I hope this is of some help. Editor
Diabetic Foot Ulcer
“My Wife is cleaning a diabetic wound of patient. The infection reached the bones, as per CT-scan Report. Now the wound is getting healed. He is also renal failure patient with creatinine  9.2. Within 3 weeks, his creatinine came down to 6.5. He use to take Insulin 3 times with 8 units each. Now without Insulin. He blood sugar is normal. Please pray for Him. We used Honey, Charcoal for his wound healing.” 
September 2015
Tooth Abcess
Dear folks, I have been using charcoal for my family for years. I have your book and refer to it often. I refer others to your website. Charcoal has been such a blessing to my family! I thought I would share a story of healing with it from this week.

I am almost 50 and have always had good dental health. But last week I had my first tooth abscess. I used a charcoal poultice overnight on the abscess and also for several hours each day.  It has been one week and it looks to be completely healed!  I did also take turmeric and vitamin C internally as a natural antibiotic, but forgot to do that after the first few days. I think the charcoal would have been enough. How wonderful to be spared antibiotics or a root canal.

I used a mix of 1/2 charcoal powder and 1/2 flax seed. I put 1/3 or so teaspoon into an empty tea bag and folded it up and laid it over the abscess. I used a new poultice for each night and for each 3 hour application during the day.

I am so grateful for your work and teaching. My family uses charcoal every week, if not every day, for something! God bless you all!
Mrs. Ryan
September 2015

Toe Fungus
Eve contacted us to see if charcoal would help with her toe fungus. We put her in touch with Pastor Kurt who has experimented with charcoal for several personal problems including toe fungus. He was kind enough to contact her:
"Eve, The charcoal treatment did a miracle on my feet and hands. The toe fungus was very stubborn and though much better it still persisted. My Doctor gave me a short series of internal medicine that cleared up the toe fungus. He also told me that a 50/50 mixture of water and household bleach will clear up toe fungus. So I made a little batch and use it after showers. Even a year later my feet are rash free, soft and really looking healthy. I am amazed. Sincerely"
September 2015
Congested Liver
I am happy to share my testimony as follows:
I am very grateful for the incredible benefits that I have experienced from using the Charcoal Patches. The most recent one was that I began taking five drops of Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide in eight ounces of water each day. Indeed, I began seeing noticeable results. But then after about a month, I began to get so sleepy in the afternoon that I would lay down to rest my eyes and wake up three hours later (this is definitely not my norm). This went on for three days; then on the fourth day, I woke up with uncomfortable heart palpitations and so much stiffness in my fingers and hands (also definitely not me). I am a Christian, so I seek my answers from God. It was that day that He revealed to me my liver was congested from the detoxing. So, I applied a Charcoal Patch that night to my liver area and also to both kidney areas (just to provide more support). The next morning when I woke up, I felt 98% better. So, I removed the first Charcoal Patches and applied fresh ones. Within about two hours, I felt 100% better and have ever since. A congested liver can cause so many health problems, and the Charcoal Patches can be such an easy and effective remedy. They are also terrific to use (on the liver area) for a headache. May God be praised :)
August 2015
Major 3rd degree burn injury survivorTestimony
“I am still working with my dog, but I wanted to tell you about something else I have been working on. I am new to the benefits of charcoal.  
Being a nurse, having worked in a hospital for 43 years, I am more used to pills than
home remedies.  I am retired now. I have a neighbor who has no job and no insurance.  He has been fighting cellulitis on his right leg for about 4 years. He's been to Doctors and given antibiotics, tried creams, but to no good. He was in a lot of pain and itching and it was starting to spread to the other leg. The infection goes from  below his knee to the top of his foot. It's all the way around his leg with weeping and one ulcer about dime size. I asked him if I could try putting a charcoal poultice on his leg. Never having done anything like this, I had to do a lot of reading. Your book was one I read and online web site of Dr. Thrash. They actually had a video showing how to make the poultice, which was great! I started about 3 weeks ago applying it in the evening and had him keep it on all night and remove it in the morning.  He works during the day and I am on the go during the day, so the nighttime was the only time available. The first night after the poultice, he said it stopped the pain and he was finally able to sleep. After 3 weeks I was beginning to wonder if it was going to clear up the infection but after last night, it has stopped weeping and itching, it's less red and angry, the ulcer has filled in with new growth and the pain is less. We have both been praying.  God is good.”
July, 2015
Kitty Odor Stopper
I would just like to make a testimonial as to how lucky I was to come upon your product Kitty's Odor Stopper litterbox additive. After trying three different products, all were completely unsuccessful at holding down the very strong ammonia smell of my cat's urine. I have two cats. One has been on the well-known veterinary prescription canned food designed to flush a lot of urine through the kidneys resulting in high nitrogen/ammonia urine. For the past seven years I have had to completely replace the litter and scrub out two litterboxes, including the hoods, every ten days! This was causing me much distress because it was taking up so much of my time, and costing a lot in 40 lb. bags of litter. (Good thing I love my pets so much!) I use non-clumping litter only. My guardian angel must have drawn my attention to a feedback article on a website mentioning this company "" I had known about the purifying effects of charcoal so I had high hopes for this attempt. And I wasn't disappointed, this was a big time winner. I use two heaping cups in each litterbox, (along with their regular litter) one as the bottom layer and one as the top layer. The litterboxes now go for over THREE WEEKS without having to dump the litter! UNBELIEVABLE. It is a great feeling knowing something actually works. What a relief, finally! I am so grateful to this company for producing a genuine product such as this, and that is truly a lifesaver. And a big THANK YOU for offering it in the bigger bulk sizes. It is now a basic staple in my life. Thank you ever so much from a devoted customer.
New Jersey
May 2015
Charcoal Soap Clean
"I wanted to let you know I used the Sheep Charcoal Soap for the first time last night. I loved it!!!
It got me SO MUCH cleaner!!!  (after eating the WRONG foods during the holidays, one gets a bit of body odor!!!) Anyway I loved the clean smell of the charcoal soap.

