Your Charcoal Stories (2016, January - July)

We will aim to add stories here as they come in. Because we receive so many testimonies we try to select ones that are little out of the ordinary. We also recognize that for a beginner, that first experience of charcoal working for some common ailment that several drugs have failed to help, can be very dramatic, so we love to post those first charcoal epiphanies. So, send them in too.

Charcoal Slurry Turns Green Asparagus Blue
Mary operates an organic farm and wanted to know if charcoal would stain the inside of their spray equipment. We confirmed it would not stain the equipment. She wrote back…
“Thanks. Last year I sprayed charcoal [slurry] directly on the asparagus fern. WOW, it turned a dark blue and grew like crazy, producing more ferns, which in turn produced a larger crop this year. I look forward to spaying my old bed soon. Wondering if it will revive the old bed.”
July 2016

Activated Charcoal Poultice Relieves Inflamed Eyes
It is the grass mowing season. Along with the grass flying out of the mower there is a lot of fine dust. Even with close-fitting eye protection, after several days I noticed my eyes were getting more and more inflamed. Then, when I sat down at my desk in front of my computer, within minutes my eyes would begin to burn from the radiation coming from the screen. This pattern was definitely getting worse. My eyes had become so sensitive I just wanted to close them.
My wife offered to make a warm charcoal poultice to place over my eyes when I went to bed. I was finally at the point to accept her offer. My hang up was, having something over my eyes at night disrupts my sleep, and I feel I need every minute of sleep I can get. But it was clear I had to make a change. We ordered glasses with radiation protection, but by that point my eyes had become chronically inflamed. The only other option was to take a break from the computer screen for several weeks. So, as I lay in bed, with my eyes closed, Kimberly came with a charcoal poultice and placed it over my eyes. Over the poultice she place a charcoal Eye Pad which helped to keep the poultice in place as I slept. Immediately my eyes felt some relief.
I woke some five hours later, and I could tell the inflammation was much relieved. The difference the next morning was dramatic, to say the least. There was still some redness, but the pain was almost gone, and my eyes were not constantly tearing up. A few more days with a combination of a charcoal poultice and charcoal eye pad, and my eyes seemed back to normal.
I am even more careful to protect my eyes now so I don’t end up in the same condition. I only mow grass when there is no wind, and I try to remember to wear the computer glasses when in front of a screen.
I am thankful for my wife’s persistence in trying to get me to try the charcoal poultice. But she already knew how much they have helped her eyes, and was sure they would help mine. I had noticed that her eyes did look better from the charcoal poultices so I was more game to try. You know the old saying about leading a horse to water… but, “you can salt his oats”. Our personal experiences are often the catalyst to get someone else to try something new and strange – like a charcoal poultice over the eyes.
The Editor 
Crawford, Nebraska
June 2016

Charcoal Work Resume
When Carrie applied to come to work for us, she added a little background of her firsthand aquaintance with charcoal on her resume. Carrie is a licensed Massage Therapy Instructor.
"I have some experience with using charcoal as well as other natural remedies, but would love to learn more about its many uses. I prefer working at a job where I can help people have better lives.

A few years back my father developed valley fever while living in Arizona. My mother called one Sunday that he was quite sick with the valley fever, including pneumonia and an enlarged heart. I recommended using a charcoal poultice over his chest and liver. My mother went a step further and applied a large poultice over his entire back and another over his entire chest and abdomen. She changed the poultices every 8 hours for 3 days. Then they had an appt. at the heart hospital that Friday. My mother was concerned they were going to admit him. At the hospital, x-rays revealed that the pneumonia was gone and his enlarged heart was back to normal size. Lab tests showed the valley fever was gone.

Back in 2000 or 2001, when ASI held an evangelistic series in Atlanta, GA in connection with Youth for Jesus, I was living in Alabama. I travelled to Atlanta on the weekends and helped out in the kitchen and attended the evening meetings. One of the women, who was also helping in the kitchen, told me a charcoal story involving her daughter that is worth mentioning. Her daughter got a pain in her abdomen and so started taking charcoal twice a day. (She continued to work fulltime.) After a couple of weeks of taking the charcoal, she still had some soreness so she went to the doctor. The doctor put her in the hospital for an emergency appendectomy. After the surgery, the surgeon paid her a visit and told her several things. 1) her appendix was ruptured  2) There was absolutely no sign of infection 3) The appendix was healing over. (Yes, they went ahead and removed it.) This tells me that if she had continued to take the charcoal another 1-2 weeks she would still have her appendix today!
So yes, I am a believer of your company’s product.

