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Improvised Charcoal Poultice Made with Charcoal Used For Water Filters

Horses VetDtox

WARNING: This article contains some graphic images that may disturb some readers. Discretion is advised.

Living in Thailand or perhaps in Timbuktu, with no access to activated charcoal powder and you need to treat a wound FAST with an activated charcoal poultice, what do you do?

Robert from Thailand contacted us as he had a wound on his right shoulder that he was taking antibiotics for but it was not healing and unfortunately getting worse.

He went to the doctor again and they lanced the wound to drain it.

Long story short, Robert did some research on the web and found our video on making a charcoal poultice and thought he would like to give it a try but he could not find any activated charcoal powder in his area, and that is when he called via Skype, and we began a flurry of conversations and emails.

As we talked I learned that he filtered his water with coconut shell activated charcoal granular and my ears perked up. “OK,” I told him, “you can make a charcoal poultice from the granular. It is not ideal, but I have no doubt that it will work.”

And that is what he did and we both learned in the process.

Instead of making a poultice of the charcoal gel, he applied the gel directly to the wound. As you can see from the first picture where he only used two tablespoons of the granular, there was little charcoal covering the wound, therefore it would take much longer for the charcoal gel to work. My motto is “you can use too little charcoal to be of non-effect, but you cannot use too much.” It was definitely true in this case.

Making a gel from powder will net faster results, but the charcoal gel made with the granular did the job and did it well as you can see in the pictures below:

Improvised Charcoal Poultice from a Water Filter

Robert’s wound when he first contacted
Improvised Charcoal Poultice from a Water Filter

Not enough charcoal
Improvised Charcoal Poultice from a Water Filter

6 Tablespoons made a nice gel
Improvised Charcoal Poultice from a Water Filter

Looking good

I recommended using the stove top method, instead of using the ground flax seed in making the charcoal gel. The reasoning for this is that it would gel much better.

Charcoal Granular Gel For Poultice Or Skin Salve

1 cup of water
6 tablespoons of charcoal granular (food grade of course)
3 tablespoons of WHOLE flaxseed

Put all three ingredients in small saucepan and stir continually to bring it to a boil. The increased heat will cause the flaxseeds to burst and they will create a lovely thick gel.

Once it cools you can use it directly on the skin or you can make a poultice as seen in this video. Please note that when making the charcoal granular gel as a poultice you will most likely want to spray water on the cloth/paper that will be placed against the skin to give a more wet contact, this will aid the activated charcoal to draw toxins/impurities more quickly.

The granular can be abrasive to the skin and if the skin is tender and broken, then you may want to use the gel in a poultice. Robert was very careful when applying and he just showered off the charcoal gel each day, without rubbing the wound and the direct skin application worked best for him.

If you try this, please let us know how it works for you!
Don't procrastinate! Be sure that you have activated charcoal powder in your First Aid Kit!

Click the image below to order.
Charcoal Powder

And yes, of course, we have activated charcoal granular and bone char, for all your water filtration needs!

Video and recipe on making a charcoal poultice as seen in the video below:

Charcoal Granular Gel For Poultice Or Skin Salve
1 cup of water
6 tablespoons of charcoal granular (food grade of course)
3 tablespoons of WHOLE flaxseed
Put all three ingredients in small saucepan and stir continually to bring it to a boil. The increased heat will cause the flaxseeds to burst and they will create a lovely thick gel.
Once it cools you can use it directly on the skin or you can make a poultice as seen in this video. Please note that when making the charcoal granular gel as a poultice you will most likely want to spray water on the cloth/paper that will be placed against the skin to give a more wet contact, this will aid the activated charcoal to draw toxins/impurities more quickly.
The granular can be abrasive to the skin and if the skin is tender and broken, then you may want to use the gel in a poultice. Robert was very careful when applying and he just showered off the charcoal gel each day, without rubbing the wound and the direct skin application worked best for him.

Brown Recluse Spider Bite On Horse Turns Around Quickly With Vet Detox
(Activated Charcoal For Pets And Livestock)

Horses VetDtox

WARNING: This article contains some graphic images that may disturb some readers. Discretion is advised.