I was surprised how Dark/black the suds are... amazing something black can clean us! Now I just have to remember to clean the bath tub each time!!"
May 2015
Refrigerator Smell
“We recently came home from a 7-day vacation in Mexico to find that our double door refrigerator had failed sometime during our absence. It was full of frozen meat, frozen dinners, and fresh food including milk. The mess was terrible and the smell was worse. We tried for several day cleaning the interior with vinegar and water, baking soda, and charcoal briquets, keeping the refrigerator completely open at times with external fans and closed at times with internal fans. There was some improvement but not much. After hearing about activated charcoal, we contacted Kimberly at BuyActivated Charcoal who advised getting a two-lb jar of Pure Non-Scents and placing it in pans and in the sachet bags included with the product. She advised us to place the pans and bags inside the refrigerator, with the doors partially closed and using fans to blow air into both sides of refrigerator. After about 24 hours using this approach, the smells are 99% gone. We are now looking forward to using our refrigerator again after eight days thanks to the advice of Kimberly."
May 2015
Mothball Odor #2
"Hi, I'm writing to say how happy I am with the way the activated charcoal is working. Last month I bought a smallish canister of Pure Non-Scents to see if I could get rid of the mothball odor in a friend's house. The odor was so strong that I was sure mothballs were hidden everywhere, but it turns out they are long gone -- yet the odor has persisted, probably for years, as it has been absorbed into clothing, carpets and furniture and recirculated via the furnace vents.
My friend, whose nose no longer recognizes the odor, keeps his house pretty buttoned up to conserve on heat bills, so the ventilation isn't great. The house is old and drafty, though, so -- thankfully -- there is some fresh air coming in.
All in all, I didn't have high hopes for the charcoal, which I'd never tried before, but I hung about six of those little bags all over the 1400-sq-foot house anyway. And then was surprised to find that the odor started to dissipate IMMEDIATELY. Within a day things were INCREDIBLY better.
The crystals soon exhausted themselves from overwork, so I emptied and refilled the bags several times, and now I've ordered the bigger bucket -- so I can keep doing this for months until I'm sure the odor is entirely gone. (In the slim chance that my own olfactory apparati have been compromised to the point that I declare victory too soon. But because I don't live here, I doubt that's a big risk.)
I was sure I'd need to get my friend's permission to hang clothes, blankets etc. outdoors, but that hasn't been necessary.
Another thing I did was put high-quality cheesecloth (organic,
non-bleached) over all the furnace vents. And replace the filter. When the new bucket of Pure Non-Scents arrives in a couple days I'll throw some of the crystals down into the vents.
And I've been able to freshen the rugs by sprinkling the stuff all over, then letting it sit for half an hour before I run the vacuum.
So thanks forever,, for this great product.
May 2015
Mothball Odor #1
Hi! Thank you so much for the prompt shipment and the amazing product!!! My husband placed mothballs all over our attic to deter squirrels. So as a result our house was filled with the horrible mothball smell. We've retrieved all the mothballs within a couple of days, but the smell remained. We had the windows open for a few days, fans going with a little relief. I found out about activated charcoal and decided to give it a try. I cannot believe the significant difference in air quality in just one day!!!! The smell is almost all gone. I am so happy and relieved!! Thank you so much for producing this great quality and awesome product.  
Your new happy and loyal customer :-)
New Jersey
April 2015
C-section Delivery
Here is some correspondence with a young mother who developed an infection after her delivery.
"Hi there. My mum has your book and now swears by charcoal. I just recently (four weeks ago) had a beautiful baby girl, she was delivered by caesarean section. I seemed to be healing well but on week three I had my plaster removed and my gynaecologists said there was a small spot on my wound that looked like it may be the start of an infection. He told me to apply a topical cream of some sort and said it should be fine because it was caught early, there was no need for antibiotics. I have been in a fair amount of pain and I am nervous to go back to the gynae should they tell me they need to operate to solve the problem. My mother is urging me to make a charcoal poultice to place over the wound to pull out the infection. I am willing to do this but I would like to know if the poultice will also remove my stitches as the wound was stitched with dissolvable stitches (absorbable sutures). If you can please confirm if its safe (and effective!) to use a poultice on my wound I would be very grateful. Many thanks"
South Africa
March 2015
Hello Karen. Congratulations on the birth of your daughter. I am sure you are very happy. Charcoal poultices do promote wound healing. Will they also tend to dissolve the stitches? I cannot say for sure, but I suspect the healing would proceed faster than the stitches would dissolve. In fact they use charcoal wound dressings in some hospitals for wounds that will not heal with conventional treatment. Here is a LINK to a page that shows how dramatically they can work.