Activated Charcoal Neutralizes Insecticide Reaction
I had some men spray inside my house [she did not say what - I am assuming this was probably an insecticide] and the first day my eyes were shining like glass and my arms felt strangely soft. I tried drinking a lot of water thinking that it would get out of my system, but I was getting worse, I now had a burning in my chest.
I went to the emergency room and they said that I had acid reflux but I told them no, it was a chemical that I had inhaled and it was in my chest. I had three more attacks and so I went to the emergency room four times total. They thought I was crazy. I asked for them to give me charcoal but they would not.
My work sent me home one Sunday, as I was so sick. I shared with this woman what I was going through and she knew a man who had a similar experience with a chemical that he had sprayed his fields with and the doctors would not believe him and so she directed the man to charcoal and it helped.
I went to the health food store but they did not have charcoal but the lady found your site for me and I ordered it right away and I got the charcoal so fast. I thank God that since I have been taking the charcoal powder the burning in my chest has gone away. I know that the activated charcoal helped me and I thank God.

Distemper in Dog
We received an email from Brazil in Portuguese. Here is our best translation.

I witnessed a female dog who already was in very bad [health] due to an illness which she acquired, distemper, be cured through the use of charcoal.
I was with my father who lives in and the dog it began to show symptoms of the disease, which is complicated with each passing day, leaving the dog blind. Her eyes were already bluish and she was already all wound up, trembling, and disoriented. My father saw that the dog was dying and took the charcoal for cooking. He crushed the charcoal and mixed it with water, causing the dog to eat it periodically. He made the same procedure three times a day for 5 days. On the sixth day the eye of the dog was already in normal coloration, and his wound was improving, besides all the other symptoms disappear. The next day, the dog was already healed, as if nothing had happened to it.
I hope my experience has helped in this study. I am a student of pharmacy and believe that charcoal can be a cure for cancer and various diseases in both animals and humans.

I hope I have contributed something.
A hug, Jessica
May 2016

Poison Oak
During the AMEN weekend in Clearlake CA, my friends and I did cooking and natural remedies demos for two days. I went on your website and found the Doctors Testimonies and shared them with the people while I made the charcoal poultice. They were very intrigued by some of the surprising testimonies. My personal testimony with charcoal happened just recently. My 5-year old grandson gave me poison oak....and of course it was all over my face....I Googled poison oak and charcoal and of course came up with a success testimony from our dear Agatha Thrash. So I promptly drank 2 heaping Tablespoons of charcoal powder [mixed in water] and made a poultice and applied it to my face. In 30 minutes the itching redness and selling was gone. However it came back and every 24 hrs I had to repeat... but that is ok... much better than suffering... praise the Lord for His natural remedies. Thank you for your support. My friends and I have been very busy in the county giving food and natural remedies demos every since.
April 2016

Treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) with Activated Charcoal

"My elderly mom (81 years) was struggling from IBS (Irritable Bowel syndrome) caused by chronic medication side effects. She had a scope and a scan - Specialists and her General Practitioner could not help her acute pain and suffering. After almost 8 months, as a last resort, we thought what about trying Activated Charcoal. I'd used it mainly for runny tummies or poultices for bites/abcesses. We gave my mom 5ml [about half a Tablespoon] charcoal powder in a glass of water and within a day she had relief - no gas, no pain! Her bowel movements normalised and for the first time she is feeling healthier and stronger. Her pain was debilitating and she was unable to stand, sit or walk. It's been almost 3 weeks now, she is facing life with renewed optimism, hope and greatly improved health. No longer needing her blood pressure medication either. We praise the Lord for His miracle substance - of Carbon (Charcoal)!"
Cape Town, South Africa
March, 2016

Activated Charcoal for Snake Bites, Jellyfish Sting, and Food Poisoning

Dawn contacted us earlier this year with questions about snakes. See her story at the bottom of this page. But she has already put charcoal to the test for more common ailments like food poisoning.

