Activated Charcoal in the Treatment of Leaky Gut Syndrome

There are a number of theories about the cause of Leaky Gut Syndrome and what might be some natural remedies. Here is one theory that certainly falls in line with how charcoal works, and some of the features of Leaky Gut. One of the features is biofilm, the colonization of healthy, or harmful bacteria in the gut. While the healthy bacteria promote absorption of nutrients, the harmful colonies not only produce their own toxins, they facilitate the uptake of many toxins. Charcoal is mild, as far as anti-biofilm ingredeints are concerned. In fact, the thin, healthy mucus layer, covering the lining of the gut, is not affected adversely by the charcoal. Some beleive charcoal actually weakens the harmful biofilm communities in the gut, attracts and keeps toxins for elimination, and speeds up the healing of leaky gut.

As we have reported elsewhere, activated charcoal actually extends the lifespan of old laboratoty rats by up to 34%. There are no other products that neutralize oxidative stress hormones, that produce free radicals, to the degree that charcoal does. We should not be surprised then that charcoal would prove beneficial with those suffereing from Leaky Gut. Counter to the mis-information on the Internet, charcoal is obviously not interefering with nutrient uptake in the gut, otherwise the rats would not be living 34% longer.

Here are a couple personal stories sent to us:

Nairobi Kenya
We visited a lady with Leeky Gut Syndrome. She had been to doctors and 3 different hospitals. None offered any help or hope, just referrals to another clinic or hospital. They could not afford to travel to the University Hospital in Nairobi and were told she probably would not survive the bus trip to get there anyhow. She was extremely bloated, unable to sit up straight, lay down flat in bed, could not walk unassisted or eat. We immediately gave her charcoal water, just sips every few minutes. The practitioner with me mixed a paste of moringa powder and put under her tongue. For the next ten days her family continued these treatments. When we returned, she was laying on a mat outside in the sunshine. She got up slowly, without assistance to greet us! Within a month, she fully recovered and [was] on a healthy meatless diet."

Leaky Gut & 19 Years of Chronic Fatigue
"I've been walking around with chronic fatigue for 19 years and, despite seeing plenty of doctors, never got the cause of it diagnosed until I'd almost died from it. I'd also had bouts with eczema throughout my life, but in my late thirties it started to spread all over. I didn't know the eczema was related to the chronic fatigue. When, at the advice of an herbalist, I tried a liver cleanse to address the eczema I had to start fighting for my life. Eventually I turned to an environmentalist doctor who made sense of it all.

He asked if I'd taken a lot of antibiotics at any time. I'd taken them throughout high school (had to every time I saw the orthodontist due to a heart murmur) and often throughout childhood. He said this is what caused me to start developing severe leaky gut in high school, so that by the time I was 21 it had become advanced enough to cause weak digestion and chronic fatigue. I'd never suspected that the reason I was tiring so easily was that my gut was polluting my entire bloodstream with poisons 24/7. The poisons thicken my blood and accumulated in my tissues over the years, including heavy metals, so that by the time I tried a liver cleanse I wasn't able to pee out or store more poisons from the liver cleanse.

As a result my skin became very inflamed and painful all over from the overwhelming accumulation of poisons topped off with a radical outpouring of more poisons from a liver cleanse. I couldn't keep taking steroid shots to relieve my skin as they were weakening my bones. Doing skin treatments around the clock became a means of survival.

Once I knew what was happening I realized I had to not only treat severe leaky gut by killing off harmful levels of bad bacteria, but also help my body deal with a surplus of poison in my tissues that was further polluting my bloodstream and affecting my skin. I tried drinking 20 cups of water a day to help, but it wasn't enough. Sweating has been helpful but isn't able to control the skin discomfort. The mineral zeolite cleansed me too fast and incapacitated me. Charcoal was different.

Charcoal brought down body wide swelling, helps control my skin discomfort, keeps the poison levels in my bloodstream from getting too high while treating my gut, and literally makes me go from feeling like I'm drowning in poisons to relatively functional.
After 22 years of getting to a point where I'm this sick, I've got a ways to go before I'm out of the woods, but without bulk amounts of charcoal I'd never have a blessed chance.

My kids and I are deeply grateful for this company.

Editor – we asked Serena if we could post her story. She replied:

Thank you for your gracious encouragement. One of my comforts in going through this is that by telling others of my experience I might be able to help them avoid it. I actually know of 6 other people who have lived through the same thing as me, but there are many others who live with lesser degrees of it.

I'd be glad if you would share my testimonial with anyone who could benefit from it or spread the word on the damage antibiotics can do to the gut. Everything I'm experiencing could easily have been avoided with inexpensive and simple means early on, and if anyone ever wants to ask me questions about my testimonial I'd be glad to share what I know about leaky gut and its complications.
Thank you for all that you're doing.

Editor: Serena sent us a protocol that she has used for Leaky Gut. To view click HERE.

Long Testimony

We would like to hear more from those who feel activated charcoal has played a part in their successful treatment of Leaky Gut.