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Breast Cancer Wound

Jeremy is a wound care specialist. One of his male patients had breast cancer. He shares his experience using an Activated Charcoal Poultice.

Started ACP on a male patient who was diagnosed with breast cancer. The patient has had chemotherapy and radiation and the family nor he want to do any further interventions and just let nature take its course, whatever that may be. His wound measured 90mm x 50mm x 10mm depth. Additionally the inflammation has extended the edges of the wound about 15mm above the surface of the chest. Wound had foul odor and needed sharps debridement weekly to remove the yellow slough.
10.25.2016. We started the Activated Charcoal Poultice (ACP) twice a day.
Week 1 (11.1.2016) - the inflammation that was raised above the surface of the chest was completely eliminated, odor was eliminated and no debridement was needed and the wound cubic volume had decreased by over 50%.
Week 2 - No change in wound volume
Week 3 - There was a 64% decrease in wound volume, comparing week 1 with this week.
Week 4 - There was a 60% decrease in wound volume, comparing week 3 measurements to this week's.  Re-epithelialization seen along wound edges.
Week 5 (11.29.2016) - There was over a 76% reduction in wound volume from last week's measurements to this week. At this point we have not had any odor from wound since ACP was started and no need for sharps debridement. In comparing the wound volume from the start of the ACP to this current week, there as been over a 98% decrease in wound volume."
Jeremy, PA-C
Wound Care Specialist

Clean Teeth with Charcoal Powder

A customer called to order activated charcoal from us after his friend shared with him her experience with our Detox 1600 USP activated charcoal. She was at the dentist having her teeth examined when the dentist who had been poking around checking things up, straightened himself up and asked incredulously, "what in the world are you doing?!  I have never seen such clean teeth in my entire life!"  Of course she told him that she was brushing her teeth with activated charcoal powder!  Charcoal may be a little messy, but hey, it works! 

Mold Toxicity
Colleen called today to order and to share how activated charcoal has helped her with mold. Both she and her husband had pneumonia like symptoms and long story short they were eventually tested for mold and were found to both have high levels of mold toxicity. Colleen and her husband started taking the activated charcoal along with high doses of vitamin C and when they were tested four weeks later there were no traces of mold! She said that they took the activated charcoal throughout the day so that it would be in their systems at all times.  During this time they used both the Detox 1600 powder slurry and also the Activated Charcoal Capsules.
November 2016

Boiling Water Burn
Hey, I wanted to share this story & pictures with you, my son in law said I could share.

My son in law burned his stomach just to the right & below his belly button with scolding hot water at work. The big pot of boiling water not only got on him but burned the polyester shirt to the burn.

I had him ASAP apply charcoal & colloidal silver.
Boiling water burn - 1Boiling water burn - 2Boiling water burn - 3Boiling water burn - 4
  • Picture 1 is what he messaged to me & my daughter asking what to do.
  • Picture 2 is what it looked like by the time he got home to treat it (not yet treated other than with burn ointment at work)
  • Picture 3 is the next day (around 8 hours after applying the charcoal poultice) he took the picture because he was worried about the black caked in the burn, I told him it would be fine & encouraged him to continue. He admitted to me that the charcoal was really helping.
  • Picture 4 is at just over 2 days after burning himself & when he says the pain really seemed to be bad.
  • Picture 5 he says is when it was hurting the most & he is not sure if he took it before picture 4 or after
  • Pictures 6 through 11 are the healing covering around 3 weeks of healing
Boiling water burn - 5Boiling water burn - 6Boiling water burn - 7
Boiling water burn - 8Boiling water burn - 9Boiling water burn - 10Boiling water burn - 11

He is now convinced of how well activated charcoal along with colloidal silver gel worked for him.

I forgot to say the size of his burn, the pictures do not really show the size well
I think he used a 4 x 4 inch gauze pad to cover it & that the burn was about 3 x 3 inch. So not tiny, but not huge, but big enough.
November 2016

Cervical Infection
I have been meaning to share these with you.

My oldest daughter Brenda after having the cervical infection that she treated with activated charcoal, she noticed a almost mole like spot that formed in her groin/crease of leg area. It worried her because it might be skin cancer or a reaction from the cervical infection (the infection was from a reaction to birth control).
She showed me the spot & I told her it needed to be checked out but until she got in keep a charcoal poultice & charcoal salve on it.
She said the stuff the charcoal pulled out smelled so bad but within days the spot was healing then gone. I wish we had taken pictures it just looked so cancer like.