Hi John, Thank you for getting back to me [on snake bites], I really appreciate it. Also, thanks for the links. See bottom of page.

I have read that chapter in your Book several times. I love your book. It's well written and very informative. I like that many of the stories come from medical professionals in addition to normal civilians. I have spent lots of time on your website, which is also very well done.  

Don't laugh, but 30 minutes ago I found a baby snake in my kitchen. At first I thought it was a highly dangerous green Boomslang, but after further inspection and research, there's a strong possibility that it may be Spotted Bush Snake. I'm 75% sure it's the latter. I hope it is. Bush Snakes are harmless. And now the snake is cruising around beneath my slotted wood deck randomly peaking its small head out.   

Within the last 2 weeks, my neighbour a few houses down has found 2 different baby Black Mambas on her property. 

Activate charcoal capsules and tablets are available at many drugstores and health food stores here. Unfortunately, I have not found a single person here, DR., RN., Pharmacist, health guru, etc. that knows its properties beyond helping digestive issues. Charcoal education is the necessary solution. I have an idea, which I'll get to in a minute. 

Food Poisoning
Recently, at a New Years Eve party, I was talking to Susan, an MD, who was staying with my future sister in-law, Renee. We were talking about Charcoal. Susan was aware of its use for food poisoning, but not snake bites, nor anything else. A few minutes after midnight, despite consuming little to no alcohol, Susan, Renee, and myself became VERY sick. I left the party quickly. I didn't make it 5 minutes before pulling over to violently retch. The second I got in the car I had taken some of the activated charcoal I carry in my purse. I took more immediately after vomiting. I threw up only once more at home. I took lots of charcoal over the next 24 hours. I was able to stomach light food by morning. The acute diarrhea subsided by late noon. The following day, I was well enough to go on a long hike, paddle a canoe down the nearby river, and enjoy a yummy picnic.

Renee and Susan couldn't keep anything down for several days. They took whatever prescription drugs Susan prescribed for them. They were still home hugging the porcelain God while I was back to playing in nature.  We had severe food poisoning! In the competition Charcoal vs big Pharma...  Charcoal won hands down!

Jellyfish Sting
I have a charcoal story that may be new for you. While snorkelling in Zanzibar, Tanzania a few weeks ago, a beautiful purple jelly fish
Activated charcoal for Jellyfish stings wrapped its 7in. tentacles around my forearm. Ouch!!! Once I got back to the boat I cracked open a charcoal capsule and smeared it over the area, effectively painting my arm black. 90% of burning sensation faded quickly.  Several concerned passengers offered me painkillers and antihistamines, which I refused with a smile. Thankfully no one offered to pee on me as that would have been awkward. I refreshed the charcoal paint job a couple times and kept swimming relying on the seawater to maintain moisture. The angry red raised tentacle marks subsided within a couple hours. No painkillers, nor anything else, was needed. 

Spider Bite
I  recently treated Chris's, my fiancé', spider bite with a charcoal poultice. And today gave Christopher, his adult son, a container of charcoal to take for the stomach ulcer he was diagnosed with yesterday. I also forwarded him link from your site pertaining to ulcer's.  

The reason I am researching Charcoal is because it is an amazing healing remedy, very affordable, and has no serious side effects. I firmly believe everyone should have it in their home along with the awareness on how to use it. My idea is to put together an bullet pointed (fast read) emergency reference card with pics detailing charcoal benefits and how to use it internally and externally depending on varying situations. Basically create a handout people can put on their fridge or keep with their first aid kit.  

I would love your feedback when I'm done. Actually, If you don't mind, I would like to put your web address on the card and direct people to your website and book for more info. I'm heading off to go camping across Namibia for the next 2 weeks. I probably won't start on working on the brochure until I get back. If you have any ideas or suggestions I'd love to hear them.  

