Why You Need A Face Mask When Flying In A Jet Plane

Why You Need A Face Mask When Flying In A Jet Plane

Getting Sprayed in Airplanes
Just before landing into Bengaluru, India, totally unannounced, the flight attendants brushed through the curtains and quickly began to spray us! With what, we did not know. It was noxious and people starting coughing and a baby started crying.
We were told, “Not to worry, this is just a harmless insecticide.” A harmless insecticide? It kills insects doesn’t it? What else does it kill? If that is what it was, we only have to take their word for it.
We were not prepared for this unexpected assault on our lungs. If only we had had our Pure Non-Scents® Face Masks ready for this attack. When we left India you can be sure that we had our masks in hand and were ready and yes, shortly before take off and unannounced, we were sprayed again! We were ready for them, but this poor child that was sitting across the aisle from us was not, and continued coughing and wheezing for quite some time.
We have since heard planes are sometimes heavily sprayed before the passengers arrive. Given all the pestilence that is rife around the world, spraying seems a practical defense. But common sense says, anything that kills pathogens is toxic to a greater or lesser degree. If that is a risk people who travel will have to submit to, along with body checks, then would it not be prudent to arrive at the airport with some sort of protection against the spraying as well as the pathogens floating around the airport? Let me introduce you to the Pure Non-Scents facemask made with activated charcoal cloth that weighs no more than an ordinary dust mask, yet is about 95% as effective as a military gas mask. Even more importantly, it is impregnated with silver, which is both bactericidal and virucidal. On one hand the silver kills microbes dead while the activated charcoal cloth neutralizes toxins and also adsorbs noxious odors.
If you have your Pure Non-Scents® Face Mask with you at all times and in quick reach for the unexpected, you can protect yourself.  Of all people, we should have had ours in hand. As it was, the first time we were unprepared and had zero time to get them out.
The point is, be ready! I was so glad to have our masks while we were traveling to and fro in India. The air pollution in the large cities and on the major highways makes city pollution in America seem minor. But whether it is in an airport, on a jet plane, city traffic, or changing really bad diapers the Pure Non-Scents® Face Mask is a very powerful weapon against bad, smelly, toxic air. If stored in a sealed bag or bottle when not in use, these masks can remain active for up to a year. Get one today and see how well they work.

Super Activated Charcoal
Several times, we have been asked about super activated charcoal. It is an actual product but never caught on and as far as we know they have been discontinued. Otherwise if you see “Super Activated” attached to a particular activated charcoal, it is just a sales gimmick.

They are mentioned in the book CharcoalRemedies.com on page 50, but since then they seem to have faded off the market, probably because of lack of demand.

Of course there are activated charcoals that have significantly higher surface than others, but that might not mean all that much. BuyActivatedCharcoal.com does sell one food grade activated charcoal (ACP1500) with a surface area of 2000 to 2400 m3/gm compared to the 1200 m3/gm typical for most grades on the market. But you will not see regular activated charcoals much higher than that. If you would like to experiment, go to ACP1500

Irradiation of Charcoal Products
Customer Message:
"Hello! I am concerned you may be unaware of the affects of irradiation on your products. I want to buy activated charcoal for internal use and notice you use shipping companies that irradiate their mail. Irradiation isn't recommended for certain products taken internally. Do you know which of your mail services will not irradiate my package?"
Thank you for your email.

We are not aware which carriers use irradiation but we have been told by some customers that they prefer to use UPS and not US Post.

Our coconut based charcoal arrives here in the US by ocean freight and then is trucked here. We are not aware of any radiation. The domestic charcoal also is trucked here to us with no mention of irradiation. As for what happens when it leaves here with UPS, US Post, or Fedex, we do not know, but our understanding up until this time is that UPS does not irradiate.

I am sorry but we cannot tell you one way or another if our products are irradiated when they leave here, but we are of the understanding that even if they are irradiation does not effect the activated charcoal. Activated Charcoal is an inert substance that is highly stable under all kinds of frequencies. For that reason it is also used in expensive sound systems to "deaden dirty sound". We hope this is of some reassurance for you.

Medical Freedom and Health Insurance
Those who won their religious and civil freedoms from the tyrannies of the old world realized they needed to entrench that blood-bought liberty in all its fundamentals. But the freedom of conscience encompasses much more than we see at first glance. Thomas Jefferson wrote, “If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls who live under tyranny”. It is sad that those who crafted the American Constitution did not, in some respects, pay better attention to Dr. Benjamin Rush—physician, educator, writer, patriot leader, and a signer of the U.S. Declaration of Independence (1745-1813). He wrote, “Unless we put medical freedom in the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize itself into an undercover dictatorship. To restrict the art of healing to one class [of men] and deny equal privileges to others will constitute the Bastille of medical science. All such laws are un-American and despotic and have no place in a republic. The Constitution of this republic should make special privilege for medical freedom as well as religious freedom.”

Dr. Douglas Brodie is a state certified physician in both allopathic and homeopathic medicine and author of Cancer and Common Sense, Combining
Science and Nature to Control Cancer
, he writes, “We are now reaping the bitter harvest of this omission from the U.S. Constitution. We do, indeed, now have a medical dictatorship in this country—an elite group which seeks to exclude all others in the healing arts who do not conform to the dictates of that group. Thus a form of a ‘caste system’ has developed, with the privileged class now using police powers to enforce its authority over those who dissent. This is the inherent nature of a totalitarian system.” (2005)

While the freedom of choice is certainly a freedom to fight for, when it comes to disease and its treatment we need to realize that in most cases the cause of disease is primarily a result of our bad choices. We get sick because we violate some fundamental law of health. Alas, how often people add to the misery by resorting to the poisonous snakes of modern medicine, instead of treating disease with rationale hygienic methods. But there is a better way of treating disease than returning to the pharmacopoeia of Egypt. pp 265-266

Ultimately we need to be the Gatekeepers of our own health. We need to study physiology and anatomy and nutrition to know how fearfully and wonderfully we are made and how in most cases the body can heal itself if we cooperate with the rules by which it operates, using benign simple and natural remedies to help the process along.

Considering Iatrogenic deaths (in hospitals) in the USA rank #3 (JAMA 7/2000), a hospital should be our last healing resource whether some insurance program, public or private, pays for it or not. (deaths due to PROPERLY prescribed drugs – over 125,000/year; nosocomial infections - 100,000 deaths/year).

Good sense would demand we develop our own private health insurance plan that employs My 8 Doctors (CharcoalRemedies.com Chapter 19)