Pressure Sore


Mary has been a licensed Massage Therapist for over 30 years and an Emergency Medical Technician for eight years. She relates this remarkable recovery from a severe pressure sore.

December 2009-January 2010

Patient is a 67 year old retired secretary diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 30 years ago. In scooter now as she cannot walk. Pressure sore is on left side over hip joint (bone and bursa can be seen when dressing is removed), and tunneling 11 centimeters down her thigh. It is the diameter of a quarter on the outside, and drains continually.  Pressure sore first developed about one year ago, but became larger and deeper after 3 months.

She has been in bed all but a couple of hours every day for 9 months, in a special Planetron bed, and with a Wound-Vac on to suction away drainage, but the wound is slowly getting wider and deeper. She has been told she needs to have surgery soon, and can expect to be in a nursing home for 3 months recuperating.

Day 1: December 04

Wound care nurse approved using charcoal poultices, and caregiver begins applying them on December 04. Poultice is put on above and below the wound, not directly over it, because the patch for the Wound-Vac is covering it.  From here on, charcoal poultices are put on about 4 times a week: some caregivers are not able to make poultices correctly, so MS's main caregiver does it. (She is there 4-5 days a week). The poultices are left on for at least 2 hours, occasionally overnight.

Day 3: December 06

Wound does not look noticeably different, now the caregiver begins applying

a larger poultice around the patch.

Day 13: December 17

The wound care nurse states that the Wound-Vac is no longer picking up any drainage, and the wound looks healthier.

Day 15: December 19

Yesterday's charcoal poultice was put directly over the wound (wound-Vac taken off during that time), and had a yellow pus-like discharge adhering to it.

Day 16: December 20

Poultice was left on overnight

Day 21: December 25

The wound care nurse states that the wound is smaller, and the bursa, which was visible before, can no longer be seen as the wound is closing up inside.

Day 25: December 29

Still no drainage from wound, applied for 6 hours, around Wound-Vac.

Day 26: December 30

Wound care nurse days wound looks even better, less inflamed

Day 30: January 04

Wound care nurse states the wound is now 7 centimeters deep. There has been absolutely no drainage from the wound for days, so the Wound-Vac was taken off. MS remains on special bed. An extra-large dressing was then applied around the wound that night.

Day 32: January 06

Wound care nurse states that the wound is now the 5 centimeters deep, and the diameter of a dime. Bed was turned up to high by accident, and area under pack looked very red, so MS did not use charcoal pack for the next 2 days.

Day 34: January 08

Wound care nurse states that wound looks better on the outside. MS began taking 3 grams of Vitamin C daily, today. Charcoal pack today.

Day 36: January 10

Wound is draining somewhat. No charcoal yesterday.

Day 37: January 11

Wound still draining slightly, still 5 centimeters deep.

Day 39: January 13: 

Wound appears redder around the edges. Charcoal is being put on more sporadically, as MS is concerned abut the area around the wound becoming blistered .

Day 41: January 15

A different MD (second opinion) states wound is closing and only minor surgery may be needed

Day 47: January 21

Wound care nurse states the wound is not about 2 centimeters deep. Charcoal poultices are being applied only sporadically.

Day 53: January 27

Wound care nurse states the wound is about 3 centimeters deep. Tissue around it appears much healthier. Charcoal poultices used below wound on outside of thigh.

Day 59: February 2

MD states surgery is not needed, as the wound has healed altogether. MS still taking Vitamin C.  Begins getting out of bed again, returns to normal activities.

April: Two months later, no recurrence.