Dana’s daughter’s colt had a horrible wound from what they believed to be a brown recluse spider bite. The antibiotics that the vet prescribed were not working and the wound was now opening up and you could see right into the insides of the horse’s neck, very scary. Dana was praying and asking God for a solution when charcoal came to her mind and she called to see if we thought that the charcoal would help. Guess what we told her? If you said “yes!’ then you are right. =)

It is said that a picture is a worth 1000 words and it certainly is true in this case.

Let me share with you the sequence of the pictures but first an email from Dana:

We can't thank you enough for the advice and encouragement you and staff gave us when this first started. The horror stories we heard from others, and the vets telling us that we weren't doing anything more for him then they would didn't leave us much hope. It was encouraging the success stories that you all had told me, and the confidence you had in the charcoal, took away our concerns. Thank you
all so much. I will keep sending photos so you can see his progress.

Brown Recluse Spider Bite On Horse

Brown Recluse Spider Bite On Horse

Brown Recluse Spider Bite On Horse

Brown Recluse Spider Bite On Horse

Brown Recluse Spider Bite On Horse

Brown Recluse Spider Bite On Horse

Brown Recluse Spider Bite On Horse

Brown Recluse Spider Bite On Horse

Brown Recluse Spider Bite On Horse

Brown Recluse Spider Bite On Horse

Brown Recluse Spider Bite On Horse

Brown Recluse Spider Bite On Horse

 Brown Recluse Spider Bite On Horse

And a final email from Dana:

Hello, Kimberly, this photo was taken this past weekend. We are so thankful for your product, and prayers. We are amazed at how great it looks. We honestly thought he wouldn't have any hair grow back on it.
I'm glad this can help people.

Please note, when dealing with wounds and burns, we recommend using colloidal silver in place of the water. Dana and her vet are big fans of colloidal silver so she already had some on hand and was excited to learn that replacing the water with colloidal silver was the preferred method in this case. However, if you do not have the colloidal silver, make the gel with the pure water, it will still work.

Morning and evening, Dana and/or her daughter would flush the wound by spraying the wound heavily with the colloidal silver before re-packing the wound with fresh charcoal gel.

For more on infected wounds on animals, click here.

Click the image below to order VetDtox now!

Video and recipe on making a charcoal poultice:

Enlarged Spleen

I have been experiencing spleen pain. I started right away taking extra Detox 1600 powder & doing activated charcoal poultices over my spleen. The poultices were the only relief I was getting from the pain & pressure. I did go to ER & a CT scan showed my spleen enlarged. I had a appointment with a doctor about 5 days later so in between I kept doing the charcoal poultices. I made my poultices for my spleen with hardwood powder, flax seed & castor oil.
By the time I got to the doctor he was certain my spleen was no longer in danger of rupturing & told me to keep doing what I was doing & he planned another CT scan for about 2 weeks later.
I kept doing the poultices all night & varying times of the day for relief as well as still taking the Detox 1600.
By the next CT scan my spleen was still swollen but showed as healthy. I am still continuing, I still feel the pressure from swelling so will continue until the issue is gone.
March 2017
South Carolina

Soap for skin inflammation
Experimenting with making charcoal soap! Can’t wait to try it after it cures.  Bill is covered with sores that I think are heat-related (Kinda looks like Job with his shirt off!), and I want to use this on him.
Thank you again SO much!!
Missionaries, Philippines
June, 2017

