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WELCOME to the Fifth Issue of CharcoalTimes, a courtesy newsletter of Our mailing list is now up to 4916 and we continue to get more requests. If you would like to share this information with a friend or family member, please send us their contact info and we would be happy to include them. Thank you to those who responded to our August Issue, but we would like to hear more feedback as to what works and what doesn't. 

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Camels, Puppies, Chickens and Other Friends
Our next Issue will look at Activated Charcoal for Pets and Livestock.

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Activated Charcoal for Poisons
Activated Charcoal for Poisons
Activated Charcoal - the Universal Antidote

Just how many toxic substances there are in our environment is anyone's guess, but this we do know, the list is growing every day. They are in the air we breath, the water we drink, the houses we live in and the cars we drive, in the toys we give our children, the streams we swim in, in pet food, the pots we cook in, and in the food we eat. For instance, up to the time of harvest, apples and grapes can have over twenty toxic chemicals used on them. But don't stop reading yet, it gets worse!
Toxins (technically, biologically produced poisons) can be small molecules, peptides, or large proteins and are capable of causing disease when ingested or even by skin contact. Toxins vary greatly in their severity, ranging from usually minor and acute (as in a bee sting) to almost instantly fatal (as in botulinum toxin). Biotoxins include Cyanotoxins, Hemotoxins, Necrotoxins, Neurotoxins, Cytotoxins, Bacterial toxins, venom from snakes and insects, and...
Non-biological poisons include elemental minerals and gases such as arsenic, mercury, lead, and chlorine and flourine. But more often it is man-made chemicals that come to mind. Pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, industrial pollutants, chemical warfare agents, nuclear wastes, or the never ending scourge of pharmaceutical drugs. Each year the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reviews about 1,700 new compounds that industry is seeking to introduce. Only a quarter of the 82,000 chemicals in use in the US have ever been tested for toxicity.
But we do not have to be held hostage to these poisons. Activated Charcoal can work for you just as it does for steel manufacturers and hospitals. Whether it is flue gases from coal-fired generation plants, toxic waste products in blood, carbon dioxide in nuclear submarines and space stations, poisonous mushrooms, narcotic poisoning, or chemical warfare agents, activated charcoal is there to deactivate, bind, detoxify, neutralize, eliminate, counteract, defuse over 4,000 poisonous chemicals. How?

Van der Waals Forces
Charcoal is so crafted that the surface of the carbon matrix that makes up the internal structure of the individual charcoal particles, is charged electrostatically (Van der Waals forces) to attract thousands of different chemical elements and compounds that happen to be toxic to our body. Secondly, the total surface area of these charcoal particles is thousands of times beyond their actual size allowing them to electrically magnetize foreign chemicals hundreds of times their own weight. For instance, a one-quart jar of activated charcoal powder can “hold” up to 80 quarts of ammonia gas. Industry capitalizes on this phenomenal power of charcoal to grab and hold onto chemicals in thousands of ways.

The Water We Drink
The Air We Breathe
Adsorb Thousands of Natural and Man-Mad Poisons


Activated Charcoal for Drugs

And then there are Drugs - thousands of them, along with a thousand side effects, adverse reactions, contraindications, and warnings. According to the JAMA (July, 2000 edition) there are at least 106,000 deaths per year due to the adverse side effects of properly prescribed drugs by doctors in hospitals. The author noted this number did not include Emergency Rooms, Doctor's Offices, or Nursing Homes which would have driven the number much higher making it the 4th leading cause of death in America!

Now when it comes to the human body, as far as it is concerned, there is no difference if a poison is prescribed by a doctor, sold on the street, or brewed in some chemical lab. Drugs are poisons. Some are less poisonous than others but the human body reacts negatively to all of them. Thankfully activated charcoal is more than able to neutralize many of them if given soon enough. 

In recent years emetics were most often prescribed for poisoning, Ipecac (itself a poison) being the drug of choice. But today, like past wonder drugs, it has been replaced, only this time, not by another poison, but by activated charcoal. The Kentucky Poison Control Center has been a leading advocate of activated charcoal, even to running a public awareness campaign encouraging every home to stock activated charcoal in case of accidental poisoning, drug overdose, or attempted suicide. The American Pediatric Assoc. finally threw in their approval in 2003. Their only concern was that parents might not be competent enough to administer activated charcoal to their children??

