Activated Charcoal for Pars Planitis, Ocular Inflammatory Disorder, Pan uveitis

This is another of those amazing stories that bring tears of gratitude. You cannot help but notice that one main ingredient is faith.

“I am a 32 year old married mother of two. I have been using activated charcoal for two years to treat a rare, painful eye condition that often leads to blindness. There are no traditional medical treatments that do not cause harmful side effects.

October 2005 was the beginning of a very traumatic medical experience that occurred with my eyes. I was diagnosed with Pars Planitis / Ocular Inflammatory Disorder / Pan uveitis, an autoimmune disease that causes pain and inflammation throughout the eye. I was sent to have blood work done and an MRI to rule out many different auto-immune diseases. I spent much time visiting different doctors, not knowing what was going to happen to me. Other than the dangerous inflammation throughout my eyes, no other problems were found. I was started on steroid eye drops and during the first year, after having been diagnosed, I ended up having to take additional eye drops due to the side effects of the steroid eye drops.

Over Christmas 2006, my eye pressure spiked to a very dangerous level that would cause blindness. My eye specialist gave me a prescription for Methotrexate, a form of chemotherapy that can cause serious or life-threatening side effects and can cause hair loss. I prayed so many times before that God would heal me, I knew at this time that I had to either begin this dreadful medication or suffer the damage to my eyes that could very well cause permanent vision loss.

I pleaded to God for a new direction, another option, but I had no idea what. I was led to Dr. John Clark MD as an answer to my prayer.  Dr Clark explained to me hydrotherapy and charcoal treatments to do, along with dietary changes to make. Dr. Clark’s prayer for me over the phone kept me going through those first few days. The first week required me to turn the whole thing over to God and trust my eyes to Him. I was afraid because I was not on any prescription medications for the first time in over a year and my eye disorder had been in a crisis state when I started the natural treatments and lifestyle/diet changes.  After only one day of hydrotherapy and charcoal treatments I was shocked because the halos I had always seen around lights as long as I could remember were gone!

Week after week I visited the eye specialist and we found my eyes were slowly improving! The doctor(s) however were not convinced. After a short while I was sent to see a top eye specialist in Boston and was told that “the beast is gone”. The interesting thing is that the particular doctor I saw was the head of one of the largest research institutes of Uveitis and he didn’t want to know anything about what I had done. On my last visit to my eye specialist, he told me that he thought I was taking the Methotrexate!

I am using activated charcoal over my eyes every morning and I don’t feel it’s time to stop these treatments anytime soon. My eyes are clearer and whiter than ever and my vision has improved. I praise God for his natural remedies!"
December 2008