More Great Stories

Grass Foundered Horse
I just wanted to tell you I cured my horse from grass founder. She had been down a month and lost gobs of weight everyone said I should shoot her - all the ferriers and horse people. But somewhere in the internet I seen activated charcoal
[VetDtox™]. After just a few days of adding it to oats I could see a difference. I always kept it on hand to feed when grass was sweet and green. No one could believe the horse got back to normal.
August 2017
Charcoal for Melanoma in Old Dog
Dane is a physician and Shane is an RN with mostly ER and ICU experience. They had an older dog that developed a malignant melanoma. Here is their experience Shane recently sent to us.
“Greetings and a thank you for your website and products. We wanted to briefly share a story with you re: our dog and charcoal. Zoe had been diagnosed with malignant melanoma near her jaw and it was growing rapidly--close to doubling in a week. Our wonderful vet 'debulked' the tumor but could not get it all as it was wrapped around the facial nerve. Despite the surgery, it was growing and putting pressure on her throat creating a coarse bark. We thought it would be a short time before we would need to euthanize her. We had a fire in our fire pit one day about a week after the surgery and the next day, she was eating the charcoal. Despite our telling her to 'leave it', she continued at least once a day. As the days progressed, her tumor began to shrink and within 2 months, there was NO sign of the tumor. At its largest point after the surgery, it was about the size of a tennis ball. Our dear brother, John, sent us a large bucket of your Hardwood Charcoal and we continued feeding her some in her food (thank goodness she was black!). Zoe lived almost a year beyond her surgery with no further sign of the tumor! Her vet was impressed and said, "It must have been the charcoal!" We know it was God primarily and the detoxification that He let us know about! We now give our new pup a little bit of charcoal mixed into some coconut oil every day--he takes it happily as we are drinking our slurry! I have referred several people to your website and we appreciate all the education that is included beyond your excellent book that we use or share frequently. May God continue to bless you in this ministry! Dan and Shane.
You are most welcome to include our story as it may help someone--human or not.

We live in TN and this is where our charcoal adventure began and will never end!  Sadly, we have no pictures of the tumor site. Probably because it was too painful to 'memorialize' with a photo as we knew it was terminal--having NO idea of what God had planned for us! We commented several times about our missed opportunity once the tumor disappeared. Dan is a physician and I am an RN with mostly ER and ICU experience so our recounting of the story is accurately portrayed, if not conservative, as we are used to medical assessments. It truly was a miracle to us! And this was a 14 yr old dog--not young protoplasm!--and she lived for nearly another year.
What a loving God we serve!
Thank you as well for the links. Amazing stories!
With prayers for your ministry,
Shane and Dan
July 2017
Lower Cholesterol
Louie has had a long running battle with health issues.
“Hi, My husband was burned by napalm in the Iran Iraq war. (When he lived in Iraq). In the Iraq war (American) he was heavily vaccinated including anthrax vaccine causing Gulf War Syndrome & also placed on IV Levaquin.
He has abdominal, chest, leg pains. Intermittent headaches.
He also suffers from triglycerides 2800, cholesterol 500. Glucose 200 which has come down to 106 in a week on charcoal caps. 15 2x day which we are using up b4 buying powder….”
Some months ago, Regina, Louie’s wife came across our website and we had a running email conversation about how charcoal might help. Recently Regina sent in a report:
“Good News! In 10 days (home meter) Louie's cholesterol went from 540 to 290! Glucose from 200 to 100 We have to go to lab to check his triglycerides from 2800 to? He is now up to 3T per day Thank God & you. :)
But there is more. I recommended a simple graduated exercise program, and a more plant-based diet.
Regina wrote back:
"Louie walks 3-4 mi per day or an hour on the treadmill when weather doesnt allow an outdoor walk.

I will send labs to you once we take them
Having faith his Tri's [tryglycerides] are coming down as well
Once he is on A.C. [activated charcoal] for 3-4 mos or until his levels are within range does he continue at 3T per day or is there a maintenance dose?

I’m even able to put some fruit in his green smoothie! Before, if he had any fruit his [blood sugar] levels would spike up!

Wish I knew about charcoal sooner we would still be in our home [lost home die to medical debt] but better late than never & I've sent your site to many friends & sing your praises to those in need.
God bless & keep you & yours❤
To be continued."
June 2017
Nausea and Back Pain
My wife was nauseous so my neighbor gave me some activated charcoal [slurry] for her nausea and told me to take some too. I took some and noticed my severe back pain that I've had for 9 years vanished. It worked better than anything I've tried and I've tried it all. I was shocked I googled charcoal for pain relief and then I found your Website. This is amazing!!!!!!!!!!
June 2017
Concerned Mother 
Cheree’s daughter was pregnant and had developed a cervical infection. She contacted us with the outcome:
“Oh yea I also keep forgetting to tell you my daughter put the charcoal on her cervix like you suggested & she got relief right away & now all symptoms are gone of the infection. She intends to continue a bit longer to make sure, so thank you.
June 2017
Poison Ivy reaction
This past April we were invited by Gospel Ministries International to tape a series of programs about health using God’s natural remedies verses poisonous drugs. We also taped a number of simple remedies demonstrations and one of our volunteer “doctors” and “patients” was the young son of one of the videographers. Dió recently sent on an experience they had on a family outing:
Hi John,
Last Sabbath we went in the afternoon to an historic Indian park nearby home. It's a wonderful place to spend a Sabbath in nature, but... José did something wrong.