Activated Charcoal for Drug Poisoning


Whether it is aspirin, Prozac, Paracetamol, caffeine, THC, or cocaine, if given within half an hour of ingestion, activated charcoal immediately goes to work to neutralize these poisons and hundreds of others. The standard child dose for drug poisoning is 25 gms of activated charcoal powder in water. That's 2 ½  Tablespoons, which may be repeated two or three times over a period of 8 hours!! That is a lot of charcoal - a single adult dose is 50 grams or 5 Tablespoons. Now the best way to get young children inclined to take charcoal is to begin young. Whenever you have an upset stomach and they see daddy or mommy taking some charcoal they will be more willing to try it too. Mixing the charcoal with some grape juice or colored drink, or putting it in an opaque container with a straw, some funny faces thrown in, goes a long ways to making the experience an easy one for both the child and parent. So, why not get prepared today. Purchase activated charcoal for your home. When you have some indigestion stir in a Tablespoon of charcoal powder into water and "be a man" and just drink it back!

Drinking Charcoal Powder

Poison Control Centers (reachable at 1-800-222-1222 in the US, 0870 600 6266 in the UK) provide immediate, free, and expert treatment advice and assistance over the telephone in case of suspected exposure to poisons or toxic substances.

Charcoal Mortar & Pestle

Your Stories

We want to thank the many who have shared their personal testimonies with us and apologize that we are unable to post all of them. Each are a witness to the efficacy of activated charcoal as a simple natural remedy for a wide number of conditions - for people and for pets. We would invite you to the Your Stories pages to read some of the many touching stories we receive regularly. We have included a number of stories from August, September, October, and November. This is a long read but no apologies. Each is unique and we felt we couldn't leave these out.

Sago Palm Poisoning
This morning about 9 am, Pam heard her little Shushitsu coughing behind a couch. She recognized it from a time that she had a flu bug. Within a few minutes the coughing turned to heaving and then frothing. Her son told his mom that there were fragments of a Sago Palm bulb on his bedroom floor that were not there the night before.

Pam called a vet and found out that sago palm is very toxic to dogs and that it was imperative she bring the dog in immediately. It needed to be admitted to a pet hospital - $500 minimum. Well Pam did not have $500 to spare. The vet suggested salt water to induce vomiting and then charcoal. Pam gave the salt water but it never vomited. She then scrambled to find some place to buy charcoal. No healthfood stores or pharmacies had any.

Pam went online and found our website. The page on Animal Poisoning confirmed just how lethal sago palm is to dogs and she also realized time was of the essence and she couldn’t wait for us to ship any to her. But she also learned about grinding up granular charcoal from the Make Your Own Charcoal page and decided to try and find some granular charcoal locally. She was able to find a pet store 25 miles distant that had some granular charcoal. She raced across town to get it and back home, ground it up in a blender as fine as she could, and mixed it with water into a thick paste. By this time the dog was very lethargic. With her son holding the dog’s mouth open she was able to get about teaspoon worth of charcoal down his throat.

She then called us and we encouraged her to give the dog repeated doses every couple hours along with water until it showed signs of returning to normal, and then to watch it closely for 24 hours.

We will let you know in our next newsletter what the outcome was. But we need to emphasize, as do the Poison control Centers and Animal Poison Control Center, that time is of the essence in poisoning. So it makes good sense to have charcoal powder on hand just in case, whether it is for yourself, your child, or your favorite pet.
The Editor

Pars Planitis, Ocular Inflammatory Disorder, Pan uveitis
This is another of those amazing stories that bring tears of gratitude. You cannot help but notice that one main ingredient is faith.

“I am a 32 year old married mother of two. I have been using activated charcoal for two years to treat a rare, painful eye condition that often leads to blindness. There are no traditional medical treatments that do not cause harmful side effects.

October 2005 was the beginning of a very traumatic medical experience that occurred with my eyes. I was diagnosed with Pars Planitis / Ocular Inflammatory Disorder / Pan uveitis, an autoimmune disease that causes pain and inflammation throughout the eye. I was sent to have blood work done and an MRI to rule out many different auto-immune diseases. I spent much time visiting different doctors, not knowing what was going to happen to me. Other than the dangerous inflammation throughout my eyes, no other problems were found. I was started on steroid eye drops and during the first year, after having been diagnosed, I ended up having to take additional eye drops due to the side effects of the steroid eye drops.

