Tattoo Volunteers.
It has come to our attention that some folk have, for various reasons, grown tired, bored, or disgusted with their tattoos (17% according to 2008 poll). Because certain grades of activated charcoal (AC) work miracles in removing color pigments in hundreds of different applications (including white sugar, white grape juice...), we are interested in seeing to what extent certain ACs would remove tattoos or other unintended color markings in the flesh. We have already verified that certain activated charcoal poultices (ACP) will, to some extent, remove natural skin pigment, and some facial brown spots also seem to fade away.

We are looking for ten volunteers to see if applying ACPs over tattoos will remove these pigments from the skin. We have no idea how long the experiment would last, but think 2 weeks would demonstrate if ACPs will work or not. At that point we will reevaluate individually the potential of continuing the experiment longer.

All ACP material will be provided FREE along with precise instructions on how to prepare and apply the ACP. Volunteers will need to take discreet daily pictures with a digital camera and be able to email the picture files to us. Participants will also be asked to sign a Consent Form allowing Charcoal Times to use the pictures and testimonies in whatever fashion it chooses.

If you are interested in trialing ACP on your tattoo or know of someone who would be, please email me at Please include a digital picture of the tattoo you wish to remove, and a brief history of how long you have had it and why you would like to say goodbye to it. We will reply with a Consent Form you will need to sign and return to us.