Amazing Health Adventure Series (DVD)

Amazing Heath Adventure Series

You are the Gatekeeper of Your Health

Health care costs in America are over $7600 per person, and continue to rise. Does that mean you have to be wealthy to be healthy? Does God only love rich people? No! At least 80% of all disease is caused by lifestyle, is largely preventable, and can be effectively treated with simple lifestyle changes and natural remedies. Sit in on this fascinating seminar and learn how you can become the gatekeeper of your own health and reduce your medical bills.

Dr John Clark M.D. presents convincing research that lifestyle adjustments and the use of nature’s simple agencies can be effectively employed to prevent and treat many common diseases. Dr. Clark has taken as his motto the classic statement:

"The only hope of better things is in the education of the people in right principles. Let physicians teach the people that restorative power is not in drugs, but in nature. Disease is an effort of nature to free the system from conditions that result from a violation of the laws of health. In case of sickness, the cause should be ascertained. Unhealthful conditions should be changed, wrong habits corrected. Then nature is to be assisted in her effort to expel impurities and to re-establish right conditions in the system." Ministry of Healing, P. 127

Dr. John is a graduate of Loma Linda University School of Medicine and began his practrice as an orthopedic surgeon. Over the next several years he began to realize more and more that most of his surgeries would have been unnecessary if his patients had just made some simple changes in their lifestyle. In 2006 Dr John decided he had had enough of cutting and sewing and decided to throw his energies into full time health education seminars. Dr. Clark and his family travel across America giving seminars on disease awareness, prevention and treatment. The testimonies of new found health have been many and the personal rewards have been great. This set of DVD's will give you the latest information on some of the most common diseases plaguing humanity today. They will also equip you with simple strategies without having to resort to drugs. Where could you get this kind of focused information from a medical doctor with a passion for disease prevention? If not for you then there are probably six or more individuals you know personally who are suffering and could be helped with this information.

This Seminar includes 15 talks:

Disc 1

The Cholesterol Story! Are You Fighting Heart Disease?

Learn an enjoyable heart-healthy diet that safely and conveniently lowers high cholesterol without medications.  Find out why many people fail to reduce cholesterol by diet alone.

·      Promote your heart’s health.

·      Lower your cancer risk.

·      Fortify your mind against Alzheimer’s, stroke and depression.

Stamp out blood circulation (heart) diseases....Naturally!

Healthy Hundred: Breaking The Age Barrier.

Learn how to live a long energetic life starting now.

·      Learn simple easy-to-apply anti-aging techniques you can do at home.

·      Avoid disability and disease.

·      Add life to your years—age elegantly.

Begin to experience and enjoy life more abundantly, today! 

Disc 2

Ideal Weight, Achieve It Naturally.

Come learn about a remarkable program that makes you feel full, energetic and yet lose excess weight.

·      Get to your ideal weight naturally and stay there effortlessly.

·      Reverse diabetes, hypertension and heart disease.

·      Steer clear from unnecessary and potentially harmful medical interventions.

Discover the keys to successful lifetime weight management.

Diabetes: The Butter With The Sweet.

Why be sick when this scientific information can get you well... fast? And without medications!

·      Control sugars at home with simple natural remedies.

·      Start reversing complications of high blood sugar.

·      Maximize health and long life.

Find out why diabetes is not inherited, inevitable, or even permanent. Join others in celebrating freedom from diabetes. 

Disc 3

Osteoporosis: Nothing To Crack Up About.

Uncover the little discussed causes of brittle bones and what you can do escape a painful and disabling fracture. Discover the best ways to protect your bones without medications!

·      Learn why drinking vitamin D fortified milk isn't the best way to fight osteoporosis.

·      Learn to strengthen your bones naturally and avoid high-risk medications.

·      Remain active throughout your retirement years without fear of breaking a bone.

This comprehensive presentation covers risk factors, treatment, and prevention of this condition of weakened bones.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Is Surgery Inevitable?

Learn about carpal tunnel syndrome, what causes it, and simple natural home remedies to bring relief.

·      Prevent and even relieve carpal tunnel with simple stretches.

·      Avoid unnecessary medications and expensive surgery.

·      Learn nutritional insights that help combat this disabling disease.

Learn simple home stretches that will bring relief and health to your troubled hands.

Glorify God In Your Body.

Who made me so special? Is there a manual for this intricate body of mine? How does my health reflect on my Maker?  Is my Maker interested in my lifestyle and health?

Disc 4

Arthritis: Don’t Let Joint Pain Slow Your Journey.

Best information on joint pain and simple home strategies for alleviating it. Do you want to do things for yourself instead of waiting for others to do them for you? Learn why people get arthritis and why it does not have to keep you back from life’s pleasures.

·      Freedom from pain; no more sleepless nights.