Over Christmas 2006, my eye pressure spiked to a very dangerous level that would cause blindness. My eye specialist gave me a prescription for Methotrexate, a form of chemotherapy that can cause serious or life-threatening side effects and can cause hair loss. I prayed so many times before that God would heal me, I knew at this time that I had to either begin this dreadful medication or suffer the damage to my eyes that could very well cause permanent vision loss.

I pleaded to God for a new direction, another option, but I had no idea what. I was led to Dr. John Clark MD as an answer to my prayer.  Dr Clark explained to me hydrotherapy and charcoal treatments to do, along with dietary changes to make. Dr. Clark’s prayer for me over the phone kept me going through those first few days. The first week required me to turn the whole thing over to God and trust my eyes to Him. I was afraid because I was not on any prescription medications for the first time in over a year and my eye disorder had been in a crisis state when I started the natural treatments and lifestyle/diet changes.  After only one day of hydrotherapy and charcoal treatments I was shocked because the halos I had always seen around lights as long as I could remember were gone!

Week after week I visited the eye specialist and we found my eyes were slowly improving! The doctor(s) however were not convinced. After a short while I was sent to see a top eye specialist in Boston and was told that “the beast is gone”. The interesting thing is that the particular doctor I saw was the head of one of the largest research institutes of Uveitis and he didn’t want to know anything about what I had done. On my last visit to my eye specialist, he told me that he thought I was taking the Methotrexate!

I am using activated charcoal over my eyes every morning and I don’t feel it’s time to stop these treatments anytime soon. My eyes are clearer and whiter than ever and my vision has improved. I praise God for his natural remedies!
December 2008

“Healing Wonders of Charcoal”
Recently we were contacted by Pastor Severino S. Paypa, a retired professor and chairman of the Theology and Health Department of Mountain View College, Valencia City, Philippines. He is also the author of the book “Healing Wonders of Charcoal” published  and printed by the Philippine Publishing House (1996). He is in the midst of revising his book and wanted permission to use some of the material from our book We were happy to give him permission as he so freely included a dozen or more of his personal experiences over the years. We have included them on one page since there were too many to add to this long list. To read Pastor Paypa’s stories click HERE.

WWI Prisoner of War
While visiting with a customer recently Stan told me a story about his friend Rudy. Rudy’s father was a POW in Germany during WWI. Years later Rudy’s father told his family how he survived as a POW in a filthy prison without getting sick – he had charcoal. Now it was not the nice packaged activated charcoal that we are accustomed to, it was a charcoal stick. He told Rudy and the rest of the family if they were ever so unfortunate as to end up in a POW camp to get a stick and burn it in a fire and keep it with them at all times. They could chew on the charcoal and it would keep them from getting sick.

Rudy’s father probably did not know that charcoal not only adsorbs thousands of natural and man-made poisons, but it also adsorbs the toxins of numerous microorganisms such as diphtheria, tetanus, dysentery, as well as the endotoxins produced by Vibrio cholerae and E. Coli (O157:H7) which causes food poisoning. But whether he knew this or not, he did know simple charcoal worked to help keep him alive. And little did Rudy know that he too would end up as a POW in WWII.
A word to the wise!
The Editor

We live on a ranch so have many animals and we have used charcoal to treat them also. A couple of months ago we had a kitten that appeared to have distemper and looked like it was going to die. I put some powdered charcoal in some canned cat food and fed it to it several times and although it is the runt of the liter it is also the toughest now. Thank you
November 2008

William* is an Army Medic working both on patrol and back at the FOB.
“Hi John. It was nice to be able to talk with you on the Canadian Army Dime. In various Army Forward Operating Bases (FOB) in Afghanistan, we have bottles of charcoal already pre-mixed with purified water. In our Unit Aid Stations (UAS), it is on our pharmacy shelf, mostly in case of poisonings. That is what we are taught at the Canadian Army Medical School. However, I have been with the SDA Church for many years and have attended many of their health workshops/seminars, and along with my practical experience at home and abroad has given me a good working knowledge of natural remedies. I also have some books with me like Natural Remedies and Home Remedies (Drs. Thrash) and your book  So whenever I can prescribe a natural remedy for a simple medical problem I do.

For example, soldiers often want pills for headaches. I tell them to drink a liter of water first, and if they object I threaten to give them an IV solution. That treatment usually works. For aching muscles or random pains, I do hydrotherapy baths, or alternating hot and cold packs when water is in short supply.