OK my other daughter used activated charcoal poultices & mouth rinse after having all 4 wisdom teeth out & another molar. A couple of the teeth were rooted in the jaw bone & so a bit of jaw bone was removed. The dentist prescribed her heavy pain killers, medicated rinse & wanted us back in a week.
She just used the poultices  when in pain to great success. But she kept swishing charcoal water made with detox 1600 around her mouth after anytime she ate & at other times, never rinsing it out. At the one week follow up the dentist (Oral Surgeon) was so impressed he was shocked at the healing & no issues.

Missing Bottle Seal
A woman contacted us after her mother received a bottle of Activated Charcoal Powder without an inner seal.
We responded:
Hi Diana.
There is no inside seal on the activated charcoal powders. There is an outside seal, a plastic heat shrunk seal around the cap, that is all.

The reason there is no seal inside the bottles of Charcoal Powder, (such as we have with the capsule or tablet bottles) is because charcoal powder will sometimes release oxygen inside the jar if there is a change in the temperature during transit. If some pressure has developed in the jar, and there is an inner seal, when removing the seal, the powder has sometimes “poofed” out. There is a chance still that the charcoal powder may poof out a little just opening the cap the first time, that is why there is a label on every cap suggesting that you open the jar over the sink or another washable surface. 

The top label also says there is no inside seal.
Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. Kind regards,
Diana replied:
Thank you so much for your reply! My mother was a little skeptical about taking your product, because of the lack of a seal on the bottle top, but I convinced her that it was totally safe, when she explained that everything else was sealed, including the box where it came, and the outside bottle.

My mother had eaten something that didn't set well in her stomach and she had dizziness and an upset stomach. After ingesting the charcoal, the dizziness went away as well as the stomach ache. She is doing well and was eating breakfast when I called her this morning. I also explained to her the reason for the lack of a seal on top of the bottle.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your service. Take care and have a nice day! Sincerely,
October 2016

Lead Toxicity
Hi John, Thank you so much for replying to my email and for all the information. Since sending the email I have been taking activated charcoal orally daily.  I have since had another blood test and the results were surprising, not only myself, but also to the environmental physician I am seeing.  The high lead levels had all but disappeared and were showing negligible amounts of lead in my bloods and in my bones.  It's hard to say if it was the charcoal that removed it but it's certainly very possible and a huge coincidence considering I've had lead in my blood for at least a year and it's suddenly gone.

If you don't mind I would like to ask you a few more questions. How long is it safe to take? Some people take it daily. Generally we suggest taking it for 3 weeks, then a break for 1 week before resuming. And I must ask you why you would bathe in it? Do you release toxins from your skin? Yes Is it more effective than taking it orally? In some cases, such as systemic skin conditions.
My daughter and I have started brushing our teeth with it since reading your email. It's a very scary sight!! Like something from a horror movie, so we will start doing it in the shower like the lady you mentioned.

The initial reason for all the testing was the unexplained, chronic hair loss experienced by myself and my two teenage daughters. This is how we found the lead. So I'm hoping that the elimination of the lead will resolve our hair loss problem. I will let you know either way.

Again, I really appreciate you responding to my email. Kind Regards,
September 2016

Premenstrual Acne
“I have seen ZERO mention of it on the Internet as a modality, but I am 100% certain I cured my terrible acne with activated charcoal. I bought My Magic Mud at a farmers market two years ago and never used it
 regularly because it was a mess. About a month ago I started using it daily in the shower, like a toothpaste as directed, and within two days my skin was clearing for the first time since I was a kid (I am 33). Within a week of using it daily, I had no pimples at all. I have never in my adult life been pimple-free. If only I had thought to use the product in the shower two years ago! It was only the mess that deterred me. I also have noticed a corresponding drying of my lower sinuses, which had maybe always been the slightest bit over-saturated before. It's so weird. I am so happy to have found this solution and hope to see it on the Internet more. I always suspected my acne was related to my dental health because NOTHING about my other habits or diet seemed to ever make a difference. I had horrible acne if I ate a perfect raw diet or a microwaved
veggie burger diet.
Anyway, I saw your site talked about using charcoal topically for acne but I think using it as an oral health tool has far reaching impacts for that purpose too.

Pre-menstrual acne was a constant torment in my life, flaring up with horrid cystic nodules in the days leading up to my period. I've had two complete cycles now with none of this. It's night and day. I hope this helps someone else. Best,
September 2016

Charcoal and White Blood Cell Count
Facebook question: “Can taking a lot of charcoal capsules in one day, for an intestinal bug, impact your white blood cell count on lab work drawn two days later?"
Facebook A

Editor: “I do not know of a direct link. But... Intestinal “bugs” produce toxins/endotoxins that trigger different symptoms (fever, vomiting, diarrhea, pain, infection, inflammation,...) Activated charcoal has been shown to not only bind some microbes, but also neutralize some of the toxins they produce. So, indirectly, if activated charcoal has inactivated the “bug” and/or its toxins, then, yes, there could be a significant change in the blood count of certain white blood cells.