We were going to read some verses from the Bible and the children at the moment of telling about what we said, José started with an itching and we saw many balls in his forearm and legs (he was in shorts) Marlene asked him what happened and He said: I just rolled over some grass that I liked.  

Daniel, saw a kind of fireplace nearby with something like a "fogata" [burnt logs] and some logs already converted into charcoal. Dani started to crush it without anybody telling him what to do and rubbed his brother’s arm and leg with the sign of allergies and said: I learned this is what you do if there is an allergic reaction to some venomous thing.

After some minutes José was dirty but cured. No balls. No itching.
Thanks for the lessons shared with us, there are already been used!
April 2017
Glass Cut on Arm
I cut myself on my arm with glass. I should have had it sewed up because it was all the way to the bone but all I did was put on the bandage for a couple of days and then I left it open. Two weeks later red started spreading away from the cut then before I knew it I had full-blown staph infection. I went to the hospital and they gave me intravenous antibiotics the strongest they had when I came home it was worse than when I went in so I quit the antibiotics and then I tried garlic and oil of oregano essential oils. Nothing worked till I finally found charcoal on the internet then I started applying it topically. I did that for 3 weeks it really healed my skin but I just couldn't get rid of it [the infection]. Kimberly at Charcoal House told me to take it internally and so I did. I started drinking it then and within 2 days it dryed up and two days later it was gone. I don't know what I would have done without it [charcoal]. It was amazing this is a miracle product from God and I thank God that I was able to get rid of this terrible Infection. Activated charcoal is a miracle product. I drank 2 liters a day. I mixed one tablespoon of activated hardwood charcoal in a liter of water and drank two throughout the day. It is the only thing that worked for me. I urge anyone that's fighting this or any kind of infection to try it and please you have to get of off sugar too.
Infection lives off of sugar so you have to get off of sugar if you want to get rid of your infection.
March 2017
Enlarge Spleen and Anemia
Cheree has had cancer and taken chemo treatments. She has been severely anemic and has an enlarged spleen, but her doctor is more than puzzled with her improvement. She writes:
“OK got good news, no chance at all that I have cancer of any kind, so cancer has not returned. The doctor was worried about that because of spleen so swollen, so he checked well.
I am severely anemic & that seems to be coming from my horribly heavy periods & that is causing the chain reaction of my spleen swelling.
He told me my organs are in amazing shape for someone that took chemo & that I was overall very healthy. So to him a phenomenon considering my spleen is swollen & I am anemic :)
He said my spleen is also very healthy for being so swollen.
He would like me to keep doing the things I have already been doing (charcoal & charcoal poultices etc). Plus he wants me to start taking extra iron & vitamin C & taking chlorophyll & continue taking black strap molasses. He did not prescribe me anything & is ok with me taking my whole food supplements.
February 2017
Brown Recluse Spider Bite
Dena contacted us concerning a patient who took charcoal orally and then vomited. I wrote explaining the reaction is not uncommon, especially in Emergency Wards in cases of severe poisoning or drug overdosing. Dena wrote back with a recent account of a possible Brown Recluse Spider Bite.
“Thank you for getting back to me John, and for this informative note! I very much appreciate it. I figured this was a reaction to the pulling of long held toxins (& parasites). People get afraid, and so I reached out to back up what I thought. I don't let my family go anywhere without bringing Charcoal with us. It truly is amazing. My daughter got what we believe to be a Brown Recluse bite. It was festering with pus and an area at least 6 inches around it was flame red. I put charcoal powder on it, because we didn't have anything else. By the time we were home (about six hours away), it was resolving beautifully. No more pus, red markedly decreased, just the sign of having been irritated, but good healing. Amazing. 
Thank you very much. 
Sincerely, and In Health!”
Novato, CA 
February 2017
Video - Charcoal Poultice Demonstration in African Prison
I am amazed anyone was able to get any kind of Video of this. There were about 60 men in front of us trying to see what we were doing. The prison guards were hanging around trying to get a glimpse too. You will notice the prison chaplain posted it under Category “Comedy
January 2017
Bad Breath
“Works fantastic to eliminate bad breath”
January 2017
Some amazing older stories sent to us that somehow got overlooked in previous pages:
Whiten Teeth
A customer called to order Activated Charcoal from us after his friend shared with him her experience with our Detox 1600 USP activated charcoal. She was at the dentist having her teeth examined when the dentist who had been poking around checking things up, straightened himself up and asked incredulously, "What in the world are you doing?! I have never seen such clean teeth in my entire life!" Of course she told him that she was brushing her teeth with activated charcoal powder! Charcoal may be a little messy, but hey, it works! 
December 2016
Hogs Dying of PED
Carolyn from West Central Indiana raises hogs, cattle, goats, rabbits, and farm kids. Her pigs caught a virus called PED (Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea), which only affects hogs and was killing them off even though they had been given antibiotics so they would not catch this common disease. They stopped with the antibiotics and started giving them charcoal in the water and then on their feed. They stopped losing hogs immediately; they still lost some of the weaker newborns but all the adults bounced right back. They very much credit the charcoal for saving their lives.