As for charcoal, we had one soldier that had a persistent fungal infection on the soles of his feet. After trying everything available in our pharmacy, I suggested trying a charcoal poultice. It actually worked! It took several poultices, but it drew out a lot of ‘junk’, but he was able to walk without pain. We also use charcoal internally for diarrhea and other GI maladies. But it is sad that we have to use charcoal off of the record, because if our higher medical authority knew that we were using charcoal for things other than poisonings, we would have been reprimanded… Peace  
William* (pseudonym)
November 2008

Raising Salmon in Sewer Water
Tom is manager of the Waste Water Treatment Facility for Bangor, Maine. As part of a public awareness campaign Tom arranged an experiment to show how well the facility is able to purify the city wastewater. The following pictures show the salmon smolt that he raised in sewer water purified with 5 lbs of activated charcoal.

Salmon smolt in charcoal purified wastewater  Salmon smolt in charcoal purified wastewater

Salmon smolt in charcoal purified wastewater   Salmon smolt day of release


Breast Cyst
Hi John, I'm finally emailing you! How are you and how is everything going? A lot of things have been hard for me. I have some cysts now. I don't know yet if they are cancerous. During the waiting time one got as big as a golf ball. I'm not waiting to find out I'm doing charcoal poultices. I was putting them on at night, but they weren’t doing much. When the one cyst had gotten as big as a golf ball, I left the charcoal poultice I had on at night, on for most of the day also. When I took it off later in the day the cyst was more like the size of a large marble!!! My appointment with the doctor is next Monday. I'd like to know what it is, but I'm not going to wait for that!
Alberta, Canada
November 2008

Charcoal Lady
“We have SO many stories to tell about the healing properties of activated charcoal. I have become the "go to" person in our church whenever someone has an illness, injury or health issue. So far, we've successfully used it to treat several infections, severe hemorrhoids, pink eye, ingrown toenails, gastrointestinal problems...the list goes on!! My two sons, ages 10 and 8, are great proponents of it's benefits and think it's great fun to chew on a charcoal tablet and have their pictures taken with black teeth and tongues!  :-)

We always keep plenty on hand so we can share with our family and friends, which is why I needed two bottles, since I just gave away the last 1/4 bottle to a friend for treating an infected knee. Thanks again!”
October 2008

Making Diamonds
I had a conversation with an inventor looking for a charcoal to use in his metallurgy experiment. Using charcoals, he said, gave the cooled copper/brass unique color patterns.

He mentioned seeing a story about a young teenage girl who won a top science award. She made diamonds.

“What I remember was, you take two charcoal briquettes, cover them with peanut butter then microwave them for 10 minutes on high. She then took them outside and lit them on fire and let them burn down to ashes. Whereupon she would sift through the ashes for the diamonds!!
October, 2008

PLEASE let us know if this works for you!!

Colic Calm
"Dear folks, Hi, my daughter received the Colic Calm you suggested in lightening speed and was it ever needed. She said that she could see a tremendous difference in the new 2-week old baby immediately. She even tasted it before giving it to the baby and said it tasted real pleasant and the baby liked it too. I just talked to her and she said the baby was doing wonderful. I would recommend anyone give this to their baby (even newborn). It really works and is the best on the market for colic. Thanks A Million!!!"
October 2008

“Your book re-awakened my Caribbean childhood experiences with my late grandmother. Although I’ve spent the past 45 years in Britain, I still live and raised my children the old fashion way, but I lost the knowledge on charcoal until I read your Book last month. I have been promoting it ever since.

I recently gave treatment to an eight-year old boy whose eczema became acutely infected. His grandmother took him to the doctor after three days who immediately prescribed antibiotics and steroid cream. His mother (who is a member of my staff) was reluctant to continue giving him antibiotic and steroid creams and chose to trust God and my treatment.  He was covered in a thick rash and his face badly swollen. She has two sons – this one was vaccinated but the other son was not vaccinated and has no skin problems. However, I immediately put the infected son on my special ‘Zara’s Herbal Tea’ (which is a powerful blood cleanser, immune booster and alkalizer) mixed with the powder of one charcoal capsule. This he drank 3 times daily with prayers for healing. He was also given a charcoal bath with the herbal tea included. Within 24 hours his badly swollen face had reduced and there was no irritation. He gradually improved and completely cleared by day eight. He now has the charcoal with my Herbal Tea as a maintenance remedy twice daily.

A week later after his recovery, she took him back to the doctor, but was seen by different physician. When he checked the medication previously prescribed, he stated that she was correct not to give it to him as it was the wrong type of antibiotic. He was satisfied with his recovery and advised her to continue with my treatment from now on.