But a charcoal patch using psyllium seek husk powder should work just as well – remove or replace the poultice before it dries out.
See video #3

May I suggest you take a picture of the spot before applying the poultice and give us a report after a week.
"Thank you so much for your response.
Your website was a huge help.
After I had initially sent my email my mum convinced me to just give it a try regardless, which I did. Thankfully I am now feeling much better so I am unable to take pictures and then do the treatment as I am healed.
God bless you for the great work and sharing your advice. Kind regards"

Alcohol Poisoning
"Several years ago there was woman in our church who had a son that was addicted to alcohol. He would go on binges and get alcohol poisoning. This fellow tried to detoxify himself and his arm started to enlarge to the point that it looked like his skin would tear because of the enlarging of the muscles.
I gave her some charcoal and suggested that she make a poultice and wrap it around his arms using saran wrap and to keep the poultice moist. Another friend suggested mixing the charcoal with Vaseline. After about a week of using the Poultices his arm returned to normal."
March 2015
Wisdom Teeth and Charcoal.
Cheree does our Blog. Soon we will need to call her for advice she is so willing to experiment with charcoal for whatever comes along.
“Hey. Finally the snow & ice has melted here & people are able to start repairing damage. We got by with just power & water issues thankfully. My parents still can not go home but at least they are safe at my sisters house several hours away.