I believe we are all missionaries at heart... Have a wonderful day! :)
South Africa
March, 2016


Hello, I was wondering which of your activated charcoal products would be best for me to use for my soap making. I am looking to make a detox soap.
Thank you,
March 2016

Kimberly Responds
Hi Armando.
You can use any of the food grade charcoal powders listed here. They all will work and we actually use the various ones in different products.
All of the activated charcoal powders listed are considered detoxifying. Because they are all food grade they can be used internally and externally.
The top of the line is our DETOX 1600, which is a USP grade made from coconut shell. We use this one in our Super Natural! Soap
Coconut Shell is quite hot in the cosmetic industry right now and for a more economical activated charcoal powder I would recommend the Ultra Fine. It will make a very black, beautiful soap and used in many fine natural cosmetics. We use the Ultra Fine in most of our specialty soaps such as our Mud Clay Scrub, Psoriasis, Baa Baa Black Sheep and many others.
The Bamboo charcoal powder we brought in specifically for soap makers and for using in pastries. A lot of soap makers and users of bamboo soap love it. We use the bamboo activated charcoal powder our in organic goat's milk soap. 
The hardwood, though it is the least expensive is still a very high quality activated charcoal powder and is used in many soaps. The hardwood is the one that we always recommend for taking baths and foot soaking. This is my personal favorite for making poultices as well.

The choice is yours, they will all make a fabulous soap! 

I hope this helped some. 
Kind regards, Kimberly

New Recruit for Medicinal Charcoal

I write to thank you for your website and the valuable information displayed there. I was mesmerized, captivated, and educated. I consider myself a fairly educated person with a well-rounded understanding of common medical helps and remedies. I was proven wrong in quick fashion by reading the information on your site and doing some additional research. What I learned will be quickly passed on to a dear friend in Guyana and to friends in Peru. How I wish I had known this information years ago! Rest assured that your efforts are not in vain. They will be the fuel for the fire of knowledge which will long burn in the far reaches of two third world countries. To those who receive this knowledge the scope of benefits will never be fully known. Once again, my gratitude and appreciation on behalf of those who will benefit.
Colonel Phil
Winter Haven, FL
February 2016

Treating Environmental Liver Cirrhosis with Activated Charcoal

"I have chronic pain and was diagnosed with environmental liver Cirrhosis. I went to my naturalist and one of the things I begin was using charcoal. A very long story shorten is that I was told recently from my lab report that I no longer have liver cirrhosis. I believe the charcoal had a huge part in reversing this. Is there a program I can resale all your products. I have never seen a product list like yours ( and my personal experience has lead others to want charcoal products. This is why I would like to resale or represent you company in some way."
February 2016

Snakes Snakes Snakes
Dawn is a relatively new convert to charcoal. She hails from California, lives in South Africa, but pitches her tent here and there. Living and traveling across Africa she has become very aware of the risks of poisonous snakes in remote locations.

Hi Mr. John Dinsley,
I enjoyed your Book, videos, and spent hours going thru your website. Your information has thus far been the most informative, best researched, and most logical of all sites I have scoured thru pertaining to activated charcoal. I have spent numerous hours googling medical journals, clinical trials, and websites on this subject.

My name is Dawn. I am a California native, world traveler, now residing in South Africa. I have used activated charcoal for many years for food poisoning and other travel related issues... But I only recently learned it treats snake bites. I was prompted to research antidotes due to my environment.  

Within the last year, since moving to Africa, I have encountered numerous Puff Adders (one I almost stepped on), Stiletto Viper (inside my bedroom), baby Mozambique Spitting Cobra in tree 2 ft from me which spread its hood (thankfully it didn't spit at me, instead ran away when I backed up to take a closer look (I was wearing sunglasses), my neighbours 2 doors down had Black Mamba in their home which prompted major security alert (flashing lights and numerous emergency vehicles), and last week I found a baby Black Mamba shed skin (3 ft from my front door), which prompted me to alert my next door neighbour, Terry.  

When I went over to warn Terry to be careful, his gardener ran screaming thru the house waving his arms like a madman. I thought he had found the baby Mamba, but no.  Instead a 6ft Egyptian Cobra slithered into Terry's sliding glass door. His golf buddies who appeared 20 minutes later spent an hour luring the cobra out and then beat it to death with a golf club. Terry was on his way to play a round when this incident occurred. We live in a very nice golf estate.