I have included your book as a ‘must read’ recommendation to my customers and would like your permission to include a few extracts to boost interest – as I believe it would revive the use of charcoal in Britain. I am also a health correspondent for a Caribbean food magazine (sold internationals) and wish to recommend your book in, which would also revive its use in these Islands.

In my grandmother’s day, there were no doctors on hand with drugs for poor-country folk, who made and used their own herbal remedies (handed down through generations). One such remedy was CHARCOAL. I remember my grandmother giving me a piece of charcoal to eat every now and then. Plus, they used to vigorously rub their teeth and gums with ashes (from fire-wood used for cooking), then rinse with clean water. They never had tooth decay or gum infections, lived to old age with all their teeth (strong & healthy)."
October 2008

Cat Litter
Marilyn works with a cat shelter as well as taking in kittens at her own place.
“My kitten room is back up to 25 kittens, many having special needs. To make a long story short, I'll just say that I'm absolutely sold on using charcoal in the clay cat litter! It not only controls the urine odors, but seems to extend the life of the litter. I definitely want to keep using it in my foster care program…”
September 2008

"Hi, I had really good luck with my gout using a bunch of activated charcoal caplets, from coconut shells, mixed with hot water in a bucket. However, I wanted to do a charcoal bath for my entire body and wanted to know if it was acceptable to use aquarium activated carbon (which is made from peat). Would this be as effective as the charcoal from coconut shells? Or is this not good? Thanks for your help."

Editor: Hello Elizabeth

I do not see why you could not use the aquarium charcoal in a bath. But it is a coincidence that I talked with someone today who described a friend having a very unusual reaction using a similar aquarium charcoal. If I remember correctly, she became extremely hot and when she got out experienced severe itching.

These kinds of reactions are unusual. Charcoal is in fact used to treat the pruritis (itching) associated with liver disease. The sensation of heat from using charcoal is not unusual but in this case the woman described it as intense and painful. Rather, I have only heard of medicinal charcoal associated with a comforting heat.

So, while I personally do not see any reason why you could not experiment with the aquarium charcoal you describe, there is at least one person who experienced something unpleasant.

We do have a story from an elderly gentleman who suffered from prostatitis and was experiencing difficulty urinating. He bought some granular aquarium charcoal, ground it up in a blender into a powder, mixed some with water, and gave himself a small enema, and the next day he could again urinate freely.

Please let me know how your experiment works out.

Elizabeth: "Hi. Well, I did a footbath (instead of a total bath) using a total of 18 oz of activated carbon for aquariums from Walmart. I didn't like the granules, but didn't want to go through the trouble of making powder.

I put the carbon granules into a very large canning pot, then set the pot into the kitchen sink, then sat on the counter with my feet up to my knees in this hot charcoal water for 40 minutes.

It does make you hot and kind of sweaty, but I just took a cool shower afterwards and felt fine. Actually, I felt so relaxed, I just laid on the couch and rested for the rest of the afternoon and didn't feel drugged or toxified or anything like that. I just felt really really relaxed. I'm going to do it again tomorrow.

One more question. Does heating the carbon/charcoal in the water de-actify it? I'd like to use the same charcoal again. Couldn't I strain off the cold water and add more hot water to the pot?

My husband got bucked off the horse yesterday and the doctor said he shattered a piece of his wrist and it would probably need surgery next week. So they put him in a soft cast last night, but I took it off tonight to look at the damage and his wrist looks really good, not swollen or puffy like yesterday. Do you think it would benefit him to soak in the charcoal to get the toxic acids out? Has anyone else used charcoal soak for a broken bone and gotten good results? I was thinking that if charcoal can draw out uric acid, then it can probably draw out lactic acids or other types of toxins that happen from that kind of bone trauma. Just curious.

Thanks for all your help. I am amazed at what charcoal did for my blood pressure. But that's another story. I gotta go take care of my hubby now. Cheers"
July 2008

Editor: Yes you can use the granular charcoal over again several times.

Normal heating does not deactivate charcoal. Extreme heating (500- 800 degrees C) does cause activated charcoal to give up whatever toxins it has adsorbed.

Yes a warm charcoal poultice or charcoal bath does help to soak away the pain and swelling.

If you are amazed at what charcoal can do I encourage you to get the book The Complete Handbook of Medicinal Charcoal & Its Applications. You will be even more AMAZED!

