Poisons Adsorbed by Activated Charcoal
Activated Charcoal for Poisonous Drugs
Poisonous Drugs and Chemicals

  Short List of Poisons Adsorbed by Activated Charcoal


 Acetaminophen (Paracetamol)
 Hexachlorophene  Quinidine
 Aflatoxins  Imipramine  Quinie
 Amphetamines  Iodine  Radioactive Substances
 Ipecac  Salicylamide
 Antiepileptics  Isoniazid  Salicylates
 Antipyrine  Kerosene  Secobarbital
 Aspirin  Lead acetate  Selenium
 Barbiturates  Malathion  Serax
 Benzodiazepines  Mefenamic acid  Silver
 Beta-blocking agents
 Meprobame  Sinequan
 Cantharides  Mercuric chloride
 Sodium Salicylate
 Camphor  Mercury  Sominex
 Carbon dioxide
 Methylene Blue
 Chlordane  Methyl Salicylate
 Chlorine  Miltown  Sulfonamides
 Chloroquine  Morphine  Talwin
 Chlorpromazine  Mucomyst  Tetracyclines
 Cocaine  Muscarin

 Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)

 Colchicine  Narcotics  Tin
 Congesprin  Neguvon  Tofranil
 Contac  Nicotine  Tree tobacco
 Cyanides  Nortriptyline  Yew
 Dalmane  Nytol  Valium
 Darvon  Opium  Veratrine
 DDT  Oxazepam  
 Digitalis-Foxglove  Parathion  Many herbacides
 Digoxin  Penicillin  Tetanus toxin
 Dilantin  Pentazocine  Diphtheria toxin
 Diphenoxylates  Pentobarbital  E. coli endotoxin
 Doriden  Phenol  
 Doxepin  Phenothiazines  
 Elaterin  Phenylpropanolamine  
 Elavil  Phosphorus  


 Ergotamine  Potassium cyanide  
 Fluoxetine (Prozac)
 Potassium permanganate
 Gasoline  Primaquine  
 Glutethimide  Propantheline  
 Golden Chain
 Hemlock  Quinacrine  

In total, some 4000+ chemicals, drugs, plant and microbial toxins, allergens, venoms, and wastes are effectively neutralized by activated charcoal given in sufficient quantities.

Cyanide, ethanol, ethylene glycol, iron, lithium, methanol, mineral acids and alkalis are poorly adsorbed - other antidotes are more effective.

Remember, in any poisoning emergency time is of the essence. Send a quick prayer for wisdom, administer charcoal, and, if available, consult a Poison Control Center or a doctor for instructions and information.

Do you have activated charcoal in your home for some unexpected poison or drug overdose emergency? You should, according to many Poison Control Centers!