Comments from Seminar Hosts

Chadron State College - Chadron, Nebraska
1-hour abbreviated program
Instructor's Comments
“Thank you for speaking with my Lifespan Wellness class this semester. Your presentation was well prepared, and very well received by the students. The presentation moved along well and kept the students’ attention. Their genuine interest was reflected in the number who stayed after the class was over, to visit with you about charcoal.

As the instructor for the course, I appreciated the fact that you were knowledgeable, well prepared, and interesting. I also very much appreciated that you did not promote or try to sell your products, but rather, presented solid information for students to reflect on.

I hope you will be willing to present to my class next year. It was terrific. Thank you again!”
Dr. N Nealeigh

Some student comments:
“I thought it was very interesting. The only thing I have ever used charcoal for was at home for the calves when they had scours. I was unaware of the benefits of charcoal for Everything else. I think I will invest in some. How the charcoal fights infection was the most interesting thing for me. I would like to have seen more of the examples in depth because they seemed really interesting. I would recommend these speakers again.”

“It was interesting to hear all the various things charcoal can help with. I did not realize it could aid in so many ways. It would have been interesting to see the whole 2 hour program. I think there is a lot to learn.”

“ I kind of thought things were out of date such as his statistics because the latest info was 2003. It was a pretty good persuasive presentation though”

“I thought it was a great presentation and I wouldn’t mind going to the 2-hour program. I wish he would have focused less on the powerpoint and more on the actual charcoal.”

“The most interesting thing was the charcoal poultices and how it heals open wounds. If I could change anything it would be the length of the presentation because if [it was] shorter [we] could try the samples.”

“…very informative and beneficial to the average person for maintaining overall health. Practical for livestock also. My family raises cattle so it could be very beneficial to us. I would change the time. Towards the end he seemed a little rushed”

“He made sense because it was not a pharmaceutical concoction. It was gross in liquid form…I’d recommend it as a school-wide 2-hour presentation.”

“I thought that the presentation was really good. I have never heard anything about charcoal until then. It was a great learning experience and it really opened up my eyes to what charcoal can do – how it can speed up the healing process of cuts and wounds. Have him talk slower – he covered way too much info too fast for me to remember it all ☺”

L*I*F*E Unlimited - Eagan, MN
"Thank you, John Dinsley, for making the trek from Northwest Nebraska to present L-I-F-E members with part II of  Medicinal Charcoal & Home Remedies. John enlightened us with a simple question: “Do you have to wealthy to be healthy or does God only love rich people?”

John pointed out that prevention is better than the cure, therefore nature’s 8 doctors (Dr’s Nutrition, Exercise, Sunshine, Water, Air, Rest, Temperance and Trust In Divine Power) are a necessity to follow to help achieve better heath.  Here are a few examples: Dr. Nutrition is the most important, which embraces a diet of wholesome foods (preferably vegetarian) consisting of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and nuts. Deep breathing helps the body relax and stimulates cardiovascular flow. Drink plenty of pure water to remove body wastes, quicken mental acuity and hydrate cell structure.

In speaking about charcoal, John told the history of its broad use. The Chinese used it in fireworks.  In ancient Phoenicia, the water barrels were charred inside to help with purity and freshness. In modern medicine, charcoal is used for filtration in kidney dialysis plus as an emergency neutralizer if poison has been ingested. In the pharmacy industry, charcoal helps remove unfavorable flavors and odors in drug compounds. The military utilizes charcoal in protective masks and uniform fabric. Veterinary medicine treats livestock and domestic pets with many types charcoal. And lastly, mom’s can safely use a liquid colic formula that has a charcoal base.

What about basic home remedies? They should be simple, affordable, accessible, easy to apply and free of adverse effects. Remember also "The Life is in the blood" and "perfect health depends upon perfect circulation". This was demonstrated by John as a simple home remedy involving a volunteer patient and a footbath. This method involves wrapping a person in sheets and blankets while he is sitting in a chair with the head exposed and the feet in a tub of hot water. The hot water draws the blood from the head to the feet, which creates a sweat and mild fever. The head is kept cool with a cold wet cloth rinsed often in ice water (the purpose is to regulate the fever). This protocol works well for headaches and sinus congestion. A cooling off period must follow to bring the body temperature down...

John reminds each of us: “You are the gatekeeper of your own health.”