School Projects
From time to time we receive inquiries about school science projects using activated charcoal or biochar for various applications. We also get a lot of inquiries for R&D work from companies and universities. But seldom do we get any feedback once the project is over or the data is published. We will endeavor to post the few who actually take the time to report back at the end of their project.

We regret we are no longer able to provide charcoal free for the various school projects or university/company R&D work. To purchase sample amounts of various charcoal and biochar products please go to SAMPLES.

Go Biochar!
This spring we received a call from Jake (I think he was about 12) asking if we would provide him some biochar for his Science Fair Project. He wrote back:

"John, Thank you for helping me with my biochar science fair project. We won first place!

Here is a photo of my project board and copies of my research and conclusion.

I have started a second growing experiment in the same soils to continue researching biochar's effect on plant productivity in degraded soils. Thanks & Go Biochar!" 

Jake  : )
April 2010