Activated Charcoal for Kidney Disease
Our kidneys are built-in diaylsis machines created to out perform the most sophisticated chrome-plated dyalisis unit science has ever been or ever will be able to design. With proper care, including a low protein diet (vegetarian), low sugar diet, with plenty of pure water, they will last a lifetime. But, with the typical Western lifestyle, workplace exposure to toxic chemicals, and certain diseases, the kidneys can be worked to exhaustion, if not to death. It is at the point of almost no return that people are introduced to a man-made kidney dialysis machine, and begin a weekly realtionship that will absorb more and more of their time until neither their diseased kidneys nor the man-made one are able to keep up with the toxic overload and the body finally gives up.

The number of patients with End Stage Renal (Kidney) Disease (ESRD) is growing annually around the world. Kidney replacement therapy in the form of dialysis and kidney transplant is expensive. Recent studies have shown no survival benefit of early initiation of dialysis. Given recent outcome data of the timing of dialysis treatment and the expenses and logistics involved, new research has looked to alternative strategies.

Testimony - Stage Four Kidney Disease

Kidney Replacement Therapy
In a recent study (August 2012) researchers trialed another type of kidney replacement therapy for selective patients with advanced chronic kidney disease (CKD).
The “dialysis-free protocol” consisted of a low protein diet, activated charcoal (uremic toxin adsorbents), and prebiotics for selective ESRD patients - those who had difficulty accessing dialysis clinics, or did not agree to be tethered to a dialysis machine, or a peritoneal dialysis catheter.

The results: "clinical and biochemical results of this study showed that these patients were not deteriorating during the study period and Blood Urea Nitrogen (Bun) & serum creatinin levels were not elevated in these months. Participating patients were relatively well throughout the study without signs of florid uremia and without a need for emergent or urgent dialysis."

Researchers concluded, "the proposed dialysis free protocol reduces the need for dialysis treatment at least transiently." They also recommended additional studies to see if their 3-point protocol could reduce the overall need for dialysis.

End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Treatment: Abstract
Combination of oral activated charcoal plus low protein diet as a new alternative treatment in elderly end-stage renal disease patients.

Chronic dialysis is a valid therapeutic option in very elderly ESRD patients, even though the decision to dialyze or not has little impact on survival. Additionally, very old patients usually do not agree with starting chronic dialysis. Even though, activated charcoal is a cheap treatment for working as adsorbent for nitrogenous products its utility is very limited. We studied the combination of a low protein diet and oral activated charcoal to reduce serum urea and creatinine levels in very old ESRD patients who had refused to start chronic dialysis. Nine lucid, very old > 80 years, ESRD patients who had refused to start dialysis were prescribed a treatment based on a combination of a very low protein diet and oral activated charcoal (30 gram/day). None of the patients had anuria, oliguria, edema, significant metabolic acidosis or hyperkalemia. None of them had significant gastrointestinal symptoms. After one week and ten months of charcoal use significant decrease in blood urea and creatinine levels was observed and none of them required emergency dialysis during this time.

In conclusion, in patients more than 80 years of age low protein diet and oral activated charcoal may control the uremic symptoms effectively.
Saudi Journal of Kidney Disease Transplants. 2010 Jan; 21(1):102-4.

Diabetes & Kidney Failure
"We have a special real true miracle to share with you that happened here recently. There was a retired pastor that was dying in ICU when we arrived. He was a diabetic of 30 plus years and had a complication with a foot infection and his kidneys had went into complete failure. For a time everyone thought he was going to die and at one point he too, wanted to die. But the Lord worked a miracle. The Lord impressed Dr. John to go visit him after the hospital released him home to be on dialysis for what they said would be the rest of his life. When John visited, the pastor and his wife, they were willing to try things differently, following the health principles outlined in books such as Ministry of Healing, Counsels on Diet and Foods and Healthful Living.

He began to do all that John laid out for him which included charcoal poultices over his kidneys and infected/ulcerated foot, a radical change in his diet, drinking much more water, exercising and other things and within several weeks his foot ulcer/ infection healed up, he was taken completely off dialysis and he was no longer on ANY medication for diabetes: his blood sugars being completely in the normal range. To all (the pastor, his wife, their family, the church members, the physicians treating him, and other patients that knew him, etc) it was completely a miracle. He lost over 45 pounds over several months. It was a real blessing to our hearts to see his life spared so dramatically and his health turn around for the better. He is still very weak and struggles to push himself to exercise and regain his muscles and strength back, but he knows that the health message given by God is true. He is a different man and is witnessing about health everywhere he goes now. Isn't that wonderful? Please pray for him and his wife. They are very special people and dear to our hearts."
Julie CLark
July 2013

Welding Galvanized Metal
We are aware of one individual who took activated charcoal powder for about six months when he was on a waiting list for a kidney transplant. Another man who had severe kidney damage from welding galvanized metal and was scheduled for kidney dialysis never did require treatment after following a program similar to the one described above, which also included activated charcoal taken orally and charcoal poultices over his kidneys.

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