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Amazing Health Adventure Series

Amazing Health Adventure Series

Amazing Health Adventure Series
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A series of 7 DVDs on how to prevent and treat most common diseases naturally without drugs.
Presenter: Dr. John Clark M.D.


Put that "you’re getting old" feeling behind you.

Discover Simple Secrets To:

- Conquer Disease.

- Cut Medical Costs; Pull The Plug On Pills.

- Increase Longevity.

- Experience Invigorating Health!

DVD #1

  1. The Cholesterol Story - Are You Fighting Heart Disease?
  2. Healthy Hundred: Breaking The Age Barrier.

DVD #2

  1. Ideal Weight – Achieve It Naturally.
  2. Diabetes – The Butter With The Sweet.

DVD #3

  1. Osteoporosis – Nothing To Crack Up About.
  2. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Is Surgery Inevitable?
  3. Glorify God In your Body.

DVD #4

  1. Arthritis.
  2. Oh, My Aching Back!

DVD #5

  1. Cancer – What’s Eating You?
  2. Alzheimer’s, Stroke and Parkinson’s

DVD #6

  1. Pandemic Influenza – And Other Viral Diseases.
  2. Pandemic Influenza Home Treatments

DVD #7

  1. Autoimmune Inflammatory Diseases – When Self Is The Enemy.
  2. Health & Spirituality.


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