Light Treatment Demonstration

Home Remedies Demonstration Videos

These videos include simple treatments that use materials that can be found in every home. Charcoal Poultices, a Hot Foot Bath, Heating Compresses, Steam Inhalation, Hot Packs, Fomentations, and a simple Light Treatment, are some of the simple home remedies you can use effectively for many common ailments without resorting to poisonous drugs.

Several of these videos were recorded at the Steps to Life Studio in Melbourne, Australia in 2010 while giving a series of Health Seminars in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Light Treatment for Sinus Problems and Throbbing Ear Ache

Heating Compress for Sore Throat

Hot Fomentations

Hot Foot Bath pt. 1

Hot Foot Bath pt. 2 - Full Fever Treatment


Heating Compress for Chest or Abdomen

Steam Inhalation