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North American Health Centers that also use Charcoal Therapy

North American Health Centers that also use Charcoal Therapy

Black Hills Wellness Program (South Dakota)The Black Hills Wellness Center offers 13 and 20-day lifestyle programs that are tailored to the specific needs of guests. Many choose to stay longer than the scheduled programs for further benefit. The staff consist of doctors, nurses, an exercise physiologist, nutritionist, physical therapist, massage therapist, hydrotherapist, certified nurses assistants, and a chaplain. This team works together in being channels for the Great Physician.
Eden Valley Lifestyle Center (Colorado)The individually-designed lifestyle program begins with a thorough medical evaluation by the physician who will advise a program and will continue to monitor progress. The personalized program includes consultations, exercise, hydrotherapy and massage, lectures, jacuzzi and sauna, as well as cooking demonstrations. Every month there is a three-week session accommodating up to 16 guests.Through the NEWSTART© program, the effects of cancer, diabetes, stress, overweight, obesity, smoking, heart problems, high blood pressure, allergies, arthritis, etc. and chronic disease are being overcome daily.
Emerald Valley Wellness Center (Oregon)Live-for-Health is a ten day wellness program. Heart disease, diabetes, chronic fatigue, cancer and many other conditions can be helped with this medically supervised program. Program includes: 1) Complete medical evaluation, laboratory testing and personal medical oversight. 2) Nutrition and health education classes 3) Instruction in preparation of low-fat, heart healthy cuisine 4) Individualized exercise program 5) Hydrotherapy and massage treatments 6) Stress management classes and management 7) A faith and prayer atmosphere
Hartland Wellness Center (Virginia)Hartland Wellness Center offers specially designed health treatment programs that renews body and spirit. Your body will appreciate nutritious, delicious and low-fat meals, enjoyable exercise, steam baths and individual massage and hydrotherapy. In fact, your entire being will be restored to wholeness in this serene environment and decidedly Christian atmosphere.
Home for Health Lifestyle Center (Kentucky)Home for Health Lifestyle Center - Located on 300 acres in the beautiful wooded hills of Kentucky, only a few miles from the breath-taking Red River Gorge and the Natural Bridge State park, Home for Health Lifestyle Center offers the perfect environment for refreshing walks and exercise. Enjoy the hiking trails, the sunshine, the cool mountain air, the songs of birds, the quiet moments of meditation and prayer, or the lovely picnics in the splendor of natural beauty. A typical day at Home for Health Lifestyle will consist in attending health classes on various subjects, preparing healthy meals, relaxing, drinking plenty of fluids, some outdoor activities (i.e., walks, hikes, picnics), and other great experiences. There is also an optional early morning devotional time. You will have free access to our library, and to our health video collection. You can also enjoy our Jacuzzi, sauna, and gym. We also offer therapeutic massage, salt glows, and clay packs.
Klondike Mountain Health Retreat (Washington)By combining our specialties: lifestyle medicine, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and heavy metal toxicology, with the healing power of God, we offer 10 and 18-day health education programs for people with chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis and many other conditions. At Klondike Mountain Health Retreat, you can dramatically improve your health… naturally. Klondike Mountain Health Retreat is located in the scenic hills of northern Washington.
M.E.E.T. Our Home Natural Health Retreat (Tennessee)OUR HOME is a Natural Health Retreat whose small homelike atmosphere is conducive to the restoration of physical and spiritual health. The 18-day program is designed to meet the specific needs of each guest.
Ministry of Health (Nebraska)Ministry of Health is a family-run health center in the scenic Northwestern Nebraska Hills. The pure air, and a healthful program customized especially for you, will give you a new lease on life making it possible for you to achieve optimum health. Many success stories emanate from this wonderful place of healing. Instead of powerful drugs with harmful side effects, gentle natural remedies are used including: herbs, juices, vitamins, hydrotherapy, massage, steam baths, and a delicious organic vegetarian diet. Come learn how to maintain a healthy life-style and witness how and why it works.
Silver Hills Guest House (British Columbia, Canada)Welcome to Alive Resort. Enjoy a glimpse into our beautiful 90-acre Resort. Alive Resort is located in a pristine valley in the spectacular Monashee Mountains. The Resort offers an ideal setting with lakes, organic gardens, nature trails and fresh country air. Amid the serenity of nature’s splendor, Resort guests will feel restored and revitalized, and learn the secrets of longevity and wellness!
Uchee Pines Institute (Alabama)Uchee Pines Institute was established in 1970, by Calvin Thrash, M.D., specialist in Internal Medicine, and his wife, Agatha Thrash, M.D., board specialist in pathology. The Lifestyle Center is a 14-bed facility where guests are treated with the simple methods God has provided for gaining and maintaining health. The patrons are treated to individualized care calculated to give them maximum benefits. That which plays a major role in their recovery is a simple diet, exercise, hydrotherapy, and trust in divine power.
Weimar Institute (California)Weimar Institute occupies 265 acres of forest in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Range. The Institute combines innovative health care and practical college and high school education. NEWSTART®, an eight-step, 18 day health recovery program, helps prevent and reverse disease. People learn to achieve optimum health benefits through healthful living.
Wildwood Lifestyle Center & Hospital (Georgia)Wildwood Lifestyle Center & Hospital works with nature to heal the body—natural remedies in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle—as an effective means of treating a number of today’s degenerative diseases. Specially designed health programs have demonstrated remarkable success in: Cancer, Arthritis, Smoking, Hypertension, Heart disease, Stress, Diabetes, Allergies, Depression, Weight control.
Europian Health Centers that also use       Charcoal Therapy