Since activated charcoal can also deactivate a surplus of cytokines in the blood, it would seem that also would impact those cells that produce them, including certain white blood cells.

Facebook A, I think the question people have on their minds is, “If you are describing an actual experience, do you believe the activated charcoal helped your body to fend off the ‘bug’? Did you feel better or worse two days later, whatever the lab work said?”
September 2016

Cheap Charcoal
Hi. Ryan, here from Canada. I have been doing charcoal baths and recently ran out of your charcoal [powder] so I got some from a local health food store. It said it was coconut charcoal from India. Anyway I poured a bunch in the bath as usual, but then about ten minutes in I smelled sulphur big time. I thought it was just me at first, but then I smelled the charcoal in the bag and it smelled very strongly of sulphur. I got out of the bath. What could that have been? Have you ever encountered that?
August 2016

Cough Medicine Recipe
  • Honey 7 oz. (200 grams)
  • Olive oil 7 oz. (200 grams)
  • Charcoal Powder 1.5 cups (300 grams)
  • Eucalyptus oil 5 drops.
Take 1-2 spoonfuls morning and night.
Esther Kim

Genital Herpes
Marie called today wondering how to mix up our activated charcoal powder and water to drink. A friend of hers had sent her a gift of our activated charcoal Ultra Fine Coconut Shell, but she just did not know how to take it. I directed her to our video on how to make a charcoal slurry however as we chatted, I realized that what she really wanted to know is if activated charcoal would work for genital herpes.
We have had people use the activated charcoal for herpes with great success.  Remember, activated charcoal is anti fungal and anti bacterial, a good weapon against herpes. 

She wondered if taking it internally would help and I said that it could be most helpful (as long as she was not on medications as the charcoal would most likely adsorb her meds) and that if it were me, I would also apply it topically. I gave her the simple recipe of two parts coconut oil to one part activated charcoal powder,  (see recipe below) and apply liberally to the affected area (be sure to wear pads as charcoal is black and messy!) I also shared how she could easily insert this cream vaginally as follows:

Take a tampon and remove the tampon from the applicator. Fill the applicator with the charcoal and coconut cream mixture. Place the filled applicator in the fridge for at least 30 minutes so that the cream will solidify and not run out.  After the cream has reached a solid state, simply insert as any vaginal cream or like a tampon.  Again, be sure that you have protective pads on as charcoal is messy, but, it works!  If the herpes is burning and painful, the mixture will often bring seemingly instant relief.

Activated Charcoal Cream Recipe
  • 1/3 cup charcoal powder
  • 2/3 cup raw, organic, unrefined coconut oil (available at local health food store)
  • peppermint essential oil (food grade) 3 drops or more to your taste/optional
If the coconut oil is in a solid state, over low heat, gently melt it to a liquid.  Once melted, pour into a glass jar that has a tight fitting lid. Add the charcoal powder and essential oil if using and mix well. If the temperature outside is warm, you can put it in the fridge.  If your house is 74 degrees or cooler, it will become solid and you can keep the cream in your medicine cabinet.  Both coconut oil and charcoal do not have to be refrigerated, so if you don’t mind the liquid state, you can put it in your cabinet as well.  When in a liquid state, the activated charcoal will settle to the bottom, so be sure to shake the jar with the lid on tight so that it is suspended equally throughout the coconut cream.
Smoke Damage from house fire.
Kitchen wall covered with baggies of Pure-NonScents charcoal
It was the night after a fire when all through the house
the smoke smell was terrible, it would choke even a mouse…..

Customer Judy in California was beside herself. They had a fire in the house and after the insurance took care of everything, there was still a terrible smell of smoke that was in the brick wall in her kitchen. Folks suggested vinegar and baking soda which helped some, but mostly added to the problem, she still had the smell of smoke and now she had the vinegar and soda smell.

Someone mentioned our website to her and she called and after we talked, we decided that the  Pure NonScents would be best according to her budget.**  Judy was very CREATIVE in how she managed to get the Pure NonScents onto her brick wall. 
Judy said that it took the smell away almost immediately, however, because of our recommendation, she left it all up for a couple of months. She snapped this pic for us to share with you. 
Happy noses to all, and to all Pure NonScents!

**FYI: the reason that we suggested that Judy leave the Pure Nonscents up for a couple of months is that even though the Pure NonScents stopped the odor right away it is most likely still off gassing. What is being gassed off it is capturing, but if you removed the Pure NonScents, the smell would be soon return as it is still off gassing. It takes time for it to finally adsorb all the offensive odors.

