Migraine Headaches
Synthetic Fragrance Headache

To: Kimberly and the Staff of BuyActivatedCharcoal.com,
All three of our family members are sensitive to certain synthetic fragrances at different degrees.  None-the-less, we each get put out by terrible migraines by some of them.  Each of us have experienced the rescue of Activated Charcoal many times over right after exposure...

Right off (when the migraine starts to kick in) we take 1Tbsp. of Activated Charcoal [powder] with water. After say about 20 minutes later we are feeling much, much better.  If we do have somewhat of a migraine after charcoal ~ it is VERY manageable and we can carry on our tasks normally. Sometimes we will continue taking just a little charcoal as the day/night progresses depending on our symptoms.

In the world of 'scented toxic chemicals', I'm not sure what we would do without AC! To say the least, we all have AC with us wherever we go!!

Thank you for doing the beautiful work you all are doing! A lot of it may go unnoticed, but know that there are many of us whom are thankful for ALL the hard work and dedicated hours you put into changing and making a difference in so many lives!

Thankful are we,
July 2013