My teeth flared up in the middle of all of this & are affecting my left eye badly. I am seeing so blurry I had to put my screen to 150% to even see. But charcoal poultices do help. Brenda my oldest got all 4 wisdom teeth out just as this storm started so could not even get back for them to remove stitches, we kept her mouth packed with charcoal poultices & they healed so beautifully. Talk soon."
March 2015
Tooth Powder
"Hello. Could you please let me know which charcoal I should buy, i.e. the hardwood or the coconut ultra-fine? I would like to take it internally for chemical sensitivities. Thank you.
P.S. I have been using your activated charcoal as a tooth powder and have very clean, white-looking teeth."
March 2015
"I have tried your charcoal bath and it has dramatically helped my arthritis and fibro. 2T in a bath kept me from everyday pain for a week and a half. I'm sold. I would like to know how and what to use for RA. Thank you."
July 2014
Brown Recluse Spider Bite?
"I thought you may like to know that I had fantastic results with treating the bite of a Brown Recluse (Violin) spider with activated charcoal. Wound showed huge improvement within 12 hours; pain was reduced rapidly. It still took a long time to heal, but did not spread or show any signs of infection from the time I began using Activated Charcoal. This info may be very helpful to anyone having problems with this or any other kind of bite."
The Republic of Zimbabwe
January 2015
Editor: I contacted Jill and asked if the incident happened in the U.S. since Brown Recluse spider are only native to the America. Jill replied:
"Regarding it being a brown recluse: I can’t remember exactly what I posted, but no, it didn’t happen in the States, it happened in Zimbabwe. Over here we call them Violin spiders, but from my reading they are either identical to, or very closely related to the Brown Recluse spider. The effects of the bites are the same. I now use activated charcoal on any kind of bite; it even takes the itch out of mosquito bites."
Getting Sprayed with Insecticide in Airplanes
Just before landing into Bengaluru, India, totally unannounced, the flight attendants brushed through the curtains and quickly began to spray us! With what, we did not know. It was noxious and people starting coughing and a baby started crying.
We were told, “Not to worry, this is just a harmless insecticide.” A harmless insecticide? It kills insects doesn’t it? What else does it kill? If that is what it was, we only have to take their word for it.
We were not prepared for this unexpected assault on our lungs. If only we had had our Pure Non-Scents® Face Masks ready for this attack. When we left India you can be sure that we had our masks in hand and were ready and yes, shortly before take off and unannounced, we were sprayed again! We were ready for them, but this poor child that was sitting across the aisle from us was not, and continued coughing and wheezing for quite some time.
We have since heard planes are sometimes heavily sprayed before the passengers arrive. Given all the pestilence that is rife around the world, spraying seems a practical defense. But common sense says, anything that kills pathogens is toxic to a greater or lesser degree. If that is a risk people who travel will have to submit to, along with body checks, then would it not be prudent to arrive at the airport with some sort of protection against the spraying as well as the pathogens floating around the airport? Let me introduce you to the Pure Non-Scents facemask made with activated charcoal cloth that weighs no more than an ordinary dust mask, yet is about 95% as effective as a military gas mask. Even more importantly, it is impregnated with silver, which is both bactericidal and virucidal. On one hand the silver kills microbes dead while the activated charcoal cloth neutralizes toxins and also adsorbs noxious odors.
If you have your Pure Non-Scents® Face Mask with you at all times and in quick reach for the unexpected, you can protect yourself.  Of all people, we should have had ours in hand. As it was, the first time we were unprepared and had zero time to get them out.
The point is, be ready! I was so glad to have our masks while we were traveling to and fro in India. The air pollution in the large cities and on the major highways makes city pollution in America seem minor. But whether it is in an airport, on a jet plane, city traffic, or changing really bad diapers the Pure Non-Scents® face mask is a very powerful weapon against bad, smelly, toxic air. If stored in a sealed bag or bottle when not in use, these masks can remain active for up to a year.  Get one today and see how well they work.
January 2015
Vegetation Reclaimed
