Public Health Programs - 2016

INSPIRE - Talk Show
Sunday 17th - 6:30pm EST
Metro New York Men's Prayer Ministry
South Haven, Michigan - Friday 13 - Sunday 15
Medicinal Charcoal for ther 21st century

Friday 13th evening (7:00pm) - “You are the Gatekeeper of Your Health”
Sabbath morning (9:30am) – “Eden Restored”
Sabbath 11 o’clock Service – “Ordained to Heal”
Lunch provided
Sabbath afternoon (2-4pm) – "Super Natural Remedies" - overview of different natural remedies and some of their applications
Sabbath afternoon/evening (5-7pm) – "Medicinal Charcoal in the 21st century"
Supper provided
Sunday morning/afternoon (9-4pm) – "Hands On - Home Remedy Demonstrations" Part 1 & 2
Lunch provided
  • Charcoal Poultices and other applications
  • Hydrotherapy treatments
    • Hot Foot Bath
    • Heating Compresses
    • Wet Sheet Pack
    • Fomentations
  • Lightbulb treatment
  • Some applications: Laryngitis, Cellulitis, Sinusitis, Constipation, Bladder infection, Prostatitis, UTI, Surgical wounds, Bronchitis, and more…
South Haven Seventh-day Adventist Church
157 Blue Star Hwy
South Haven, MI 49090-8610
Sponsored jointly by:
South Haven SDA Church
Country Life Natural Foods (Oak Haven Inc.)
Products available for purchase after program

Crawford, Nebraska - Sunday 29 - 2:00 to 6:00pm
Ministry of Health Lifestyle Center
Squaw Creek Rd.
The Basics of Medicinal Charcoal

Tuesday 7th The Power Hour Radio - national syndicated radio broadcast
Host: Joyce Riley
"Activated Charcoal for the 21st Century"
8:00am Central Time (program replayed every 3 hours)

Denver, Colorado - Saturday 18th - 2 to 6pm & Sunday 19th - 10 to 2pm
South Denver SDA Church (next to Porter Memorial Hospital)
Medicinal Charcoal for the 21st century

KENYA October 8 to 29
  • Mlolongo - Hope and Health for Eternity
Presented by: "My 8 Doctors"
The use of Traditional Medicines including Charcoal


Charcoal available for purchase at all programs

Public Presentations: 2005 - 2015

Public Presentations: 2005 - 2015