Public Presentations: 2005 - 2016

Public Presentations: 2005 - 2016

Public Health Programs: Medicinal Charcoal & Natural Home Remedies

We accept invitations to speak across America and are willing to travel internationally.

traveling expenses shared. We ask the sponsor to cover lodging and meals and allow us to sell our BOOK. We do not charge a speaking fee.

International: we require an official invitation from your organization to satisfy Immigration requirements.

Please contact us for further information.

Our seminars are slanted either to the general public or to professional organizations. We also include a spiritual dimension to our program for religious organizations. Our PowerPoint presentations and hands-on-demonstrations seem to captivate the attention of all kinds of audiences both professional healthcare workers and laymen, children and seniors, parents and singles. The material is simple, the stories are real, and the information empowering.

Our Seminars take two formats:

  1. Medicinal Charcoal - Its History, Science and Modern Applications (Stand alone program focusing only on medicinal charcoal - 3 to 4 hours)
  2. Medicinal Charcoal & Other Simple Home Remedies ( 2 separate 3 - 4 hour sessions; one focussing on medicnal charcoal, the other a hands-on demonstration of several simple home hydrotherapy/light treatments and poultices for a number of common ailments - audience is invited to participate)

Please Contact Us if you have any other questions you would like answered.

Here are several samples of brochures and flyers that can be used to advertize a program for your business, community, church or organization.

Public Health Programs - 2016

INSPIRE - Talk Show
Sunday 17th - 6:30pm EST
Metro New York Men's Prayer Ministry
South Haven, Michigan - Friday 13 - Sunday 15
Medicinal Charcoal for the 21st century

Friday 13th evening (7:00pm) - “You are the Gatekeeper of Your Health”
Sabbath morning (9:30am) – “Eden Restored”
Sabbath 11 o’clock Service – “Ordained to Heal”
Lunch provided
Sabbath afternoon (2-4pm) – "Super Natural Remedies" - overview of different natural remedies and some of their applications
Sabbath afternoon/evening (5-7pm) – "Medicinal Charcoal in the 21st century"
Supper provided
Sunday morning/afternoon (9-4pm) – "Hands On - Home Remedy Demonstrations" Part 1 & 2
Lunch provided
  • Charcoal Poultices and other applications
  • Hydrotherapy treatments
    • Hot Foot Bath
    • Heating Compresses
    • Wet Sheet Pack
    • Fomentations
  • Lightbulb treatment
  • Some applications: Laryngitis, Cellulitis, Sinusitis, Constipation, Bladder infection, Prostatitis, UTI, Surgical wounds, Bronchitis, and more…
South Haven Seventh-day Adventist Church
157 Blue Star Hwy
South Haven, MI 49090-8610
Sponsored jointly by:
South Haven SDA Church
Country Life Natural Foods (Oak Haven Inc.)
Products available for purchase after program

Crawford, Nebraska - Sunday 29 - 2:00 to 6:00pm
Ministry of Health Lifestyle Center
Squaw Creek Rd.
The Basics of Medicinal Charcoal

Tuesday 7th The Power Hour Radio - national syndicated radio broadcast
Host: Joyce Riley
"Activated Charcoal for the 21st Century"
8:00am Central Time (program replayed every 3 hours)

Denver, Colorado - Saturday 18th -
2 to 6pm & Sunday 19th - 10 to 2pm
South Denver SDA Church (next to Porter Memorial Hospital)
Medicinal Charcoal for the 21st century

KENYA October 9 to October 30
  • Mlolongo - Health & Prosperity - Now and for Eternity
Presented by: My 8 Doctors
The use of Traditional Medicines including Charcoal
Charcoal available for purchase at all programs


Contact us if you are interested in having a program in your area.
or call: 308-665-1566