"After the Superior Court made rulings that allowed state government to employ non-governmental workers, an entire five-state area has been decimated of wild birds and Habitat in the suburbs and small cities with even less than 100 citizens... My own property was herbicided repeatedly with full strength Cross Bow used to kill a 100-year-old orchard.
In desperation, I called the wonderful and knowledgeable Charcoal folks...They knew what to try and how much to purchase. Over some years I purchased large volumes of the activated charcoal intended to trap the illegally applied carcinogens. By 2013, most of the vegetation was revived and even some of the heavily herbicided fruit trees rebounded on parts where the charcoal had been applied. I used the material repeatedly when methylanthranalate and other similar semi-volatiles used to remove wild birds protected under the Migratory Treaty Act were used... I was able again to combat the oxidation products of these semi-volatiles by the use of activated charcoal. Throughout the pacific northwest, there is a removal of all wild migratory birds with resulting loss of habitat and with untold effects on humans and other mammals. The birds die of disease and starvation. All government officials deny any knowledge, but the application is always around cell towers, major roadways, civilian flight paths and people with satellite dish TV. Activate charcoal is the ONLY product used to combat the New age of chemical warfare in American on American citizens. USE IT! Even city poor air quality and neighbor’s pesticides and herbicides can be trapped and held at bay with the use of activated charcoal. They probably saved our life!!!!!"
December 2015
Ankle Pain
"Since Last Sunday I have experienced the same problems that I had for eight weeks October and November of 2012. Although there has been little or no fever, I have chilled easily, sweat at night, and the malaise has been very much like the flu. Also, both my ankles have acted up. No pain in the left ankle, only swelling (the one with serious pain last time). The right ankle has had more of a problem this time. I now strongly suspect that there is a direct connection between my flu like sickness and the ankles, with the inflammation of the latter being the cause. The right ankle has been swelling on me since California days. Three times my right leg has been tested for blood clots, lastly in Oregon, with negative results. Over the past several months the right ankle has been getting worse. When I noticed a lump developing under the skin a little above the ankle, I went to see [my doctor] a week ago. He examined it very closely and stated several times that he didn't know what it was, but suggested surgery to have it removed.  I wanted to wait a bit. I had contacted [], and purchased several of their products. Beginning last Saturday night I started using the activated charcoal cream, and covered the cream with a Johnson & Johnson first aid waterproof 3X4 pad. [You] had suggested using a poultice or pad using the powder, but may be surprised when [you] learn how I used the cream. 

I have seen nothing in their literature that suggests how to use it. I suppose what I came up with might be called a cross between a poultice and a patch or pad.
It is probably too early to start celebrating. However, the stinging, and the sharp pain when touching the spot, and strong itch were gone within an hour and have not returned. Yesterday I could no longer feel the lump. The patch is changed every 24 hours after showering, and will be continued for several more days.

The activated powder I am using for brushing my teeth (very messy!). Also I now shower with an activated charcoal soap, and am delighted with both."
February 2014
"I really love the coconut charcoal toothbrushes. I originally bought one to try it out, and now I think it is the best toothbrush I've tried. I always buy the soft bristle in other toothbrush models and since this company only makes one toothbrush, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the bristle was the perfect firmness. I love having the charcoal infused into the bristle, even though I always use charcoal as my toothpaste now anyway, but in those rare times I use a non charcoal toothpaste I still feel like the charcoal is there anyway. I just reordered 3 more toothbrushes to be included with  my charcoal eye mask order. I think charcoal is a great thing, especially after reading the book I ordered "Charcoal" by John Dinsley.
I give thumbs up on the products I've purchased from this site, so far. I am into natural remedies, so I love charcoal and never knew all that it could be used for.
A very satisfied customer."
Jan 2014