The following night my fiancé, Chris, spotted Binky, my kitten, less than a foot something on the road adjacent to our yard.  It was a 3ft snake. Chris beat it to death with a brick and stick. I felt awful about this when I looked it up in my snake book and it it turned out to be a harmless Rhombic Egg Eater. But you can't be too careful as most snakes are highly venomous here.

I actually like snakes. I grew up with non-venomous ones as pets. It breaks my heart seeing them killed, even the venomous kind.

So the reason I am writing you is  that I am planning to start importing coconut activated charcoal as a potential remedy for snake bites and other issues. There are many farms here in rural areas where medical access is no available in timely fashion. Also antivenin is extremely costly, not readily available, possibly expired, and sometimes more dangerous than the original snakebite.

South Africa needs an antidote that is safe, effective, and affordable. Very few can actually afford the antivenin if they are lucky enough to find a properly stocked clinic, many lives and limbs are lost.  

DisChem (the local chain drug store) carries activated charcoal capsules and tablets, but the quality is poor and people don't know/realize its uses. Unlike America, Its safe to openly talk about potential cures and remedies here. My intention is to create a informative brochure to give with the charcoal and get it out to as many people as possible.

I would like to know what your personal experience is with using/treating people with activated charcoal on snake bites. I've found it easy to verify most other uses of charcoal. Please share any stories and information you, or people you know, have on snakebites. Also any medical references and/or clinical studies would be greatly appreciated.  

I have scoured the web and found many people claiming it works for snakebites, but few who have personally used it for that. And of the few success stories, I'm concerned some may have been simply dry bites (no venom injected from the snake). Occasionally dry bites do occur from venomous snakes.

Before I promote something as a potential lifesaving antidote, I want to make sure it truly works. Please help...
Thanks and have a wonderful day! 

Editor Replies
Hello Dawn
Thank you for your email.
I assume you have already read these links – scroll down pages to articles:
Snake bites
Drs Thrash
Charcoal Stories - 2007
CharcoalTimes Newsletter July 2010
CharcoalTimes Newsletter May 2011

There are stories in my Book (chapter 11) that are not posted on the website. You would do well to have it in your library.
Book Endorsement:
“I heartily recommend The Complete Handbook of Medicinal Charcoal and Its Applications. As a physician, as a mother and grandmother, as a public health educator for the past 41 years, I have come to fully trust the efficacy and safety of charcoal as a simple yet powerful home remedy. This book serves not only as a reference book of medicinal charcoal facts, but also brings together a hundred and fifty different charcoal experiences of individuals from around the world. People need this book. EVERY FAMILY, every healthcare worker, every traveler abroad, every health conscious individual needs a copy in their home library.”
Agatha M. Thrash, MD (Pathologist). Medical Examiner for the State of Georgia

The two critical factors are having activated charcoal (AC) available and the amount used. While time is of the essence, the amount of charcoal taken internally and applied externally is also critical. Replacing AC poultices often after the first application (every 1/2 hour, hour, 2 hours) needs to be stressed. There is no precaution in giving too much as long as the person drinks plenty of water.
How to make a charcoal poultice video.

If AC is not available, the charcoal from a fire pit will also work – just use more. Here is a Tutorial how to make plain charcoal powder where AC is not available.

As an antidote charcoal is universal, needs no prescription, degree, or refrigeration.

Every place, including South Africa and California, needs to know about charcoal as the undisputed “Universal Antidote” for poisons. I hope you will continue to research the versatility and benefits of charcoal as a medicinal.

So far, thankfully, all my experience with charcoal and poisonous snake has been second hand. For every story we have posted there are hundreds more that have not been told. That is more than enough science for me, especially if there is no hospital within reach.

Please let me know how your publicity campaign goes. But first, you need to use it yourself – for upset digestion, insect bite, infected wound, dysentery, malaria.... Make some charcoal poultices. AND have some AC powder and home made powder already stored in jars in your home. From what you describe it won’t be long before you will have opportunity to give charcoal to some victim. Please take BEFORE and AFTER pictures, for your own encouragement and we would like to share your experiences online.

Before long you will be a missionary for charcoal just like the founder of Water Wells for Africa, and HAN, and.....