Dr. Churney, MD

Brown Recluse Spider Bite

Dr. Churney relates his experience with a brown recluse spider bite:

“Several years ago while working at Wildwood Hospital in Georgia, I attended a man from Pennsylvania who came in with a brown recluse spider bite on his leg. He had gone to emergency in Pennsylvania and had been told they would excise the muscle tissue around the bite. He left and drove down to Wildwood. He was treated with a charcoal and flax seed poultice over the bite. We alternated the poultice application with an improvised oxygen tent over the leg. We directed the oxygen right at the bite area. The poultice was changed twice daily. By the third day his leg had returned to normal.”

How fortunate it was that this man knew of this reputable hospital. But not everyone has access to a modern hospital emergency ward, especially one that, in many cases, encourages the use of simple remedies as a first line of treatment.

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