Activated Charcoal for Pain Relief

Activated charcoal taken orally or applied externally as a poultice will often bring relief within the half hour for the pain associated with gout, sore throat, earache, toothache, irritated eyes, sprains, inflammations, heartburn, bruises, and injury.
Burn Pain

Dr. Baldwin shared one other story about an eleven-year-old boy named Jimmy who was the unfortunate victim of a cigarette and a can of gasoline, leaving him severely burned on the backs of his legs: “He was brought to our hospital, and immediately laid face down on an examining table. In places his trousers were burned to his skin, and he was shrieking with pain. Immediately upon his arrival, I commandeered a crew of male nurses to prepare a large quantity of charcoal slurry. As I cleared his legs of all possible foreign matter, the crew smeared this thick paste of charcoal slurry on a piece of cotton flannel that would reach from side to side and waist to ankles. Then we quickly flipped this wet poultice, charcoal side down, over the burned area. Instantly the shrieking ceased, and the exhausted boy heaved a big sigh of relief. The cold charcoal had completely relieved his pain. All that Jimmy had was charcoal. He was spared his limbs to walk again."

This case happened before the advent of cold therapy for burns. After the initial healing, Jimmy received skin grafts to complete his recovery. page107

Fire Ants

Aware of the dire results of some insect bites, Dr. Thrash takes no chances and makes sure that charcoal is never far away. She shared this personal experience: Activated Charcoal for Survival

“My little grandchild accidentally sat down on a hill of fire ants. Instantly hundreds of ants began biting her. She screamed hysterically from the intense pain. We grabbed her, stripped off her clothing, and ran for a bathtub. As it filled with water, I added charcoal. After being submerged in that charcoal bath for less than two minutes, she stopped crying. The charcoal neutralized the poison, and her pain was gone. Charcoal has amazing healing properties. In fact, if I were stranded on a desert island, and could take only one thing along to protect me from disease, infection, and injury, I would choose charcoal.” page 118


  Miscellaneous Pain

When I interviewed Dr. Wynn over the phone, I asked him what he sees charcoal used for most often. “Here at Uchee Pines we use it for many different problems. However, I would say mostly for pain, inflammation and pain of joints, or around the trunk area for bowel complaints. It is most often applied overnight with a flaxseed poultice. The majority of people find relief from whatever pain they are experiencing. But I can’t explain how it works. I understand how it might work internally by adsorbing toxins, but exactly how it can relieve deep tissue pain or draw out toxins when used externally is still a mystery to me. I know flaxseed has its own anti-inflammatory properties, but that still doesn’t explain such dramatic results.”

Pain is a condition all of its own, and when other common forms of treatment fail to bring relief, charcoal can be tried without any worry of doing harm. Mention has already been made of treating the pain of gout (one form of arthritis), but a trial of charcoal poultices should also be made for the pain associated with sore throat, earache, toothache, irritated eyes, sprains, inflammations, and bruises. Relief within the half hour is not unusual. The poultice may be left on for several hours or overnight. page 129

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