Europian Health Centers that also use Charcoal Therapy

Fredheim Health Center (Norway)Fredheim Health Center (Norway)Fredheim Health Center lies just 10 kilometers outside of Kongsberg with a beautiful view of the Skrim Mountains. The center has developed a very effective health-reconditioning program. For only $800 US, they offer a 12-day session with a wide selection of treatments, all monitored by professional, warm and friendly staff. The group size for each program is limited to 25 in order to keep a friendly, home-like atmosphere and really focus on the patients’ needs.
Herghelia Lifestyle Center (Romania)Herghelia Lifestyle Center (Romania)Herghelia Lifestyle Center is settled amid the forests and meadows of Transilvania. In its serenity and pastoral beauty, this beautiful setting is an antidote to stress. Each year the lifestyle center ministers to five hundred guests who come for three-week sessions from all over Romania and other countries. Herghelia promotes the care of the whole person. The program includes hydrotherapy treatments, massage, medical examinations, and a therapeutic diet suited to individual needs.
Pacific Ocean Health Centers that also use Charcoal Therapy

Pacific Ocean Health Centers that also use Charcoal Therapy

Cedarvale Health & Lifestyle Retreat (NSW - Australia)Cedarvale Health & Lifestyle Retreat (NSW - Australia)Located 2 hours south of Sydney, in beautiful Kangaroo Valley, Cedarvale offers various live-in lifestyle programs for up to 9 guests in a relaxed, home-like atmosphere, ensuring personalized attention from our qualified staff as they teach you how to regain and preserve optimum health. We can help you realize your health goals and address heart disease, stress, diabetes, excess weight/obesity, high blood pressure, digestive dysfunction, and many other chronic conditions using natural therapies and simple remedies. Come enjoy the perfect health holiday surrounded by majestic sandstone cliffs, uniquely Australian wildlife, lush tree ferns and other rainforest delights on our beautiful 150 acre property
Walk of Faith Health Recovery Project (Hawaii)Walk of Faith Health Recovery Project (Hawaii)Consider It the Vacation of a Lifetime! Located in a remote area of Hawaii that some say is the most beautiful place on earth, the Walk of Faith retreat offers an opportunity to get your life back on track while enjoying a vacation-like setting that you will never forget. The small retreat center is geared to provide highly individualized attention while at the same time offering all the amenities of a larger facility - including a complete exercise center and nearly nine acres of lush grounds for walking, jogging, or just getting a breath of fresh air.
Total Health Lifestyle Centers - Africa
African Health Centers that also use Charcoal Therapy

African Health Centers that also use Charcoal Therapy

Riverview Wellness Centre - ZambiaRiverview Wellness Centre - ZambiaRiverview provides a warm, homelike atmosphere of peace, solitude and relaxation. Our facilities ensure personalized care designed to promote your health. Riverview is dedicated to providing a health education program that will prove to be of lasting benefit. Studies show that changes to lifestyle can significantly reduce your risk factors for an early grave. Most of us know what we should be doing but how to do them enjoyably and long-term is the challenge. At Riverview you'll learn how to incorporate healthy habits into your lifestyle. Come and be our next success story!