Editor's Notes - July 2010

Editor's Notes

Clearly, activated charcoal is a potent medicinal if - if one uses it. Having activated charcoal in your home (Recommendation of Poison Control Centers) and not using it in a poison emergency is like having SEATBELTS (click link) in your car and not wearing them. Buckle Up and Charcoal Up and EMBRACE LIFE

 Our last issue of CharcoalTimes was December 2009. We have to apologize to all those people who have written requesting to be placed on our newsletter list thinking another issued would surely be forth coming. But the last six months have been a whirlwind.

Australia Tour 2010
The most notable event was our winter trip south to Australia for the month of March to videotape a series of talks and to conduct a series of meetings entitled “Super Natural Remedies – Your Gateway to Optimum Health.” The programs briefly looked at a number of therapies that are availbale today and some of their questionable features, and how we can recognize which components are SAAFFE. The audience was introduced to the Eight Doctors. With all the talk of conspiracies today and apocalyptic events is there also a health connection? What natural remedies like herbs, light, and hydrotherapy, is there good scinece and research to back it up? Medicianl Charcoal once again was a popular topic followed up with some demonstrations of how to make and apply a charcoal poultice. Lastly an hour of simple hydrotherapy demonstrations for which we are indebted to those in the audience who volunteered to be our patients. The meetings were well attended with 300 to 500 people in the audience. We want to especially thank our host Steps to Life for their kind and thorough care of us for the three weeks that we traveled north from Melbourne to Sydney and lastly to Brisbane putting on our seven-part program.

The several talks were also videotaped in a studio and are available as a 9 DVD set for those who would like to learn more about taking persoanl control of their own health. To review the titles please click the link “Super Natural Remedies DVDs”.

Since returning in a snowstorm in April we have conducted several more programs and a radio interview with the Power Hour. We are encouraged as we see an increasing awareness and interest in the benefits and uses of charcoal as well as in a whole-istic approach to health in general.

BIOCHAR 101  - Feature Article
In our last issue we anticipated focusing next on charcoal/biochar for gardens and flowers. Even though we missed the spring window we have included a basic Biochar 101 class on understanding what it is and how to know what makes a good biochar.

Charcoal Testimonies
By far the bulk of this issue will focus on some of the amazing testimonies we have received over the last 6 months. We apologize that we cannot share them all. While some are similar, each is a personal experience that defines a point at which someone had exhausted other options and turned to the most unlikely of remedies – medicinal charcoal.

New Products - BuyActivatedCharcoal.com
There are always some innovative activated charcoal product coming on the market. For example Wall Mate, an activated charcoal Primer Paint that captures not only topcoat paint odors but all the other new construction material pollutants that more and more people are becoming sensitized to. 

BuyActivatedCharcoal.com has added another product to their Charcoal Green® lineup: SOIL DETOX™. What do you turn to when you have over sprayed your rose garden, over fertilized your fruit trees, used too much pre-emergent on your new lawn, or accidently spilled something toxic in your nursery? Well, activated charcoal of course, and SOIL DETOX™ should be your first choice. Every householder, every golf course manger, every landscaper should have some on hand for the unthinkable - you just poisoned your... Having SOIL DETOX™ in your garden shed is like having a fire extinguisher in your house. You hope you never have to use it but you know you are prepared if the emergency arrrises.

For those planning a hiking trip or some exotic trek no doubt you are asking "Which activated charcoal water filter or water bottle should I get?" We have added a new book that will interest the recreational camper/hiker/trekker/traveler: PURIFICATION of Wilderness Waters - A Practical Guide by David Cooney PhD (Chemical Engineering Univ. Wyoming and avid back country hiker)

BuyActivatedCharcoal.com is offering a 10% Discount Coupon on ALL their products (except Colic Calm) as a token of thanks to all their faithful customers who keep coming back for more or to experiment with some new charcoal product. This offer is only good until the end of July. Copy this CODE at the top of your Checkout Page.

From time to time we come across some new or archived medical news report about the benefits of charcoal as a medicinal. We have posted two articles, one on helping prevent heart disease in kidney patients, the second on treating MRSA infections.