Also, we do have other options for covering a brick wall, but this was the most economical. For more info, please contact us at: 888-264-5568
Customer Support

Poison Oak
During the AMEN weekend in Clearlake CA, my friends and I did cooking and natural remedies demos for two days. I went on your website and found the Doctors testimonies and shared them with the people while I made the charcoal poultice. They were very intrigued by some of the surprising testimonies. My personal testimony with charcoal happened just recently. My 5year old grandson gave me poison oak....and of course it was all over my face....I Googled poison oak and charcoal and of course BuyActivatedCharcoal came up with a success testimony from our dear Agatha Thrash. So I promptly drank 2 heaping Tablespoons of charcoal [powder mixed in water] and made a poultice and applied it to my face. In 30 minutes the itching redness and selling was gone. However it came back and every 24 hrs I had to repeat... but that is ok... much better than suffering... praise The Lord for His natural remedies

Thank you for your support. My friends and I have been very busy in the county giving food and natural remedies demos every since.
April 2016

Mary first contacted looking for a product that went of production a number of years ago, and was hoping to find a substitute.

 “I have purchased ...freedhem...for hemorrhoid treatment in the past and found it quickly effective. Now I cannot find it anyplace for sale. Please help asap.” Mary

We responded:
Hello Mary, FreeDhem is no longer available, it is no longer being manufactured, long story..... Anyway, there is hope!  Follow the recipe below:
Charcoal Remedies Amazing Hemorrhoid Relief Recipe
Mix 1 part charcoal to 2 part coconut oil (you can do half and half if you want more charcoal)
blend well, then carefully put into applicator. Put applicator into fridge until the coconut oil has hardened.
Once the oil is in a solid, firm state then insert the mixture into the rectum. 

You should find swift relief. It was the activated charcoal that worked in the FreeDhem. 
Let us know how it worked for you! Kind regards, Kimberly

Uremia in Older Man

We receceived an email from a very concerned daughter for her aged father who has advanced uremia (often a sign of chronic kidney failure), wanting to be assured charcoal could "cure" her father. Below is her email and then our response.
Please contact me. I'm interested in curing my dad's uremia with activated charcoal. His kidney is not cleansing well and therefore he has uremia. Please, please contact me and give me your input. Doctors are not helpful and they recommend to leave him like this until he passes away :(( Please help me , if I can prolong his life for as many months as possible, I would always be thankful to you.
August 2016
Hello Aida. Thank you for contacting us. I see you were on the page for Kidney Disease.
How old is your father? What medication is he on? What kind of program do you have him on?

Did you try doing a SEARCH for “kidney” on our website? In either case you can see from the page you looked at that there is plenty of reasons to expect that taking activated charcoal powder daily would help someone with uremia or other kidney issues. Based just on that page I would lose no time in getting activated charcoal powder and start giving it to your father – knowing that if it does no good, it will not add to his health issues.

I am not sure what more I can say to convince you to get started today.

I will say I do not believe charcoal “cures” anything. It does remove toxins, and very well – that is one reason why it is used in dialysis machines. Then the body is relieved and is better able to do what the Creator designed it to do and that is to heal itself, without the added load of poisonous drugs. Uremia, like most modern illnesses is a lifestyle issue, not something fixed with some wonder drug or some wonder natural remedy.

Diet wise you need to go light on protein foods and heavy on fresh fruits, and well cooked complex carbohydrate foods like vegetables and whole grains.
Does he suffer any constipation? How much water does he drink a day? Do you measure how much he drinks?

Drink lots of pure water – but not at meal times. Maximum 3 meals a day. NO snacks between meals – only water or herb drinks with no sugar. Do not depend on soups for meals – the high fluid content tends to dilute stomach juices which makes for poor digestion.
You will find more health tips from this Cooking Class we conducted some time ago. Scroll down page to read health topics.

How much exercise does your father get? Get him started on the progressive exercise program on the previous page. Go with him.

Here is one herb that works very well as a kidney and bladder cleanser. Buchu leaf tea

Get my book
I also recommend Ministry of Healing. Very practical and covers the spiritual factor that most doctors are afraid to discuss.

Get Detox 1600 Activated Charcoal Powder.
Start with 2-3 teaspoons during the day, about 1-2 hours away from meals or any drugs he is taking. Keep him well hydrated.

Drugs and dialysis do nothing to strengthen the kidneys. They make the kidneys their slaves. The sooner the kidneys are emancipated the better for them.
Do you have recent lab work? Keep a journal of what you do between today and when he has his next doctor visit.

Let me know after a month what changes you have seen. You should expect God to bless these simple natural health strategies.

I am confident the sooner you start the sooner you will see some improvements.

john disnley