Kay and her doctor husband operate Emerald Valley Wellness Center.
“Dear John, during the course of the Live-for-Health program there is often situation where we recommend or utilize charcoal on behalf of our patients. Intestinal gas, chronic diarrhea, sometimes charcoal poultices for various reasons. We do also carry some here in the clinic, which out patients can purchase.
Thanks for thinking of us."

We had a call from an individual looking for activated charcoal to treat his pouchitis. Pouchitis is inflammation of the ileal pouch, a surgically created pouch next the anus in the management of patients with ulcerative colitis, and indeterminate colitis. Patients with pouchitis typically suffer with bloody diarrhea, urgency in passing stools, or discomfort while passing stools. Pain is not common. Standard treatment is antibiotics.

This man had been involved in a research group at a famous medical research center testing the effectiveness of activated charcoal product in the management of pouchitis. In his case and in the cases of most of the other participants the results with activated charcoal had been very gratifying to say the least. Now that he was on his own he was trying to duplicate the test product which was in the form of a small ball. This was inserted into the ileal pouch through the anus (as one would with a suppository) and brought rapid relief. Because the product was of some size and rounded he thought large granular charcoal might also work. We assured him that whatever the test product was it was not plain granular charcoal, and that it would probably prove to be more irritating than healing.

We did not hear again from him. But I have to wonder if a substitute charcoal “ball” could be made with starch. Heating water starch and charcoal together will form a thick doughy product. When cooled it could be fashioned into a marble-sized balls and placed on a greased pan. The pan could then be put in a barely warm oven overnight to dry. If the balls were moistened before inserting into the anus they should enter more easily.

Another simple remedy may be to use FREEdHEM (with activated charcoal), a 100% natural hemorrhoidal cream.

Charcoal Mortar & Pestle

Charcoal News
Tuesday December 16, 8:00 am CST
Power Hour interview with Joyce Riley about our book The Complete Handbook of Medicinal Charcoal & Its Applications 
Thursday December 18, 8:00 am EST
Radio interview with Pastor Butch about our book The Complete Handbook of Medicinal Charcoal & Its Applications 
 Charcoal Powder - Government Embargo?
Of late it has been reported to us that different ones have not been able to purchase activated charcoal in healthfood stores or in pharmacies in certain parts of the USA, not because it cannot be stocked but because they have been told the stores cannot sell it. We do not know the details of these occurances but they harmonize with reports that we have received from individuals in Canada, that some healthfood stores have been told to remove activated charcoal from their shelves. Another report from Oregon has it that activated charcoal was removed from the shelves of some healthfood stores because charcoal is an ingredient used in black gunpowder. Again we were told this past week by a large animal feed manufacturer that they could no longer mix activated charcoal in with their feeds. The USDA would only allow the use of Bone Charcoal. One large online healthfood outlet was served an injunction a couple weeks ago by the FDA and told among other things they could no longer carry activated charcoal powder with the present labeling being used - the labels listed only activated charcoal powder with absolutely no claims of any kind as to suggested applications.
What does all this mean? Again, we have not been able to verify any of these reports and so are not ready to jump to any wild scenarios. Even the worst case scenario, that activated charcoal may be removed from healthfood outlets or may fall into the realm of a prescription medication, does not mean the end of charcoal.We will do our best to keep you posted. Should the unthinkable happen and activated charcoal suddenly become a prescription medicine or banned, let it be known that plain charcoal has been around for thousands of years longer than activated charcoal and it still works. Reread the story above about the POW and the stories by Pastor Paypa to reassure you that plain charcoal is still very effective.
How do you make your own charcoal when you cannot buy any? Go to Making Your Own Charcoal.
For now, Kimberly and I would like to thank all of you who have made this year a great experience. We wish you all a most memorable Christmas season and we look forward to hearing from you in the new year. For all the tragedies that the news offers us on a daily basis, still we can each find many blessings to be grateful for. We, our loved ones, and this whole world have not been forgotten or abandoned to hopeless despair. I so appreciate this thought:
"Above the distractions of the earth God sits enthroned; all things are open to His divine survey; and from His great and calm eternity He orders that which His providence sees best." Ministry of Healing p.417
"The Lord upholdeth all that fall, And raiseth up all those that be bowed down.
The eyes of all wait upon Thee; And Thou givest them their meat in due season.
Thou openest Thine hand, And satisfiest the desire of every living thing."
Psalm 145:14-16. 
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