CharcoalTimes™ NEWS December 2010
                                     Editor's Notes

HERE we are approaching the end of another year. Is it possible! We had the privilege this past spring of traveling to Australia to conduct a series of programs on Natural Remedies. Little did we know from that invitation we would receive another invitation. In four weeks we escape the cold of Nebraska and head for western Uganda along the Congo border. I realized if we were to have one more newsletter for this year it was now or never. It has another new assortment of interesting personal stories including one from Uganda that helped to initiate our upcoming trip. It is our fervent prayer that what we will share will prove to be a very practical source of simple but powerful health benefits as we introduce these people to My Eight Doctors. We hope this newsletter will also be an inspiration.

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SumiBalls - Imagine the Possibilities - Feature Article
In this issue we wanted to introduce you to a fascinating product from Japan where it is used extensively in water features such as fish ponds, water fountains and aquariums. But that turns out to be the proverbial tip of the iceberg when it comes to other innovative applications. This page list a few of the possibilities but is certainly not exhaustive. It really is left up to the imagination what you might want to use these little charcoal beads for. Have fun! Here are a few of the BENEFITS.

Charcoal Testimonies
More amazing testimonies we have received over the last 6 months. We cannot possibly include all the stories we receive. While there are similarities from time to time, they all seem to have some twist that makes them unique.

From Biochar Powder to Wound Dressings to Subtle Butt (go ahead and smile :) there seems to be some new charcoal product finding its way to the marketplace each month. Check out what is NEW

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"Biochar may represent the single most important initiative for humanity's environmental futur" Tim Flannery, 2007 Australian of the Year Author of The Weather Makers.

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Bill Clinton changes to a "plant-based" (aka vegetarian) diet.

Something to think about. You don’t have to wait for bypass surgery like he did. In fact it is a whole lot easier without bypass surgery. Clinton mentions the China Study – get your own copy and read it for your self. Take responsibility for your own health – be your own doctor.

Speaking of being your own doctor get the new book by Rachel Weaver “Be Your Own Doctor” and save your drug money for better things.

Liver Dialysis
Right now there are close to 18,000 people waiting for a new liver. Unfortunately this year only about five thousand will get one. This shortage of donated livers has spurred research into machines that can temporarily take over the function of the organ and allow patients to buy more time.

Marc Perry is one of those patients on the waiting list. Marc has hepatitis C. Doctors basically told Marc to go home to die – there was nothing more they could do.

Joyce Perry (Marc's wife) "That's when I got on the phone. I said, this can't be it. I mean, there's got to be something else someone can do for him."

While waiting for that right liver match the build up of toxins in his body left him very sick.

Marc Perry "At one time, I was clinically dead."

He lost 80 pounds in just a few months. He became so confused he did not know his own wife.

Joyce Perry "He didn't realize that anybody was around him. He thought we had all abandoned him, I guess."

Doctor Rise Stribling, M.D. (Gastroenterologist, The Methodist Hospital, Houston, TX) took on Marc’s case.
Dr. Stribling "Realistically, if we were in a perfect world, when the patients developed these complications, we would like to go for emergency liver transplant, but we don't have that option in most patients since the waiting time is so long."

Instead, Marc was treated with a liver dialysis machine, one that uses a bed of granular activated charcoal to detoxify the transfused blood – the work normally done by a healthy liver.

Rise Stribling, M.D. "We don't offer this unit as a cure. We offer it as an extension of what we're already aggressively doing for these patients medically."

Marc began to improve after the FIRST six-hour treatment!!

Joyce Perry "Marc had no chance. This machine, it's given him his life back."

Marc Perry "It is not a cure, but it gives me time to get cured."

It could take three years or more for Marc to get his “new” liver. In the meantime, he must study to keep himself as healthy as possible. As for the liver dialysis machine, it is also used to treat patients with severe drug overdose.

THE SHORTAGE: An estimated 10 million people suffer from serious liver problems caused by hepatitis, alcohol induced cirrhosis, and drug overdose. Currently more than 18,000 of these people in the United States are waiting for a new liver. Unfortunately, according to UNOS, less than 5,000 of them will likely receive a liver transplant this year. This shortage of livers has spurred research into machines that can take over some of the functions of the liver. This is very difficult because the liver performs more than 100 functions. One of those functions is filtering toxins out of the body. When a patient has a buildup of these toxins, the result is usually confusion, multi-organ shutdown, coma and even death. At present the new machine is the only liver dialysis machine available to rid the body of these toxins.

DIALYSIS MACHINE: The machine is made by HemoTherapies out of San Diego. The FDA has approved the use of this machine to treat drug overdoses that damage the liver or for hepatic encephalopathy. Hepatic encephalopathy is a life-threatening condition that causes severe mental confusion in patients with chronic liver disease. The unit is a compact, self-contained system that can be wheeled to a patient's bedside. A catheter is inserted into the patient's leg or neck. The blood enters the unit where it flows through a granular charcoal filter that rids it of toxins. The filtered blood is then returned to the body. The amount of blood that is outside the body at any time is less than the amount taken when blood is donated. One treatment can last four to six hours.

NOT A CURE: It's important to note that this machine is not a cure for these patients. The machine is used to buy the patients more time as they wait for a new liver. The machine is currently at a handful of major medical centers in the United States, but doctors expect that number to increase. Right now more research is needed to determine all of the benefits and downside of this dialysis treatment. Researchers specifically want to see if this machine could help patients before they are very, very ill.

PRACTICAL APPLICATION: Now if toxic blood, passing out of the body and into a machine and through a bed of granular charcoal can be rid of its overburden of poisons, does it not seem possible that taking activated charcoal powder internally and/or using charcoal poultices over the liver might also produce some similar benefits? According to the prestigious medical journal The Lancet, activated charcoal used topically (as in a charcoal poultice) is able to draw toxins from deep tissue and deep organs. Would it not be worth a try? It certainly would not be nearly as invasive as a dialysis treatment.

In fact we have had several testimonies of people with Hepatitis who have said charcoal did help their bodies to detoxify and eventually to recover. Get the book The Complete Handbook of Medicinal Charcoal and learn more.

2010 - 2011 As we leave this year to meet the next, it is becoming more and more clear that we need to take more and more responsibility for our own health. As health care costs continue to rise, as health insurance premiums double, as bankruptcies from healthcare bills lead all other causes, as disease becomes more and more virulent, it ought to be obvious that the average person can no longer depend on this kind of healthcare system, nor should he. When one considers that 1) the U.S. has the highest per capita health care spending in the world but only has the 27th highest lifespan, 2) that deaths from nosocomial infections (hospital infections) now number well over 100,000 a year, 3) that deaths due to properly prescribed drugs by doctors in hospitals exceed 110,000 deaths a year, then the only conclusion is to look beyond the politicians, the bureaucrats, the drug pushers, the fear mongers, the exhausted and disillusioned healthcare providers, to ... your own God-given common senses and the resources He has placed within the reach of all. Whether you are rich or poor, educated or not so educated, at a price anyone can afford, in language a child can understand, God has provided you with His own Eight Doctors. Why not make an appointment today?!

For those who have health and happiness we can only wish you more of the same. But for those of you who feel beaten, worn out, left out, overwhelmed and small, may you embrace the new year with hope and courage knowing you are not alone, not forgotten or overlooked in the steam (yes, steam) of humanity. God sits enthroned in the heavens above, and from His great and calm eternity He orders that which His providence sees best. "We can trust His heart when we cannot see His hand."