Not able to Sleep
Shirley wrote: “Here is what my husband sent to me as he used his Eye Mask for the first time!
“I used my sleep [Eye] mask for the first time, today. I slept AWESOME! I sealed it back up in the ziplock bag, then put it in another bag. I cannot describe how good I felt when I woke. It must have been pulling toxins the whole time.
When Granny Dropped the Charcoal!
I am sure you all love a true story! This happened to me a long while back! I was in the washroom and went to pick up a very large plastic jar of activated charcoal powder—unbeknown to me the lid was loose and the jar fell away and fell on its side in the hall outside the washroom. VISUALIZE this poofy black stuff scattering and a small cloud of it taking to the air to disperse for a large area around it, which included a pile of clothing and what I had on. I stood there paralyzed for a few minutes just staring. I had to make a plan as to how on earth to clean it up and not disperse it further in so doing; and to do it quickly before the cats made black pussycat tracks over the entire apartment!
It had to be done in careful stages, gathering up the items that were covered and putting them into a container and removing them to the balcony to stop the spread—then carefully cleaning one thing at a time and one area at a time with disposable cleaning cloths and damp paper towels until the most of it was cleaned up.
The next day I dealt with the items on the balcony—I dressed in black to do it—you can guess why! Carefully each item was shaken. (it’s OK, I live on the ground floor) then a special load of laundry was initiated which rescued the items, and then corners, rugs and walls needed rescuing. I was quite unhappy about it all and asking why did such a thing have to happen?
I always look for lessons in events like this and found plenty; the obvious one, check lids before you lift. But often if we pass out information unwisely; be too quick to pour out rebuke on others without carefully assessing the entire situation, or blurt out hasty and unkind words, it can be a lot like dropping that jar! Better to restrain tongue and pen than be too hasty, because like spilled charcoal, the effects of our words can go a long way. Once you drop it, you will have to be very carefully cleaning it up to avoid making a worse mess!
I sure hope I learn all the lessons from this God wants me to learn!! We all know that charcoal is truly good stuff for healing, but one sure needs to be careful in handling it; and Certainly there are times when speaking truth and even giving rebuke is needed! But err on the side of caution and take the rest of it to God in prayer. There is no easy way to clean up spilled charcoal!
Granny 7emca7
Rodent Repellent Odor
A customer from Virginia called with a story regarding a small rodent repellent. Raccoons and rabbits have been nesting around her house ruining her flowers and getting into her attic! She was spraying a repellant which according to her, “smells worse than rotting eggs, it stinks to high heaven”. A gust of wind blew the repellent all over her hands and arms. She had previously placed an order for our Pure Non-Scents and knew how well charcoal removes odor. She remembered the sample of charcoal soap we sent along with her Pure Non-Scents and thought she would give that a try for the foul odor. The Supernatural Charcoal Soap took the foul odor off her skin immediately! She then called us up to get more soap and make sure she has it on hand for any future odor mishaps!  
 Daniel (manager)
Post Breast Cancer Surgery
About 3 days out of Breast Surgery, my mother had swelling and oozing from her incision. I immediately thought to put a Charcoal Poultice on it (I usually do this with skin infections or irritations).
For about a week, I changed the poultice twice a day and even felt free to continue in our vacation plans (simply brining the supplies with us). I was glad we didn’t leave her home to antibiotics and a missed trip. No fever developed because we caught the symptoms early. Some might say, “What a bother! What a mess!” but I say, Praise the Lord for His healing through his earth. Plus she has no added issues in her gut due to meds.
We try to always have a bucket of Charcoal on hand, and very often we give it to others who come to us knowing we have been successful with the stuff for well over 7 years now!
Thanks Kimberly for talking us through many an ailment!
Sincerely, Elizabeth
November 2016
General Detox for MCS and EHS
Hi friends, I want to give a heads up to anyone using or considering the use of activated charcoal.
First of all, the people working for Charcoal House are very well informed and the customer service is excellent. Big thank you for that.
After just about a week of using Detox 1600 I passed a lot of mucus and "sludge" with bowel movements.
After couple months more, I realized my body was flexible again. My muscles no longer felt as though they had glue in them. I can clasp my hands behind my back easily and w/o pain.
All my life I’ve had swollen glands...and now it’s not a constant.
I have both MCS and EHS.
These products are a great help!
Give them a try J
October 2016
Bedding Plants
A friend decided to try the Charcoal Green® Potting Mix with his spring bedding plants after seeing how it helped grow record Giant Pumpkins. For comparison he also planted some flowers in the leading national brand of potting mix. Here are a few backyard pictures he sent us.
 Geranium grown in Charcoal Green Potting Mix Geranium grwon in Charcoal Green Potting Mix Petunia grown in Charcoal Green Potting Mix
Chadron NE