·      Freedom from drugs and deadly drug side effects—save your kidneys.

·      Get up out of your chair or bed, take walks, and go golfing, fishing, hiking!

This presentation lays the foundation for understanding the contribution of poor blood flow to disease and is the basis for many of the other presentations in this series.

Oh, My Aching Back!

My secrets and philosophy on how I’ve helped others. People can spend their whole lives needlessly nursing incapacitating back and neck injuries.

·      Learn simple tools for recovery and get back to being a success in life.

·      Natural pain relief through good nutrition and proper exercise.

·      Start living life without back pain!

Recover at home. Learn about back physiology and a few simple tools that promise to get you back to being a success in life. 

Disc 5

Cancer: What’s Eating You?

Cancer NOW surpasses heart disease as the leading cause of death for Americans under the age of 85. Learn the common causes, prevention and solution for this feared disease.

·      Use nutrient dense foods to protect yourself against cancer and get more pleasure out of eating.

·      Simple home remedies that help prevent cancer.

·      Start on an ideal diet that boosts your immune system and energy levels.

Protect yourself and those you love from the ever increasing hazards in food and the environment.

Alzheimer’s, Stroke and Parkinson's.

Over 5 million people in the U.S. have Alzheimer’s and the number of people dying from dementia is increasing. 

·      Learn about micronutrients that support brain health that many people underestimate.

·      Role of berries and antioxidants.

·      Impact of social connections and continued learning on brain health.

Protect your brain; take advantage of this opportunity to learn before it is too late.

Disc 6

Pandemic Influenza And Other Viral Diseases.

Based on the scientific research, this presentation reveals how to become practically totally resistant to colds, influenza and other infectious diseases. Every few months the news is alive with the emergence of some new disease that could threaten life as we know it on this planet. Is you immune system prepared to withstand such an attack? Be prepared!

·      Cut costs and avoid long waits for conventional medical care.

·      Boost your immune system.

·      Recover from infectious illness, quickly, with out the use of expensive and sometimes dangerous drugs.

This information has help people with shingles and other viral illnesses to alleviate pain and recover quickly.

Pandemic Influenza Home Treatments.

Actual demonstrations and practical instruction on how to treat your family at home, for many common illnesses, using simple effective home remedies.

·      Simple natural home remedies which cost little and reap rich healthy rewards.

·      Assist nature in her effort to expel impurities and re-establish right conditions in the system.

·      Improve your bodies own defense systems to fight disease and improve health.

·      Hydrotherapy, charcoal and good common sense.

When disease is cured with natures own choice of remedies health is improved for the long term.

Disc 7

Autoimmune Inflammatory Diseases: When Self Is The Enemy!

Many people suffer from diseases that seem to be the body hurting itself: rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, inflammatory bowel disease, fibromyalgia, just to name a few. Am I my own worst enemy as the name autoimmune disease implies? Can the suffering be ended with out dangerous drugs and costly medical interventions?

·      Amazingly advice that helps you end your pain and fatigue naturally.

·      Information on the myriad of autoimmune diseases; there causes and cures.

·      How others have been helped with these simple inexpensive home remedies.

Learn how to choose the diet and lifestyle that bring healing, recovery and regeneration.

Health and Spirituality.

Is your thinking clear? Fight brain fog! The mind body connection affects more of one’s health than many realize. Be ready to learn how the subconscious affects your health, and how health can affect spirituality.  A healthy spirit prepares you for the most challenging situations imaginable.

Amazing Health Adventure Series

Amazing Health Adventure Series

Amazing Health Adventure Series
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A series of 7 DVDs on how to prevent and treat most common diseases naturally without drugs.
Presenter: Dr. John Clark M.D.


Put that "you’re getting old" feeling behind you.

Discover Simple Secrets To:

- Conquer Disease.

- Cut Medical Costs; Pull The Plug On Pills.

- Increase Longevity.

- Experience Invigorating Health!

DVD #1

  1. The Cholesterol Story - Are You Fighting Heart Disease?
  2. Healthy Hundred: Breaking The Age Barrier.

DVD #2

  1. Ideal Weight – Achieve It Naturally.
  2. Diabetes – The Butter With The Sweet.

DVD #3

  1. Osteoporosis – Nothing To Crack Up About.
  2. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Is Surgery Inevitable?
  3. Glorify God In your Body.

DVD #4

  1. Arthritis.
  2. Oh, My Aching Back!

DVD #5

  1. Cancer – What’s Eating You?
  2. Alzheimer’s, Stroke and Parkinson’s

DVD #6

  1. Pandemic Influenza – And Other Viral Diseases.
  2. Pandemic Influenza Home Treatments

DVD #7

  1. Autoimmune Inflammatory Diseases – When Self Is The Enemy.
  2. Health & Spirituality.


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