WINTER GREETINGS & A WARM WELCOME to the Eighteenth Issue of CharcoalTimes, a courtesy newsletter of and

What started out to be a November, 2014 issue is now a 2015 Winter edition. So much has happened since our last newsletter over a year ago. I hope that you will be able to take the time to read some of the recent testimonies, consider the Research reports, catch a bit of our whirlwind four weeks in India, and check out our new products as well. AND be sure to enter the very FIRST ever Charcoal Food Recipe Contest for a Grand Prize of $200.

Two newsletters a year has been all we can manage and a good part of the delay this year was time spent doing our first catalog. For those of you who would like to be in contact more frequently, please subscribe to our BLOG The other big project has been developing our Charcoal Gardens Experimental Farm - see some initial success.


What's New?


  • Two New Website Designs! We have a new design and layout for both and and we are still working on making them more user friendly. Please continue to let us know what works and what doesn't - we do listen.
  • First Catalog - It was printed the middle of July. Those who would like us to send them a copy please Contact Us and request one, and we will put one in the mail.


  • Disaster Preparedness - Daniel Valles first contacted us because of his interest in charcoal as a medicinal in survival cases. Since then he has put together two digests on Disaster Preparedness. The first booklet, Crash Course, compiles ten great tutorials on a variety of important subjects (including charcoal) on how to be better prepared should disaster strike. Available in paperback or as Free Downloads.
  • Traveler's ALERT Are you prepared to travel to a developing country, to be sprayed with an insecticide before takeoff, to be exposed to contagious airborne diseases when you arrive? You should not leave home without  Pure Non-Scents Face Masks (silver impregnated) in your purse, coat pocket, or carry on luggage.
  • #1 NEW PERSONAL CHARCOAL STORIES (January 2015) - Endometriosis, Colon Cancer, Herxheimer reaction, sick and wounded animals, Tetanus, open abscessed appendicitis, PED virus in pigs, and more.
  • #2 NEW PERSONAL CHARCOAL STORIES (December 2015) - massive skin infection, 3rd degree burns, Brown Recluse Spider Bite, diabetic foot ulcer, toe fungus, cellulitis, and more. Past issues are archived for easy access on the CharcoalTimes page.


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