Eye Problems
Hi, Several years ago I purchased a Charcoal Eye Pad from . I spoke with Kim and she told me of some amazing testimonies. I just wanted it for the light in the morning. I was presently surprised when I went for my eye exam this fall to find out that I had gone form 2.25 to 1.75. I just need one contact of 1.75 for my left eye and that is all I use now. I also do not have any restrictions on my driver’s license. I am very grateful and wanted to share my testimony to help others. I am 56 going on 57 next month and this shouldn't happen at my age. Thanks to God and activated charcoal for this miracle.
January 2016
Arthritis and Fibro
I have tried your charcoal bath and it has dramatically helped my arthritis and fibro. 2 T in a bath kept me from everyday pain for a week and a half. I'm sold. I would like to know how and what to use for RA.
 Thank you
Infected Cat Wound
Hello Kimberly and John,
So happy to see your work and your ministry are still thriving, I spread the word whenever I can.
We have had some really rough years, but thank God we are coming into a new time. We are going to build a greenhouse business (aquaponics) with winter greens to sell from our farmgate. I have really enjoyed my animals (I call them my therapy).
We were so poor last year that when our old cat (15) got a couple of scratches, they absessed before we found them in his dark fur. It looked like he swallowed a walnut. So I made a [charcoal] poultice out of Epsom salts and charcoal and that drew out some really gross pus...and he healed within a couple of days. That could have either have ended in a systemic infection that would have killed him, or a huge vet bill.
You may share that testimony with anyone.
I also use it myself every few weeks I make up a in glass of water, a tbsp of charcoal, and another of psyillium...drink it down for some healing in my bowels.
Thank you for doing such an awesome work,
Love in Christ
Ellen (Snow Peach)
British Columbia
December 2015