FAQFrequently Asked Questions about Medicinal Charcoal
Health ConditionsHealth Conditions Benefited by Medicinal Activated Charcoal
Making A Charcoal PoulticeStep by step pictures of how to make a charcoal poultice.
Making Your Own CharcoalStep by step pictures of how you can make your own charcoal in your backyard.
CharcoalTimes™A courtesy newsletter of information, new products, testimonies, latest news and more.
Charcoal for Pets & LivestockActivated Charcoal for Pets & Livestock
Charcoal - Gardens & FarmsCharcoal and Biochar are used extensively in sound land management practices.
Public Health ProgramsPublic presentations on the benefits and uses of Medicinal Activated Charcoal by John Dinsley on TV, Radio, Health Expos, and public events.
Super Natural Remedies SeminarSuper Natural Remedies Seminar - a series of 9 presentation on DVDs on how to take more control of one's personal health.
My 8 DoctorsIntroducing My Eight Doctors
Home Remedies Demonstration VideosThese Home Remedies Demonstration Videos include simple treatments that use materials that can be found in every home. Charcoal Poultices, a Hot Foot Bath, Heating Compresses, Steam Inhalation, Hot Packs, Fomentations, and a simple Light Treatment, are some of the simple home remedies you can use effectively for many common ailments without resorting to poisonous drugs.
Charcoal FoodsCharcoal FoodsCharcoal Foods for the 21st century.
Vegetarian Cooking Class6 Session Vegetarian Cooking Class with Health Talks
Health CentersLinks to Health Retreats that also include charcoal therapy in their programs.
School ProjectsVarious School projects demonstrating activated charcoal's ability to filter water.
Online Retail OutletsOnline Retail Outlets for Activated Charcoal Products